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The New Universe Eco-Community Vision, Principles, Values and Structure

On the remaining pages of this online booklet, you will find the full overview of the vision, principles, and organizational structure for the creation of a new kind of progressive evolution aligned (Evolution 2.0 aligned,) self-organizing community. We call these intentional communities Universe Communities.

Universe Communities can be completely secular, both secular and spiritual or, completely spiritual depending upon the choices and individuals making up that particular local Universe communities. This new vision for a conscious and intentional community is applicable most specifically to those individuals who sometimes describe themselves by the newer terms of Evolutioneers or Universe Citizens.

They also often call themselves by names such as social activists, futurists, Collaborative Commons advocates, change agents, Millenials, progressives, open society advocates, Preppers and eco-preppers, Internet and culture advocates, planetary citizens, cultural and economic entrepreneurs, Third Industrial Revolution advocates, cultural creatives, innovators, education and social pioneers, evolutionists, evolutionaries, sustainability advocates, co-operative advocates, planetary citizens, scientists, environmentalists, cosmists, evolutionary transhumanists, artists, hipsters, spiritual progressives, eco-spirituality advocates, agnostics, atheists, humanists or members of the Integral, Evolver, Wayseer or Maker movements.

Individuals who adopt the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the meta-principles of Evolution 2.0 in the new Universe Communities are often individuals who are concerned not only about their own personal daily success, but also about how current global economic, political, social, and ecological stresses challenging their own as well as their children's hopes for a better life and a safer future.

In the following Universe Community integral overview, you will find the core evolutionary principles, values, and structure of this new vision as well as the rights and responsibilities of members of the Universe Community as well as the community itself toward the individual. In true evolutionary fashion, all of the following information about the Universe Communities vision represents an evolving work-in-process. It is not a complete or final vision or structure just as evolution itself is not complete and ever-changing. 

This Universe community information starter kit is meant to be experimented with and wisely adapted as needed for optimal use in the diverse local conditions and social, economic, and political environments found around the planet.

Check out the three most simple basics of being a Universe community member by clicking here.

(Special Note: On this page, we often use completely new or newly expanded terms, some of which you may not be familiar with. Where applicable, we strongly recommend that you check out the definition links where ever provided to better understand the new evolutionary options, vision, and perspectives that we are forwarding.)

Founding Values:

"The operating policies of the Universe Community are based on our values. Our basic community values come from what we call the Universe Principles. The Universe Principles are derived directly from the science and time-proven meta-principles of the successful progressive evolution of the universe over the last 13.8 billion years." Lawrence Wollersheim

Every intentional community has some founding vision and set of values and is based on some stated or unstated view of the condition or needs of the world (this is called a worldview,) as it is in their moment in time. In the Universe Communities, our core and overall vision is based on the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

We also desire to become responsible planetary Evolutioneers and Citizens as well as Universe Citizens to:

1.) co-create a sustainable prosperity for all, (which results in both personal and collective wellbeing and sustainable prosperity will also do much to help resolve climate destabilization.)

2.) realize the fullest possible socio-emotional, cognitive, and skills developmental potentials of the individual members and the community collective, (which results in optimally successful and meaning-filled lives,)

3.) foster mutual safety, security, and justice. (More about this will be said in the section down the page called Why This New Form of Evolutionary Community is Vital Now?)

4.) be appropriately prepared for any large-scale global or regional adaptive challenge and crisis such as climate destabilization, large-scale resource depletion, economic instabilities, wars, pandemics, etc.  

5.) be a "beacon of light" of a successful community model for the new values, behavioral and structural changes that are most needed to create a sustainable prosperity future for all.

6.) be aligned with and contribute to progressive evolution in the universe, (There are science and time-proven meta-patterns and meta-principles to the progressive evolution of the universe. When you follow these individually or collectively you or your group will be more sustainably successful.)

We see the current world and its many adaptive challenges and possibilities primarily with and from evolutionary hope and practical realism. We also see the current difficult situation in the world as a transformational evolutionary adventure!  

The practical evolutionary hope for how the needed solutions for the future can most optimally unfold is conditioned for use by the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. This new evolutionary worldview is a breakthrough multidisciplinary scientific understanding of the universe as a single interconnected and inter-independent union as well as a complex, adaptive physical and biological system.

From the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its Evolution 2.0 meta-principles, one discovers oneself becoming a completely new type of larger and more fundamental citizen, partner with evolution and activist. We call this being an informed and effective Evolutioneer, Planetary Citizen and Universe Citizen aligning with and contributing to the planet's and universe's progressive evolution.

From this new Universe Evolutionary Worldview one also discovers that the universe's 13.7 billion-year-old time-proven meta-principles for successful and sustainable progressive evolution currently offer the best common, objective, and foundational social model for creating these new Universe communities and:

1.) a sustainable prosperity for all, 

2.) a just, safe, and secure civilization for the current as well as future generations and

3.) prepared, thriving, and meaning-filled individual and collective lives and joy-rich communities all of which are intentionally designed to grow in ways that also align with, forward, and contribute to the progressive evolution of life on the planet and in the universe.

And, for those of you who are also spiritually inclined is birthed:

4.) a new form of science-grounded, open-source, and integral personal spirituality, which we call Evolution Spirituality. (You do not have to be spiritual or practice Evolution Spirituality to be a member of the Universe Communities.)

Getting Practical: How to Fund Your New Self-organizing Universe Community

Creating your own self-organizing universe community also requires smart leaders and finances. To put together your community’s finances you can self-fund. You can create a membership monthly fee or even a new member initial payment in conjunction with monthly fees.

You can also establish your eco-community as a nonprofit organization of some type. If you establish it as a nonprofit, people who donate get a tax benefit in many countries. You can even create your eco-community as a nonprofit new religious group, church, temple, mosque, monastery, or any other kind of sacred religious center that fits best and that is what you want to achieve. In some countries, being a religious organization provides many legal and financial benefits.

You also can use fundraising websites like Kickstarter to raise funds. Alternatively, you could create your community as a non-profit foundation or trust and again allow people to help fund it by donation. One of you may also be sharp enough legally to create an investment opportunity for building your community with shares for participating members based on their financial or other contributions to the community. It's totally up to you to create the funding model that will get your self-organizing eco-community established in the best possible way for it to become sustainable and viable.

In a quick summary, working together as Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Citizens we are evolving a revolutionary new form of intentional community, a way of being, and tools for improving the world. At its core the universe community transcending even our global warming recovery mission we forward educating about evolution's powerful meta-principles of progressive evolution because evolution within the universe is:

a.) "science's greatest discovery," 

b.) the most trial-and-error tested, time-proven successful system that has ever existed,

c.) the best documented "theory of everything" that currently exists and,

d.) the meta-principles of universe evolution are also the best keys to day-to-day sustainable personal success in practical ways. (These same scientific meta-principles are also capable of dramatically evolving and enhancing the economy, the society, our political systems, the environment, and if you are of a spiritual nature, even our current religions.)

Heard enough? 

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