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What are Evolutionaries, What Do Evolutionaries Do and Believe, Definition of an Evolutionary

"Our loyalties are to the species and the planet. We speak for Earth. Our obligation to survive is owed not just to ourselves but also to that Cosmos, ancient and vast, from which we spring." Carl Sagan

"We do not belong to ourselves, even mostly. We belong to the universe." Buckminster Fuller

"Universe Evolutionaries know that to be a truly effective planetary and national citizen, they must first and foremost be a good Universe Citizen who understands the laws and principles of the progressive evolution of the universe as a whole system. This is simply because our planet's evolution at every level is part of that larger universe system and subject to its larger laws." Lawrence Wollersheim


Being a Universe Evolutionary (aka Evolutioneer, Evolutionary, Evolutionist, Millennial Evolutionary, Earth Evolutioeer, Integral Evolutionaries, Planetary Evolutionary, etc.) is not a casual or easy task. It requires both considerable study and diligent and persistent practice of evolutionary principles to become an authentic Universe Evolutionary. Because of the levels of evolutionary study and life skills practice that are required, it is best to think of becoming a Universe Evolutionary in terms of various achievement levels that will develop over time, i.e., Universe Evolutionary level one, level two, level three, etc.

About Universe Evolutioneers and Evolutionaries

Evolutionaries are individuals who see themselves both as embedded in the evolutionary process in one universal union and --- simultaneously as proactive co-agents and partners with evolution. As a major aspect of their lives, they do their best to awarely and intentionally live out their evolutionary co-creative roles to help forward the progression of evolution.

Evolutionaries are true universe citizens who understand the integrated powers, rights, and responsibilities of universe citizenship. They are individuals who are first firmly grounded in evolutionary science and its principles and who also are committed to:

a.) actively and consciously co-partnering with progressive evolution in the universe,

b.) living the science derived new Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability, which help to create sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles that also help to create an authentic sustainable prosperity for all,

c.) realizing the life-sustaining potentials of the new and exciting Universe Evolutionary Worldview,

d.) achieving the goals of the Universe Charter

e.) dealing with the escalating threat to the existence of humanity and future generations now caused by increasing global warming, which will soon lead to irreversible climate destabilization. At this particular time in human history, the most practical and important first life practice for all Universe Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens to do is to creatively use the best of science to rapidly eliminate the looming ecological threat to our shared climate and future. 

If we stabilize the climate before we go off the climate destabilization cliff, we will preserve our planet so that all of the other life dreams that we have can be achieved and all of the other challenges that we face both individually and collectively can be resolved. If we fail to create sustainable lifestyles, livelihoods, communities, and nations on a "first things first" priority basis as the key life practice of Universe Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens, the planet will continue escalating into deeper ecological catastrophe to a level that could soon become irreversible and then evolve into an extinction-level event for all humanity as well as most of the other species living on the Earth. In fact, all other life practices do depend for their very future existence upon us doing the above as our first practice. 

Our movement does have a specific social activism program to help Universe Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens resolve humanity's number one threat --- climate destabilization caused by global warming. It is called the Job One for Humanity Plan. (Click the following link to review this life-critical program Job One for Humanity.)

"To say one is an evolutioneer or evolutionary without understanding and practicing the principles from the science behind evolution is like saying you are a citizen of a country that you were never born in, lived in, voted in or, in which you either knew or exercised the rights of a citizen of that country. That is how important a broad understand of the science of evolution is to being an authentic and practicing evolutionary! Lawrence Wollersheim

f.) living and practicing the Evolutionary Manifesto. The Evolutionary Manifesto is an essential document on progressive evolution and what an informed commitment to progressive evolution means to our lives, goals behaviors, and attitudes. Click here to read the Evolutionary Manifesto, Our Role in the Future Evolution of Life.

g.) and if you are spiritually inclined as well, evolutioneers and evolutionaries live and integrate the most life-affirming wisdom of humanity's vast spiritual heritage in a new individual and community science-grounded form known as Evolution Spirituality.

Universe Evolutionaries are consciously and actively co-evolving solutions to our planetary problems in alignment with the evolutionary process itself. Universe evolutionaries know that it takes progressive evolution-aligned actions drawn from universe-level scales to improve the current conditions and challenges facing the planet. Universe Evolutionaries know that global/planetary consciousness alone is not the consciousness that will actually solve global problems. They know that only from a universe consciousness and evolutionary perspective will they be solved. They are also aware that just increasing personal or spiritual "consciousness" is not nearly enough either.

There are many individuals and organizations today that misunderstand this critical balance and teach that all it takes to improve the world [or mostly what it takes,] is to change and/or expand personal or spiritual consciousness. Consequently, they teach little of the universe sciences, the universe's evolutionary principles, systems theory to understand complex adaptive systems, the new dialectical meta-systemic thinking, evolutionary ethics, or the future modeling and prediction skills critically essential to help guide successful personal action and social behavior into better alignment with progressive evolution.)

As one looks at the many key processes of progressive evolution, one can clearly see that expanding personal or spiritual consciousness is just one among the many other levels of action processes that must also take place for progressive evolution to be optimized. Although expanding consciousness of any kind is important, it is by no means the one, single, or even the most important thing that will improve everything else on the planet and within the universe's evolutionary system.

If there was such a thing, it would more likely be widespread ongoing education on the factual qualities, principles and laws of the master universe and its progressive evolution processes because from this more encompassing education almost all other skills, actions, and qualities could be improved --- even consciousness. Expanding consciousness is important, but it is not just a "being aware or celebrating universe" it is also a thinking, predicting, planning and effort-full doing and action universe --- if you want to be sustainably successful.

Universe Evolutionaries and Evolutioneers know that it takes far more than just a change or expansion of consciousness to live in harmony with the unstoppable flow of progressive evolution in the universe. It also takes a solid understanding of evolutionary science and the other sciences. Universe Evolutionaries recognize that by the mere fact of their existence embedded within the evolving one universe union they have an inalienable right as universe citizens to have and use their essential and equitably share of the energy and resources of the universe based upon fundamental basic needs, meritorious productivity and fair exchange in alignment with the directional flow of progressive evolution. Universe Evolutionaries also know that with these universal universe rights there are also universal universe responsibilities.

Universe Evolutionaries, Evolutioneers and Planetary Government

It is inevitable that some form of planetary government will eventually evolve on our planet. The catastrophic effects of global warming (global climate destabilization and other ecological, resource, economic and political issues may do much to bring the needed universal planetary law and planetary enforcement systems into being.

Universe evolutioneers do want to see this new planetary government happen and they work intelligently and actively to see that it does, but --- only in such a way that it aligns with and embraces the principles of progressive evolution, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability as well as other documents found on this page.

Universe Evolutionaries are not interested in forwarding or favoring some existing national or international political or economic "ism." We forward the goals and objectives of progressive evolution of the universe and our planet as part of that evolutionary process.

The constitution of the new planetary government has yet to be written by some self-organizing Universe Evolutionary and Universe Citizen. It would of course first be creatively written and based upon the following principles and facts integrated into one new constitutional document that would embrace and sustain the goals of evolutionary life in the universe:

a.) the principles of progressive evolution because if it was not, it would be out of sustainable alignment with the progressive evolution of life in the universe itself,

b.) the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability,

c.) The Universe Charter

d.) Universe Declaration of Rights for Universe Citizens

e.) Universe Declaration of Responsibilities for Universe Citizens

The Basic Ideas and Attitudes of Universe Evolutioneers, Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens

Click here for the 3 basic essentials of Universe Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens.

Click Here for the most basic ideas of Universe Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens.

What do Universe Evolutioneers and Evolutionaries do?

Universe Evolutionaries that understand and use the personal and societal unifying, realigning and restructuring power of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview are true Universe Citizens and they are some of the brightest stars working to make a more sustainable world for all in alignment with the progressive evolution of the universe. They work in every important area of the global culture such as economics, politics, science the environment, and even religion and spirituality. They can better play their important world-making roles by also understanding and practicing the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability, committing to realizing the Universe Charter and taking classes online at the Universe College.

Universe Evolutionaries align their own and the actions of various groups in which they are embedded to the directionality of progressive evolution within the universe.

They do this by specifically expanding:


    self-organization, freedom, autonomy, and choice,


    appropriate and fair energy exchanges (sharing,)

    full consequence capture and full accountability, (the abilities of managers/governing bodies to better align the self-interests of the parts of the  group to the interests of the whole group and that is also in alignment with the directionality of progressive evolution,)




    learning (one expands learning by:

expanding present awareness/consciousness of feedback, in the expanding forms of self-reflection, other thing and person awareness and ultimately universe totality reflection, (This is knowledge of, and the NOW conscious awareness of the actual nature or actions of self, other, the local environment, the planet, and the universe,)

expanding wisdom, prediction of best course based on knowledge of past and present,

expanding intelligence, Knowledge of past and present        

environmental control, (This particularly includes developing future modeling skills using integral dialectical complex system thinking skills.)

sustainability, (see sustainable prosperity and Job One for Humanity links below.)

evolvability, (Using the knowledge of the universe's evolutionary process, principles, and directionality to help co-create greater personal and life system adaptability and greater evolutionary control and success.

Universe Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens also have a core essential document on progressive evolution and what a commitment to progressive evolution means to our lives, goals behaviors and attitudes. It is contained in the Evolutionary Manifesto, Our Role in the Future Evolution of Life. Click here to read the Evolutionary Manifesto.

What You Can do to Learn More About Becoming a Universe Evolutioneer and Evolutionary:

You can get started on your own personal journey as a Universe Evolutionary by exploring the links below. These links will show you much more about what an informed Universe Evolutionary thinks and does:

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview

To see the Big Picture perspectives of a Universe Evolutionary, click here.

To see the Big Picture attitudes of a Universe Evolutionary, click here.

To see the Big Picture action principles of a Universe Evolutionary, click here.

Click here to learn more about the Universe community that supports the activities of the Universe Citizenship of Universe Evolutionaries.

Click the following link to review a life-critical program for all Universe Evolutionaries Job One for Humanity.

Click the following link to review more core life practices for all Universe Evolutionaries found within the principles of sustainable prosperity and sustainable consumerism.

To learn more even about what it takes as a universe evolutionary to be a partner with progressive evolution in the universe, click this link to go to the free access How to Become a Universe Evolutionary course in the Department of Sustainability at Universe College.

Click here for the codes of ethics and conduct for Universe Evolutionaries.

The Key Reading of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview of Informed Universe Evolutioneers and Evolutionaries

1. View from the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams. (The books View from the Center of the Universe and The Universe Story by Brian Swimme (see below) constitute one of the most accurate and complete statements of the common and shared cosmology and new genesis story currently held within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

2. EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris. A deeply interesting and amazing read of how evolution shows us over and over again that it is not "survival of the fittest," but the survival of the most wisely cooperative.

3. Evolution's ArrowThe Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity, by John Stewart. (This also is an essential new Universe Evolutionary Worldview read summarizing the key elements of progressive evolution.)

4. Maps of Time An Introduction to Big History by David Christian (and his CD lecture series called "Big History." This book and these CDs provide a multi-disciplinary look at all of the universe's evolution including all of human history. This progressive evolution work is finally being taught in universities around the world.)

5. A Brief History of Everything, Ken Wilber. (The evolution of the universe for individuals coming from or appreciating an integral perspective.) 

6.) The following is a course at Universe College and not a book. How to Become a Universe Evolutionary.

7.) Evolutionaries, Carter Phillips. A great and well-written history of the evolutionary movement heavy on the philosophy and spiritual aspects, but weaker on evolutionary science and cosmology of the evolutionary universe.

Other Interesting Links for Evolutioneers and Evolutionaries:

The Universe Charter

The Growing Universe Community and its Vision

Universe Declaration of Rights for Universe Citizens

Universe Declaration of Responsibilities for Universe

The Universe College (If you would like to see other online courses in the Department of Sustainability that relate directly or indirectly to becoming a more informed, capable, and sustainable universe evolutionary and universe citizen, click the Universe College link.)

Universe Day

Evolution Spirituality (A new spiritual emergence based on evolutionary science and it is ideal if you are of a spiritual nature.)

The Universe Institute 

The Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability

The Universe Logo: The starburst logo used on our website mastheads also contains many of the perspectives and ideas of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview that is held by Universe Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens to see those perspectives and ideas, click here.

Click here to learn more about the Universe community that supports the activities of Universe Evolutionaries.

What are Universe Citizens

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