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  • A Super-Inspiring 2019 Message AND, the Universe Day Transition

    Just like the earth, the Universe has also given you (and will continue to give you,)  almost everything that makes you --- you! But, when was the last time you realized (or re-recognized,) you are fully and completely embedded in a spectacular and continually evolving Universe?

    This beginning of 2019 will you take the briefest moment to reflect upon your amazing universe home and feel a profound gratitude for your mere existence within it?

    Image result for Photos of the universe

    Will you consider adding the briefest intentional moment to honor the gift of our Universe and its amazing resources which you use every day?

    Similar to Earth Day events, individuals and organizations all over the world are encouraged to take a moment of gratitude, meditation as we enter 2019 to forward this year's Universe Day theme and message of active hope (described just below.)

    In true Millennial and openness style, this Universe's Day celebration and 2019 message is a no-ownership, no-egos, get-the-message-out-now local and international co-created event.

    Imitate it, adapt it, improve it, share it!. “Steal it, even, if it hastens the spread of its vital message below...

    The foundational message behind the Universe Day celebration to bring into 2019 is derived in part from...

    the wisdom of Albert Einstein when he said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” One doesn’t have to be a scientist, activist, or political analyst to know that the challenges faced on a worldwide scale (the global warming emergency, war,  other environmental degradation, the unstable global economy...) have serious consequences.

    But rather than merely feeling overwhelmed by these issues (or our other personal challenges,) the impetus behind Universe Day is to expand one's perspective on how one thinks about them (such as thinking about them from the perspective of being planetary Evolutioneers or Universe Citizens. 

    Universe Day is also about shifting our lives into better alignment with planetary-scale and universe-scale informed solutions --- such as new strategies for improvement based on science or humanity's vast collective experience and wisdom.

    Universe Day is essentially a challenge to all of us. Amazing leaps in science and technology have extended the vision of the naked eye well over a million times. With recent innovations in astronomy and evolutionary science, we’ve discovered more factual knowledge about the universe and life in the last 20 years than all of human history.

    With these leaps in our collective vision, we are touched and impacted in our consciousness by the rareness and miracle of what we have here on Earth.

    In other words...

    just as the universal informs the personal, so does it transform our planetary perspectives. Can we use these new science-grounded breakthroughs and our past collective wisdom to inspire our collective eyes, ears, hearts, and souls to examine what this planet, our universe, and our many challenges mean to us in a bigger evolutionary context and panorama?

    This year's other important Universe Day messages

    This year in addition to celebrating the official birthday of the Universe the other messages of Universe Day focuses on the four following life challenges and goals: 

    1.) Act effectively and wisely as planetary Evolutioneers. As such, we have the responsibility to act from a long-term, big-picture perspective to wisely forward progressive evolution on our truly rare planet for the benefit of all humanity and all of earth's other inhabitants.

    There are critical global responsibilities that transcend our national citizenship!

    Our largest global responsibility is effectively managing global warming. This is one life-critical area where we must act together and be effective trans-national planetary Evolutioneers and universe citizens!

    2.) Live more sustainably to dramatically reduce atmospheric carbon emissions on an emergency basis! This emergency reduction of human-caused carbon emissions is "Job One" for all of humanity. To learn how to live more sustainably and reduce your fossil fuel use, click here. (For other actions to be taken to slow and lessen escalating global warming, see the Job One for Humanity Plan.)

    3.) Encourage people everywhere to sign the global warming State of Emergency Petition. This petition demands our government leaders get together and deal with the harsh new escalating global warming reality we all now face. Click here to sign this critical petition.

    (Click here for why this emergency petition is urgently needed to deal with the global warming emergency and to prevent us crossing more global warming tipping points..)

    4. Help build sustainable new eco-communities in global warming safe zones by donating here. For more about why these new sustainable eco-communities are critical to the future of humanity and civilization, click here.

    We invite you (and all other planetary Evolutioneers and universe citizens,) to gather with friends locally this 10th annual Universe Day to consider both your rights and responsibilities as planetary Evolutioneers and universe citizens and then help us to enact new critically needed effective solutions to the escalating global warming emergency, better solve your own local challenges as well as to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the Universe we live in.

    What will you do as an important part of the universe on this 10th annual Universe Day December 31-January 1st?

    The universe and its beautiful planet Earth are waiting for you…

    Need Some Ideas, Tips, and Pointers for Creating your own 10th annual Local Universe Day event? 

    Similar to Earth Day events, individuals and organizations all over the planet are encouraged to host their own Universe Day and meetups to forward the Universe Day message. Universe Day is a no-ownership, no-egos, get-the-message-out now viral event. Imitate it, adapt it, improve it, and even steal it if it means that its message is quickly adopted to build a more sustainable future.

    What Else You Can Do to Learn More for Creating Your Own Event...

    To review tips for creating a successful Universe Day event go to http://universespirit.org/universe-day-event-tips#overlay-context=univer...

    To view older Universe Day press releases that you can easily modify go to http://universespirit.org/universe-day-press-releases#overlay-context=ea...

    AnchorSee a Local Event from a Past Universe Day:

    Universe Day San Francisco promoted a Universe Day event on a solarized boat in San Francisco. To see the video from our SF Universe Day event click here.

    What YOU can do now from anywhere in the world:

    “Like” Universe Day International on Facebook! We also invite you to create your own local event that engages the levels of self, community, planet, and universe. We want to hear from you, and possibly feature you and your ideas for upcoming events, stories, and videos.

    Learn more about how to be a planetary Evolutioneer and universe citizen in the great transformational evolutionary adventure.!

    Why does Universe Day land on noon December 31st to noon on January 1st?

    The New Year’s holiday is a time spent by many to reflect on the previous year, and examine how they want to live in the New Year about to begin. The celebration is also a way to energize important intentions. Mark Twain said, “Never trust your mind when your imagination is out of focus.” Likewise, on Universe Day, how might one shape their New Year’s resolutions when the biggest possible challenge to humanity's future (the global warming emergency) is also in focus?

    For more information on what universe and planetary Evolutioneers are and do go here: http://universespirit.org/what-evolutioneer-why-are-evolutioneers-critical-better-future

    Universe Day is facilitated by the non-profit organizations Job One for Humanity and UniverseSpirit.org. You can learn more about everything mentioned just above on these websites. Job One for Humanity and UniverseSpirit.org ) 

    Happy Universe Day and Happy New Year 2019 from all the staff and volunteers at Universe Spirit,

    Lawrence Wollersheim

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Executive Director


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  • Don't worry about global warming ever again because magical carbon sucking unicorns will turn all the atmospheric carbon into Skittles or Glitter and save us just-in-time...



    With this December’s UN Climate Conference (COP24) in Poland over, are there any signs that negotiators are facing reality about "Global Cooking"……… or, are they still wishing for magical “Carbon Sucking Unicorns” being discovered after 2050 to rescue us and allow us to continue our fossil fuel frenzy? 

    (The following blog post was written in most part by our partners at the Association for the Tree of life. It is so good and important that we are republishing it in our blog with a few additions and references...)

    Originally titled Man and Miracles

    In spite of all the IPCC rhetoric about having 12 years to achieve staying under 1.5C, the real choice is: "Will we work hard to achieve Purgatory?" Or, "Will we slide into Hell itself and end the human experiment?"

    “The easiest thing of all is to deceive oneself, for we believe whatever we want to believe. This is so, even though the reality is often different” --Demosthenes

    Absent the appearance of vast herds of magical “Carbon-Sucking Unicorns” to rescue us, we can be assured that not only is the Earth surface cooked to medium-unwell done, but also we will harvest a broken climate. We will say goodbye to many parts of civilization these next few decades, perhaps in its entirety. (Don't believe this? read this page.)

    The question then is, "Will we work hard to achieve Purgatory?" Or, "Will we slide into Hell itself and end the human experiment?"

    The latest meeting of the International Troupe of climate negotiators continued their climate discussions about attempting stabilization, but rhetoric substituted for substantive results.  The newest 24th Conference of the Parties met in Poland, and the purpose was to decide how to reduce fossil fuel emissions that will soon break the climate system, as it is already broken at the poles of our beautiful world. None of the meetings have accomplished any reductions since the first Conference in 1990, and climate-destabilizing pollution is up some 67% since that first meeting. (See this article on why we have failed for 35 years to achieve the necessary global warming reductions.)

    This year Global Cookingcarbon emissions increased about 3%, to about 33.5 billion metric tons. This number needs perspective.  In the USA, each individual puts into the air about 18 tons of this "cooking" material each year, and has for quite some time. Here is a visual of the volume of one ton of this sterno cooking fuel.

    Now to get a “feel” for the red-hot cooking going on. The amount of cooking fuel added to our world each-and-every-day by our collective cooking fuel additives is about 345,600 individual Hiroshima-style nuclear bombs. So, when an individual says they do not believe in global warming, they are so 20thCentury! We don’t have global warming, nor do we have climate change. 

    We are now cooking our Earth home, so Global Cooking is the correct new term. Similarly, global warming is no longer pertinent.  We are fast breaking what was for the last 10,000 years a livable climate system. Climate Breakdown is underway and fast approaching an area near to each homestead. Expect singeing soon, and prepare for fire brigades in some near future.  

    If someone does not grasp that the cooking fuel we are continually adding to the air matters gigantically, then they are part of the comprehensive denial mechanism employed to continue keeping-on-keeping-on, doing the consumption-destruction dance while telling others, like the poorer nations, what they should do to reduce. 

    “We have met the enemy and they are me!  But, I can’t look in the mirror, and I won’t!”  

    It takes great writers to explain our comprehensive self-deception. David Wallace-Wells explains how “You, Too, Are in Denial of Climate Change.” He explains the 50 ways to say you believe in the “cooking,” but how to avoid doing anything meaningful about it.  Another article explains that stabilizing climate is just getting too big to handle, thus we all are now accepting climate breakdown.  The next ten pages of this article could be filled with corroboration for breaking the climate system and all of the attendant “Overshoots” germinating in the current ideal conditions. But that is not the major point of this short message.

    The takeaway is how, even with the climate in the process of breakdown, there is everywhere the distraction and delusion of “miracles and magical carbon unicorns” gratuitously added to the climate crisis.  It’s as if we “want” to break the climate faster and more completely!  Most everyone, including the so-called climate movement, is part of the ruse. The good guys don’t even know that they are being duped!  

    So, as bad as it is with us missing scale, scope, and urgency while we fiddle—the truth is that it is much worse than that. This is because carbon sucking unicorns are proposed in almost all IPCC and government climate models being used or considered to magically and miraculously appear sometime after 2050 so that we can keep fooling ourselves about the time available to respond to avoid the hell toward which we are heading. In all government calculations for how much we must actually reduce fossil fuel use today, they include calculations for these magical carbon sucking unicorns which supposedly will appear after 2050 and save us at the last minute. (For more information on these magical carbon sucking unicorns which government reports call NETs [negative emissions technologies,] which will miraculously remove all of the carbon that we have been putting in the atmosphere for almost 200 years since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, click here.)

    Unfortunately, ignorantia legis neminem excusat. (Ignorance is not a legitimate excuse.) Thus, if we keep ignoring Reality’s laws, we will end up in hell, even if the best of us are filled with great intentions!

    Now, we don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of avoiding purgatory for a few centuries, and if some of us are to survive the reckoning coming we might avoid permanent hell if we shed our delusions. Permanent Hell means all of humanity is terminated.  Purgatory is the good news.  

    So, there are just two remaining ways to describe our options, purgatory or hell. One is the Delusions and Contradictions way, pages 11-18, explaining the Tinkerbell-Effect which presumes the appearance of hordes of magical Carbon Sucking Unicorns. The other way is to understand the ways of our “Deluder-in-Chief.” And the Deluder-in-Chief manifests an interesting example of our collective delusions embodied in one famous person.  One you might not consider a victim of the Tinkerbell-Effect.  But, he is a classic victim.

    Understand the Tinkerbell-Effect this way:

    Nine years ago, Bill Gates made his most famous appearance at TED, and espoused his belief that coming soon were energy miracles, abundant zero-carbon energy supplies, and (of course) new solutions to the climate breakdown crisis. This was nine winters ago. 

    View the video, and read the transcript, this TED talk is fascinating in what it reveals. Today, we are no closer to those energy miracles than we were then, and Gates still believes in energy miracles!  

    In another few years, Gates will have abandoned his delusion, because it will be far too late to do the entire process of implementing a new energy system. We do not have the time to design, develop, demonstrate, scale and make economically viable and cheap enough, a new energy system when it is still a notion of techno-delusionists.  

    Nor will we manage to produce magical Carbon-Sucking Unicorns sometime after 2050 to save us at the last minute after everything else has failed. These are wishes and dreams, unfortunately not at all related to Reality, i.e., non-Reality based assumptions. And we get lots of those from the US President every day. In common parlance, it is called lies. Or belief in Tinkerbell, if you prefer.


    So, this essay suggests that our preferred outcome, given the options of Hell or Purgatory, is Purgatory. Devoutly to be wished.  

    And if you do not “believe” these are our options, just you wait and watch the unfolding 20 worst consequences of global warming.  You will see these consequences increasing in frequency, severity, and scale soon enough and you will know that what we are telling you is painfully true!

    Also omitted here are explanations of the entire spectrum of “Overshoots” we have spawned, giving us the option between a series of looming disasters, or comprehensive catastrophe. 

    The only sane option you have, if you want any future for your “Posterity,” as they have been promised, is to help all of us to work hard for the Purgatory that is necessary if we are to have any Posterity at all. Or, continue believing, along with Gates and friends, in miracles and magical carbon sucking unicorns and that you can bring back Tinkerbell just with a clap of your hands...

    Please help us execute our mission. We do amazing work to tell the truth about the global warming emergency, and we need your financial support! This holiday season any donation that you make to our mission to help us educate about how to adapt to the escalating global warming emergency and eventually resolve it, will have a profound effect. To make this powerful tax-deductible donation, click here!

    Also, please share this blog post with your friends! 

    Thank you for your kind and generous support this holiday giving season.

    The original blog post is here: “Man and Miracles: But, Broken and Cooked”.

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  • Smart Millennials planning to migrate to stay ahead of escalating global warming consequences

    In case global warming makes their homes uninhabitable, some very smart millennials already have a Plan B... 

    investing in places like the Catskills, Oregon and Vermont.

    Mark Dalski is an owner of Highview Creations, a company that designs and builds green roofs in New York City, and he knows a lot about climate change. That’s why he is working on his escape.

    Mr. Dalski, 33, lives in Greenwich, Conn., but he can envision a time when his home there might be besieged by extreme weather and rising sea levels. So he bought four acres of land in the Catskill Mountains, in Roxbury, N.Y., where he is building a home that is as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible.

    To date, he has drilled a well, set up poles for power lines and designed a septic system that has been approved by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. (The property is in the city’s watershed.)

    He is working on designing and then securing building permits for the house. He wants it to be no more than 1,200 square feet — “it should be simple, small and sustainable,” he said — and to have an open floor plan and a lofted master bedroom. The windows will look out over land where he can grow corn, collard greens and root vegetables.

    “Will I need it 10 years from now, or 30 years?” he said. “I don’t know.”

    But if his part of Greenwich is ever in jeopardy, he added, “I’ll have a safe space.”

    This fall, the United Nations stunned the world when it released a report saying that if no action was taken, the catastrophic effects of climate change could be felt as early as 2040. It painted a bleak picture of a world plagued by fires, food shortages, extreme heat, droughts, floods and disease. Entire populations might have to migrate away from coastal or Southern cities. There would be a strain on resources and damage to the economy. Some believe that prices on Northern land will surge.

    “It’s going to be a slow, gradual burn, if you will,” said Vivek Shandas, founder of the Sustaining Urban Places Research Labat Portland State University. “But there will be destabilization, and it will all happen in the foreseeable future.”

    Then, late last month, the federal government issued a report concluding that climate change would cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage, and as much as 10 percent of the American economy could be destroyed by 2100 because of rising temperatures.

    There is one group, however, that is slightly less anxious than the rest of us about this news: a small number of young professionals who are preparing homes away from the places where climate change is expected to strike the hardest.

    Click here to see the amazing next section of this New York Times article.

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  • We are on a beautiful but dangerous edge this holiday season

    I hope your holiday season is going well.

    There are a few quick updates I needed to tell you about before I share with you the beautiful and dangerous edge we are all on this holiday season.

    If you value anything we are doing, please take a few minutes to read this important holiday update...

    First, the quick updates:

    1. At the end of this email is a link to a must-see, jaw-dropping video on our other biggest other global challenges underlying global warming and ultimately linked to it. It is by a famous English professor Hugh Montgomery. It is easy to understand and it's truly spellbinding! No one should miss this video and so far most people are sharing it in their friends networks!

    2. We've rearranged Part 3 of the Job One Plan to deal with rapidly worsening conditions and new realities.

    We are on a beautiful, but dangerous edge this holiday season:

    a. We are on the edge of not being able to manage global warming's worst coming consequences. While many of the worst consequences are now unavoidable as described on this page, there is still hope and there is still a lot you can do to help manage parts of global warming emergency using the Job One Plan. And,

    b. As an organization, because of funding shortfalls, we are on the edge of reaching the point where we may have to cut back on our valuable mission services.

    What is beautiful about these two dangerous edges is that there is something concrete you can do about each one of them this holiday season.

    You can get busy on your next steps of the Job One Plan to help solve the point a above, and you can help our organization to resolve point b.

    This holiday we really need your help to prevent additional cutbacks and to continue to provide updates on the difficult truths about global warming and what you can do to protect yourself, family, business and future.

    Donations from our holiday fundraising drive create about 50% of our annual budget and this year we are, unfortunately, running significantly behind last year.

    Please make a tax-deductible holiday donation to our nonprofit organization and keep the information on our website freely available.

    Your tax-deductible donations are fast and easy to do online just go to UniverseSpirit.org and Click the Donate link

    (Universe Spirit Job One for Humanity and the Factnet websites are all parts of the 25-year-old IRS recognized and tax-deductible nonprofit organization and mission goals of Factnet.)

    And finally, here the promised link to the blog post with the must-see global challenges video by Prof. Hugh Montgomery.


    No one that has seen it so far has been anything but first stunned and then highly motivated to begin facing the new global challenges we now face one.

    Happy Holidays from all the staff and volunteers at Job One for Humanity,

    Lawrence Wollersheim



    PS Have you seen the new Global Warming Blog posts for the previous month? If not, go to the blog on the Universe Spirit website!

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  • Are humans a virus on planet Earth?

    Even without global warming, we are already in terrible trouble as a planet and global society.


    With global warming, our current situation is absolutely desperate!


    Watch the following professional and easy to understand video done by Professor Hugh Montgomery. This video not only talks about the most critical challenges facing our future as a planet and a society, but it also goes into the role that escalating global warming is playing in accelerating and multiplying these other worst global problems. 

    You may need to be sitting down with a strong drink when you watch this new video.

    Hugh Montgomery is a respected physician and scientist who discovered the first gene related to fitness. The first 40 minutes are the best. 

    Click here to watch this professional and easy to understand video with lots of illustrations.

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  • This holiday season don't forget to support our global warming educational mission

    We do amazing work to tell the truth about the global warming emergency, and we need your support!

    This holiday season any donation that you make to our mission to help us educate about how to adapt to the escalating global warming emergency and eventually resolve it, will have a profound effect. To make this powerful tax-deductible donation, click here!

    Also, please share this holiday donation blog post with your friends! 

    Thank you for your kind and generous support this holiday giving season.

    The Universe Spirit staff and volunteers

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  • Gov. Jerry Brown tells California fire victims global warming is going to keep getting worse. Should fire victims rebuild or relocate?

    Gov. Jerry Brown also says California's increasing wildfires are the new abnormal! What should fire victims do next?

    The fire victims of the recent California Camp and Woolsey fires deserve our deepest sympathies and they fully deserve getting all of the Federal and state emergency assistance they need.

    In addition to emergency post-fire assistance from the government, they also need honest facts and advice from the government about if they should rebuild in high-risk fire zones or should they relocate to safer areas that will not be as adversely affected by global warming? 

    The good news here is California's Gov. Jerry Brown is finally starting to speak the deeper more disturbing truths about the global warming emergency. It appears he's not only willing to say that global warming will continue to worsen, he is also willing to say that global warming is a major cause behind California's drought causing less snowmelt and runoff and that increasing global temperatures will increase wind speeds which, unfortunately, will also make California wildfires worse in the future.  

    In making these bold statements he is also telling the fire victims to think very carefully about rebuilding or relocating without directly telling them what to do with such an important life decision.

    Some attribute governor Brown's new courage in publicly saying that global warming is just going to get worse to the fact that he is going to be retiring from politics shortly. No matter what the reason, it is extremely important that governor Brown has brought to the forefront of public discussion the "rebuild or relocate" issue for all the victims of global warming disasters, whether they be victims of the current California wildfires or victims of sea level rise, hurricanes, rain bombs droughts or the many other 20 worse consequences of global warming, which are continuously increasing in frequency, scale, and severity.

    The California wildfire victims now have a very difficult personal decision to make. Should they rebuild in the same area once again and expect or hope for a different result or, should they relocate to a new safer location?

    To help them make that decision we have provided the following information:

    1.) Will global warming continue to get worse as governor Jerry Brown says? Click here for information and science to help you decide for yourself.

    2.) Should you reinvest in real estate in a high-risk global warming area? Click here for information and science to help you decide for yourself.

    We honor the retiring governor Jerry Brown's courage for openly discussing the deeper truths about global warming and starting the global warming victim rebuild or relocate conversation in California. To encourage both governor Brown and his staff to do more of the same, we are providing a free copy of a new global warming e-book that speaks to the science behind the unbearable hardships in front of us like no other global warming book before it.

    For Jerry Brown and his staff to get their free copy of this e-book, all they need to do is email manage@joboneforhumanity.org and put Jerry Brown in the subject line. You will be emailed download instructions for your free e-book honoring your global warming educational work within one business day.


    The research team at Job One for Humanity sister organization to Universe Spirit


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  • Will Amazon regret it's 2 new headquarters locations because of accelerating global warming consequences that will soon destabilize its operations?

    Amazon's long-term planners who have read a new book on global warming may be already regretting the selection of the two new Amazon headquarters locations in New York and Virginia.

    Currently, there are only a few people in intelligence agencies around the world and at the highest levels of climate research who understand that global warming is accelerating at a dangerous, exponential level. Even less understand that we could have 10 feet of sea level rise as early as 2050. This does not even include an additional 3 feet of additional sea level rise that that would occur during king tides and storm surges. 

    Even fewer individuals understand that corporations and governments have only about 10 years left of relative climate, social, economic and particularly, real estate stability to mass-move and relocate people, critical business infrastructure, military bases and government at or above the 45th parallel north or at or below the 45th parallel south. 

    Yes, if Amazon was looking beyond the next 10 to 15 years of operating its businesses during the global warming emergency, instead of moving it's two headquarters inside the global warming unsafe zones of New York and Virginia, Amazon could have moved them to much safer cities like Minneapolis, Vancouver Canada, or other US cities near or above the 45th parallel.

    If you want to know more about the new global warming book that is being discretely read by intelligence agency staff, think tanks and the brightest long-term corporate and government planners, click here. In this book, you will learn that the long-range planners at Amazon still have a little bit of time left to push hard to get Jeff Bezos to reconsider the current 2 New York and Virginia headquarters relocations as well as the future locations of any and all new distribution centers. 

    One thing you can count on is that the brightest long-range planners, corporate officers, and stockholders of Amazon who have read this new book will do their required and full due diligence and do everything within their job descriptions or powers to make their boss Jeff Bezos understand that the known consequences of accelerating global warming have now become one of the most important factors in ALL major long-term business decisions.

    Those high-tech corporations like Amazon who take the accelerating global warming emergency seriously in their major business decisions will be rewarded handsomely! As you watch the 20 worst consequences of global warming unfolding in the short-term with greater frequency, severity, and scale, you will also inevitably see more of the smartest millennials and most qualified techies fighting for positions in and, eager to relocate themselves and their families with the wisest high-tech corporations who are or soon will be rapidly relocating their operations to the new global warming safe zones.

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  • Conservatives deny global warming. But, progressives deny how bad it's really going to get and how fast it's coming!

    It's not just conservatives denying the facts about global warming. Almost ALL progressives either... 

    deny or are wildly ignorant of just how bad global warming will get and how soon that will happen.

    Most progressives are unaware that the very worst extinction-level consequences of global warming will come long before 2100. They also are generally unaware that long before 2050, we will be experiencing massive global warming-related collapses in our food growing systems as well as collapses within our global economic, ecological and political systems.

    This denial and/or ignorance among progressives concerning the actual coming global warming consequences and timetables is because:

    a. Progressives in general, hate really bad news and unfortunately, they have developed many wonderful distorting denial mechanisms like the one hundred monkey theory, the butterfly effect, the silver bullet, aliens will save us, new technology will save us and other near magical longshot solutions to maintain either a disproportionate or inappropriate optimism or, to believe everything is okay and will get better even, when it won't.

    b. Only a few courageous climate scientists and nonprofit organizations with very limited media access are bravely and loudly ringing the alarm bell about the real consequences and timetables.

    To discover what almost all progressives either deny or are ignorant about concerning the real consequences and timetables of the coming global warming catastrophes, go to this page. 

    This page explains what the real and near-term global warming future (5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 years from now,) will be like for progressives and conservatives alike.

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  • We’re Losing the Global Warming & Environmental Protection Races. “What Do We Do Now?”

    It is time to be honest with ourselves. We are facing a myriad of global warming and ecological crisis rapidly escalating beyond catastrophe levels toward extinction levels. The collapse of multiple climate, biological and human systems is inevitable. But what's next for you and I?

    In this Job One for Humanity monthly newsletter, you will find a reply to the philanthropist Jeremy Grantham’s brilliant new essay on the unfolding multifaceted environmental catastrophe rapidly approaching called The Race of Our Lives, Revisited. Jeremy Grantham is a co-founder and chief investment strategist of GMO, a Boston-based asset management firm having more than $118 billion in assets under management. Mr. Grantham is particularly noted for his prediction of various financial bubbles

    Even if you not have read his essay on how we are losing the global warming and environmental protection races, you will get enough of a summary of it from what is written below to understand it and its importance concerning what to do nextin the face of his honest but disheartening environmental news.

    This reply was also significantly co-written by a partner and global warming education team member, Michael Mielke...

    In The Race of Our Lives, Revisited, essay, an enlightened environmental philanthropist has finally and clearly explained that the interconnected crises of climate breakdown, ecological overshoot, and pervasive pollutions are not problems that can be solved or even difficulties that can be sufficiently addressed.  

    Instead, Jeremy Grantham details how taking, making and wasting– our relentless extraction, production, then pollution processes – now yield consequence predicaments we can only endure.  

    The difference between problems and predicaments is stark. Problems have solutions. Predicaments can only be managed and endured.

    The situation that remains once too many humans take too much from our Earth leaving too many poisons in our wake is a predicament, and Grantham’s Race of Our Lives Revisited describes with amazingly detailed and solid documentation the unavoidable predicaments and consequences. Most importantly it also describes the necessary responses for our collective survival:

    1. Destroy the Earth or rapidly and completely decarbonize economies. (Page 2).
    2. Gradual fossil fuel reductions mean coastal cities will be flooded and uninhabitable; ice caps will melt.  (Page 3).
    3. We are losing 1% of our global soil a year. There are 30 to 70 good harvest years remaining. (Page 3).
    4. We have created a toxic environment not conducive to life, and toxins saturate our daily life. (Page 3).
    5. There is simply no other way to manage these crises except for extensive and overarching governmental regulation and leadership in establishing restrictions and limiting poisons. (Page 4of his essay and in Part 3 of the Job one Plan for the last five years). 
    6. Even with the over-optimistic assumptions and accelerating green technologies, i.e., decarbonized energy, the projected use of fossil fuels will still be 50% of energy consumption in 2050, which is a near certain extinction level. (Summarized on page 13).

    It is easy to become overwhelmed by the intractable nature of the honestly illuminated crises of our present situation, particularly when almost all of these crises are getting inexorably and exponentially worse. On page 28, however, Grantham explodes the bombshell:

    “The greatest deficiency of capitalism is its complete inability to deal with any of these things.”  A few pages later he concludes, “God help us. For we appear incapable or at least unwilling, to help ourselves, and our great scientific skills increasingly appear insufficient.”

    Should we be Resigned to Comprehensive Catastrophic Collapse and Is that Our Only Option?

    At first glance, it does seem that Jeremy Grantham has argued that our modern wonder-world will end with “Hell and High Water,” while the water itself will be laced with toxic poison. He does not show any way out, nor does he provide a feel-good, unrealistic ending as do so many others.  In other words, he tells it honestly and like it is. Not like too many green groups and most large environmental organizations have been afraid to do.  

    In the case of most of the largest environmental groups, decades of advocacy have been defined by the rule of: “Don’t scare the public!”  They believe that if they do, then the public will freeze or give up.  They have certainly believed that explaining the full truth of the dire straits we are in would interfere with getting money, membership, and related support.

    For too long, the Reality of our existential situation attended by proliferating and interconnected crises has been covered with fig-leaves or denied outright. The Truth of the matter has been tailored to continuing the economic system, the social system, and bowing to what has been called “political realities.”  Yet, in order to deliver comprehensive catastrophe, all we have to do is to continue to act in ways that are “good, moral, and certainly acceptable.”  

    In this case, human self-immolation means simply continuing to turn the Earth into a waste stream behind our increasing and relentlessly increasing belief in unrestrained infinite growth and economic activity, while we eliminate the rest of Earth’s mammals, except we hope, ourselves and our domesticated food animals.

    It appears from our lack of progress in reversing or even slowing down the rate of carbon from fossil fuel use going into our atmosphere, we have no collective moral restraints that would stop complete self-destruction!

    Despite a laundry list of crises, all requiring management, and not finally fixable (or even solvable), Grantham plainly states that salvaging some parts of a fractured future will require collective action, extensive governmental regulation, and governmental leadership. 

    This also means that individual actions and exhortations toward more sustainable individual choices or individual behavioral changes will be futile! As they have been for the last few decades. (Yes, we agree completely with Jeremy on this and clearly tell you that in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One Plan, which deals with only how to prepare for and adapt to the horrible consequences that are coming, not how to reverse or slow them as is laid out in Part 3 and Part 4 of the Job One Plan.) 

    So, is there any good news?  Or, do we just party until the Titanic goes down?  

    To Be, or Not to Be or, To Do or Die

    Perhaps there is a plausible way out of the cul-de-sac that is presented by the crises, stated and otherwise. This crises argues for collective action, extensive government regulation and governing leadership. In the USA, the unstated belief is that there is no possible way for the government to do what is necessary. Nonetheless, the major philanthropies, like the Hewlett Foundation and the Packard Foundation have five-year plans that are working to build political leadership and elected officials that can begin someday to start to propose the suite of policies required to somehow salvage some part of our future and perhaps shards of civilization.  

    This is too little and too late. (For all the reasons why it is absolutely too little or too late read the 13 factors listed on this page.)

    It is widely known that one political party in the US is moving as fast as possible to drive us off the climate cliff of oblivion, and the other party is not proposing emergency brakes to stop forward momentum. Furthermore, the idea leading philanthropies suggest is to support “green” and responsible politicians. But, (almost) no Congressional candidates are proposing actions at an effective scale or, reflecting the urgency and the real breadth of the interconnected crises and, worse yet they are not looking to legitimately transform any of the true underline conditions exacerbating the crises, and so the prescription does not change.

    As things are progressing now there seems to be no escape from the comprehensive catastrophe that is fast approaching. Something drastically different is needed. Consider Backcasting. Backcasting is reverse-forecasting. So, can we start with a specific desirable future outcome and then work backward to the present conditions.  

    The desired future outcome here is the entire country working together cooperatively and with focused effort to eliminates fossil fuels use at a speed that will prevent humanity from suffering the worst possible consequences leading to extinction. The economy and productive capacity of our nation would be focused on eliminating fossil fuels to handle accelerating global warming, stopping toxic release while cleaning up pollution, slashing extraction and functioning within frameworks of fairness and social justice in order to involve everyone, like we have in our past, providing benefits and incentives for population reduction, and much more. 

    The recent analogy for something close to this comprehensive effort was World War 2. In the peak of that war, in 1943, the necessity of the emergency meant that military outlays were about half of the entire economic outputs for contending nations: the USA 42%; the UK 55%; Germany 70%; and Japan 43%. So, how could this level of concentrated and cooperative effort be catalyzed now? 

    To begin with, who could rouse, educate, alarm, warn, and advise the people of this nation and world?  

    Organizations like Job One for Humanity and the Association for the Tree of Life as well as the philanthropists, politicians, businesses, green groups, climate activists, and any others that these two groups have influenced are the first to come to mind. We are now left with those honestly educated leading players as the key current actors armed with a deeper truths about the real depth of our current crisis that could possibly have either the credibility or, who care deeply about impending human catastrophe or, who could muster the resources or, who could supply the advocacy that would galvanize enough people who could come to grips with this multifaceted ecological crises. 

    But what must we do next to truly save ourselves?

    To get to effective action requiring a cohesive and comprehensive political response, Americans (and people all over the world,) must give themselves over to the collective political system, similar to the ways many nations did in World War 2. In order to do that, we must first understand first that we have no choice because effective action at this late date can only be achieved by collective governmental action.  

    To get to a comprehensive and cooperative effort, nothing less will suffice. That effort must be catalyzed by us you and those listed previously, entities who care and who have the resources to make it happen. Those resources are at no one else’s disposal. 

    By this time you should be beginning to understand the scope, scale, and urgency of the interconnected crises that have beset all of us.  

    Unfortunately, Americans and most other people of the world do not grasp, much less recognize and accept that continuing as usual with our economic, political and social operating systems means comprehensive catastrophe. Similarly, most of the world is not conscious of how rapidly the transformations of our operating systems must take place if we are to create a viable future (since we do not have a viable future now). (See Part 3 of the Job one Plan to learn about how much has to change and how fast it has to happen.)

    Large-scale and urgent government action is critical, and it is necessary for Americans and all nations to have that explained, and have it explained as both unavoidable and immediately required. (Click here to see specifically what those government driven actions will look like for the escalating global warming emergency.) 

    The information, the news, the data related to the multifaceted threats to our survival are all more significant and widespread than at any time in our human history. Yet the people of every nation must “get the picture,” then “make sense of it.” We must communicate relentlessly the reality of what all of us face in ways that cannot be avoided and that motivate to act. If we rouse, alarm, warn, educate and advise the people of this nation and the world, the nation and world can be moved. 

    Looking back from a historical perspective, sometimes it seems that the future of a culture rests on the shoulders of a significant individual, or just a few. In America, we often believe that may have been true in the case of George Washington. Perhaps for Abraham Lincoln as well. But now, our future is in your hands and those who can see the crisis and respond to it.

    We can ask, and we can hope that you will help us and answer the call. We need your help to rouse, alarm, warn, educate, and advise the people of this nation and the world. (The effective action stepson our website including the 4 part Job One for Humanity Plan that will also help you rouse, warn and educate others about both the predicament we are in (with its chain of now on avoidable consequences as well as the honest and practical solutions that can still be executed.)

    Please volunteer, tell your friends and don't forget to donate! Yes, you too like Jeremy Grantham can call yourself a philanthropist because every leading-edge donor to this difficult and unpopular reality and cause is in truth, also a philanthropist. 

    Last month more of you responded to our newsletter with more donations than we have had for months. Thank you!

    This means we are now able to delay cutting thousands of our subscribers off our email lists to reduce our operating costs for at least another month.

    But, we do still urgently need your ongoing donations of any size. If you did not donate previously, please do so now. Your donations are easy to do online here and they are tax-deductible. 

    If you did donate last month, please donate again and be one of the key philanthropists that are helping keep our important message and mission moving through our global society. 

    Yours for humanity, our children, and the earth,

    Lawrence Wollersheim

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Universe Spirit



    PS: please don't forget that all donors and volunteers and only donors and volunteers will receive special donors and volunteer briefings as we begin sending them out in the next several months.

    As such, because Job One for Humanity and the Association for the Tree of Life are leading this survival critical effort, they deserve your wholehearted support.

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