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  • Will you ever need to migrate because of accelerating global warming? And...

    You are not alone if you have ever thought that you might have to migrate at some point because global warming is getting worse! 

    The number of people who think they may need to migrate in the not too distant future is now in the millions.

    If you are one of those individuals you probably also would also like to know:

    1. when should you migrate and

    2. where are the best places to migrate and why?

    If global warming migration has crossed your mind, here are two things to consider:

    a. You can begin Part 1 of Job One Plan, and you can get access to our regularly updated Global Warming Migration Center. There you will be able to review information regarding global warming migration and your future. Or,

    b. You can let us know you (or a friend on your behalf,) will want to attend a 90-minute live presentation on the critical issues of global warming migration in January of 2020 in the San Francisco Bay area. This presentation will also cover building new global warming-safe eco-communities that should be able to survive the coming climate turmoil. (If you are interested, email us at manage@joboneforhumanity.org, and we will email you all of the presentation details. An exceptional global warming author also will be part of the presentation.) 

    For many of you who have carefully studied the global warming emergency, a new battle "to save and salvage what we can, while we still have time" has now begun! 

    This new battle also includes "slowing down global warming enough so that we have more time to prepare and adapt to what is coming." If we can radically slow global warming down, while we are doing any necessary emergency preparation and migration (where needed,) more individuals and our civilization can survive.

    Many individuals using the JobOneforHumanity.org website also have come to realize that humanity has entered into what could be called a temporary evolutionary regression. During this temporary regression, unfortunately, life as we currently know it will get considerably worse before it gets better. 

    In this regression periodhumanity will learn the hard and necessary new lessons about the real price of fossil fuel pollution, poor international cooperation, and the importance of maintaining healthy ecological systems. 

    The good news is that during this temporary regression period if we are smart, prepare, and or/migrate as needed, and we work together, we can still have meaningful and enjoyable lives. And best of all, we can still work together to restore balance to our life-supporting Earth systems and a future for our children as we come out of this regression. 

    Our fall membership drive special incentive! 

    (Please Note: Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit are sister websites.)

    In addition to getting a free ebook copy of Climageddon, "The global warming survival kit" (an $8.95 value) if you become a new member or renew before November first, here are some other great reasons why will you want access to the members-only section of our website!

    Trillions in personal and corporate wealth will be made or lost due because you either understanding or do not understand the many consequences of our rapidly unfolding global warming emergency. Hedge funds, investment bankers, real estate conglomerates, and ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations spend tens of thousands of dollars each year with global warming risk analysis companies to have access to the information you will find in our members-only section. 

    This regularly updated member's section will provide critical details on how and when the consequences of the global warming emergency can affect your investments, financial transactions, real estate, and even your individual or business survival. Luckily, you will not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year (like the ultra-wealthy) to have access to our global warming risk analysis information. You will not only be able to know what the ultra-wealthy know, but also what they don't know (unless they are also members of Job One.)

    We feel that everyone should have access to this life and death information in our members-0nly section, not just the ultra-wealthy. That is why we have made this information available at a cost we believe everyone can afford ($5.00 a year.) 

    We have spent over $100,000 acquiring or doing the necessary research for the information found in the members-only section. Your membership gives us the fixed support we need to keep funding our monthly overhead costs and doing ongoing research. 

    This year we have a special membership bonus (for becoming a member or renewing your annual membership,) for the first time, you also will receive a free Ebook version of the Climageddon ebook getting great reviews on Amazon!

    Each annual website membership and donation provides:

    a. exclusive access to our members-only and nonpublic global warming website information as described below.

    Only members receive:

    1. first alerts and early warnings about the coming global warming catastrophes,

    2. exclusive global warming emergency preparation information for your family, home and business,  

    3. well-researched global warming family and business migration options for the sparse global warming safer zones (if you live in a global warming high-risk area.)

    4. members-only information on how, when, and where the escalating global warming emergency will also dramatically affect:

    local and regional real estate values,

    stock market values, specifically corporations whose stocks and bonds will be most affected as the global warming emergency worsens,

    commodity prices as regionalized crops and other commodities fail because of increased heat or other global warming consequences as well as which food prices will rise the fastest etc.,

    increased political conflict or instability probabilities particularly relating to a nation's regionalized specific global warming consequences.

    b. critical financial support for our non-profit organization's ongoing mission and, it helps keep many other areas of our website information free to the public.

    How to become a Job One for Humanity member for only $5 per year 

    To make a tax-deductible annual membership donation of any amount securely online now, please click this secure tax-deductible donation link or click the seal of transparency logo.

    If you can, please donate more than the minimum annual membership of $5.00 to help keep us viable. Factnet is a Bronze Star non-profit recognized organization by Guidestar, the leading non-profit organization that evaluates other non-profit organizations for financial and mission transparency.

    Your Receipt Information: The name "F.A.C.T.net Inc." will show on the PayPal payment screen if you are using Pay Pal online or on the electronic record of your donation to Job One for Humanity. Use this receipt for tax deduction purposes.

    Job One for Humanity is a DBA and subsidiary of Factnet Inc., which since 1993 has been a recognized 501(c)(3) IRS non-profit and social benefit organization. 

    To make your tax-deductible annual membership donation by mail - make your check payable to:

          Factnet, PMB 2167, 

    1650 S. Casino Dr. 

    Laughlin, Nevada 89029

    In closing, 

    We strongly urge you to check out the migration information in the Job One Plan. If you have not done so already, please become an annual member by clicking here

    The free Climageddon global warming survival kit ebook offer for all new and renewing members only lasts until November first!


    Lawrence Wollersheim

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Executive Director
    Universe Spirit & Job One for Humanity

    Manage@JobOneforHumanity.org or manage@Universespirit.org

    PS: We will email all new and renewing members on how to download their free Climageddon ebook membership bonus after we receive their donation.

  • In Fairness and Balance to the News of Google Donating to Global Warming Denier Organizations

    Google took a hard hit in a recent story they made significant donations to global warming denier organizations but, is there more to the story?


    In a new article called "Google gave 'substantial' donations to climate deniers:" a major newspaper disclosed Google gave considerable donations to climate denier organizations while touting itself as a company concerned about the global warming emergency. Before I get to the Google's reply to this news outlet "outing," in fairness and balance, I will share our non-profit organization's experience and history with Google on the specific issue of global warming education and position.

    What you need to know

    Since 2016, Google has given our organization Job One for Humanity, almost 1 million dollars in no charge Google Adwords to promote what many consider to be the most controversial global warming educational website on the Internet. Many times we thought Google would at some point cancel an almost $40,000 per month in AdWords donations, but they didn't. 

    Their giving us this use of that amount of free monthly Internet advertizing has brought hundreds of thousands of individuals to the candid climate denier eviscerating global warming information found on our website. 

    It has also brought thousands and thousands of people to sign the global warming extinction emergency petition that goes out to politicians all over the world.

    Our website, JobOneforHumanity.org has become the website that the fossil fuel industry most wants to hide from Internet users because:

    1. We found and published the errors as well as the political and lobbyist manipulation of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) final analysis and interpretation of current global warming research. This IPCC analysis and interpretation of current climate research was used to produce the latest and grossly wrong global fossil fuel reduction targets.

    2. We then published what the corrected global fossil fuel reduction targets should be today. (Here are the 2025 legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets that just may save us from a mass extinction event unfolding within the next few decades.)

    3. We also publish the most difficult to hear global warming reduction failures and other disheartening global warming news as it arises because, if we do know it, we can not fix it!

    We are also controversial in that we not only work to prevent or slow the unfolding of a global warming-caused extinction event, we also help people prepare their global warming Plan B survival kits. (Just in case it all goes very wrong.) 

    Our Plan B even includes having a global warming migration plan using the information found at our Global Warming Migration Center. (There are also many other things that we do that disrupt other organizations putting out false, or fossil fuel lobbyists manipulated information that are too numerous to mention in this short blog post.)

    But, the simple point is this!

    Because of Google's ongoing donation support of us, far more people and organizations (like Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion and the school walkout protesters, and many others) have more scientifically valid global warming facts that they can use to try to turn the global warming extinction emergency around. It is that simple. 

    Now to Google's explanation as to why it donated to the conservative global warming denying organizations.

    I believe Google. These donations were not an endorsement of the global warming denier positions at these conservative organizations. They were just a donation to have some conservative influence for the upcoming privacy and other Internet regulation sessions coming up in congress. 

    I sincerely believe this because of Job One for Humanity's long experience with Google's ongoing donation support of our organization's tough positions on the global warming extinction emergency, which has been nothing but courageous and consistent!

    I also believe that if Google did specifically endorse any global warming denier positions at the very top of the Google organization, its young and global warming well-educated staff would stage a walkout or outright extinction rebellion of their own. 

    Nothing in this blog post has been solicited by Google in any way. It is just our organization trying to present a fair and balanced picture based on years of experience with Google. 


    Lawrence Wollersheim

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Executive Director

    Universe Spirit


    Check out what our young people have to fix to have anything like our lives or a livable future.


    See https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/what_are_the_seven_greatest

  • September's Global Warming News Update for Emotionally Strong Adults

    September was a massive month for global warming news. Here is your monthly update.

    The largest-ever worldwide global warming stikes occurred on September 20.

    What happens with global warming is a big part of what happens at Universe Spirit...

    On September 20th Greta Thunberg and 4 million students walked out of school and into the streets. 

    On September 23rd Greta delivered this absolutely amazing 4-minute message to the UN containing much of what we have been telling you for years. 

    If you have not seen this emotionally ground-shaking video, we strongly recommend you click here now! 

    Once you have seen it, if you want details on the grossly underestimated UN global fossil fuel reduction targets mentioned, see our new blog article further below. It is called, "Is the UN's Climate Action Summit presenting false global fossil fuel reduction targets to help hide a dark secret?"

    So, on to the biggest September news for emotionally strong adults...

    Our progress in managing global warming is so weak and the likelihood of improvement so low, we have had to make a significant change to our mission. We had to adjust to reality. Global warming extinction for a large portion of humanity is now highly probable within our lifetimes. 

    Here is why this critical mission upgrade had to be made.

    Using the well-researched materials on our website, most of our staff and many members and visitors have already concluded that unless we make the massive 2025 global fossil fuel use reductions, a large portion of humanity is on its way to immense suffering and extinction within their lifetimes. 

    They also are partially aware that this imminent mass extinction event threat comes from accelerating global warming crashing into and worsening these six other major global crisis currently facing humanity.

    Most staff and many members and visitors have realized the battle to prevent a global warming-caused extinction event from occurring within our lifetimes, has been lost! 

    This lost battle is due to the extremely high probability that we will be unable to come even close to meeting the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

    (If you still think the battle to prevent a global warming-caused mass extinction event is realistically still possible, please see the following two links in the order given. You will discover why Job One and so many of our staff, members, and visitors have been forced to deal with the new global warming reality and adjust our mission accordingly.

    1. https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/today_s_real_annual_fossil_fuel_reduction_targets and,

    2. https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/irreversible_global_warming_is_here_now 

    Far more importantly, the new battle "to save and salvage what we can, while we still have time" has now begun! 

    This new battle is to slow global warming enough so that we have more time to prepare and adapt to what is coming. If we can radically slow global warming down, more individuals and part of humanity and our civilization can survive and continue to exist.

    Many individuals using the JobOneforHumanity.org website also have come to realize that humanity has entered a temporary evolutionary regression. During this temporary regression, life as we currently know it will get much worse before it gets better. 

    In this period of temporary regression, humanity will learn the hard and necessary new lessons about the real price of fossil fuel pollution, poor international cooperation, and the importance of maintaining healthy ecological systems. 

    The good news is that during this regression period if we are smart and work together, we can still have meaningful and enjoyable lives.  We can work together to restore balance to our life-supporting Earth systems as we come out of this regression

    Because of the above and the deterioration of our global warming situation, our organization was forced to update its mission. We have changed our former mission from "prevent a global warming-caused extinction event from occurring within our lifetimes," to: 

    "Slow down global warming sufficiently to have enough time to prepare and adapt. This way, part of humanity can survive the global warming extinction emergency, which is already scaling up and will fully unfold over the next 30-50 years.

    It is now also time to begin a Plan B to save and salvage whatever we can, while we still have the time to do so."

    To see the expanded version of our new mission which explains all our crucial action steps, please click here and go the expanded mission section.  It has amazing steps that you would not expect anyone to be talking about yet!

    We continue to make it easier for you to do your part to help slow global warming by using the reality-honest Job One Plan. 

    Click here and get a quick overview of the improvements. 


    Please send us your personal success stories and tips from your progress on the Job One for Humanity Plan! 

    A few of you have already written to us about what you are doing successfully on the Job One Plan. So, we decided to make it a regular feature in the coming newsletters. You can send your successes to manage@JobOneforHumanity.org with just initials or any other publishing restrictions you like. 

    Your successes and tips will help inspire others. We have an immensely challenging task in front of us. 

    We created this page for new successes from our members using the Job One Plan.

    In Case You Missed Them, Here are our New Global Warming Blog Posts for September:

    In this section, you will find September's most significant global warming news. Especially see the news there was another failed climate conference at the UN on September 23rd. The new blog articles below we tell you part of why the latest UN climate summit failed.

    Is the UN's Climate Action Summit presenting false global fossil fuel reduction targets to help hide a dark secret?

    Big Problem with September 20 Worldwide Climate Strike!


    New info on our website. 

    We just posted our official Plan B because it looks like we will not make the 2025 targets! A significant majority of our staff, members, volunteers are not confident we will be able to get global warming under control --- until it is too late! 

    Being a Universe Spirit/Job One member/supporter is critical to protecting yourself, your family, and future generations.

    Thanks to all of the individuals and businesses that stepped forward last month to help support our mission. You have our sincerest thanks! If you are not already a member/supporter, please click the secure tax-deductible donation link below or the transparency logo.

    Your tax-deductible donations are easy to do by clicking here. (Universe Spirit and Job One for Humanity are part of the 25-year-old 501c(3), IRS recognized, and Guidestar Bronze Star recognized tax-deductible nonprofit organization called Factnet.)

    In closing, 

    We strongly urge you to keep making progress on the steps of the Job One Plan that work best for your circumstances! We have to find a way to reduce global fossil fuel use radically or, there is no livable future!

    That is all for September.


    Lawrence Wollersheim

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Executive Director
    Universe Spirit


  • A 4 Minute Global Warming Video by Greta Thunberg at the United Nations on September 23 that May Change Your Life?

    JobOneforHumanity.org a sister organization to Universe Spirit has been a part of supplying the children's global warming movements around the world with much of the most radical, but true information she is saying publically.

    This widespread dissemination of this information by Greta Thunberg and others is a huge win for our organization and all of our futures in that --- at least the "official" false global fossil fuel reduction targets have been exposed!

    Please See Greta's 4-minute speech today to the United Nations. It may change your life. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/video/2019/sep/23/greta-thunberg-to-world-leaders-how-dare-you-you-have-stolen-my-dreams-and-my-childhood-video

    If you are curious, also see: https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/un_s_ipcc_still_presenting_false_targets

  • Have you seen the most important and honest major media article about global warming in decades?

    Prepare for the most profound truth about global warming.

    It will focus your mind and open your heart to what is really important.

    See https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/have_you_seen_the_most_important_and_honest_major_media_article_on_global_warming_in_decades

  • Largest Global Warming Protest in History & August Global Warming Update

    August was a busy month for global warming news. Here are the important updates.

    1. The world's largest global warming protest will take place on Sept 20 in cities all over the world. 

    Many environmental organizations, including Job One for Humanity, are supporting it. There are already 400 events planned across 317 cities worldwide. 

    Click here for the latest locations and updates. If you go, please let your fellow protesters know about the correct 2025 global fossil fuel targets and the 2025 deadline for keeping global warming under our control. 

    Most individuals and many organizations have been fooled by fossil fuel industry-influenced false reduction targets and deadlines. Using any of the wrong 2050, 2040, 2035, and 2030 fossil fuel reduction deadlines will result in mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes.

    Click here for the rest of this article.

  • How to handle global warming sadness, anger and anxiety

    There is a lot of horrible news to digest about global warming.

    Any person who realizes that our governments are not doing enough to save us from unthinkable suffering and loss will naturally experience sadness, anger, depression, or significant anxiety. But what can you do about this emotional funk? Click the link to learn more. https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/are_you_feeling_sad_angry_or_anxious

  • The 5 most important facts about global warming to NEVER forget!

    Are you able to spend 30 seconds promoting an honest conversation about the new global warming facts and reality?

    If so, share this conversation evoking link on your Facebook page and with your friends. https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/today_s_five_most_importa… 

    Thank you for helping to spread this critical conversation!

  • Why it will be so hard to prevent global warming extinction without achieving the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

    Ultimately, you are the one who gets to decide if the reasons listed below are large and difficult enough to keep us from reaching the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. To help you evaluate this issue, each of the 13 reasons below has additional links leading you to the full documentation proving that particular statement is accurate... 

    The 13 reasons we may miss achieving the life-critical 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets