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Why Universe Communities now? Why the Urgency?

Last Update 4.4.23

There are many reasons for creating the new Universe community vision, but among them, the accelerating global warming threat and the worsening of the other 11 major global crises are among the best.

To see the details on this, see the following links on our sister website Job One for Humanity: 

1. Today's nine most critical facts about climate change and global warming.

2. Are we in an extinction and collapse process caused by government failures to resolve global warming and the 11 other critical global crises?

Of all of the 12 global challenges discussed above, accelerating global warming is the biggest multiplier and amplifier and the most immediate and probable trigger for the greatest chain reaction of whipsawing ecological, economic, social, and political systems collapse in all of human history.

Even if climate destabilization did not exist, the above-described global crises are reason enough to get prepared and have a community team around you that you can genuinely rely on.

The list of challenges above implies to the wise that establishing prepared and safe micro-communities to survive the coming challenges and model sustainability success is NOW! (Keep in mind it takes years to solidly establish these new communities and get them sustainability ready for what is coming.)

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