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The Home of Evolutioneers

How to Join a Universe Community or, Self-Organize Your Own Autonomous Local Universe Community

In congruence with the vision, values, and structure of the new Universe Communities, we are seeking new members --- Evolutioneers --- exceptional self-organizing individuals who currently consider themselves to also be planetary and universe citizens (or who want to become them.) We seek productive, self-motivating, and self-disciplining members to co-create, facilitate, teach and lead.

"Evolutioneers who also act as Planetary and Universe Citizens are also skillful at holding the big-picture, long-term evolutionary perspective --- our 13.7 billion years of successful universe evolution --- while they also solve the smaller scale and smaller time frame challenges." Lawrence Wollersheim

These evolutionary individuals (and Planetary and Universe citizens) are also self-organizing, socio-emotionally mature, cognitively well-developed, and who are not afraid of ongoing learning, effort, sacrifice, and service. We are looking for those talented individuals and leaders who embrace the natural and growing complexities of evolving life and who are reciprocating by nature and therefore want to contribute at least as much as they want to receive.

(Special Membership Update as of 2.14.21: The very latest and most complete information, descriptions qualifications, launch dates, and all existing locations for the four types of new Universe Communities is found in the Member's Section of our sister website Job One for Humanity in the About the Universe Community link. This link provides key additional information beyond what is in the online booklet in the links below.

This About the Universe Community link will allow you to start the process to become a member of the Universe community right where you currently live, virtually or physically or, you can become part of one of the new four types of eco-communities being established in areas safer from global warming and the other coming global crises.)

What's Next

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