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How We See Our Universe Community Vision and Model Rapidly Expanding into New Universe Communities

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"You do not need anyone's permission or blessing to do good work in the world. You just need to self-organize and get started from where you are with what you have or what you can access." Lawrence Wollersheim

"If you build it, they will come." The movie Field of Dreams

Thirty years of general study and design planning has gone into the core vision of Universe Communities for Planetary Citizens and Universe Citizens. In the spring and summer of 2021, we will begin actively recruiting new members to expand our local community and create new communities and support groups.

We envision the creation of many new, self-organizing, autonomous, sustainable prosperity, safety, and personal well-being forwarding Universe Communities and meet-up groups forming independently all over the planet. This is because many other individuals now also recognize the urgent need for some type of major community, economic, social, and political systems restructuring as well as the re-alignment of those system's principles so that they can actually work fairly for ALL individuals and groups in the globalized new world.

These individuals also deeply sense that because of the worsening climate destabilization due to accelerating global warming and the worsening of these other 11 global crises they must quickly prepare themselves and join or create some kind of new sustainable community or groupings that would come to their mutual support in crisis as well as serve as a "beacon of light" and a successful example of the new model of sustainable prosperity that we all need for a livable future. Because of the urgency of the climate destabilization challenge not to mention the other global systems challenges new models of the necessary restructuring and realignment necessary to resolve these challenges must propagate and replicate quickly. The best way to do that is with the rapid growth and replication that is possible with open source, self-organizing and complex adaptive systems.

These new open-source, autonomous and self-organizing universe communities and groups would act as "parallel processing" type Universe community experiments and diverse local variations and adaptations upon our core vision, principles, and structure. These local Universe Communities and groups also will be uniquely adapted to the micro and macro cultures in which these experimental communities are formed.

To support these newly forming local experimental communities our online classes and materials will be made available in free and open access to those individuals or teams of self-organizing individuals who would like our help and support in creating a new Universe community in their local area. 

Truly self-organizing individuals capable of founding or leading new Universe communities are rare and are probably less than 5% of the population. They are highly intelligent, highly motivated, principle-driven, and socio-emotionally mature. To say that they are the best and brightest of society would not be an understatement. (If you are a self-organizing individual, you see the need and value of what we are doing and you want to do something with us, then contact us at manage@universespirit.org and tell us about yourself and where you want to set up a new Universe community.)

Our support will be mainly in free and open access for you and your new community to access our online website materials and our courses at Universe College. As the number of members and autonomous communities grows we will create a Universe community discussion forum where members from Universe communities and groups all over the planet can discuss their communities, their experiments with the Universe community vision, and what does and doesn't work best. We do not have other resources to do more than this so individuals or groups wanting to start their own Universe community or group should have or have access to financial and staff resources that will be needed in the later stages of your community's development. 

In the beginning, what is most important is developing or finding compatible, mature, and well-educated individuals to found and lead the local new Universe community. Extensive interpersonal connection and interaction time should be nurtured and enacted long before any physical properties or other resources should be purchased. In many ways, this means getting started should not be resource-intense because most of the community building work is recruiting, educating, and observing interpersonal chemistry and effectiveness in the early stages.  

We in the San Francisco mother community also do not manage, motivate or get involved in how you set up or run your local legal, financial, or personnel Universe community issues. These are all for you to self-organize and adapt using our open source "kernel" and our master templates as a model. The only thing we require is that you legally name your community differently from our San Francisco Universe Community. 

We trust in the open-source and self-organizing evolutionary principles and methods. If you self-organize a local autonomous Universe community i.e. the Toronto Universe community or the Hong Kong Universe community poorly it will not be sustainable. If you run it unethically, unfairly or not transparently, in true open-source style, members of your community will eventually "fork off" from your community experiment and form a new local Universe community doing things better because the self-organizing open-source model is naturally self-protecting and self-correcting towards the best-adapted experiments to the local conditions. 

That is the evolutionary process for how the best adapted and most wisely cooperative autonomous Universe community experiments will thrive and be sustainable models for the macro-culture --- a macro culture that will most likely be going into deeper environmental, economic, and political challenges. 

For more information on the key qualities or tools a self-organizing individual possesses, click here.

The Creators of Our Originating Universe Communities

The Universe Community evolution-based model is both a sophisticated and complex new model for intentional and sustainable communities designed for the challenges and current realities of the 21st century. Our first founding communities will require for their creation a far greater portion of the brightest, best, and most emotionally mature and psychologically developed members and leaders to effectively work through the normal "start-up" adaptations and local refinements using our new evolution-based vision and model.

Unfortunately, our evolution-based thriving community model absolutely does require that the first key managing members and leaders of successful Universe Communities are highly self-organizing, self-motivated, well-educated, well-developed, emotionally balanced, and exceptionally bright --- almost to the level of bordering on intellectually gifted. Successful founders are indeed rare individuals.

Our Non-Polarization and Effective Educational Timing Positions:

One last important idea that is highly relevant to Universe Communities, evolution and the climate destabilization crisis bears mention. Universe communities are not here to waste vast amounts of time and resources in polarized fighting with the existing top 1% of the global power structure or to convince them or climate deniers that they must change and fix the global warming crisis.

We believe that this would be mostly a waste of time, energy, and resources for several reasons:

1.) The current empowered political and financial systems have evolved ultra-successful defense and attack mechanisms that make them all, but impervious to outside change --- unless they see that change as serving their highly profitable self-interests. 

2.) There is no currently evolved global government to either enact and more importantly enforce the needed new global structural reforms and planetary laws to mitigate the escalating climate destabilization crisis (global average temperature increase of 8-12 degrees Fahrenheit or more within 30-50 years,) in time to keep us from going over the climate cliff or from exacerbating the other looming global crisis and challenges mentioned above. (The popular media keeps telling us that the climate target is no more than a 2 degrees Fahrenheit increase in average global temperature, but that is a virtual impossibility due to the current global warming carbon increase momentum and the massive global inertia surrounding effective critical path, "first things first" actions needed to avert a global average temperature increase of 6-12 degrees Fahrenheit.) And,

3.) Also, only when the majority of the 1% of the world holding all the real power (that is also not heavily invested in the 28 trillion dollars a year fossil fuel industry,) fully understands what is going to happen to their financial self-interests, personal living conditions and legacy of children and their future generations will they act against the other portion of the 1% that does not either understand the real climate destabilization consequences or, who have a vested energy, financial or power interest for keeping the climate pollution fossil fuel situation as it is. (One-third of the world's total GDP [gross domestic product,] comes from fossil fuel-related energy operations.) 

Our non-polarizing, more resource-efficient evolutionary way is to simply put most of our energy, resources, and time into building something new, more sustainably effective, and attractive to the new Universe communities. Then, only when others see either our successful example or they are truly ready to learn because the climate destabilization crisis and catastrophe has hit rock bottom and has opened their eyes and minds, do we then work to share what we have learned and co-create with them. 

We believe that because of the urgent necessity implied by current global climate destabilization conditions we have passed the age of energy-wasting polarized fighting with people at very different states of self-interest, education, or evolution. Because time and resources are very limited within our small Universe community experiments, we believe we have entered the age of building, sharing, and creating new unions only with those who are truly climate educated, committed, and ready for evolutionary improvement in an intentional, well designed and co-managed community.

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