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Is the new Armageddon the coming Climageddon?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Hi Everybody,

It's not often we publish a letter to us, but it is the time to break previous precedents. I had previously sent out a request to several individuals who have strong interests or credentials in biblical history asking them a fairly simple question.

"How is the Climageddon extinction model of global warming different or similar to what is described as Armageddon or the End of Days or even the Rapture for that matter any other Biblical religious prophecy of a great distraction of humanity?

Below you will find one of the first replies I have received back


Hi Lawrence


I hope you’re making some progress in line with your plans. Although I’m taking a break, your request still sits with me because at all times I wish to help you whenever you ask. I also have no doubt that our respective paths will unite fully in the future. Therefore, while I’m unable to do the specific research requested, perhaps there’s something I already know that I can pass on to you to help. Although it’s not exactly what you asked for, here’s a little something that you may or may not already have. It’s more a conclusion rather than information, if you get my drift. An output rather than an input.


Climageddon, being part of Armageddon, will not and cannot be solved by the current world order! Not only have they proven to hide the facts, lie and deceive the people, being in partial denial about climate change, but we now have  the USA (the world’s biggest polluter) leading the fight against climate change, leading the world in the next level of climate change denial: total denial.  As soon as we truly understand and accept this inevitable truth then we can stop wasting our own energy and resources and stop walking this path which will prove to be absolutely futile. Every moment spent walking that path, trying to get the current world order to listen and do what is necessary to avoid climate change, let alone Climageddon, will be a totally wasted effort and only contribute to ourselves catastrophically failing in our mission!!!!!!


Only a New World Order, the New Age, can overcome both Climageddon and Armageddon! This means that spirituality, the spiritual evolution of humanity, is the one and only path ahead to tackle Climageddon and Armageddon! The only solution ahead to solving Climageddon lies in:

1.     Climageddon being critically understood as being an integral part of Armageddon;

2.     The spiritual evolution of humanity. This is a 2 stage process. Climageddon cannot be solved intellectually but only by humanity evolving our relationship with our planet from being the most abuseful one possible (property and owner) to the highest one, being that Mother Nature is a sentient being, a deity (the indigenous spiritual belief). Only by evolving our spirituality we will learn to individually and collectively connect into a force and power that is far greater than our individual selves. That connection with the divine begins with our planet, Mother Nature (the tangible deity), and then advances to become the intangible deity …. most commonly known as God (but a new and evolutionary understanding of God)!


I hope this is of some help to you.





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