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We are on a beautiful but dangerous edge this holiday season

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Submitted by Lawrence on

I hope your holiday season is going well.

There are a few quick updates I needed to tell you about before I share with you the beautiful and dangerous edge we are all on this holiday season.

If you value anything we are doing, please take a few minutes to read this important holiday update...

First, the quick updates:

1. At the end of this email is a link to a must-see, jaw-dropping video on our other biggest other global challenges underlying global warming and ultimately linked to it. It is by a famous English professor Hugh Montgomery. It is easy to understand and it's truly spellbinding! No one should miss this video and so far most people are sharing it in their friends networks!

2. We've rearranged Part 3 of the Job One Plan to deal with rapidly worsening conditions and new realities.

We are on a beautiful, but dangerous edge this holiday season:

a. We are on the edge of not being able to manage global warming's worst coming consequences. While many of the worst consequences are now unavoidable as described on this page, there is still hope and there is still a lot you can do to help manage parts of global warming emergency using the Job One Plan. And,

b. As an organization, because of funding shortfalls, we are on the edge of reaching the point where we may have to cut back on our valuable mission services.

What is beautiful about these two dangerous edges is that there is something concrete you can do about each one of them this holiday season.

You can get busy on your next steps of the Job One Plan to help solve the point a above, and you can help our organization to resolve point b.

This holiday we really need your help to prevent additional cutbacks and to continue to provide updates on the difficult truths about global warming and what you can do to protect yourself, family, business and future.

Donations from our holiday fundraising drive create about 50% of our annual budget and this year we are, unfortunately, running significantly behind last year.

Please make a tax-deductible holiday donation to our nonprofit organization and keep the information on our website freely available.

Your tax-deductible donations are fast and easy to do online just go to UniverseSpirit.org and Click the Donate link

(Universe Spirit Job One for Humanity and the Factnet websites are all parts of the 25-year-old IRS recognized and tax-deductible nonprofit organization and mission goals of Factnet.)

And finally, here the promised link to the blog post with the must-see global challenges video by Prof. Hugh Montgomery.


No one that has seen it so far has been anything but first stunned and then highly motivated to begin facing the new global challenges we now face one.

Happy Holidays from all the staff and volunteers at Job One for Humanity,

Lawrence Wollersheim



PS Have you seen the new Global Warming Blog posts for the previous month? If not, go to the blog on the Universe Spirit website!

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