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Spirit & Eco-Community

Introducing the New Universe Eco-community Vision, Principles and Structure

Introduction to the Universe Eco-community Vision:

Our organization feels a sense of high urgency in quickly creating the new self-organizing Universe eco-communities around the planet. The first pages of this online booklet will describe why this high urgency is valid. The remaining Universe Community booklet pages will describe all of the vision, policy, values, structural and procedural details of how these new communities function.

Please bear with the first pages of this booklet. They deal with some very unsettling facts about escalating climate destabilization caused by global warming as well as the other major global adaptive challenges that we all face.

We openly acknowledge that we could be outdated or incorrect about our research and conclusions on the current and future levels of climate destabilization or its likely timetables or consequences. If so, we will quickly amend and update our climate destabilization information as more reliable new climate data becomes available. We also invite you to do your own verification research and make up your own minds on this issue and the other issues presented below as well.

And finally, if you do not feel some level of agreement with the facts and perspectives or feel some intuitive congruence with the high urgency for building these new Universe eco-communities, please continue onto the later pages of this online booklet. There are many other important reasons for building these new Universe communities at this time besides preparing for possible global or regional emergencies.

Why A New Intentional Eco-community Model is Needed for the Challenges of Today's World?

A new evolutionary understanding, vision, and vehicle for humanity's future is needed because of today's currently escalating regional, national and global challenges. The following are the major regional, national and global escalating challenges we currently are  or may soon be facing:

escalating global warming and its consequent climate destabilization, (droughts, wildfires, floods and superstorms of increasing scale, severity, and frequency that also serve to multiply the adverse effects of many of the other challenges listed below.)

escalating over-population, (Earth has the carrying capacity for about 2 billion people and we are near 8 billion racing to 9 billion.)

escalating food shortages, (1 billion people are hungry,)

escalating resource depletion, (many key raw materials are running low,)

escalating poverty,

peak oil,

escalating water pollution,

escalating desertification,

escalating deforestation,

escalating reef collapse,

escalating ocean fish stock depletions,

growing economic inequality,

rising national deficits (moving toward a global financial bubble,)

escalating economic instability,

escalating terrorism, conflicts and war,

a growing pandemic probability, (due to new diseases and the mobility of world populations,)

escalating political injustice and,

escalating political instability causing increasing conflict (due to all of the preceding multiplying, amplifying and whipsawing more negative effects off of and onto each other from all of the items above. (But, compared to everything else, the worst and most predictably imminent is rapidly escalating climate destabilization worsened and fueled by exploding population growth.)

Anyone of the above current major regional, national and global challenges by themselves is capable of creating local, regional, national or global crisis and emergency and is good enough reason to be prepared! Additionally, our older less evolved tools, systems and structures are simply no longer working either as a whole or at the regional level for humanity or the planet to cope with these escalating challenges adequately either by themselves or worse yet, if they converge together. 

Consequently, the well-being and survival of humanity itself is in authentic peril. We need to begin applying new more effective structures, systems and tools now!

"There are many signs that a great evolutionary bottleneck and another natural evolutionary retrogression are already here." Lawrence Wollersheim

Within the Universe community, we view the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as our best science-grounded system, structure, tool and new model. This new worldview will help us make the life-critical systemic and structural improvements or the other re-alignments in our lives and livelihoods that are urgently needed.

This new Universe Evolutionary Worldview provides the next logical evolutionary design, structural alternative, and advance beyond the current vision of our societies and their current systems. It also offers an amazing vision and new toolset for evolving life toward more meaningful and happy living based on:

a.) evolution science,

b.) sustainable growth,

c.) minimal waste and pollution,

d.) a new cooperative triple bottom line for sustainable profit (for all stakeholders, the community and the environment,) and,

e.) the creation of a satisfying and sustainable prosperity and the truth we are all living in an interconnected and interdependent union whether we know it or not.

Keep reading there is a lot more. The links below or to the left and right on subsequent pages will take you to the rest of the Universe Community online booklet. The pages of this booklet contain important information on climate destabilization and then all of the details and benefits about the Universe Community, how it works, how to join etc. There are 10 pages in this booklet.