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Tips for What You Can Do to Co-Create a Universe Day Event In Your Location Anywhere in the World

Simple Ideas on How to Co-Celebrate and Co-Create Your Local Universe Day Event

Here is a simple suggested approach, but you or your organization can be as creative as you like:

  1. Promote and set up a local gathering or event with friends. Any location or time during Universe Day will work, but if possible, it is better to pick a location and time of the day that is highly meaningful to you and/or your group. Feel free to use and modify any press releases you find on these pages
  2. In the promotion of the event, use or modify any press releases or other materials you find on this Universe Day website. In your promotions, share your understanding of this celebration and any personal experiences relevant to the messages on Universe Day. Invite your family, friends, community, yoga group, book club, or anyone to a specified place at a specific time. Please describe the nature of the gathering ahead of time and ask them to prepare by reflecting on what they know about severe climate change and their most memorable natural experiences.
  3. Before you start, spend a few moments getting into a relaxed, meditative (or worshipful state if this is a spiritual group.) Set the intention with attendees to use Universe Day to make or renew resolutions related to living sustainable lifestyles and learning more about the Universe Day messages.
  4. Retell your, humanity's, and the universe's science-grounded common story of 13.7 years of evolution. If you have audio/visual equipment at your event, use any of the great Universe Evolution videos showing our common origin story. Retelling our common origin story each year on Universe Day is a powerful way to see, feel, and re-realize that we are all one human family!
  5. Celebrate, discuss, dance and/or sing following the reflections and resolution-making if that feels authentic and right for you. (Consider live video streaming of your local event. Send us a link to it, and we will try to post it on this site as well.)
  6. Be creative! There is a multitude of creative variations you could add to further enhance your Universe Day experience. We recommend you add whatever you like and celebrate in whatever way that feels appropriate to you and your family, friends, community, organization, etc.
  7. Videotape and YouTube your local event for future viewing and to remind you of the day’s purposes and Universe Day resolutions throughout the year to come. Share these videos or event notes with us at manage@UniverseSpirit.org 

To view Universe Day press releases click here.

Here are some additional event and activity suggestions:

1. Send E-cards to your online networks simply wishing them Happy Universe Day, and in the email, tell them about (or link them to) the Universe Day message on this website! You can find many inspirational quotes on the universe and evolution to use on the home page of this site in the left-hand column Inspirations box. (Feel free to email us any promotions that you create so that we can share them with other Universe Day event co-creators around the world!)

2. Promote and create your own local Universe Day events forwarding the messages and purposes of Universe Day. Help ensure Job One For Humanity's success will be achieved by:

  • learning more about how to live a sustainable lifestyle aligned with the eco-friendly Universe Principles of Sustainability so that humanity will be sustainable and prosperous for 10 million generations to come,
  • start discussing and sharing your ideas on practicing the science-derived, spirit-friendly Universe Principles of Sustainability. (Print these out and give them away at your events.)
  • going vegetarian or vegan to dramatically reduce your eco-footprint. Here is why.
  • Learn and then educate about the new universe evolutionary perspective --- the "biggest picture," universe picture of life derived from the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.
  • educating others on the essential and immediate changes that are needed to avert an eventual planetary environmental and social crisis caused by severe climate change now going on,
  • contacting religious leaders to educate them on why today's religions must become the most active and visible leaders in living, promoting Job One for Humanity and teaching environmental stewardship and sustainability among their members as today’s most urgent prime spiritual imperative!
  • peacefully ensuring that these essential and immediate needed global warming reduction changes are enacted into both law and practice by your local and national politicians.