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Spirit & Eco-Community

Donations: Help Support our Universe Spirit Mission and Universe Eco-Community with your Tax Deductible Donations

Our Fast and Easy Way to Make An Instant Tax Deductible Donation by Credit Card, Fax, Mail, and Direct Deposit:

Tax Deductible Donation online by Credit Card: 

If you have a Pay Pal account, click the Pay Pal Donation icon below or the Donate online by Credit Card link below.  

The Pay Pal link below will take you to a page with the Integrative Spirituality name on it. Integrative Spirituality is the old name of Universe Spirit. They are also both DBAs (doing business as names,) of Factnet. Factnet is our 25-year-old 501c3 IRS recognized non-profit educational organization in which Universe Spirit operates. 

paypal.jpg Donate Online by Credit Card 

If you don’t have a Pay Pal account, it is still easy to set one up and make a secure online donation is just one click after that at the Pay Pal site. (

Tax Deductible Donation by Mail: Check or Money Order contributions may be mailed to Factnet, PMB 2167, 1650 Casino Drive Laughlin, NV 89029. Integrative Spirituality and Universe Spirit are DBAs (doing business as names,) of Factnet, a 25-year-old 501c3 IRS recognized non-profit educational organization. To learn more about Factnet which runs Universe Spirit, click here.) Please send the following form along with your contribution. For the contribution form, Click here

Tax Deductible Donation by an on-GOING CONTRIBUTION PROGRAM: Donate monthly and join together with thousands of individuals who choose to integrate our mission into their lives by donating a fixed amount every month. This can be arranged by check, credit card or by direct bank transfer (which also keeps overhead minimized.) Integrative Spirituality and Universe Spirit are DBAs (doing business as names,) of Factnet and Part of Factnet. Factnet is a 25-year old 501c3 IRS recognized non-profit educational organization.)

To learn more about Factnet which runs Universe Spirit, click here.)

What it Means to You and Your Life When You Donate to forward the Universe Spirit Mission

You honor your life and spirit by supporting a clear path for articulating it's highest values.

You liberate and pay tribute to your highest self and Ultimate Reality within you.

A fair exchange portion of your spending becomes aligned to support your best integral visions for a better world.

Abundance is released and flows like a river for you and others to receive and drink from.

You receive the tax deduction benefits of deducting 50% of your donation from your taxes in the United States for contributing to our organization. (Universe Spirit is a DBA (doing business as name,) and Part of Factnet, a 501c3 IRS recognized non-profit organization. In other countries you may receive tax deductions as well. Check your national tax regulations.)


You make a statement "My life is about more than just material accumulation."

Others are inspired by your support commitment and actions to bring about a better world for self and others.

When your attention is put on contribution to a common, beneficial and larger union, new and unexpected areas of your life will begin to flourish.

Courage and strength is developed when one can let go and give.

Letting go of what you have been holding onto opens up new spectrums of possibilities.


You live fair exchange one the most important principles of life! (For critical information on the 14 billion year old, evolutionary time proven fair energy exchange principle of life and how using it can dramatically improve and super-charge your life’s success, click here. )


More Good Reasons to Donate and/or Become a Donating member at this Time?

Universe Spirit is expanding around the world. To support this expansion now more than ever we need your support. By forwarding our mission, you are helping to support your own and many others balanced transformation and growth. There are also many other good reasons to be generous and help us realize our mission though your support at this time:

If you believe in the tremendous leverage that the healthy, balanced Universe Spirit mission can bring to bear to resolve the problems of both our personal lives and the world, then donating to help us achieve our mission goals is also nothing more than an enlightened self-interest investment in your own highest truth, values and commitments to a just civilization and a sustainable prosperity and meaningful quality of life for all.

You will better participate in the universal flow of fair exchange and abundance, which is your right and privilege.

You receive the tax deduction benefits of deducting 50% of your donation from your taxes in the United States for contributing to our organization. ((Universe Spirit is a DBA (doing business as name,) and Part of Factnet, a 501c3 IRS recognized non-profit organization. In other countries you may receive tax deductions as well. Check your national tax regulations.)

You are helping to co-create a completely new form of Life, Spirit and sustainable prosperity organization that is spreading new inclusive solutions, principles and processes to it's own rapidly growing membership, to new visitors and to the other religions of the world. The new Universe Spirit is a tremendous source of life and spirit leverage, hope and energy that is vitally needed to help resolve the global and local challenges that we and our fellow planetary citizens now face.


Your contributions help create an alliance that unifies us in pursuing truth, beauty and goodness and the planting of seeds for a different kind of future for the planet.

We are financially transparent so that members and contributors are aware of where all funding is directed in forwarding our mission. All you have to do is ask to see our audited tax returns.

We always promote wise and balanced donation practices. Click here for our Contribution Guidelines and Safeguards.


To Donate or Not to Donate? Our Culture of Fair Exchange Regarding Our Courses, Services and Events

The general rule in spiritual exploration is that somewhere within the first one or two courses, services or events in which you participate you should experience some tangible and meaningful benefit. To produce a personally important and major change in one's life takes about 6 months of both learning and practicing the new spiritual discipline.  

Participating in any of our courses, services or events should provide you with some real value and tangible benefits. These benefits and values can be in the form of a changed or improved perspective or attitude, a new commitment or even a new behavior. They also can be in the form of educational or personal support that helps you heal or maintain some new habit to live better. There are many faces to small and large benefits that we believe our courses, services and events can provide to you and best of all --- you are always the final authority who gets to be the judge what that value is! Thank you for considering donating to our non-profit organization. If you want to see our current goals for these donations, click here.

Suggested Donation Amounts for Our Courses, Services, and Events --- What it means!

For most of our courses, services, and events, you do not have to pay something to start or attend, but that does not mean that they are free from some form of fair exchange if you are benefiting from them. Most courses, services or events that we provide are presented on a donate-what-you-think-is-appropriate or exchange-something-of-value-with-us basis. (We have only a few courses, services and events for which we must charge a fixed fee, but even those can be negotiated, as described below.)

This voluntary donation or exchange system is based completely upon what you feel is the value of what our services and materials have brought to your life as well as what is realistic with your current financial situation.

We often have a suggested donation for our courses, services, and events. This is only a suggested donation level and is subject to the principles in this summary regarding the importance of fair "energy" exchange within our community. Any suggested donation amount that we might list for a course, service or event is determined by several factors:

1.) The costs required to create and administer the course, service or event.

2.) Our best estimate of what a person at the average income median can reasonably afford in our area (the San Francisco Bay area of the United States).

3.) The value that we believe the course, service or event can reasonably deliver.

If you are located in a different country or in a different area of the U.S., this suggested donation amount that uses the average income median of your area would, therefore, change to be more or less expensive than the San Francisco area. Our suggested donation amount also allows you to increase that amount or decrease it if you have a greater or lesser income than the median income that we use to set the suggested donation amount in our area. This whole voluntary donation or exchange system is based upon your honor and a trust in your fairness of judgment.

For each course, service or event, you will be given a suggested donation amount. To make a donation for this amount, click on the donation link which will take you to PayPal or some other donation payment method. Be sure to type in the name of the course, service or event in the Pay Pal Description box so that we know what you are paying for. Click here to pay the amount of your choice through our PayPal. If you want to make a donation greater than or less than the suggested donation amount you can, using the guidelines given above.

Non-Monetary Exchanges For Courses, Services and Events Gladly Accepted

Some individuals cannot afford any monetary donation, but they always can exchange their labor or other services with us to maintain the healthy practice of fairly exchanging something of value for something of value. Therefore, we are flexible and always also open to hearing about special authentic need situations where no exchange is possible at all and, where our organization can help with a full or partial scholarship. If you need to negotiate with us, email us at manage@universespirit.org and tell us your situation and what you propose. If you have specific skills, let us know that as well. We almost always need help in many areas.

For more information on the evolutionary exchange principle of life and how using it can dramatically improve you life’s success, click here.

Often we have a suggested donation listed for our courses, services, and events. This is only a suggested donation level and is subject to the principles in this summary regarding the importance of fair "energy" exchange within our community.

If you DO receive a real value or benefit from any of our courses, services or events and you feel that they have improved your life in some tangible way, please do support us by exchanging "energy" with us in some way so that we too may continue to exist and grow! Individuals who take our on and offline courses or services or attend our events do provide an important portion of our total mission financial support. And, your fair exchange for them helps support the vital right livelihood for all of those individuals who create, administrate and delivers our courses, services, and events!

As a mini-culture, living community system and a reflection of the deepest natural patterns and laws of the universe, our organization holds that maintaining fair and appropriate "energy" exchanges in life with all the sources that support one’s life is not just vital to our personal well being. It is also vital to the planet on all levels! We realize that our members and visitors come from many different economic levels and completely trust that they will joyously donate to us according to both their means and the value that they have received in exchange from us. And, we will receive those generous and kind donations with equal joy!

 Other Ways to Donate, Personal Property, Planned Giving

  • Planned Giving

    Our Responsible Donation Management


    Contributions to Universe Spirit are treated with a special stewardship and the utmost respect for your intent. All donations will be used in a manner consistent with our stated goals, values, mission and in accordance with the highest administrative practices of not for profit spiritual organizations. Donations received in excess of our operating budget and costs, will be held in reserves and invested in a socially responsible manner.

    To see our Board of Directors, click here.
    To see our simple plan on how we will use your donation to achieve our mission, click here.

    This contributes to:

    • Conscious allocation of resources in investments with values.
    • Replenishment instead of depletion of resources.
    • Multiplying abundance and making a difference within a context of sufficiency.
    • Prospecting a sustainable future for society and the environment.

    To learn more about socially responsible investing click here
    To learn more about the advantage of the tax benefits associated with donating click here.