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The Planet's Most Serious Global Challenges Cannot be Fixed by Current Systems. Evolution's Wisdom is Needed!

Last Update 4.4.23

Our current systems won't do the job of solving the many global and national challenges facing us. This is:

a.) because humanity has not yet evolved an effective world government structure and system with enforcement, legislative and judicial powers to cross national boundaries to resolve the many global challenges that we now face on behalf of the collective interests and benefit of humanity as a whole.

b.) because current systems are already so non-adaptive or powerfully resistant to change or controlled by ill-informed, isolated, or exclusively self-serving nations, businesses, or super-wealthy individuals. And,

c.) because too much of the general population is in a state of continual distraction or uninterested stupor from which they will not likely be awakened --- even when climate destabilization catastrophes start costing from 1/2 to one trillion dollars per catastrophe.

To resolve our current national and global challenges, humanity's evolution must, unfortunately, first go deeper into the current evolutionary bottleneck and then (because humanity is not listening to the feedback and adapting) descend into another necessary evolutionary compression and possible retrogression. Possibly only after this very painful compression or retrogression can humanity hit its collective "rock bottom." After hitting rock bottom, it can then more realistically hope to go through the critical, self-organized restructuring and re-alignment of humanity's most maladaptive economic, political, social (and even religious) systems and institutions.

We believe that what is here now is the evolutionary bottleneck. What is coming in the deepening evolutionary compression will be so harmful, painful, and destructive that you (or your children) cannot be safe or survive its consequences alone.

To be prepared, safe, and survive escalating catastrophic climate destabilization and the world's other climate-related and climate-magnified psychological and physical challenges, it will be absolutely essential to become part of or create a specialized mutual support eco-community of like-minded, well-prepared individuals. These communities and their members will then come to your aid, support, and "have your back" as things temporarily worsen before they eventually and hopefully get better.

If most of us are going to suffer to various degrees no matter what because of the currently unmanaged escalating climate destabilization and the other converging global challenges as it now appears, it is better to have the humor, balance, and safety support of a like-minded, support community with the needed preparedness and complimentary life or life-crisis skills to help lessen such unavoidable suffering. Those that are part of a prepared, mutually supporting, and cooperating community are the ones most likely to survive into the later stages of catastrophic, irreversible, or near extinction-level climate destabilization and have any life quality and safety that still also has a strong measure of love, humor, balance, happiness and cooperative trusting relationships left within it!

In the worsening conditions of escalating climate destabilization converging then multiplying the other global and national challenges previously mentioned, these specialized communities will also still be geared to helping you find ways to still develop and grow as a person, enjoy your life, heal, and take the time to cultivate and enjoy relationships and the other non-materialistic dominated pleasures. This is because the rewards and joys of the inner life, as well as community life, may be the most (or the only) available remaining pleasures because of worsening climate destabilization and its consequent resource-limiting conditions.

How Universe Communities Become A New Hope for the Future:

This new kind of evolutionary self-organizing universe community is even more essential for the time when hopefully, humanity is finally successfully mitigating and surviving the escalating climate destabilization compression, possible retrogression, and all of the previously mentioned converging global challenges. If we are successful in mitigating and surviving the climate destabilization catastrophes, the possible extinction-level climate destabilization, and the great evolutionary bottleneck and evolutionary regression that we now face, as well as our other converging global challenges, the new Universe Communities as proven sustainability incubators and testing centers have a chance to play a critical and vital role in modeling our planet's new future and successful recovery.

This is important because when a society goes into a severe crisis, severe compression, retrogression, or near collapse, it almost always goes into martial law with a subsequent loss of human rights. It then often makes desperate "survival for the chosen few" fear-based or panicked choices that generally worsen the retrogression rather than improve the conditions that those choices try to resolve or improve. These desperate survival-first, fear-based or panicked choices also typically greatly extend the length of time it takes to return to social normalcy and get out of the evolutionary compression and potential retrogression.

If (or when) the general society goes into crisis breakdown, martial law, or panic mode, the experimental Universe Communities filled with informed and effective Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Citizens from all over the world will be both the experimental evolutionary "islands of hope and success" and the new and proven leadership demonstrating a more sustainable, re-structured and evolution re-aligned way to live successfully and to move forward. These Universe community successful experiments will be the proven sustainability examples of the evolutionary new structure and re-alignment that is critical for future sustainable and meaningful, and just human survival. The Universe communities could very well be the critically essential new "beacons of light" at the juncture of the deepest crisis for humanity.

These evolutionary community "islands," with their new leaders of hope teaching new principles of sustainable survival for humanity, will then come forward at that most vital time and demonstrate the new way to live so that, hopefully, the remaining society does not retrogress even more deeply. These proven new model leaders and their Universe communities will be the successful examples of the difficult new structural and re-alignment choices needed to be made at these moments of immense evolutionary crisis/opportunity.

This new community example and leadership then act to help the macro-culture and society once again move forward toward a sustainable and thriving future that will be brighter than ever before because of:

a.) having successfully passed through climate destabilization and other system crisis,

b.) having abandoned the old non-sustainable systems and,

c.) having learned new, more sustainable ways aligned with progressive universe evolution.

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