The Vision, Principles and Structure for Our New Global Warming Resistant Eco-communities

Welcome to Universe Spirit

Because of the escalating global warming emergency (described in full detail here,), our organization feels a sense of high urgency to help create more sustainable eco-communities all over the world. These new eco-communities would become multiple sustainable living experiments that would have a much higher likelihood of surviving many of the escalating global challenges humanity faces today. These new eco-communities would also be based upon the universe's most proven principles of successful and sustainable evolution (the Universe Principles.)

The following online booklet will describe the vision, policy, values, structural and procedural details of how these new eco-communities could come into being and function. Please bear with the first few pages. They deal with some very unsettling facts about the escalating global warming emergency as well as the other major global challenges that we ALL now face.

Why New Eco-communities and a New Model is Needed for the Challenges of Today's World?

A new "bigger picture" evolutionary understanding, vision, and vehicle for humanity's ecological, economic, social and political future is needed because of the rapidly increasing threat to survival from today's escalating global challenges.

The following are the major regional, national and global challenges we are already facing at one level or another:

1. escalating global warming and its consequent climate destabilization, (droughts, wildfires, floods, and superstorms of increasing scale, severity, and frequency that also serve to multiply the adverse effects of many of the other challenges listed below. (Click here to go to our sister website to get all the seldom discussed details of just how bad the global warming emergency really is.)

2. escalating over-population, (Earth has the carrying capacity for about 1 1/2 - 2 billion people and we are near 8 billion racing to 9 billion. We could be as high as 11-14 billion shortly after 2050.)

3. escalating food shortages, (1 billion people are hungry,)

4. escalating resource depletion also called overshoot, (Many key raw materials and other critical food and non-food resources are running low, Don't believe this is a huge problem? Please watch this amazing overshoot video with great graphics and statistical illustrations by Hugh Montgomery an English professor.)

5. escalating poverty,

6. escalating water pollution,

7. escalating desertification,

8. escalating deforestation,

9. escalating reef collapse,

10. escalating ocean fish stock depletion,

11. growing economic inequality,

12. rising national deficits (moving toward a global financial bubble,)

13. escalating economic instability,

14. escalating terrorism, conflicts and war,

15. a growing pandemic probability, (due to new diseases and the mobility of world populations,)

16. escalating political injustice and,

17. escalating political instability causing increasing conflict (due to all of the preceding multiplying, amplifying and whipsawing more negative effects off of and onto each other from all of the items above. (But, compared to everything else, the worst and most predictably imminent is rapidly escalating climate destabilization worsened and fueled by exploding population growth.)

Any one of the above current regional, national and global challenges, by themselves, is capable of creating a local, regional, national or global emergency of an unprecedented scale and is good enough reason to be prepared for what is coming! Additionally, our older less evolved tools, systems, and structures are simply no longer working well enough for humanity or the planet to cope with these challenges. 

Consequently, current the well-being and survival of humanity itself is in peril. We need to immediately begin experimenting and implementing new more effective structures, systems, and tools!

"There are many warnings in our ecological, economic, social and political systems that another natural evolutionary retrogression may take place." Lawrence Wollersheim

Within the Universe Spirit community, we view the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as our best science-grounded system, structure, tool and new model. This new worldview will help us make the life-critical systemic and structural improvements or the other re-alignments in our lives and livelihoods that are urgently needed for the difficult future we all now face.

This new Universe Evolutionary Worldview provides the next logical evolutionary design, structural alternative, and advance beyond the current vision of our societies and their current life systems. It also offers an amazing vision and new toolset for evolving life toward more meaningful, sustainable and happy living based on:

a.) evolution science,

b.) enlightened consumerism,

c.) minimal waste and pollution,

d.) a new cooperative triple bottom line for sustainable profit (for all stakeholders, the community and the environment,) and,

e.) the creation of a satisfying and sustainable prosperity and the truth we are all living in an interconnected and interdependent union whether we know it or not.

And finally, if you do not feel some level of agreement with the proceeding perspectives or feel some intuitive congruence with the high urgency for building many new eco-communities as potentially well-suited survivors of any emergency or crisis we must endure, please continue onto the later pages of this booklet. There are many other important reasons for building these new eco-communities at this time besides preparing for possible global or regional emergencies.

The links below or to the left and right on subsequent pages will take you to the rest of the Universe Community online booklet. The pages of this booklet contain important new information on the global warming emergency and the details and benefits of the Universe Spirit Community, how it works, how to join etc.

There are 10 pages in this online booklet.

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Why Universe Communities now? Why the Urgency?

There are many reasons for creating the new Universe community vision, but among them escalating climate destabilization may be the most important.

"We have already crossed critical climate destabilization tipping points well beyond what we are being told in the popular media." Lawrence Wollersheim

The Two Big Climate Destabilization Shockers You Need to Know Now to Wisely Plan Your Future:

The two big shockers of climate destabilization caused by fossil fuel induced global warming are:

Shocker 1.) No matter what we do now humanity will be sadly facing a global average temperature increase of 6-12 degrees Fahrenheit within as little as 40-70 years. This is that based on an internal dialectical meta-system analysis of over 7,000 pages of the current climate data research and summaries.

We have already passed by the long held average global climate temperature range maintenance tipping point. A four point six (4.6,) degree increase in global average temperature has been the official low and very optimistic estimate. This is based on a premise that everything happening in the climate system will always work perfectly in our favor and no known or unknown climate tipping points will be crossed. A six to eight degree Fahrenheit increase is the far more realistic and balanced projection. A 12 degree Fahrenheit or more increase in average global temperature is a pessimistic, but well warranted estimate.

The 12 degree Fahrenheit is based on if:

a.) we continue increasing our carbon pollution into the atmosphere at our current exponentially rising levels or,

b.) we cross any more of the many unknown climate system tipping points within the numerous critical sub-systems of the climate meta-system. (For a detailed discussion of the numerous climate tipping points, click here.)

Shocker 2.) Climate destabilization's first wave of super storms or "millennial storms" (storms that have not been seen for thousands or tens of thousands of years will not be coming 60-100 years from now as is currently thought. Our evaluation of the current climate data implies that these new super storms, super droughts, super floods and super wildfires etc will begin replacing the current extreme weather waves that we now experiencing in as little as 15 to 30 years. These new millennial super storms could be 20-50 percent stronger than anything that we have ever recorded.

Why will all this climate mess happen? Simply put, we did not drastically lower carbon pollution from fossil fuels a long time ago --- when we should have done so! It is unfortunate that we have basically "just talked" about fixing global warming for over 30 years.

To be absolutely clear.

The battle to minimize climate destabilization to less that 2 degrees Celsius (4.6 degrees Fahrenheit,) has already been lost! We all need to accept this harsh reality and we need to move on to preparing and adapting to what is coming --- while we still have time!

We now have no other prudent choice, but to do what ever we can to try to lessen the long term pain that humanity will endure. The good news is that we do still have enough time to prepare ourselves, our families, our businesses and nations for the tremendous stress that climate destabilization will put us into, but again, only if we get serious now and start preparing for it.

The popular media keeps telling us that the current climate target in average global temperature is no more than a 2 degree Celsius (4.6 degree Fahrenheit,) increase, but that is a virtual impossibility. It is a virtually impossible target due to the existing and "already built into the system" global warming atmospheric carbon levels as well as the exponentially increasing ongoing carbon pollution momentum. To make matters worse, almost every government or international 5-7 year update report coming out on the climate over the last 25 years has repeatedly adjusted their climate threat estimates whenever reissued to the negative by on the average 20-40%.

Some of the Science Behind the Two Climate Shockers:

Please now review the "Keating" Carbon in the Atmosphere graphs below for the last several hundred thousand years, since the industrial revolution and then going back millions of years. Notice that the average carbon parts per million (ppm) never rose much above 270 ppm until the industrial revolution. For hundreds of thousands of years before that it stayed close to that range. Only hundreds of millions of years ago was the carbon ppm levels much higher during Earth's more turbulent earlier developmental period.

Something has radically changed since the beginning of the fossil fuel powered industrial revolution of the 1880s. We have now crossed carbon 400 ppm. Extrapolating on the exponentially rising carbon levels each year, we find that we could be at carbon 550 ppm in as little as 30-40 years or less. [In 2013 we increased carbon by 2.9 ppm in just one year!] If we hit carbon 550 ppm as it appears we will, this "seals the deal" on radical destructive changes for most life on earth. And --- even if we stopped all carbon pollution from fossil fuel today, it is estimated that it will take hundreds of years to bring the atmosphere back to safe carbon ppm levels. We need to start preparing and adapting!

It appears global average temperature is now increasing about 1/2 degree F for every 25 additional parts per million of carbon going into the atmosphere or less. And that does not include any climate tipping points that come into play as the atmosphere heat up more and more and more carbon enters the atmosphere at a faster and faster rate.



This devastating failure to handle this atmospheric carbon pollution threat to life on Earth is also because of the massive global inertia surrounding effective, critical path "first things first" actions that were needed to be completed a long ago to avert the now near certain global average temperature increase of 6-12 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Increased or decreased carbon ppm in the atmosphere appears to have a direct or near direct relationship to rising and falling temperature all the way back to Earth's earliest times millions of years ago. Life as we know it today only really began to flourish when the carbon levels and temperatures were in a range closer to today.




In spite of the above facts about historic and current carbon pollution levels in the atmosphere, humanity is not adapting well to this or the many other disturbing global ecological, economic and political feedback signals. This climate data and many other signals are telling our national and global cultures that too many of our current lifestyle and livelihood practices are highly unsustainable or even destructive to the planetary bio-systems. Numerous scientists have already come out and said, "we have now entered into the Sixth Great Extinction period of human history." We believe they are right and that is a strong sign that we are in an evolutionary retrogression and bottleneck!

Everyday it is becoming more obvious to societies' most thoughtful and aware individuals that the current national and global cultures will soon going to go though a climate destabilization triggered natural and hopefully temporary evolutionary retrogression or, a cataclysmic massive adaptive readjustment or even possibly, a massive global systems collapse in an act of self-induced destructive creation

In evolution when a part of a whole or a whole system continually fails to adapt to appropriate and/or increasing correctional feedback it is eventually broken down and recycled into new evolutionary experiments that hopefully will be better adapted and will be in better alignment with sustainable forms of progressive universe evolution.

We also firmly believe that at this time the global climate system has now been so degraded by the still escalating fossil fuel carbon pollution (which directly causes global warming,) that our ecosystems and other climate-dependent economic, social and political systems will eventually begin catastrophically collapsing in a natural chain reaction of interconnected dependencies.

This destabilization of the global climate (droughts, wildfires, floods and super storms of increasing scale, severity and frequency,) will also unfortunately converge into and then amplify and whipsaw many of the other national and global challenges that we now face. This perfect storm convergence of climate destabilization amplifying and whipsawing into  other global problems will also push those other problems over their own respective tipping points as well. These national and global challenges beyond global warming will then be greatly magnified into even greater problems and catastrophes. 

The main global challenges facing humanity today in a causal order are:

Challenge 1: Failure to evolve a global government with enforceable legislative, judicial and executive powers.

This single evolutionary failure of no effective planetary government then allows the following Great Evolutionary Bottleneck of global challenges to either occur, continue building unchecked or remain unresolved:

Challenge 2: Over Population: (Earth may have the more realistic carrying capacity for about 2 billion people. We are near 8 billion racing to 9 billion.)

Challenge 3: Climate Destabilization: Fueled by increasing population and increased use of carbon polluting energy sources we have radically increased global climate destabilization (global warming,) which then increases: reef collapse, desertification, coast line loss, species extinction and water pollution (from excessive ocean carbon capture, global warming ocean heat capture and other pollution sources.)

Challenge 4: Resource Depletion: Fueled by overpopulation and climate destabilization we are increasing  deforestation, food shortages, (1 billion people are hungry now,) ocean fish stock losses and the early attainment of peak oil. (Depleting resources also increases global poverty.)

Challenge 5: Global Economic Instability: All of the above challenges then also increases global economic instability, economic inequality (conflicts between rich and poor,) and produces rising national deficits. (National deficits particularly in the US are rising in part to stay up with our growing global challenges and which are moving us ever closer toward a bursting global financial crisis and bubble.)

Challenge 6: Political Instability in Countries with Low Management and Resource Resilience: All of the previous above global challenges plus increased political instability then also act to further increase the likelihood of more wars, terrorism and political injustice. And finally,

Challenge 7: Global Pandemic: As all of the above resilience-reducing global challenges get worse this increases the growing possibility of a global pandemic. (This is due to existing or new diseases, the mobility and migration of world populations and the deterioration of global health services as the stew of all of the global challenges listed above comes to a global warming amplified feverish boil.)

Of all of the global challenges above, climate destabilization is the biggest multiplier and amplifier as well as most immediate and probable trigger for the greatest chain reaction of whipsawing ecological, economic, social and political system collapses in all of human history.

(Even if climate destabilization did not exist, the above list is reason enough to get prepared and have a community team around you that you can truly rely on.)

The list of challenges above implies to the wise that establishing prepared, safe micro-communities to survive the coming evolutionary retrogression and bottleneck as well as to model sustainability success is NOW! (Keep in mind it takes years to solidly establish these new communities and get them sustainability ready for what is coming.)

Keep reading there is much more. The links at the bottom of each page of this booklet allow you to go forward or back one page.

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The Planet's Most Serious Global Challenges Cannot be Fixed by Current Systems. Evolution's Wisdom is Needed!

 Our current systems won't do the job to solve the many global and national challenges facing us. This is:

a.) because humanity has not yet evolved an effective world government structure and system that has enforcement, legislative and judicial powers to cross national boundaries to resolve the many global challenges that we now face on behalf of the collective interests and benefit of humanity as a whole.

b.) because current systems are already so non-adaptive or powerfully resistant-to-change or controlled by ill-informed, isolated or exclusively self-serving nations, businesses or super-wealthy individuals. And,

c.) because of too much of the general population being in a state of continual distraction or uninterested stupor from which they will not likely be awakened --- even when climate destabilization catastrophes start costing from 1/2 to one trillion dollars per catastrophe.

To resolve our current national and global challenges humanity's evolution must unfortunately first go deeper into the current evolutionary bottleneck and then (because humanity is not listening to the feedback and adapting,) descend into another necessary evolutionary compression and possible retrogression. Possibly only after this very painful compression or retrogression can humanity hit it's collective "rock bottom." After hitting rock bottom it can then more realistically hope to go though the critical, self-organized restructuring and re-alignment of humanity's most mal-adaptive economic, political, social (and even religious) systems and institutions.

We believe that what is here now is the evolutionary bottleneck. What is coming in the deepening evolutionary compression will be so bad, painful and destructive that you (or your children,) will not be able to be safe or survive its consequences alone.

To be prepared, safe and survive escalating catastrophic climate destabilization and the world's other climate destabilization magnified challenges both psychologically and physically, it will be absolutely essential to become part of or create a specialized mutual support community of like-minded, well prepared individuals. These communities and their members will then come to your aid, support and "have your back" as things temporarily worsen before they eventually and hopefully get better.

If most of us are going to suffer to various degrees no matter what because of the currently unmanaged escalating climate destabilization and the other converging global challenges as it now appears, it is better to have the humor, balance and safety support of a like-minded, support community with the needed preparedness and complimentary life or life-crisis skills to help lessen such unavoidable suffering. Those that are part of a prepared, mutually supporting and cooperating community are the ones most likely to survive into the later stages of catastrophic, irreversible or near extinction level climate destabilization and have any kind of life quality and safety that still also has a strong measure of love, humor, balance, happiness and cooperative trusting relationships left within it!

In the worsening conditions of escalating climate destabilization converging then multiplying the other global and national challenges previously mentioned, these specialized communities will also still be geared to helping you find ways to still develop and grow as a person, enjoy your life, heal and take the time to cultivate and enjoy relationships and the other non-materialistic dominated pleasures. This is because the rewards and joys of the inner life as well as community life may be the most (or the only,) available remaining pleasures because of worsening climate destabilization and its consequent resource limiting conditions.

How Universe Communities Become A New Hope for the Future:

This new kind of evolutionary self-organizing universe community is even more essential for the time when hopefully humanity is finally successful in slowly mitigating and surviving the escalating climate destabilization compression and possible retrogression and all of the other previously mentioned converging global challenges. If we are successful in mitigating and surviving the climate destabilization catastrophes, the possible extinction level climate destabilization and the great evolutionary bottleneck and evolutionary regression that we now face as well as our other converging global challenges, the new Universe Communities as proven sustainability incubators and testing centers have a chance to play a critical and vital role in modeling our planet's new future and successful recovery.

This is important because when a society goes into a severe crisis, severe compression, retrogression or near collapse it almost always goes into martial law with a subsequent loss of human rights. It then often makes desperate "survival for the chosen few" fear-based or panicked choices which generally worsen the retrogression rather than improve the very conditions that those choices are trying to resolve or improve. These desperate survival first, fear-based or panicked choices also normally greatly extend the length of time it takes to return to social normalcy and get out of the evolutionary compression and potential retrogression.

If (or when,) the general society goes into crisis breakdown, martial law or panic mode the experimental Universe Communities filled with informed and effective Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Citizens from all over the world will be both the experimental evolutionary "islands of hope and success" and the new and proven leadership demonstrating a more sustainable, re-structured and evolution re-aligned way to live successfully and to move forward. These Universe community successful experiments will be the proven sustainability examples of the evolutionary new structure and re-alignment that is critical for future sustainable and meaningful and just human survival. The Universe communities could very well be the critically essential new "beacons of light" at the juncture of deepest crisis for humanity.

These evolutionary community "islands" with their new leaders of hope teaching new principles of sustainable survival for humanity will then come forward at that most vital time and demonstrate the new way to live so that hopefully the remaining society does not retrogress even more deeply. These proven new model leaders and their Universe communities will be the successful examples of the difficult new structural and re-alignment choices needed to be made at these moments of immense evolutionary crisis/opportunity.

This new community example and leadership then acts to help the macro-culture and society once again move forward toward a sustainable and thriving future that will be brighter than ever before because of:

a.) having successfully passed through the climate destabilization and other system crisis,

b.) having abandoned the old non-sustainable systems and,

c.) having learned new more sustainable ways aligned with progressive universe evolution.

The links at the bottom of each page of this booklet allow you to go forward or back one page.

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Is the Universe Community a Survivalist Community?

Please do not mistake us for some kind of survivalist or apocalyptic community concerning our research on our current irreversible global warming and the other major converging global adaptive challenges facing our collective future. Our message is simple and it is not survivalist focused.

Our new Universe Eco-community's proactive and wise core message on irreversible global warming and our other major converging global adaptive challenges is:

1. "We are an eco-community that believes being prepared is wise and life on Earth has always survived so far. In the last 4.5 billion years of Earth's evolution life has survived 5 mass extinctions.

2. We, humans, are intelligent and adaptive beings and we are able to solve or adapt to almost anything.

3. The future is unknown and full of unpredictable negative and positive wild cards. This means that there is still hope for some of humanity and civilization to survive if we quickly exercise responsible, intelligent and effective critical path adaptive actions to solve our most pressing challenges using a "first things first" strategy.

4. We can make it through our current evolutionary bottleneck because of escalating global warming and minimize the worst of the transitional evolutionary retrogression that we are currently in (and creating.)

5. Working together in new sustainable communities (like our Universe Eco-community model,) we can make our lives as happy and as good as they will get during the temporary global warming retrogression and transition period.

6. We can still fully enjoy each day (as best as we can, even in spite of the rapidly destabilizing climate and other deteriorating or retrogressing global challenges.)

7. When we or future generations do proactively get through this irreversible global warming emergency, this great evolutionary bottleneck as well as our other key global challenges we will have built something new together that is far better adapted and suitable for creating a positive and sustainable future for ALL.  

8. Overcoming this emergency will help us better solve even our currently unknown future challenges as one effective and united human family, and it will help us live the Universe Principles of progressive evolution and of a sustainable prosperity. As Michael Dowd the evolutionary teacher likes to say "what really matters is coming back into right relationship with reality." Because we have failed to effectively resolve escalating global warming over the last 30 years of warnings, we will now literally be forced by its consequences to come back into right relationship with reality.

We can become a new evolutionary community of Evolutioneers and Planetary Citizens that believes in the historic wisdom of appropriate threat preparedness and living sustainably. We are not fear manipulated or fear dominated, but we do not ignore data that should trigger positive protective evolutionary fear reactions. We will always use the appropriate and positive evolutionary fear warning feedback contained within accurate, but survival-negative information to wisely anticipate, prepare and quickly adapt.

We are not survivalists! At worst you could call us in part, eco-preppers. (Prepare-ers for a temporary transitional ecological or ecological related meta-crisis in other planetary financial, political and social systems.)

We are preparing our eco-community in advance for this temporary human species-created crisis and new kind of temporary and transitional "evolutionary bottleneck and evolutionary retrogression." We are doing this solely because the current facts clearly shout to us that many of our global systems are in severe challenge or, are nearing critical tipping points with no or low remaining recovery resilience. This is over-abundantly true in the global catastrophe amplifying and multiplying area of escalating global warming.

To the discerning evaluator and researcher both human history and the current global warming facts indicate that many of our other key non-climate global challenges will continue to get worse faster with little realistic hope of correction before the chain reaction of multiple or, cascading global catastrophes and crossed tipping points shake us and wake us to the need for drastic evolutionary improvement toward more sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles.

Because of what we are now doing (fossil fuel use carbon pollution,) and not doing, (immediately establishing strictly enforceable international carbon pollution limitation laws,) global warming is rapidly getting worse on a non-linear, exponential curve. It will get much worse in the decades to come. Worse yet, we really can't do much about it at this late date with our current political and economic climate action conditions and inertia.

We believe that it is important to not hide these reasonable and rational rapidly increasing global warming facts and high probabilities.

We are not detached survivalists. We are engaged sustainability advocates, Evolutioneers and Planetary Citizens. We believe in whole-heartedly working for the best possible future while at the same time wisely being prepared for the worst possible temporary human transition period.

We will fully prepare for the worst, and then forget about those preparations while we then focus and wholeheartedly work for the best!

We envision that the establishment of new eco-communities will play an essential and possibly significant role in securing the survival of humanity and civilization and in the establishment of the new sustainable prosperity vision within the post-global warming macro-culture. They will do this by using only peaceful and evolutionary means and --- where we can still fine enjoyment and joy in relationship and experience in our day to day lives.

By creating a new eco-community model all over the world driven by the urgency of global warming emergency, we together can proactively help create a long-term future for humanity and our civilization, and we and our children will eventually successfully evolve both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars..."

And finally, even if the escalating global warming emergency and the convergence of it with humanity's other key global challenges was somehow resolved in the next 30 to 50 years or turned out to be not as bad as currently is currently predicted, these new eco-communities would function even better and more joyously on their other main goals of helping to co-create the necessary re-structuring and re-alignment of society necessary to create:

a,) a sustainable prosperity for all of humanity (and because of the 5000-year Sustainability rule,)

b.) a just civilization and

c.) thriving and meaning-filled individuals and communities --- all of which align with and forward the progressive evolution of life in the universe. (See all of the Universe eco-community operational details below in the following booklet pages at the bottom of this page.)

(Special note: To understand all of the key global warming facts behind the rationale for our high urgency in quickly self-organizing eco-communities around the planet, it is essential to learn more about global warming itself. For a full overview of the current global warming facts see this page on irreversible global warming and our Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan. Click here now and read about the climate facts and honest solutions in depth. Once you have done that please continue reading the rest of this section below...)

Still not convinced on just how bad climate destabilization is likely to get in the not too distant future, click here to see two short videos. (Scroll down this linked page and you will see the two short videos.)

"You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." Unknown

To learn more about the wisdom of preparedness and to see our specific preparedness strategies please click here. 

To continue reading this online booklet click the link to the right below.

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The Full Universe Community Vision, Principles, Values and Structure

On the remaining pages of this online booklet you will find the full overview of the vision, principles and organizational structure for the creation of a new kind of progressive evolution aligned (Evolution 2.0 aligned,) self-organizing community. We call these intentional communities Universe Communities.

Universe Communities can be completely secular, both secular and spiritual or, completely spiritual depending upon the choices and individual making up that particular local Universe communities. This new vision for conscious and intentional community is applicable most specifically to those individuals who sometimes describe themselves by the newer terms of Evolutioneers or Universe Citizens.

They also often call themselves by names such as social activists, futurists, Collaborative Commons advocates, change agents, Millenials, progressives, open society advocates, Preppers and eco-preppers, Internet and culture advocates, planetary citizens, cultural and economic entrepreneurs, Third Industrial Revolution advocates, cultural creatives, innovators, education and social pioneers, evolutionists, evolutionaries, sustainability advocates, co-operative advocates, planetary citizens, scientists, environmentalists, cosmists, evolutionary transhumanists, artists, hipsters, spiritual progressives, eco-spirituality advocates, agnostics, atheists, humanists or members of the Integral, Evolver, Wayseer or Maker movements.

Individuals who adopt the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the meta-principles of Evolution 2.0 in the new Universe Communities are often individuals who are concerned not only about their own personal daily success, but also about how current global economic, political, social and ecological stresses challenging their own as well as their children's hopes for a better life and a safer future.

In the following Universe Community integral overview you will find the core evolutionary principles, values and structure of this new vision as well as the rights and responsibilities of members of the Universe Community as well as the community itself toward the individual. In true evolutionary fashion all of the following information about the Universe Communities vision represents an evolving work-in-process. It is not complete or final vision or structure just as evolution itself is not complete and every changing. 

This Universe community information starter kit is meant to be experimented with and wisely adapted as needed for optimal use in the diverse local conditions and social, economic and political environments found around the planet.

Check out the three most simple basics of being a Universe community member by clicking here.

(Special Note: On this page we often use completely new or newly expanded terms, some of which with you may not be familiar. Where applicable, we strongly recommend that you check out the definition links where ever provided to better understand the new evolutionary options, vision and perspectives that we are forwarding.)

Founding Values:

"The operating policies of the Universe Community are based on our values. Our basic community values come from what we call the Universe Principles. The Universe Principles are derived directly from the science and time-proven meta-principles of the successful progressive evolution of the universe over the last 13.8 billion years." Lawrence Wollersheim

Every intentional community has some founding vision and set of values and is based on some stated or unstated view of the condition or needs of the world (this is called a worldview,) as it is in their moment in time. In the Universe Communities our core and overall vision is based on the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

We also desire to become responsible planetary Evolutioneers and Citizens as well as Universe Citizens to:

1.) co-create a sustainable prosperity for all, (which results in both personal and collective wellbeing and sustainable prosperity will also do much to help resolve climate destabilization.)

2.) realize of the fullest possible socio-emotional, cognitive and skills developmental potentials of the individual members and the community collective, (which results in optimally successful and meaning filled lives,)

3.) foster mutual safety, security and justice. (More about this will be said in the section down the page called Why This New Form of Evolutionary Community is Vital Now?)

4.) be appropriately prepared for any large-scale global or regional adaptive challenge and crisis such as climate destabilization, large-scale resource depletion, economic instabilities, wars, pandemics, etc.  

5.) be a "beacon of light" of a successfully community model for the new values, behavioral and structural changes that are most needed to create a sustainable prosperity future for all.

6.) be aligned with and contribute to progressive evolution in the universe, (There are science and time-proven meta-patterns and meta-principles to the progressive evolution of the universe. When you follow these individually or collectively you or your group will be more sustainably successful.)

We see the current world and its many adaptive challenges and possibilities primarily with and from evolutionary hope and practical realism. We also see the current difficult situation in the world as a transformational evolutionary adventure!  

The practical evolutionary hope for how the needed solutions for the future can most optimally unfold is conditioned for us by the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. This new evolutionary worldview is a breakthrough multidisciplinary scientific understanding of the universe as a single inter-connected and inter-independent union as well as a complex, adaptive physical and biological system.

From the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its Evolution 2.0 meta-principles one discovers oneself becoming a completely new type of larger and more fundamental citizen, partner with evolution and activist. We call this being an informed and effective Evolutioneer, Planetary Citizen and Universe Citizen aligning with and contributing to the planet's and universe's progressive evolution.

From this new Universe Evolutionary Worldview one also discovers that the universe's 13.7 billion year old time-proven meta-principles for successful and sustainable progressive evolution currently offer the best common, objective and foundational social model for creating these new Universe communities and:

1.) a sustainable prosperity for all, 

2.) a just, safe and secure civilization for the current as well as future generations and

3.) prepared, thriving and meaning-filled individual and collective lives and joy-rich communities all of which are intentionally designed to grow in ways that also align with, forward and contribute to the progressive evolution of life on the planet and in the universe.

And, for those of you who are also spiritually inclined is birthed:

4.) a new form of science-grounded, open source and integral personal spirituality, which we call Religion 2.0. (You do not have to be spiritual or practice  Religion 2.0 to be a member of the Universe Communities.)

Getting Practical: How to Fund Your New Self-organizing Universe Community

Creating your own self-organizing universe community also requires smart leaders and finances. To put together your community’s finances you can self fund. You can create a membership monthly fee, or even a new member initial payment in conjunction with monthly fees.

You can also establish your eco-community as a nonprofit organization of some type. If you establish it as a nonprofit, people who donate get a tax benefit in many countries. You can even create your eco-community as a nonprofit new religious group, church, temple, mosque, monastery or any other kind of sacred religious center that fits best and that is what you want to achieve. In some countries, being a religious organization provides many legal and financial benefits.

You also can use fundraising websites like Kickstarter to raise funds. Alternatively, you could create your community as a non profit foundation or trust and again allow people to help fund it by donation. One of you may also be sharp enough legally to create an investment opportunity for building your community with shares for participating members based on their financial or other contributions to the community. It's totally up to you to create the funding model that will get your self-organizing eco-community established in the best possible way for it to become sustainable and viable.

In quick summary, working together as Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens and Universe Citizens we are an evolving a revolutionary new form of intentional community, a way of being and tools for improving the world. At its core the universe community transcending even our global warming recovery mission we forward educating about evolution's powerful meta-principles of progressive evolution because evolution within the universe is:

a.) "science's greatest discovery," 

b.) the most trial-and-error tested, time-proven successful system that has ever existed,

c.) the best documented "theory of everything" that currently exists and,

d.) the meta-principles of universe evolution are also the best keys to day-to-day sustainable personal success in practical ways. (These same scientific meta-principles are also capable of dramatically evolving and enhancing the economy, the society, our political systems, the environment and if you are of a spiritual nature, even our current religions.)

To see our current mission statement go here:

The links at the bottom of each page of this booklet allow you to go forward or back one page.

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How We Live in Our Intentional Universe Community

 We operate as a cooperative that shares our cooperative benefits based on work merit and responsibility levels. 

"Fully enjoying life now while also being prepared for adapting to what is coming" is our unofficial slogan.

Here are some of the ways we achieve this.

Members can live in at our centers in community, in intentional self-created local co-housing or, they can live independently in their own local housing and still participate in activities and events within our local communities. (At our centers for any community housing that may be available sometimes there are full or partial work exchanges available to qualified individuals.) 

Mutual benefit within the community can range from sharing preparedness information and resources, bulk discount buying, sharing tools and equipment, sharing specific technical skills (medical, legal, etc.,) or sharing common tasks such as cooking cleaning, maintenance, community gardening etc. Members choose their level of involvement. It can be at the level of simple shared mutual buying or other benefits or it can be a deeper levels of commitment and participation in co-creating our vision.

Members pay monthly dues based upon the amount of benefits that each member chooses to receive and share within the community i.e. bulk buying, discounts on community events, etc. All initial memberships are provisional for 3 months up to one year (based upon the type of membership desired,) and until existing members vote on the granting of full membership rights to provisional members.

Because commitments and contribution are essential to the success in all authentic communities new members are required to make community service and support commitments appropriate to the level of community membership that they have chosen. If they hold full time positions within the community they will also share in the communities income based on their work merit and responsibility.

Our Core Values, Principles and Practices:

We use current science to understand reality objectively and then we use this reality congruent knowledge to create the most optimal and its practical reality-grounded approaches to living and solving the challenges of life. This inherently makes us a community of continuous learning and ongoing member education as the prime launch point and central hub from which the success of all our other values and actions spring or come into being.

Our core guiding operational values,  principles and action practices of our community are based upon the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and are called the Universe Principles of Sustainability. This new worldview and its science-based action and attitudinal principles present a new way to see and be as well as enhance justice in the world. The links below will take you to the action and attitudinal parts of the Universe Principles of Sustainability. When you read these principles you will also see many of our community core values expressed in each principle.

To see the Big Picture core action principles of a Universe Community member, click here.

To see the Big Picture foundational attitudes and perspectives of a Universe Community member, click here.

To see more about how to co-create a sustainable prosperity revolution, click here.)

For an advanced level  overview of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the principles of progressive evolution that create the core principles behind our Universe community vision, click here.

For more information on the key qualities or tools a self-organizing individual possesses, click here.

For an excellent and more detailed summary description of the non-evolution science values, attitudes and behavioral characteristics of mature and developed Universe Community members and leaders,  see the book Spiral Dynamics, Mastering values, leadership, and change by Don Edward Beck and Christopher C. Cowan. See the two sections that describe the "yellow meme" individual and the "turquoise meme" individual.

Our Similarities to Other Intentional Communities

Most intentional community agendas focus on either personal development and happiness or personal healing or all of these things at the same time. While Universe communities also contain these essential elements that are parts of any healthy community the are more secondary goals in our community. Our primary focus is first on our member learning and then teaching others how to create:

a.) a sustainable prosperity based on evolution science,

b.) the green Third Industrial Revolution of hope and jobs for the future,

b.) a safe, just and secure civilization and, 

c.) thriving and meaning-filled individual lives and communities, and all of which above,

d.) align with and forward the progressive evolution of life and the universe.

More than anything else one could easily say that at our core we are a lifelong learning and teaching intentional community focused on our primary focus above. Our most valuable current exchange with the macro culture is our educational services relating to the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, the principles of sustainable prosperity and our work in teaching and promoting Job One for Humanity.

To understand our ideas in forwarding the greener Third Industrial Revolution please also read:

1.) The Zero Marginal Cost Society by Jeremy Rifkin. We cannot recommend this book enough because of its Evolution 2.0 compatibility and the new vision of hope and practicality that this book presents on the already emerging Third Industrial Revolution. The Third Industrial revolution is the new sharing economy and democratized laterally scaled networks bringing about the new Internet of Things in a collaborative commons. This book contains many of the details on how together we we rebalance today's economic system and evolve out of the extremes of greed capitalism. This book will help you sustainably thrive in all the coming economic changes. (A must read for every Evolutioneer.)

2.) The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin. This book will help you better understand the principles of Sustainable Prosperity in the next reading item in this section. (A must read for every Evolutioneer.)

Our Model for Ethical Income Creation and Productivity Exchange with Outside Communities:

Every individual, group and community must exchange energy and productivity with others to keep from violating the second law of thermodynamics a basic driver throughout evolution. Universe communities being primarily educational achieve the goal of ethical income creation and productivity exchange with outside communities by offering classes, both on and off-line. These classes are created for members of the local universe community as well as individuals, businesses, communities and even governmental organizations outside that particular local universe community.

The classes focus on teaching the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and how to use its principles and tools. These classes also teach essential art-of-living skills, which are not normally taught in today's homes or educational institutions. Click here to see more about these essential art-of-living skills. Each local universe community sets its own prices for the costs of the classes and services it provides to community members and individuals and organizations outside the community.

Our Personal Development Models:

For a good basic understanding of how we view the basics of the positive and natural development of human beings and cultural collectives first see the Spiral Dynamics model of cultural value and meme development by Don Beck.

For a deeper understanding of how we view the basics of the full possibilities of individual and collective socio-emotional and cognitive development also see in particular:

1.) Measuring Hidden Dimensions: the Art and Science of Fully Engaging Adults by Otto Laske. (For the socio-emotional side for understanding the levels of possible and potential socio-emotional human development.)

2.) Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems Foundations of Requisite Organization also by Otto Laske. (For the cognitive side of of understanding the levels of possible and potential cognitive and dialectical meta-systemic human development.)

3.) The integral human potential developmental models of Ken Wilber.

4.) Finally, click here to see the master list of the integral and practical art-of-living skills that are or will be taught. These additional skills are aligned with the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and our sustainable prosperity mission to help Universe community members reach their full socio-emotional, cognitive and life skills developmental potentials.

Our Health and Wellness Perspectives:

We believe in creating both a healthy interior and exterior environment. Our sustainable prosperity actions and Universe Principles speak to how we create exterior environmental health. To create interior personal health we support harmful chemical-free good nutrition, physical fitness, stress management, relationship quality as well as exploring some kind of a humanistic or spiritual exploration for deeper meaning depending in one is of a spiritual nature.

Our Community Thinking and Decision Making Systems:

Universe Communities use, teach and integrate the following four modern, postmodern and evolutionary thinking systems: 

a.) rational/analytical used in scientific experimentation,

b.) systems thinking and

c.) meta-systemic dialectical thinking.

d.) integral multi-perspectivalism

Our Community Decision Making Structure:

We use a simple majority consensus method of decision making for many issues within the community. For issues involving evolving our foundational goals and vision we require a 3/4 super majority of non-provisional members. To get a general outline and feeling on how we set and run our issue presentation, discussion and decisional meetings see the document called "The Five Fold Path of Constructive Meetings by Starhawk. 

Our Ethical, Behavioral and "Constitutional" Structure:

Every community needs basic constitutional structure based on sound principles and an accurate understanding of reality. For this essential minimal structure we have developed and discovered many evolutionary principles, created a formalized code of ethics and conduct from them as well as constructed many other guiding models for creating and maintaining healthy individual and collective boundaries and for the means and ways in which we will achieve our goals.

Members of our community first study the particular codes of conduct, which are most appropriate to their level of development and responsibility within our community. After that they careful study and evaluate the codes of conduct and then make personal commitments to live these codes (and in some cases our values and ideals,) to the best of their abilities. The willingness of community members to make clear and open personal commitments to the community vision, value standards and acceptable behaviors is one of the most important factors that creates and empowers the community culture, particularly in the areas of its effectiveness, empathetic cohesion and authenticity.

Click here for the full codes of ethics and conduct for Universe Community members.

Members of our community have real responsibilities and as members make real commitments to the community, Click here to learn about those responsibilities. The community also has responsibilities and commitments to its members.

Click here for a list of traditional, modern, post-modnern and evolutionary virtues promoted in Universe Communities. Universe Communities are a dynamic incubator for the balanced development of virtue within an evolutionary context.

For our position paper on healthy sexuality among community members, click here.

For more of our other administrative principles and position papers in our community see our extensive FAQ by clicking here.

If you are familiar with software technology, in many ways you could say that the Universe community treats the its Universe Evolutionary Worldview as the structural "kernel" of our Universe community's open source core principles and structure.

About Our Members and Leaders:

We believe in qualified members and leaders and having and holding just the essential minimum hierarchy necessary to facilitate a healthy an efficient community environment. To become a member, leader, teacher or facilitator in our community means that one is qualified for that level of membership/leadership and that they have earned those positions of by the merit of their education and previous successful activities and experience. 

Good leaders understand the area of their leadership, have successful experience in those areas and if great, also have high cognitive development and high socio-emotional development and maturity. Two books that clearly define the qualities of high-caliber membership leadership that we seek and promote and that meets these criteria are:

1.) On the social emotional side of membership or leadership; Measuring Hidden Dimensions: the Art and Science of Fully Engaging Adults by Otto Laske. (Our leaders strive to reach the S4/S5 socio-emotional/maturity levels of Laske's socio-emotional developmental model.)

2.) On the cognitive side of membership or leadership; Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems Foundations of Requisite Organization also by Otto Laske. (In addition to well trained logical and systems thinking skills our leaders strive to reach the levels of full meta-systemic dialectical thinking as described by Laske's in his second book listed here.)

Our members and leaders are or are close to becoming world centric or universe centric in cultural meme development. Yellow or turquoise meme in the Spiral Dynamics model of cultural value development.

If you are of a Spiritual Nature, We have a New form of Religion 2.0 a Science-Grounded, Personal Spirituality:

Religion 2.0 AKA Evolution Spirituality "the trans-denominational, secular meta-religion of evolution" is practiced as a personal spiritual form by some, but not all spiritual Universe community members. Depending upon their member make up, some Universe Communities will have almost no  Religion 2.0.  practices going on while in other Universe Communities it is their central focus. Each community determines its own level of interaction with Evolution Spirituality principles and practices. (Please note if you are not spiritually inclined, you can still participate fully in any Universe community.)

Here are some links that will give you more information on  Religion 2.0

a.) To see what we hold that constitutes authentic Religion 2.0 practices, click here. You will be surprised how personal spirituality has evolved. (We even have both spiritual and secular versions of centering meditations which are practiced regularly within our community. These meditations are designed to help to remove biases, keep our members highly aware of the present and optimized to respond as positively as is possible to life's ongoing changes.) 

b.) To understand what we mean when we say Religion 2.0 is a personalizable new form of spirituality, click here.

c.) For an excellent and more detailed summary description of the non-evolution science values, attitudes and behavioral characteristics of mature and developed Universe Community members and leaders, click here and see Fower's Fourth Stage of Universalizing Faith.

d.) Click here for a detailed overview of all the key information on Religion 2.0.

e.) For information on how we keep this new personal spirituality from getting unsafe check out our Spiritual Safeguards.

f.) One of our most valued tools that is used in this new form of personal, evolution grounded spirituality are the principles contained within our Open Source Spirituality Manifesto.

g.) Religion 2.0 is also a completely new form of trans-denominational and omni-denominational meta-spirituality and meta-religion. To find out more about what meta-religion means click here.


Creativity and Art in the Spiritual side of the Universe Community:

Click here to see how we value the role and importance of individual and group creativity and art within our community vision.

Our Simple Economic Model

We are a cooperative all members in good standing share in its ownership. Wages are based on successful application of the Universe Principles of Sustainability, work merit, quality and responsibility level. No full time staff member makes more than 10 times what any other full time staff member makes. The minimum full time staff income level is always adequate to cover all necessary basics including medical, education, housing, food, recreation and reserves.

The Universe Communities and New Technologies

To see how we we use and safely integrate new technologies into our communities, click here.

Our Deepest Constitutional Ideals for All Universe Community Members as Evolutionaries, Planetary Citizens and Universe Citizens:

What is a Planetary Evolutioneer, What is a Universe Citizen.

The Universe Charter

Universe Declaration of Rights for Evolutionaries, Planetary Citizens, Universe Citizens and Universe community members.

Universe Declaration of Responsibilities for Evolutionaries, Planetary Citizens, Universe Citizens and Universe Community Members.

The links at the bottom of each page of this booklet allow you to go forward or back one page. 

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How We See Our Universe Community Vision and Model Rapidly Expanding into New Universe Communities

"You do not need anyone's permission or blessing to do good work in the world. You just need to self-organize and get started from where you are with what you have or what you can access." Lawrence Wollersheim

"If you build it, they will come." The movie Field of Dreams

Thirty years of general study and design planning has gone into the core vision of Universe Communities for Planetary Citizens and Universe Citizens. In spring and summer of 2015 we will begin actively recruiting new members to expand our local community and create new communities and support groups.

We envision the creation of many new, self-organizing, autonomous, sustainable prosperity, safety and personal well-being forwarding Universe Communities and meet-up groups forming independently all over the planet. This is because many other individuals now also recognize the urgent need for some type of major community, economic, social and political systems restructuring as well as the re-alignment of those system's principles so that they can actually work fairly for ALL individuals and groups in the globalized new world.

These individuals also deeply sense that because of the worsening climate destabilization due to unchecked global warming they must quickly prepare themselves and join or create some kind of new sustainable community or groupings that would come to their mutual support in crisis as well as serve as a "beacon of light" and a success example of the new model of sustainable prosperity that we all need for a livable future. Because of the urgency of the climate destabilization challenge not to mention the other global systems challenges new models of the necessary restructuring and realignment necessary to resolve these challenges must propagate and replicate quickly. The best way to do that is with the rapid growth and replication that is possible with open source, self-organizing and complex adaptive systems.

These new open source, autonomous and self-organizing universe communities and groups would act as "parallel processing" type Universe community experiments and diverse local variations and adaptations upon our core vision, principles and structure. These local Universe Communities and groups also will be uniquely adapted to the micro and macro cultures in which these experimental communities are formed.

To support these newly forming local experimental communities our online classes and materials will be make available in free and open access to those individuals or teams of self-organizing individuals who would like our help and support in creating a new Universe community in their local area. 

Truly self-organizing individuals capable of founding or leading new Universe communities are rare and are probably less than 5% of the population. They are highly intelligent, highly motivated, principle driven and socio-emotionally mature. To say that they are the best and brightest of society would not be an understatement. (If you are a self-organizing individual, you see the need and value of what we are doing and you want to do something with us, then contact us at and tell us about yourself and where you want to set up a new Universe community.)

Our support will be mainly in free and open access for you and your new community to access our online website materials and our courses at Universe College. As the number of members and autonomous communities grow we will create a Universe community discussion forum where members from Universe communities and groups all over the planet can discuss their communities, their experiments with the Universe community vision and what does and doesn't work best. We do not have other resources to do more than this so individuals or groups wanting to start their own Universe community or group should have or have access to financial and staff resources that will be needed in the later stages of your community's development. 

In the beginning, what is most important is developing or finding compatible, mature and well-educated individuals to found and lead the local new Universe community. Extensive interpersonal connection and interaction time should be nurtured and enacted long before any physical properties or other resources should be purchased. In may ways this means getting started should not be resource intense because most the of the community building work is recruiting, educating and observing interpersonal chemistry and effectiveness in the early stages.  

We in the San Francisco mother community also do not manage, motivate or get involved in how you set up or run your local legal, financial or personnel Universe community issues. These are all for you to self-organize and adapt using our open source "kernel" and our master templates as a model. The only thing we require is that you legally name your community differently from our San Francisco Universe Community. 

We trust in the open source and self-organizing evolutionary principles and methods. If you self-organize a local autonomous Universe community i.e. the Toronto Universe community or the Hong Kong Universe community poorly it will not be sustainable. If you run it unethically, unfairly or not transparently, in true open source style, members of your community will eventually "fork off" from your community experiment and form a new local Universe community doing things better because the self-organizing open source model is naturally self-protecting and self-correcting towards the best adapted experiments to the local conditions. 

That is the evolutionary process for how the best adapted and most wisely cooperative autonomous Universe community experiments will thrive and be sustainable models for the macro-culture --- a macro culture that will most likely be going into deeper environmental, economic and political challenge. 

For more information on the key qualities or tools a self-organizing individual possesses, click here.

The Creators of Our Originating Universe Communities

The Universe Community evolution based model is both a sophisticated and complex new model for intentional and sustainably communities designed for the challenges and current realities of the 21st century. Our first founding communities will require for their creation a far greater portion of the brightest, best and most emotionally mature and psychologically developed  members and leaders to effectively work through the normal "start-up" adaptations and local refinements using our new evolution based vision and model.

Unfortunately, our evolution based thriving community model absolutely does require that the first key managing members and leaders of successful Universe Communities are highly self-organizing, self motivated, well-educated, well-developed, emotionally balanced and exceptionally bright --- almost to the level of bordering on intellectually gifted. Successful founders are indeed rare individuals.

Our Non-Polarization and Effective Educational Timing Positions:

One last important idea that is highly relevant to Universe Communities, evolution and the climate destabilization crisis bears mentioning. Universe communities are not here to waste vast amounts of time and resources in polarized fighting with the existing top 1% of the global power structure or to convince them or climate deniers that they must change and fix the global warming crisis.

We believe that this would be mostly a waste of time, energy and resources for several reasons:

1.) The current empowered political and financial systems have evolved ultra-successful defense and attack mechanisms that makes them all, but impervious to outside change --- unless they see that change as serving their highly profitable self interests. 

2.) There is no currently evolved global government to either enact and more importantly enforce the needed new global structural reforms and planetary laws to mitigate the escalating climate destabilization crisis (global average temperature increase of 8-12 degrees Fahrenheit or more within 40-70 years,) in time to keep us from going over the climate cliff or from exacerbating the other looming global crisis and challenges mentioned above. (The popular media keeps telling us that the climate target is no more than a 4 degrees Fahrenheit increase in average global temperature, but that is a virtual impossibility due to the current global warming carbon increase momentum and the massive global inertia surrounding effective critical path, "first things first" actions needed to avert a global average temperature increase of 6-12 degrees Fahrenheit.) And,

3.) Also, only when the majority of the 1% of the world holding all the real power (that is also not heavily invested in the 28 trillion dollar a year fossil fuel industry,) fully understands what is going to happen to their financial self-interests, personal living conditions and legacy of children and their future generations will they act against the other portion of the 1% that does not either understand the real climate destabilization consequences or, who have a vested energy, financial or power interest for keeping the climate pollution fossil fuel situation as it is. (One third of the world's total GDP [gross domestic product,] comes from fossil fuel related energy operations.) 

Our non-polarizing, more resource efficient evolutionary way is to simply put most of our energy, resources and time into building something new, more sustainably effective and attractive the new Universe communities. Then, only when others see either our successful example or they are truly ready to learn because the climate destabilization crisis and catastrophe has hit rock bottom and has opened their eyes and minds, do we then work to share what we have learned and co-create with them. 

We believe that because of the urgent necessity implied by current global climate destabilization conditions we have passed the age of energy-wasting polarized fighting with people at very different states of self interest, education or evolution. Because time and resources are very limited within our small Universe community experiments, we believe we have entered the age of building, sharing and creating new unions only with those who are truly climate educated, committed and ready for evolutionary improvement in an intentional, well designed and co-managed community.


The links at the bottom of each page of this booklet allow you to go forward or back one page.

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Books to Help You Understand the Universe Community, the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Perspective of Evolutioneers and Planetary and Universe Citizenship

Evolution 2.0 and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is being adopted by Universe community member, (Evolutioneers,) and outside groups and organizations at an ever-increasing pace. The reason is simple. They both convey many tremendous survival, adaptability, sustainability and quality-of-life success advantages for those that understand them.

The following suggested reading lists will lay out Key materials and a few of the authors, thinkers and research resources behind Evolution 2.0 and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. (Please note: Quite a few, but not all of the facts, aspects and perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview have also been previously known as the Great Story, The Evolutionary Epic, The Big History, The Science Creation Myth and the Universe Story.)

In the Evolution 2.0 movement we consider the individuals, authors and teachers listed below our honor roll of important and originating Evolutioneers for either or both Evolution 2.0 ideas and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Please also note that among these various individuals and organizations listed below there are significant differences in approach, emphasis and content, and not all below hold ALL of the key and core Evolution 2.0 and Universe Evolutionary Worldview perspectives.

Key Books and Resources to Help You Understanding Evolution 2.0, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Core Vision and Perspectives of Evolutioneers, Planetary and Universe Citizens and the Universe Community

The Part A list of secular science books below are key foundational Evolution 2.0 reading. They are foundational because without understanding the biological and cosmological science surrounding evolution it would be difficult to honestly call oneself an Evolutioneer or act effectively using the Universe Evolutionary Worldview's meta-principles.

These first Evolution 2.0 books describe the essential biological and cosmological over-viewing science and they contain the basic information that will inform (or realign,) one's sense of individual and collective origin, identity and purpose. They also describe or imply in less formal ways many of the science-grounded evolutionary meta-principles for a sustainable and thriving life. 

You will also notice that the list of objective science books just below come before the lists of subjective evolutionary philosophical or spiritual evolutionary books because objective progressive evolution "science's greatest discovery," is primary and foundational to understanding Evolution 2.0 and all of the other aspects of life. To put the more subjective nature of evolutionary philosophy or evolutionary religion before knowing the hard objective science and principles of evolution would definitely be putting the cart way before the horse.

Finally, the book lists sections below are arranged by category and in levels of difficulty (B) beginner, (I) intermediate and (A) for the advanced. For optimal understanding in each section begin reading with the first book listed. Later readings are often significantly enhanced by the foundation gained from the earlier readings. 

You can also use these book lists below as a checklist for your personal development as an Evolution 2.0 Evolutioneer. We also strongly recommend that you get at least through all of the Part A list evolutionary science reading before going on to the other Part B evolutionary philosophy, religion economics, social sciences, and other related books farther down the page.

Part A: The Essential Science Reading of Evolution 2.0:

Level 1: Beginner Science on Evolution 2.0

1. EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris. This book is great for a basic scientific understanding the "big picture" basics of how the whole universe has evolved over the last 13.7 billion years. It is an interesting and amazing read of how evolution shows us over and over again that it is not "survival of the fittest," but survival of the most wisely cooperative. This book also contains the core of the new Genesis story used within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and movement to help us inform (or realign,) our sense of individual and collective origin, identity and purpose as Evolutionaries.

2.) Evolution For Everyone by David Sloan Wilson. A remarkable book that will help you to start to think like a science-grounded evolutionary and show you how important understanding evolution and evolutionary science is to your daily life success!

3.) View from the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams. (The books View from the Center of the Universe and View from the Center of the Universe constitute one of the most accurate and complete statements of the common and shared cosmology and the "new" genesis story currently held within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Joel Primack is a renowned physicist famous for his dark matter work.

4.) Thank God for Evolution! How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow. (This is an optional read in this section if you have a strong Judeo-Christian background. It is based on science, but frames things to integrate a religious perspective where possible. It is an easy, fast read that will also provide many of the basic new Universe Evolutionary Worldview perspectives, but it should not be substituted for the three other readings just above.)

Level 2: Intermediate Science on Evolution

1.) Evolution's ArrowThe Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity, by John Stewart. (This also is an essential part of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview summarizing the key elements of evolution's progressiveness.)

2.) The Universe Principles of Sustainability by Lawrence Wollersheim. (The Universe Principles are a daily living statement of the natural and universal values and "ethical guidelines" found within the principles of the universe's progressive evolution and are the core new operational ethics of both evolutionaries and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) 

3.) On Human Nature by Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson. The book tries to explain how different characteristics of humans and society can be explained from the point of view of evolution. He explains how evolution has left its traces on the characteristics which are the specialty of human species like generosity, self-sacrifice, worship and the use of sex for pleasure. The book is considered an effort to complete the Darwinian revolution by bringing biological thought into social sciences and humanities.

4.) The following article is a quick but complex summary of the principles of the progressive directionality and trajectory of evolution and life by Lawrence Wollersheim.

5.) Maps of Time, An Introduction to Big History by David Christian. This book and these Big History CDs provide a multi-disciplinary look at all of the universe's evolution including a detailed human history. This progressive evolutionary work is finally being taught in universities around the world.)

Essential Intermediate Thinking Skills for Understanding Evolution's Complex Adaptive Systems and Processes: (This list assumes the reader has already familiarized themselves with basic logic and scientific methodology.)
1.) Thinking in Systems by Donella H Meadows. This is a good intermediate level read on System theory. One definitely need to understand both systems theory as well as dialectical meta-systemic thinking to better understand complex adaptive evolutionary systems.
Level 3: Advanced Science on Evolution (We strongly recommend that you first read levels one and two above before going on to any of the reading below this level three science.)

1.) See the Evolution 2.0 Master FAQ on this Website by clicking here.

2.) The Evolutionary Manifesto, Our Role in the Future Evolution of Life by John Stewart. This paper contains what do we need to do to become an effective practicing Evolutioneer once you have better understood the deeper directionality of evolution as well as its core principles from the readings above.

3.) Design for Evolution: Self-Organization and Planning in the Life of Human Systems, Erich Janstch. Definitely a big picture analysis of Evolution and its guiding principles.

4.) Evolving Hierarchical Systems, Stanley N. Salthe (Perspectives on hierarchy in evolutionary systems. Dense and challenging reading but well worth it for a enlightening understanding of how evolution uses appropriate hierarchy effectively when and how needed.)

5.) The Self-Organizing Universe: Scientific and Human Implications of the Emerging Paradigm of Evolution, Erich Janstch. (Lots of advanced science on progressive evolution and its self-organizing qualities.)

Essential Advanced  Thinking Skills for Understanding Evolution's Complex Adaptive Systems and Processes: (This list assumes the reader has already familiarized themselves with basic logic and scientific methodology.)

1.) Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems by Professor Otto Laske. Probably no single book has done so much to forward the new complex meta-systemic dialectical thinking that is necessary for more fully understanding the complex adaptive systems within evolution, life and reality on a meta-systemic levels! No single book on how to think and the new meta-systemic levels of thinking is more urgently needed to better manage our complex living and non-living systems and to help resolve the complex adaptive systems related problems of the world today. This book is so important to the future it should be required reading and study by every key decision-making individual in governments and corporations around the world. (Please click here for a full review of this difficult to read (but highly rewarding,) book.

Part B, Secondary Reading Resources of Evolution 2.0:

Evolution 2.0 and the New Economics and Sustainable Prosperity:

1.) The Zero Marginal Cost Society by Jeremy Rifkin. We cannot recommend this book enough because of its Evolution 2.0 compatible new vision of hope and practicality that this evolutionary book presents on the already here Third Industrial Revolution. This book will help you sustainably thrive in all the coming economic changes. (A must read for every Evolutioneer.)

2.) The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin. This book will help you better understand the principles of Sustainable Prosperity in the next reading item in this section. (A must read for every Evolutioneer.)

3.) The Principles of Sustainable Prosperity. Here is where you will learn about the billions of new jobs that will be created in an Evolution 2.0 work that will create a sustainable prosperity for all. (A must read for every Evolutioneer.)

4.) The Origin of Wealth: The Radical Remaking of Economics and What it Means for Business and Society by Eric D. Beinhocker. Over 6.4 billion people participate in a $36.5 trillion global economy, designed and overseen by no one. How did this marvel of self-organized complexity evolve? Not only is the evolution of our economic systems laid out, but also this book contains one of the best descriptions of the evolutionary algorithm. (The amazing evolutionary algorithm is how evolution optimal discovers of the most adaptive fitness strategies for a particular environment.) If you are an evolutionary and want to thrive, this absolutely is a very interesting must read after you have your beginners and intermediate science books done in levels one and two above. (Intermediate to advanced level.)

Cultural Development in Evolution 2.0:

1.) Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan. (This book will give you an great overview of how progressive evolution manifests itself in both individual and cultural development and how our various kinds of environmental conditions produce our values and adaption strategies to a greater or lesser degree. This book based on the work of Professor Claire Graves. It shows the stage by stage evolution of our cultures and helps you to see the different stages of cultural evolution achieved by different nations. It is a great overview on how we as individual humans and collectively as cultures have evolved to predictably adapt and change our values and behaviors to the many different environmental conditions and stressors in which we find ourselves in today's global world. It is a must read on cultural evolution.)

Emotional Development in Evolution 2.0: (Intermediate Level)

1.) Measuring Hidden Dimensions: the Art and Science of Fully Engaging Adults by Otto Laske. (For the socio-emotional side for understanding the levels of current, possible and potential socio-emotional human development.)

New Technologies and Evolution 2.0

1.) Evolution 2.0 Position Paper on New Technologies.

2.) Evolution 2.0 Position Paper on Evolutionary Transhumanism.

Evolution 2.0 and the Environment Particularly --- Global Warming and Climate De-stabilization:

1.) See the Evolution 2.0 based Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan.

Motivational Books About Becoming an Evolution 2.0 Evolutioneer:

1.) Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic View for our Future Evolution by Ted Chu, PhD. (Available early 2014.) We see this book as the most motivating and inspirational overview of what it means to be a universe citizen and Evolutioneer. It is a must read for every Evolutioneer! Ted presents the "next generation" specifics on what inspired conscious evolution in alignment with evolutionary science looks like. His vision of the future of evolution and humanity's role in it is well grounded in history and science and it will stretch the vision of the biggest evolutionary thinkers and universe citizens. At Universe Spirit we now recommend that every member reads this book as part of their intermediate level education on what it takes to be an authentic Evolutioneer and universe citizen forwarding evolution on Earth and then out into the universe.

2.) Life Rules by Ellen Laconte. An "best of class" book about bottom-up organic self-organizing democracy that harmonizes with the natural laws of closed system planetary evolution. This new model discussed in her book is much different than the top down, power influenced democratic governments driven on "growth economics" theories of infinite growth and infinite substitutability that we have today. (While our organization agrees with most of the ideas in this book, we do differ with the author on several issues and recommendations such as the importance of what we believe is the vital local community/global governance balancing in the critical and simultaneous role of international law and international governance to limit individual, local and regional excess and expansion while simultaneity educating about, aligning and enforcing essential minimal policies for the planetary common good and defense.)

3.) Dealing with the "Evolutionary Bottleneck" and the Transition in which Humanity Finds Itself.  The Global Heart Awakens: Humanity's Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love by Anodea Judith. If evolution is the Gods’ way of making more gods, as author Anodea Judith suggests, then how does an adolescent species evolve to its next level of its evolutionary development, where we hold god-like power on a planetary scale?  How do we overcome our inborn self-interest to focus on a trajectory capable of sustaining the evolutionary experiment far into the future? This beautifully written narrative follows humanity’s evolutionary journey to where we are today: standing on the threshold of individual and species initiation, poised between promise and peril. The current evolutionary bottleneck of environmental and social crises is nothing less than a metaphor for the initiatory birth canal to our future adulthood, whose pain and compression are forcing us into a new operating system. The next Great Awakening that must ensue follows the general trend of evolution: toward greater organization, cooperation, intelligence, creativity, capacity, and collaboration, as it appears both individually and collectively in virtually every social system we have. We recommend this book because it deals with transitional emotional, psychological and spiritual issues (if you are of a spiritual nature,) of evolving a better and more progressive evolution-aligned world.

Evolutionary Activism:

1.) The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world, by Ronald A. Heifetz, Marty Linsky and Alexander Grashow This is a great handbook for change agents and activists who need to achieve their goals in dynamic, complex adaptive environments.  It is specifically written for leaders in business organizations.  But its approaches and insights can be used effectively by evolutionary change agents who work in any kind of complex environment, at any scale.  It is therefore extremely useful for evolutionary activists who are setting out to build a global  movement of Evolutioneers and a unified planetary society.  To be truly effective however, the approaches outlined by the book need to be combined with practices that build self-mastery and a capacity for meta-systemic/dialectical cognition.

2.) Reflections on Evolutionary Activism: Essays, poems and prayers from an emerging field of sacred social change by Tom Atlee

Philosophical and Historical Aspects of Being an Evolutioneer:

1.) A Brief History of Everything, Ken Wilber. This book is a great introduction to Wilber’s brilliant understanding of the evolution and development of physical, biological, human, and cultural systems, and of consciousness itself.  But as brilliant, insightful and all-encompassing as Wilber’s synthesis is, it leaves much important work to be done by evolutionary thinkers.  Wilber attributes the upward thrust of evolution to Eros, a new cosmic force that is unknown to science.  Because he believes that this mysterious Eros sufficiently explains the evolutionary trajectory, Wilber’s perspective is largely that of a spectator.  He primarily restricts himself to describing the patterns of evolution, rather than trying to discover the specific mechanisms and processes that drive it onward and upwards. Understanding these mechanisms is of critical importance for evolutionary activists.  This is because it shows them how to actualize the next great steps in evolution on this planet i.e. how to actually go about developing higher consciousness and cognition, and how to actually organize a sustainable and cooperative global society.  Wilber’s extraordinary work is a strong stimulus for the development of an understanding of these mechanisms and processes. 

2.) Evolutionaries, Carter Phillips. A great and well written overview and history of the Evolutioneer and evolutionary movement that is heavy on the evolutionary philosophy and evolutionary religion and spirituality. (Please click here for our detailed review of this book.) 

3.) The Phenomena Of Man by Teilhard de Chardin. This book presents a convincing and coherent vision of evolution as a directional and progressive process.  De Chardin demonstrates the power of an evolutionary worldview by using his understanding of the trajectory of evolution to predict how humanity and life on this planet will evolve in the future.  Although Teilhard’s vision of the future is distorted by his religious beliefs, the book none-the-less demonstrates the potential of an evolutionary worldview to help guide our future evolution.  The book’s impact on mainstream evolution science was limited because it did not identify the mechanisms and processes that drive evolution along its trajectory.  Now, well over fifty years after the book was written, evolution science is beginning at last to fill in these gaps.

4.) Conscious Evolution Examining humanity's next step, Barbara Marx Hubbard. Barbara is possibly the leading student of Buckminster Fuller and his evolutionary visions of the future. (Also more geared toward the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Motivating in a broad sense.)

5.) The Evolutionary Epic Science's Story and Humanity's Response, by Russell Genet, Brian Swimme, Linda Palmer and Linda Gibler. (An optional reading great series of essays exploring various aspects of progressive evolution and the perspectives held within the new Universe Worldview.)

The Spiritual and Religious Aspects of Being an Evolution 2.0: (For readers of a spiritual nature...)

1.) Darwin's Cathedral: Evolution, Religion, and the Nature of Society by David Sloan Wilson. One of the great intellectual battles of modern times is between evolution and religion. Until now, they have been considered completely irreconcilable theories of origin and existence. David Sloan Wilson's Darwin's Cathedral takes the radical step of joining the two, in the process proposing an evolutionary theory of religion that shakes both evolutionary biology and social theory at their foundations. (If you are of a spiritual nature and want to be involved in any form of spirituality or religion incorporating evolutionary science, we strongly recommend reading this first! It will set down a good foundation for your exploration of the new forms of religion and spiritual that evolution is informing.)

2.) See the Religion 2.0 Master FAQ on this Website, "Religion 2.0 is the meta-religion of evolution." Do you want to know more about how evolution is creating a new meta religion that can be practiced by all?

3.) Process Theology, David Ray Griffin and John B. Cobb. (The Christian-focused marriage of science and spirituality and progressive evolution of the last 30 years.)

4.) The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo, (He was an Oxford Scholar who discussed the progressive evolution of life and spirit in the universe. He is also considered one of the founding sources of some of the spiritual perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview in the areas of spirit and consciousness. He writes most from an eastern religious perspective.) 

5.) The Universe StoryFrom the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era--A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme. (This book also contains the core of the new Genesis story used within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and movement to help us inform (or realign,) our sense of individual and collective origin, identity and purpose as Evolutioneers. This is an optional read. It is more spiritual than EarthDance listed above and covers much the same material as EarthDance. In our opinion Earthdance is the better more comprehensive read for a understanding of the big picture basic science patterns of how the universe has evolved over the last 13.7 billion years.)

Essential New Work:

The Universe Principles of Sustainability, by Lawrence Wollersheim (See both Parts 1 and Part 2 of the new Universe Principles as well as the key links on those pages. The Universe Principles are a statement of the natural and universal values and ethical guidelines found within the universe's progressive evolutionary directionality and are the core ethics of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) Also Lawrence Wollersheim for his work on describing the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and for creating this Universe Spirit website, the Universe College and the Universe Institute.

New Books Coming out Soon on the Perspectives of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Progressive Evolution 

There are currently 3-4 new books close to release about aspects of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, The Universe Principles of Sustainability and progressive evolution. One of those books is The Universe Manifesto: How the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview Realigns Everything, by Lawrence Wollersheim.

Other Key Universe Evolutionary Worldview Multi-Media Resources and Organizations:

There are numerous participants in expanding the Universe Evolutionary Worldview into society. Acceptance is growing and increasing but slowly traditional educational organizations are beginning to see the value in teaching the core science essence and "biggest picture" perspective of the Universe Evolutionary worldview.

The individuals or groups below add in their unique flavors, perspectives, insights and unique skill sets. In addition to the materials and resources listed all over this website here are additional resources within our broad and open movement:

The International Big History Association, which seeks to understand the integrated history of the Cosmos, Earth, Life, and Humanity, using the best available empirical evidence and scholarly methods. Click here for links to all of the Big History players and materials.

The Evolutionary Studies Consortium (EvoS) is designed to facilitate the development and implementation of Evolutionary Studies Programs at colleges and universities across the United States. An Evolutionary Studies Program introduces students from all majors to evolutionary theory early in their academic careers, emphasizes human-related subjects in addition to biological, promotes the continuation of evolutionary training throughout the undergraduate education, and promotes faculty training and collaborative research related to evolution. They also have a tremendous amount of evolution science multimedia. Click here to see what they have.

Harvard University's Cosmic Evolution site, which also has great movies animations and other multimedia materials on universe evolution and its importance.

The Evolution Institute connects the world of evolutionary science to the world of public policy formulation. For any given policy issue, we bring evolutionary experts together with other experts for a respectful and constructive dialogue, resulting in a new agenda for basic scientific research, policy formulation, and policy implementation.
(Please note: The list of key Universe Evolutionary Worldview authors found above is not intended to be a complete list and if we have inadvertently missed anyone who also should be on this list please let us know.)

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) is a nonprofit science center dedicated to cross-disciplinary research in evolution. NESCent is jointly operated by Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University, and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

National Center for Science Education (NSCE)

Selected Articles and Commentary about Evolution by Donald Forsdyke

International Darwin Day Foundation

Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes (ENSI/SENSI)

Evolution, Education and Outreach

Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society (AEPS)

NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society (NEEPS)

The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, Culture

Evolution: This View of Life

Feminist Evolutionary Psychology Society (FEPS)

Understanding Evolution

Big History Lectures:

What Is Our Place in the Cosmos?, David Deutsch, July 2005, TED Talks
Earth in its Final Century?, Martin Rees, July 2005, TED Talks
  Wright Lecture Series on Cosmic Evolution
  Earth History in the Broadest Possible Context. Walter Alvarez, April 29, 2010, 97th Annual Faculty Research Lectures, University of California at Berkeley.
- Four part lecture by Craig Benjamin on Big History
- Christian Matthiessen -- Language evolving: Notes towards a semiotic history of humanity on You Tube.
  Speaking Up: The Origins of Language, Lowell Gustafson
- David Christian on Big History
  (The book list above will be added to regularly as new books come out or older books are nominated for inclusion. Some of the book suggestions and content on this page were provided by John Stewart.)

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The Universe Community Vision Quick Summary

We are a sustainable prosperity, safety and personal development intentional community of Planetary Evoltioneers and Universe Citizens that have come together to also live and forward a new Universe Evolutionary Worldview that holds the power to evolve, restructure and realign our current world into the sustainable pathways most currently needed. We have also come together for mutual support and preparedness for our very challenging times --- times that may get considerably more challenging before they eventually get better.

We are a continuous learning community where one can contribute and share, enjoy life each day, heal when necessary, and --- be as happy as is possible. As a community and as individuals we are downsizing where ever wise, increasing our diversity and sustainability practices, preparing emergency and living reserves as well as becoming more self-reliant and dependent on renewable energy sources. We are also becoming more creative, cooperative, adaptable, innovative, frugal, less wasteful and stronger so that we can live with "ample sufficiency" and in sustainable prosperity within both our own and the Earth's means.


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How to Join in Building the Founding Universe Community of San Francisco or, Self-Organize Your Own Autonomous Local Universe Community

In congruence with the vision, values and structure of the new Universe Communities, we are seeking new members --- Evolutioneers --- exceptional self-organizing individuals who currently consider themselves to also be planetary and universe citizens (or who want to become them.) We seek productive, self-motivating and self-disciplining members to co-create, facilitate, teach and lead.

"Evolutioneers who also act as Planetary and Universe Citizens are magnificently skillful at holding the big-picture, long-term evolutionary perspective --- our 13.7 billion years of successful universe evolution --- while they also solve the smaller scale and smaller time frame challenges." Lawrence Wollersheim

These evolutionary individuals and planetary and Universe citizens are also self-organizingsocio-emotionally mature, cognitively well-developed and who are not afraid of ongoing learning, effort, sacrifice and service. We are looking for those talented individuals and leaders who embrace the natural and growing complexities of evolving life and who are reciprocating by nature and therefore want to contribute at least as much as they want to receive.

At this time we are just beginning the informal recruiting of the first key people for the San Francisco Founding Universe Community. We will not begin the intentional community experiment of the Founding Universe Community until we have all of the key personal recruited to launch successfully. 

If you would like more membership/leadership acceptance information regarding joining our San Francisco Founding Universe community or details on creating your own local autonomous Universe community, email us at and put new Universe community membership info in the subject line. In the email tell us a bit about yourself, your objectives as well as your history, education and qualifications.

What's Next

Stay informed about the soon to be birthed Universe One Community in San Francisco by subscribing to our ezine and newsletter by clicking here.

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Other Information and Related links to the Universe Community, Planetary Evolutioneers or Universe Citizens

Our Universe Symbol, click here.

What is a Universe Evolutioneer (This section contains a quick summary of what Universe Community members AKA Universe Citizens and Universe Evolutioneers do.)

Universe Communities are sometimes also known as Sustainable Prosperity communities, Evolutionary communities Universe Evolutionary communities or Job One for Humanity communities because or our intense focus on this life-essential social activism program.

Click this Join/Subscribe link or the one at the top of the page and we will keep you informed of events and important updates.

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