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  • Why Our Organization is NOT an Apocalyptic, Survivalist, Prepper, Doomer, Post-Doomer, or "Near Term Humanity Extinction" Community

    After reviewing all of the scary future consequences concerning the 12 major challenges of our future found on the Universe Spirt and Job One for Humanity websites, it is only fair to wonder if...

    we are some group of survivalists or end of the world preppers, doomers, or avid supporters of the growing "near term human extinction" or post-doom movements. We are definitively not!

    Our focus is education and engaged social activism. We are although, wisely helping to prepare others for the unavoidably painful road ahead created by our previous individual and collective bad decisions.

    We also are not techno-optimists or techno-delusionists. We do not believe that magical carbon-sucking unicorns, desperate last chance geo-engineering, or other delusional techno-miracles will save us in time or without even worse side effects. 

    We do not support the growing premise that total human extinction sometime over the rest of this century is a certainty. The qualified truth is that ---  only if we do not come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets will the likelihood of total human extinction rise to the level of urgent threat. Furthermore, total extinction in this worst-case will take at least another 50-70 years to begin its final phases.

    Therefore, all is not lost --- yet! 

    We do have some time left (to about 2025) to make the needed critical changes. 

    On the other hand, it is also essential to be candid that many horrendous global warming and other related consequences are already "baked into" our global systems, and many of those consequences are now unavoidable! These many "baked in" consequences will also eventually cause the inevitable die-off of much of humanity by mid-century. 

    Because of this cascade of unavoidable coming consequences, we also face the widespread and intensifying collapse of many of our weakest local, regional, and national social and economic systems as we approach the mid-century.

    Yes, we do face yet the largest evolutionary challenge in humanity's long history of great survival challenges. 

    To manage our 12 worst global crises will require nothing less than radical global changes to our current lifestyles and livelihoods to make them more sustainable. At the same time, we also will have to vigorously prepare for and adapt to the catastrophic consequences we can no longer prevent.

    To learn more about the radical changes in our livelihoods and lifestyles needed to survive and thrive through the coming consequences and post-collapse era, click here first and read about the principles of sustainable prosperity. Then click the following links to see Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One for Humanity Plan, which will provide detailed emergency preparation and adaptation steps, respectively.

    Please do not ever mistake us for some survivalist or apocalyptic community concerning our research on the current out-of-control global warming and the other 11 major converging global adaptive challenges facing our collective future. 

    Our message is simple, proactive, and not a doomer or a fatalistic message:

    1. "We are a community of activists that believes in learning from our mistakes, being prepared, and that being adaptable is a wise evolutionary strategy.

    2. We, as humans, are intelligent and adaptive beings, and we can solve or adapt to almost anything.

    3. Life on Earth has always found a way to learn, adapt, and survive so. In the last 4.5 billion years of Earth's evolution, life has survived 5 previous mass extinctions. (See this page for more on life's evolutionary success.)

    4. The future is unknown and full of unpredictable negative and positive wild cards. This means that there is still hope for some part of humanity and our civilization to survive if we quickly execute responsible, intelligent, and effective adaptive actions that will resolve our most pressing global challenges using a "first things first" strategy.

    5. When we or future generations do get through our current 12 major global challenges, we will have built something new together that is far better adapted and suitable for achieving a positive and sustainable future for ALL.  

    6. Overcoming this emergency will help us better solve our challenges as one effective and united human family. This experience also will teach us and help us to live the Universe Principles of progressive evolution and sustainable prosperity.

    7. In spite of the rough road ahead, we can still fully enjoy each day (as best as we can, even in spite of the worsening of these 12 global challenges.)

    8. Working together in new sustainable communities (like our Universe Spirit or Eco-community models,) we can make our lives as happy and as good as they will get during this temporary retrogression and transition period. And finally,

    9. We are not survivalists or end of the world preppers, doomers, or avid supporters of the growing "near term human extinction" or post-doom movements. If you want to call us by some new name, call us post-collapse thrivers. This name reflects our focus on doing all that is needed to get through this transition to build a more just equitable and sustainable world so we can thrive in the post-collapse future.

    As Michael Dowd, the evolutionary teacher likes to say, "what really matters is coming back into the right relationship with reality." Because humanity has repeatedly failed to effectively resolve the escalating global warming emergency as well as our other 11 deteriorating global challenges, we are forced by their unthinkable and unbearable consequences to come back into the right relationship to reality and each other, or we will eventually perish.

    The power of reality is the force motivating us to evolve and it is truly great news!

    Have no doubt about it, humanity has reached a monumental evolutionary juncture and, we are running out of time to prevent the eventual complete extinction of humanity. Only a comprehensive mass mobilization by our governments can lessen the coming suffering and save the future. 

    In our organization, we see ourselves as a new evolutionary community of Evolutioneers and Planetary and Universe Citizens that value the historical wisdom of appropriate threat preparedness and living sustainably to model the new world we want to live in. We are not fear manipulated or fear dominated, but we do not ignore data that should trigger positive, protective, and appropriate evolutionary fear reactions.

    We will always use the appropriate and positive evolutionary fear warning feedback contained within accurate but survival-negative information to wisely anticipate, prepare, and quickly adapt.

    We know that it is better to act and save something than not to act and lose everything!

    We are not doomers, post-doomers, or preppers who have given up on the future, are living in hiding or resignation. We are sustainability activists still full of hope that we can:

    1. face the true urgency of all of our current global crises, resolve what we can, and adapt to what we can't. 

    2. create the new community model needed for the new behaviors and systems that will resolve today's biggest global problems and become a global basis of a better world for ALL. 

    Yes, we also are preparing new sustainable communities in advance for this human-created crisis and this temporary, and transitional "evolutionary bottleneck and retrogression." We are doing this solely because the current facts clearly shout that many of our global systems are in a severe challenge or are nearing critical tipping points with no or low remaining recovery resilience. 

    To the discerning evaluator and researcher, both human history and the current worsening 12 global challenges indicate that our lives will continue to get worse with little realistic hope of correction until the chain reaction of cascading multiple global catastrophes and crossed tipping points shake us awake to the need for drastic evolutionary change toward more sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles.

    We hold that the main unrecognized threats for today and the future are that:

    1. other than nuclear war, the main accelerator and driver of humanity's total extinction is now global warming. 

    2. the world still does not realize that when the climate system goes over its extinction-triggering tipping points, there is nothing you can do to stop the physics and mathematics of the consequences of those tipping points from manifesting their deadly consequences. (How soon we will cross the extinction-triggering global warming tipping points are described here.)  

    Once you realize the hard reality of where we are...

    It is also critical to keep our dangerous global threats in an appropriate time perspective to avoid counter-productive panic. Depending on your current location, you should still have enough time to prepare for and adapt to the myriad of now unavoidable global warming consequences. It is wholly appropriate to feel fear at this dangerous juncture in the evolution of humanity because of the many known consequences of accelerating global warming and the worsening of these 11 additional global crises

    While generalized fear or panic often paralyzes, there are positive evolutionary reasons for why the emotion of fear exists. The positive use of fear exists for when there are REAL threats to your survival. Positive fear mobilizes the observant and wise to act before it is too late! 

    To support the positive and wise use of fear relating to global warming and other consequences (from these 11 other global crises,) here are the critical deadlines to remember: 

    a. The 5-year deadline: (From now until the end of 2025.) At this time, it is appropriate to admit it is all but impossible for us to reach the full 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets! But, we still do have enough time left to slow down (but not avoid,) a mid-century mass extinction event for much of humanity by getting close to them. Although we passed the point of being able to avoid the die-off of much of humanity by 2050, we still can maintain some level of control of our global warming future. Most importantly, we can still prevent total extinction by at least getting very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets! 

    This total extinction danger also means we have to educate the world about the extinction-evoking global warming tipping point deadlines of this emergency after preparing our personal survive and thrive provisions and/or creating safe sustainable community cooperatives or sanctuaries. 

    b. The 5-10-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and did not get close to them.) From 2020 to 2027, global warming consequences will steadily worsen in a rising but steeper linear progression. More people will wisely migrate to safer areas. Millions more will die because of climate-related food shortages and other global warming-related catastrophes. 

    If you have prepared, adapted, and are in a global warming safer location before 2027 and have a good Plan B in place, depending upon your location, relative stability and security for family and business are probable until about 2030 to 2040. (See this Plan B page, which discusses how to prepare in the safest locations and what are the least safe places to ride out the global warming extinction emergency.)

    c. The 10-15 year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and we did not get close to the 2025 targets.) After 2030-2035 many other climate, human, ecological, political, and economic tipping points will be crossed due to global warming consequences and global warming amplifying the consequences of most of these 11 other critical global challenges. 

    The stability and security of even the safest and best prepared global warming safer locations will lessen and become increasingly challenging. Those individuals in supportive cooperatives or sustainable communities should be significantly safer and better adapted than those who are not.

    d. The 15-25 year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and we did not get close to meeting these targets.) Beginning around 2030, the frequency, severity, and size of 20 worst global warming consequences will move from a steeply rising linear progression into an exponential progression. Stability and security for even the best prepared, safer global warming locations, cooperatives, and sustainable communities will become far more difficult and dangerous.

    e. The 25-30-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and at least, we got close to them or compensated for these targets somewhere over this time period.) By mid-century, extinction for much of humanity will be still unavoidableFrom 2030-2050 will be the riskiest period to survive for much to most of society. Generally, things will be better in the safer global warming locations, and in special cooperatives, and sustainable communities. But even there, survival is far from guaranteed without the highest levels of preparation, adaptation, and cooperation.

    f. The 50-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and unfortunately, we did not even get close to them.) In this case, we will face the worst consequences of runaway global warming, and we will be heading toward the beginning of the runaway greenhouse gas effect, which ripped the atmosphere off Venus. Because of this escalating runaway global warming reality and not getting close to the 2025 reduction targets, humanity will, unfortunately, finally face a total extinction event beginning as soon as 2070-2100. We call this the full Climageddon Scenario.

    The good timeline news here is simple. If we at least, get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we can still prevent total human extinction. If we do not, we begin crossing too many additional extinction-triggering tipping points far too fast to prevent the worst consequences of runaway global warming multiplying the worsening effects of the other 11 major global crises.

    In Summary

    We believe that it is important not to hide these reasonable and rational facts and high probabilities.

    We believe there is a real urgency to get prepared for what is soon unavoidable.

    We are not detached, survivalists. We are engaged sustainability advocates, Evolutioneers, and Planetary Citizens. 

    We can make it through this great evolutionary transition period, capture the once-in-a-generation opportunity from the collective catharsis of the pandemic catastrophe, and then use that energy to make long-overdue and critically needed improvements to our social systems! 

    We can re-build our social systems based upon sustainable and limited growth for all vs. the cancer-like concepts of uncontrolled growth or unlimited growth for the few.

    We believe in whole-heartedly working for the best possible future while at the same time wisely being prepared for the worst possible temporary human transition period. 

    We fully prepare for the worst and then "forget" about those preparations while focusing and wholeheartedly working for the best!

    We hold that actively saving all we can is far better than inactively saving nothing.

    We hold that some of us will prepare, adapt, survive and thrive once again if we act wisely. We should not give up the small amount of rational, appropriate hope that remains. The history of life evolving on Earth strongly supports the premise that some of us will survive. (See this page with the big picture view of evolution on Earth.)

    We envision that the establishment of new sustainable communities around the world will play an essential role in securing the long-term survival of humanity and establishing the new sustainable prosperity vision for the post widespread collapse world.

    We will deal with our 12 global challenges by using only peaceful and evolutionary means.

    We can still find daily enjoyment and joy in our relationships and life experiences no matter how bad it gets.

    We can together create a long-term future for humanity and our civilization. And, if we are wise and work together, someday we or our children will successfully evolve both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars.

    We are post-collapse thrivers! There will be many surprise benefits for executing the Job One for Humanity Plan to deal with the global mess we have created for ourselves!

    And finally, even if the accelerating global warming emergency and the convergence of it with humanity's 11 other key global challenges were somehow resolved in the next 30 to 50 years or turned out to be not as bad as currently is predicted by our best scientists, the new sustainable communities which we are co-creating would function even better and more joyously on their other main goals of helping to co-create the necessary restructuring and re-alignment of society to create:

    a,) a sustainable prosperity for ALL of humanity,
    b.) a just and equitable civilization,
    c.) thriving and meaning-filled individuals and communities --- all of which align with and forward the progressive evolution of life in the universe.

    For the last 11 years, our organization has been working on that plan called the Job One for Humanity Plan. It is called that because that is exactly what it is; humanity's job number one to survive and thrive.

    The good news is that if we want to survive and lessen the coming suffering, we need to execute this plan NOW

    For additional support and evaluation

    1. Please use the 40 plus warning signs found on this page to monitor the worsening of our 12 major global crises. Print them out. Watch for the news to see them unfold one by one until we take full responsibility for the mess we have created by our individual and collective bad decisions. 

    2. If you need help processing the facts on this page emotionally, we have two pages to get you through the typical reactions of anger, grief, denial, sadness, etc. The first page covers the challenging emotional process that most people will go through after realizing that we are providing an accurate, big picture view of their future risks and probabilities.

    Next, see this page on the surprising benefits of accepting the challenge of fixing it. This benefits page has been viewed over a million times.

    For additional support and evaluation

    1. Please use the 40 plus warning signs found on this page to monitor the worsening of our 12 major global crises. Print them out. Watch for the news to see them unfold one by one until we take full responsibility for the mess we have created by our individual and collective bad decisions. 

    2. If you need help processing the facts on this page emotionally, we have two pages to get you through the typical reactions of anger, grief, denial, sadness, etc. The first page covers the challenging emotional process that most people will go through after realizing that we are providing an accurate, big picture view of their future risks and probabilities.

    Next, see this page on the surprising benefits of accepting the challenge of fixing it. This benefits page has been viewed over a million times.

    "You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." Unknown

  • We are facing an unparalleled moment of peak collective challenge far beyond the hardships of the Covid pandemic and its economic hardship. We now face a DOUBLE whammy.

    This unprecedented collective moment will require wisdom, sacrifice, and enduring new hardships that humanity has never faced before to survive and thrive through our "double whammy."

    Currently, we are struggling with the Covid pandemic and a global economic crisis. Unfortunately, the second part of our double whammy will be far worse. It is arriving in the form of the many consequences of these unfolding major global crises.

    Our Universe Spirit action programs are based on the logic of honestly facing and dealing with these major global crises. Our urgency exists because if we do not radically and immediately change our behavior, we are looking at a double whammy far worse than the Covid pandemic and a global economic recession. 

    We now face an unavoidable mass extinction by mid-century and total extinction before the end of the 21st century. (Click here if you think this is not accurate!)

    If you are looking for intelligent actions to survive and thrive through these major global crises for as long as is possible, the Universe Spirit website, the Universe eco-community model, the Job One website, and the Job One for Humanity Plan was developed to help you through in this unique moment in time. 

    Because of the two unthinkable and unprecedented extinction consequences mentioned above, it is appropriate to want to use your remaining time and energy wisely.

    This wise use of remaining time and energy could naturally include:

    1.) Making your remaining time as personally fulfilling, meaningful, and comfortable as possible for as long as you can. (For specifics on how to do this, see Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One for Humanity Plan and the open-source, personalized Evolution Spirituality of the Universe Spirit organization.)

    2.) Doing everything you can to save and salvage as much of humanity and civilization as you can, for as long as you can. Effective action is now critical because doing nothing means losing everythingeven sooner, and, saving something while we still can is always better than saving nothing! (For the challenging specifics on how to improve, save, or salvage as much as is still possible, see Parts 3 and 4 of the Job One for Humanity Plan.)

    3.) Being a part of co-creating and living within a sustainable and safe eco-community that will help support and protect you, physically and emotionally, as we persevere through these unprecedented present and future times. Click here to learn more about the Universe eco-community.

    Universe Spirit can help you do the three things above. If they are valuable to you, it is time to act before it becomes too late to make a difference. Please join us by clicking the Subscribe link at the top of the page and help with this worthy work.



  • The Rebirth of Universe Spirit and What is Going to Happen Now?

    To our thousands of members and subscribers,

    As the executive director of Universe Spirit, I wanted to update you personally. 

    It's time for a candid briefing about both our organization's last decade and our future. For many years our organization provided spiritual services, meditations, retreats, and sustainability education. It worked to expand the ideas of eco-spirituality found in our Evolution Spirituality writings (fully explained here.)

    About 12 years ago, I was in deep meditation, and a strong feeling filled my awareness. It contained the concept that our organization needed to redirect our current mission's focus from eco-spirituality education to researching the present facts on global warming. 

    This new direction just came to me out of the blue. I did not want to carry out this idea because, as its executive director, I loved the spiritual work that I was involved in at Universe Spirit.

    For months, I fought this reoccurring idea, but it kept reappearing in my daily meditations, and it grew stronger. I finally decided to see a psychologist who had been a Luthern minister and taught at a seminary. After extensive counseling sessions trying to reality test and refute the validity of this persistent idea, I finally came to accept that the Universe or its and mysterious Originating Spirit was leading me toward some new but personally unwanted new mission. 

    Even though I am a hard science guy, this new direction was in an area where I had never done any research. For the next 12 years, using my understanding of systems theory and meta-systemic thinking, I studied and re-analyzed the current published research on global warming (some 15,000 pages.) 

    Unfortunately, I discovered that global warming is far worse than our governments, the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC,) and the biggest names in environmentalism and global warming education are telling us. The most important thing I realized is that global warming is now out of control for at least the next 50 years! (This page will explain in detail why we are now in a state of out-of-control global warming for the next 50 years. This new critical new update will explain what that means to your future. It will even list 47 warning signs and consequences that are already unfolding.)

    As a result of these near full-time studies, with the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization's help, I published a book called Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It. This was done to help educate about global warming's real consequences, tipping points, and the extinction-level crisis coming soon for most of humanity!

    Because both I and the Universe Spirit organization shifted our new mission focus towards warning the world about accelerating global warming and what these 11 other worsening global crises are, Universe Spirit's ongoing education programming was, unfortunately, significantly curtailed over the past decade. 

    But that's the past.

    What's important now is the Ongoing Rebirth of Universe Spirit!

    We are now upgrading both the Universe Spirit website copy and its usability. Maybe you have noticed it.

    Because of the difficult global challenges we now face, we have also launched a "create new eco-communities worldwide" project. We have several great volunteers helping bring it to fruition. 

    We are also going back to doing much more of our Evolution Spirituality, eco-spirituality, and sustainability educational work. Now, more than ever, people need emotional and spiritual support. This support is critical not only because of the ongoing Pandemic and the global recession but because the road ahead over the next few decades will be more challenging than humanity has ever experienced before. 

    These acts of supporting one another will help us maintain joy, meaning, and purpose in our lives as we share the many hardships to come.

    The following is what Universe Spirit is re-starting now:

    1.) Our organization will transfer all of its Evolution Spirituality education services and sustainable prosperity training work over to Zoom-like calls until the Pandemic is over and it is safe to meet publically.

    2.) We will begin the migration of our organizational headquarters, crucial team members, and those Universe Spirit members who want to create a new eco-community. This first eco-community will be located in an isolated area that will remain a global warming safe zone for the foreseeable future. 

    This first new Universe eco-community will be based on Sustainable Prosperity's ideas, the Job One for Humanity Plan to survive global warming, and the values found in Evolution Spirituality. We are moving north because the science shows that within as little as 7 to 15 years, global warming's 20 worst consequences amplifying the consequences of our other 11 global crises will dramatically increase in scale, severity, and frequency. 

    This will then ravage many of the United States areas as well as other parts of the world below the 45th parallel North and above the 45th Parallel South. By soon beginning the process of finding the land for our first global warming safe, sustainable eco-community, we will:

    a.) be well ahead of the escalating global warming crisis curve as crops fail, and the Great Migration north begins (within the next 5-10 years,) 

    b.) have adequate time (2-5 years) to prepare, adapt and create a functioning and sustainable eco-community.

    This new eco-community will be science-grounded in the ideas of Evolution 2.0. It will also be grounded in the new eco-spirituality of Evolution Spirituality for those of a spiritual nature. These two factors will help sustain us through the hard times to come. 

    Most importantly, together, we will create a "beacon of light" founding eco-community that will hopefully become an example of sustainability and community success for rebuilding a broken world. These new eco-communities are critical for the time when we finally come out of this global warming emergency and these 11 other global crises finally stop worsening

    Please see this online eco-community booklet to understand what we mean by a "beacon of light" eco-community. It will explain how and why we are not acting from a survivalist mentality but a wise, sustainability advocate's mentality.

    Please also see the Member's section of the Job One for humanity website and click the About the Universe Community link for the newest information, location of these forming eco-communities, and how to become a new eco-community member.

    Yours for humanity, our children, and the Earth,

    Lawrence Wollersheim

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Executive Director
    Manage@UniverseSpirit.org  www.UniverseSpirit.org

    PS: We also upgraded our mission to reflect the changes in the update above.

  • Our 2021 Global Warming and Climate Change Consequence Predictions

    Every year we put out our list of new global warming predictions early in the new year. Year after year we have been very accurate! Psychologists say it is best to provide the bad news first.

    Reluctantly, here is the 2021 bad climate change news:

    a. The US will spend about 3-5% of its total gross domestic product (GDP) this year on global warming-related consequences. (The US GDP is just over 19 trillion dollars.)

    b. In the US, the most expensive and worst single-incident global warming-related disaster will approach or exceed 250 billion dollars in total cost.

    c. Droughts, wildfires, rain bombs, flooding, and other forms of extreme weather will become more frequent, severe, and occur at larger and larger scales across the US and the rest of the world.

    d. There will be far more failed harvests leading to significant increases in food costs, starvation, and famine.

    e. Annual migration due to global warming-related consequences will double worldwide. There are already 100 million climate migrants (climagees.) 

    f. There will be more category five hurricanes and cyclones repeatedly hitting the same places. We will also see the first Category Six hurricanes and typhoons occurring due to the extra global warming heat in our atmosphere and oceans.

    g. More people will die this year because of global warming-related consequences than in any other year.

    h. You will see more global warming extinction emergency warning signs appearing in the news than ever before. (Click here to review these 47 global warming emergency warning signs. They are found in two sections about 1/2/ to 2/3 down this page.)

    i. For another year, most of humanity will not grasp that we do not execute the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets by 2025, much of humanity will die off by mid-century. 

    j. More temperature, rainfall, drought, wildfire icemelt, heatwave, coral reef die-off, and coastal and inland flooding records will be broken than last year.

    k. It is no longer only Job One for Humanity telling its members how bad it will get in 2021. Many scientists in many fields are warning us we are on a collision course with global disaster. The prestigious Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, famous for creating the Doomsday clock, is also warning about accelerating global warming and the other major global crisis besides nuclear war! (Click here for a new, well-written CNN article for the Atomic Scientist's Doomsday Clock update for 2021.)

    l. We are now only four years away from the Climate Cliff. (Find out what the Climate Cliff tipping point is and what it triggers for your future at this link.

    m. Major environmental groups will continue to allow the global warming reduction programs of world governments to be based on false and grossly inadequate global warming reduction targets and deadlines. If this continues over the next 4 critical years, there is no way to prevent increasing extinction, social chaos, and global collapse!

    n. Joe Biden, the new US president, (along with John Kerry, his climate leader) is correcting the many Trump climate policy errors. They are also forwarding many better climate actions, but what they are enacting on governmental levels is still --- far, far too little, far, far too late. 

    Although the Biden administration is making climate progress the new Biden era US fossil fuel reductions are still based on grossly false reduction calculations that will provide temporary and eventually painful false hope to the uninformed. Unless the US government adopts the correct fossil fuel targets and leads the rest of the world using these targets, much of humanity will be dead by mid-century. (Click here to learn more about how even the Biden era US fossil fuel reduction targets are still grossly underestimated and miscalculated.)

    o. Governments worldwide will continue to present their citizens' false global warming reduction targets and timetables. These fraudulent reduction target programs will result in much of humanity dying-off by mid-century. (See this link then this link for more information on this critical fossil fuel reduction deception.)

    p. Our governments will continue to refuse to acknowledge that --- significantly missing the real 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets will mean a highly probable total human extinction within 50 to 70 years.

    q. More climate scientists, climate researchers, and climate-informed individuals, as well as well-informed ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations, will be discretely migrating to or buying land in the world's remaining global warming safer areas, about 5% of the world's available landmass. (Click here for global warming migration information.)

    Here is the 2021 good climate change news:

    a. A growing number of wise and informed individuals worldwide are learning about the real global warming extinction emergency and taking it seriously. They are also preparing their global warming Plan Bs (including creating new eco-communities.) so that some of humanity and our beautiful civilization will exist a bit longer and possibly survive our stupidity.

    b. There are many benefits available if we work together and use honest calculations to reduce global fossil fuel use to the required targets and deadlines. (Click here to read about dozens of these benefits.)

    c. A few intelligence analysts and government members worldwide have now realized that it is no longer possible to avoid a die-off of much of humanity by mid-century. But luckily, they also recognize that we still have a small window of opportunity to avert a global warming aggravated total extinction event. 

    Their biggest problem now is how to get other politicians up to speed and how to get the public ready for the extreme fossil fuel reductions and other remedies that it will now take to save the future. (Click here to see how we wasted 35 years when the fossil fuel reduction could have been more gradual and bearable!)

    d. There are only a few global warming education organizations like Job One for Humanity that will not go away. They will continue to speak the scientific truth to power concerning the global warming extinction emergency. Throughout 2021 despite all odds, we will continue to demand that governments set and use the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines.

    e. Evolution will continue to act exactly as it has done for the last 10,000 years of human civilization. It will continue to favor the wise, the well-informed, and the most cooperative.

  • Three New Climate Emergency Articles Well Worth Reading

    How bad is the climate emergency really and, are current government solutions working? Make up your own mind with these three new articles.

    See the following articles:

    Humanity Is Hurtling Into a 'Ghastly Future' It Doesn't Comprehend, Scientists Warn

    Too Many Companies Are Banking on Carbon Capture to Reach Net Zer

    The Monumental and Outstanding Third Article: (Did we save the best for last?)

    The following academic paper by Professor Jem Bendell in the bold link below is not written in the usual academic style. It's easy for a layperson to read. 

    Most remarkable about this paper is that non-academics have also read it several hundred thousand times. 

    This paper alone, with no one promoting it, has spawned a worldwide movement with tens of thousands of followers, and it has inspired and informed the leadership of Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg's movement, and many other global warming warning groups.

    This paper goes into the darkest of places with our global warming consequences and the consequences of the other major global crises. It takes the final position that all is lost, and "we just need to accept the end of the world over the following decades and comfort each other until the end." 

    Unlike this academic paper, the Job One for Humanity organization and plan takes a different final position on our emergency. We ask our members — is it better to work to save something or do nothing and lose everything? We also ask our members to prepare for a mass die-off, (which is now unavoidable) while at the same time working like hell to avoid total extinction, which is still possible!

    The Deep Adaptation article below contains compelling information for intelligent individuals dealing with the honest realization of just how bad things will get over the next two decades. 

    But, never forget that the Job One organization does not see everyone and everything as lost! We have a detailed plan to make the best of a horrible situation so that those who prepare and adapt wisely will have a far better chance of surviving and eventually thriving.

    Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy

    Only After you have read the above articles, read these two pages on our website:

    How Bad is the Global Warming Emergency Really Going to Get?

    Carbon Capture Tech Won't Save Us in Time!

    To help do something about the climate change and global warming emergency, click here.

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  • Happy Universe Day!

    Happy Universe Day.

    It is today!

    Please share it's Earth Day like message found here.  

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  • Have you considered joining a sustainable or intentional community because of deteriorating national or global conditions?

    Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit are now working together to help self-organizing individuals and groups create many new urban, suburban, and rural sustainable communities around the world as briefly described below.

    If you are interested in helping or learning from what we are doing, follow the instructions as described below.

    About these communities

    To deal with the accelerating global warming emergency and these 11 other most critical global challenges, our members have started creating the first of hopefully many more sustainable eco-communities. These new communities will have a high potential to survive and thrive in the safer global warming locations and have the best chance to survive the 11 other major global challenges that are rapidly worsening.

    These communities are designed to be places for the best of appropriate modern technology, sustainable gardens and farms, (an agrihood) net-zero energy construction, a focus on lifelong ongoing personal growth and education, off-the-grid independence, green energy generation, complete recycling, and environmentally sensitive policies.

    They will also be places where humanists, individuals who value rationality and science, and individuals with progressive and tolerant spiritual practices will always feel comfortable and valued.

    These intentionally designed communities will have a new system of personalized direct democratic management that will better serve the community's wellbeing. They also are designed with a new and equitable fair exchange, meritocracy-driven economic model. 

    These communities are also being developed using open-source models. Anyone joining and contributing may use all of the information we have assembled and create their own community at any time to form their unique urban, suburban, or rural new community experiment.

    If you want to be involved in helping to co-create this new community(s), we suggest the following: 

    1. Read this page first so you get a quick general idea of what is happening with the global warming emergency.

    2. Read this critical page next.

    3. Then read this page for why it is necessary to get prepared NOW. 

    4. Next, read this page to learn more about us.

    5. Next become a member here and then read all of the additional member-sonly information on global warming migration and how to be a part of the Universe Communities 4 types of self-organizing communities. 

    6. Please start reading about our Universe eco-communities here first on our new secondary website. It contains the most updated information on the four types of Universe eco-communities, their qualities, launch dates, and how to join, etc. 

    7. To give you a good example of our survive and thrive community design established on deep and time-tested scientific, spiritual, and philosophic values and meanings, click here, then read this online booklet about the new Job one and Univers Spirit partnership Universe Communities. (Please note, many pages in this booklet have been viewed online as many as 20,000 times.

    To self-organize or be a part of a Universe community right where you live now, virtually or physically or, to become part of the new communities being established in areas safer from global warming and the other coming global crises. Become a member today. (The latest and most complete information, qualifications, launch dates, and locations for the four types of new Universe Communities is found in the Member's Section of our website in the About the Universe Community link.)


  • A Fun 4 minute Rap Video Inspiring Improvement on Our Big Global Challenges Including Global Warming

    You have to see this short fun global video and get re-inspired!  It was the #Film4Climate 1st Prize Short Film Winner. 

    Click here to watch the fun and inspiring video called 3 Seconds. It lasts 4 minutes and 17 seconds.

    (This video was discovered by our volunteer bookkeeper.)

  • Here Are the Surprisingly Congruent Positions on Climate Change and Global Warming from Many different Religions

    Most religious communities have released statements on Climate Change, Global Warming, and care for the Earth.

    The following list (organized alphabetically first by religion, then by denomination) demonstrates the unity within the religious community on these important issues.

    Please let us know if there are any additional statements you would like to see included.


    Seizing the Opportunity: Redefining the Challenge of Climate Change

    A Statement Of The Bahá’í International Community To The United Nations Climate Change Conference In Paris, France


    Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change

    A Western Soto Zen Buddhist Statement on the Climate Crisis


    Baptist – A Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change

    Catholic – U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Statement on Climate Change

    Catholic – Vatican on Climate Change

    Church of the Brethren-Statement on Global Climate Change

    Episcopal Church USA, The Church of Sweden and the ELCA: “Sustaining hope in the face of climate change” joint commitment

    National Association of Evangelicals – Call to Action

    Evangelical Lutheran Church of America – Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope, and Justice

    Evangelical Lutheran Church of America – Issue Paper: Global Warming and Climate Change

    Mennonite – Creation Care Network

    Presbyterian Church USA -U.S. Energy Policy and Global Warming

    Quaker – Earthcare Mission Program

    United Church of Christ – A Resolution on Climate Change

    United Methodist Church – Church Statement on Climate Change


    Hindu Deceleration on Climate Change


    Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change (IDCC)


    The (Yale) Forum on Religion and Ecology – Judaism and Climate Change


    Islam Faith Statement on Ecology


    A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment


    A Shared Quaker Statement – Facing the Challenge of Climate Change


    Sikh Statement on Climate Change

    Unitarian Universalist

    Unitarian Universalist – Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change

    Additional Statements

    18 Faith Traditions statements in one document compiled by IPL intern Rachel Clyde

    The (Yale) Forum on Religion and Ecology

    (This List originally created by Interfaith Power and Light.)

  • The most critical global warming and climate change deadlines

    Global warming is accelerating. The following survival-critical deadlines should be kept in mind. 

    Knowing and using these deadlines prevents panic and allows adequate time for the necessary emergency preparations and adaptations. The first deadline is the most important because if we fail to reach the required 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, there is not a lot left we can do to save the future of humanity.

    Here are the critical global warming and climate change deadlines to remember:

    The 5-year, 2025 deadline: We still can maintain some control of our global warming future and slow down an extinction event for most of humanity by mid-century, but only by getting very close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

    The 7-year, 2027 deadline (if we miss the 2025 targets): from 2020 to 2027, global warming consequences will steadily worsen in a rising linear progression. If you have prepared, adapted, and are in a global warming safer location before 2027, relative stability and security is probable until about 2030 to 2040. (See this page, which discusses the most reliable and least safe places to ride out the global warming emergency.)

    If you have not prepared and adapted to the new global warming realities, this is where life will begin to get a lot harder for a lot more of us.

    The 10-year, 2030 deadline (if we miss the 2025 targets): After 2030, many new climate, human, ecological, political, and financial points of no return and tipping points will be rapidly crossed due to both global warming and these 12 other global challenges also getting worse. The stability and security of even the safest and best prepared global warming safer locations will become increasingly uncertain.

    The 10-20 year, 2030-2040 deadline (even if we reach the 2025 targets): Beginning around 2030, the frequency, severity, and size of global warming consequences will move from its previous linear progression into an exponential progression. 

    Stability and security for even the best prepared global warming safer locations will become considerably more difficult.

    The 30-year, 2050 deadline (if we miss the 2025 targets): From 2030-2050 will be the most challenging period to survive for most of humanity. Generally, things will be only slightly better in global warming safer locations

    By mid-century, mass extinction for most of humanity will be unavoidable. 

    The 50-year deadline (if we miss the 2025 targets): We will face the worst consequences of runaway global warming, and we will be heading toward the even worse runaway greenhouse gas effect, which ripped the atmosphere off Venus. 

    If this occurs, humanity will likely face total extinction sometime around or before 2070-2100. 

    Do you still think new technologies will save us from our actions at the last minute? 

    There are those people who believe that geoengineering, carbon capture, or some other new miracle technology will ride in like a knight on a white horse just in time to save humanity from the natural consequences of its actions, inactions, and mistakes. Click here to read about why this "technology will save us" fairy tale will not happen or will be "far too little far too late" to save us.