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The Home of Evolutioneers

The Universe Community Vision Quick Summary

We are a sustainable prosperity, safety, and personal development intentional community of Planetary Evoltioneers and Universe Citizens that have come together to also live and forward a new Universe Evolutionary Worldview that holds the power to evolve, restructure and realign our current world into the sustainable and equitable pathways most currently needed. We have also come together for mutual support and preparedness for our very challenging times --- times that may get considerably more challenging before they eventually get better.

We are a continuous learning community where one can contribute and share, enjoy life each day, heal when necessary, and --- be as happy as is possible. As a community and as individuals we are downsizing wherever wise, increasing our diversity and sustainability practices, preparing emergency and living reserves as well as becoming more self-reliant and dependent on renewable energy sources. We are also becoming more creative, cooperative, adaptable, innovative, frugal, less wasteful, and stronger so that we can live with "ample sufficiency" and in sustainable prosperity within both our own and the Earth's means.

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