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A Super-Inspiring 2019 Message AND, the Universe Day Transition

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Just like the earth, the Universe has also given you (and will continue to give you,)  almost everything that makes you --- you! But, when was the last time you realized (or re-recognized,) you are fully and completely embedded in a spectacular and continually evolving Universe?

This beginning of 2019 will you take the briefest moment to reflect upon your amazing universe home and feel a profound gratitude for your mere existence within it?

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Will you consider adding the briefest intentional moment to honor the gift of our Universe and its amazing resources which you use every day?

Similar to Earth Day events, individuals and organizations all over the world are encouraged to take a moment of gratitude, meditation as we enter 2019 to forward this year's Universe Day theme and message of active hope (described just below.)

In true Millennial and openness style, this Universe's Day celebration and 2019 message is a no-ownership, no-egos, get-the-message-out-now local and international co-created event.

Imitate it, adapt it, improve it, share it!. “Steal it, even, if it hastens the spread of its vital message below...

The foundational message behind the Universe Day celebration to bring into 2019 is derived in part from...

the wisdom of Albert Einstein when he said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” One doesn’t have to be a scientist, activist, or political analyst to know that the challenges faced on a worldwide scale (the global warming emergency, war,  other environmental degradation, the unstable global economy...) have serious consequences.

But rather than merely feeling overwhelmed by these issues (or our other personal challenges,) the impetus behind Universe Day is to expand one's perspective on how one thinks about them (such as thinking about them from the perspective of being planetary Evolutioneers or Universe Citizens. 

Universe Day is also about shifting our lives into better alignment with planetary-scale and universe-scale informed solutions --- such as new strategies for improvement based on science or humanity's vast collective experience and wisdom.

Universe Day is essentially a challenge to all of us. Amazing leaps in science and technology have extended the vision of the naked eye well over a million times. With recent innovations in astronomy and evolutionary science, we’ve discovered more factual knowledge about the universe and life in the last 20 years than all of human history.

With these leaps in our collective vision, we are touched and impacted in our consciousness by the rareness and miracle of what we have here on Earth.

In other words...

just as the universal informs the personal, so does it transform our planetary perspectives. Can we use these new science-grounded breakthroughs and our past collective wisdom to inspire our collective eyes, ears, hearts, and souls to examine what this planet, our universe, and our many challenges mean to us in a bigger evolutionary context and panorama?

This year's other important Universe Day messages

This year in addition to celebrating the official birthday of the Universe the other messages of Universe Day focuses on the four following life challenges and goals: 

1.) Act effectively and wisely as planetary Evolutioneers. As such, we have the responsibility to act from a long-term, big-picture perspective to wisely forward progressive evolution on our truly rare planet for the benefit of all humanity and all of earth's other inhabitants.

There are critical global responsibilities that transcend our national citizenship!

Our largest global responsibility is effectively managing global warming. This is one life-critical area where we must act together and be effective trans-national planetary Evolutioneers and universe citizens!

2.) Live more sustainably to dramatically reduce atmospheric carbon emissions on an emergency basis! This emergency reduction of human-caused carbon emissions is "Job One" for all of humanity. To learn how to live more sustainably and reduce your fossil fuel use, click here. (For other actions to be taken to slow and lessen escalating global warming, see the Job One for Humanity Plan.)

3.) Encourage people everywhere to sign the global warming State of Emergency Petition. This petition demands our government leaders get together and deal with the harsh new escalating global warming reality we all now face. Click here to sign this critical petition.

(Click here for why this emergency petition is urgently needed to deal with the global warming emergency and to prevent us crossing more global warming tipping points..)

4. Help build sustainable new eco-communities in global warming safe zones by donating here. For more about why these new sustainable eco-communities are critical to the future of humanity and civilization, click here.

We invite you (and all other planetary Evolutioneers and universe citizens,) to gather with friends locally this 10th annual Universe Day to consider both your rights and responsibilities as planetary Evolutioneers and universe citizens and then help us to enact new critically needed effective solutions to the escalating global warming emergency, better solve your own local challenges as well as to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the Universe we live in.

What will you do as an important part of the universe on this 10th annual Universe Day December 31-January 1st?

The universe and its beautiful planet Earth are waiting for you…

Need Some Ideas, Tips, and Pointers for Creating your own 10th annual Local Universe Day event? 

Similar to Earth Day events, individuals and organizations all over the planet are encouraged to host their own Universe Day and meetups to forward the Universe Day message. Universe Day is a no-ownership, no-egos, get-the-message-out now viral event. Imitate it, adapt it, improve it, and even steal it if it means that its message is quickly adopted to build a more sustainable future.

What Else You Can Do to Learn More for Creating Your Own Event...

To review tips for creating a successful Universe Day event go to http://universespirit.org/universe-day-event-tips#overlay-context=univer...

To view older Universe Day press releases that you can easily modify go to http://universespirit.org/universe-day-press-releases#overlay-context=ea...

AnchorSee a Local Event from a Past Universe Day:

Universe Day San Francisco promoted a Universe Day event on a solarized boat in San Francisco. To see the video from our SF Universe Day event click here.

What YOU can do now from anywhere in the world:

“Like” Universe Day International on Facebook! We also invite you to create your own local event that engages the levels of self, community, planet, and universe. We want to hear from you, and possibly feature you and your ideas for upcoming events, stories, and videos.

Learn more about how to be a planetary Evolutioneer and universe citizen in the great transformational evolutionary adventure.!

Why does Universe Day land on noon December 31st to noon on January 1st?

The New Year’s holiday is a time spent by many to reflect on the previous year, and examine how they want to live in the New Year about to begin. The celebration is also a way to energize important intentions. Mark Twain said, “Never trust your mind when your imagination is out of focus.” Likewise, on Universe Day, how might one shape their New Year’s resolutions when the biggest possible challenge to humanity's future (the global warming emergency) is also in focus?

For more information on what universe and planetary Evolutioneers are and do go here: http://universespirit.org/what-evolutioneer-why-are-evolutioneers-critical-better-future

Universe Day is facilitated by the non-profit organizations Job One for Humanity and UniverseSpirit.org. You can learn more about everything mentioned just above on these websites. Job One for Humanity and UniverseSpirit.org ) 

Happy Universe Day and Happy New Year 2019 from all the staff and volunteers at Universe Spirit,

Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director


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