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The Complete Vision, Principles and Structure of Our New Universe Eco-community Model

(Special Update 4.5.23: We recommend starting reading about our Universe Eco-communities here first. It will take you to our newer website. This overview contains the most updated information on the Universe Eco-community model, such as its qualities, launch dates, and how to join.

Please do not continue reading this online booklet until you have reviewed our eco-community updates starting on this page.)



The best chance of surviving a global warming-triggered Great Global Collapse and the unavoidable extinction of much of humanity by mid-century is by being a part of a well-prepared, well-designed eco-community. Many pages on our two websites will help you create these critically needed new eco-communities in the safest possible locations and recruit community members with the best qualities to weather the many storms ahead.

Our organization's major goal is to support the creation of many new eco-communities of Evolutioneers in global warming safer locations. To reach this goal, we have provided essential information for this eco-community-building effort. The information on our eco-community pages was designed to help you prepare for, adapt to, and survive the rapidly accelerating global warming emergency and the steady worsening of our 11 other major global crises

Building new Universe styled eco-communities is vital because individuals, small family groups, or clans will not be large enough or able to provide enough resources or backup defense necessary to make it through the later stages of the great global collapse and post-collapse transitional dark age. Only those sustainable eco-communities that are well-prepared, well-defended, and that have the deepest emotional, philosophical, and shared spiritual ties will have the physical, psychological, and spiritual resilience needed to survive the horrors and difficult daily decisions they will be forced to make to survive.

Both Job One for Humanity and its sister website Universe Spirit will provide this critical physical, psychological, and spiritual information these new eco-communities need. (Job One will focus on the physical and emotional aspects of being well prepared and adapting to what is coming, and Universe Spirit will focus on the equally important best philosophical and spiritual common ties and vision needed in these new communities.) 

This complete spectrum of physical, psychological, and spiritual information will give these new communities a fighting and good chance to make it through the Great Global Collapse to build a better world from the painful lessons learned (the Great Global Rebirth.) We also will provide open-source information to help your new community understand the multi-threat global emergency we all now face due to the worsening of global warming, worsening the world's other 11 major global crises

Hopefully, many individuals and businesses will use our information to:

a. help slow global warming,

b. make emergency preparations for global warming and the world's other 11 major global crises, and

c. adapt to them so they can survive and learn from the coming painful lessons.

If the lessons of the Great Global Collapse are learned, those lessons can become the foundation of a new and Great Global Rebirth. (Both Job One and Universe Spirit are also actively forwarding the many positive possibilities of the Great Global Rebirth.

We support creating as many new sustainable eco-communities as possible even if they do not use the same ethical, philosophical, or spiritual models from the Universe Eco-communities discussed below and on subsequent pages. Only by having many of these new communities can we really hope that at least some of them will survive.

And finally, creating these new Universe eco-communities in global warming safer areas is best done by younger individuals in their 20s and 30s. However, if you are older and already living in a global warming safer place, creating a new Universe eco-community could work for you as well.


Thank you for reviewing the following information about the new Universe eco-community model and our four different types of Universe communities. You likely are reading about our eco-community model because you are a progressive person and have observed that things in the world are not going well right now. You see the accelerating effects of things like:

a. the escalating climate emergency, 

b. these other 11 converging, escalating, and dangerous major global crises which the world now faces. 

c. widening inequality and injustice.

d. the increasing chances of a global recession or depression, 

e. serious governmental failures to protect us, or 

f. the Covid-19 pandemic and future pandemics., 

Maybe it is only your intuition quietly nagging you that you and your loved ones need to make some reasonable changes to prepare for a world that looks like it is getting worse at least temporarily. Maybe it's your intuition suggesting that you need to make some reasonable changes to prepare for what will likely be a bumpy and dangerous future ahead. 

We are not survivalists or believers that the end of humanity, civilization, or the world is close to certain. But, reviewing our Universe community information and other emergency preparation-related information will help you create a safer and more secure future and help reduce the anxiety about making it through our many coming global and regional crises. 

This information will also help you create the many benefits of a sustainable and equitable lifestyle and livelihood needed to survive today's dangers and the rising dangers of the following decades. 

Our organization also uses what we learned from our many societal mistakes. From this information, we have evolved a successful new eco-community model that will be tested over time and can be used by others. 

Reading about the Universe community on the following pages will also help you decide if you want to become a member. You may even discover that you already hold many of our Universe Community core values!

The core goals of the new Universe Communities

Our fundamental goal in creating these new communities is to bring together caring and progressive individuals with similar science-grounded worldviews in a mutually supportive relationship. This union will give us a better collective chance to survive and thrive through pending and future crises.

The core goals of the new Universe Communities are:

1. Prepare the community and individuals within it for what is coming. (See Part 1 of the Job One plan.)

2. Have the community and individuals within it start adapting to what is coming. Hence, they are as sustainable as they can be. (See Part 2 of the Job One Plan.)

3. Keep Pushing our governments to do what is necessary to slow down what is now unavoidable and prepare themselves for the coming catastrophes. (See Part 3 and Part 4 of the Job One Plan.)

4. Have each community build an archive of the most useful post-collapse information so survivors do not have to "reinvent the human knowledge wheel." These archives also would include as much of humanity's art, culture, and literature in digital form.

5. Make all additional preparations needed so that these new eco-communities can survive a post-collapse dark age that could last decades to centuries. 

6. Do everything needed so that these eco-communities become "beacons of light" of a better future. They will be the preservers, examples, and promoters of the new vision and actions needed to eventually create the Great Global Rebirth.

Our new eco-communities will also align well with the UN's current global sustainable development goals. The illustration below will give you a quick snapshot of much of what we value.


Please bear with the first few pages of the Universe Community online booklet. They deal with very unsettling but necessary facts about the escalating global warming emergency as well as the other 11 major global challenges that we ALL now face.


Why are New Eco-communities Needed for the Challenges and Crises of Today's World?

A new "bigger picture" evolutionary understanding, vision, and vehicle for humanity's ecological, economic, social, and political future are needed because of the rapidly increasing threat to survival from today's biggest escalating global challenges. Click here to read about these critical regional, national, and global challenges before reading the rest of this online booklet!

Now that you have read about our biggest global challenges and the very real potential for global collapse, it is easier to understand why our organization is acting with a high sense of urgency to:

  1. Educate those who will listen to an overview of the tremendous, time-critical global challenges before us.
  2. Offer a new perspective on these critical global challenges.
  3. Offer a new vision from which more effective solutions can be executed. And finally,
  4. Offer a fallback position or Plan B that will allow many of us to survive to save and salvage whatever we can in case we fail to resolve the above global challenges in time and the world suffers a mass die-off and extinction event.

Any one of the current regional, national, and global challenges found in this document, by themselves, can create a local, regional, national, or global emergency of an unprecedented scale and is a good enough reason to be prepared for what is coming! Additionally, our older, less evolved tools, systems, and structures are simply no longer working well enough for humanity or the planet to cope with these rapidly escalating challenges. 

Consequently, the current well-being and survival of humanity itself is in peril. We must immediately begin experimenting and implementing new, more effective structures, systems, and tools!

"Other than immediate thermonuclear war, accelerating global warming IS THE most likely catalytic source and multiplier and amplifier of our other global crises for what could likely turn out to be the greatest tragedy in all of human history! No existing emergency preparedness program, government, NGO, or international organization is even remotely close to being prepared for or capable of recovering from the large-scale convergence, whipsawing, and amplification of almost all of Earth's greatest global challenges fueled and accelerated by the keystone threat multiplier of accelerating global warming. This convergence of global challenges is the 'perfect storm of perfect storms' and the most likely death spiral initiator for the human species within our lifetimes." --Lawrence Wollersheim

The Universe Spirit community views the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as our best science-grounded system, structure, tool, and new model. This new worldview will help us make the life-critical systemic and structural improvements or the other re-alignments in our lives and livelihoods that are urgently needed for the difficult future we all now face.

This new Universe Evolutionary Worldview provides the next logical evolutionary design and structural alternative and advance beyond the current vision of our societies and their current life systems. It also offers an amazing vision and new toolset for evolving life toward more meaningful, sustainable, and happy living based on:

a.) evolution science,

b.) enlightened consumerism,

c.) minimal waste and pollution,

d.) a new cooperative triple bottom line for sustainable profit (for all stakeholders, the community, and the environment) and,

e.) the creation of satisfying and sustainable prosperity and the truth we are all living in an interconnected and interdependent union whether we know it or not.

And finally, if you do agree with the proceeding perspectives or feel some intuitive congruence with the high urgency for building many new eco-communities as potentially well-suited survivors of any emergency or crisis we must endure, please continue onto the later pages of this booklet. There are many other important reasons for building these new eco-communities at this time besides preparing for possible global or regional emergencies.

The links below or to the left and right on subsequent pages will take you to the rest of the Universe Community online booklet. The pages of this booklet contain important new information on the global warming emergency and the details and benefits of the Universe Spirit Community, how it works, how to join etc.

There are ten pages in this online booklet. It has been viewed almost 12,000 times.