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How Pandemics Like Coronavirus (Covid19) Are Caused or Exacerbated by the Hidden Global Warming Emergency

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Submitted by Lawrence on

You be the judge on why our governments are not talking to us about how global warming is creating pandemics?

Dear members and visitors,

Our all-volunteer staff is reeling a bit from all that needs to be done to protect themselves and their families and businesses from the coronavirus until a vaccine is found. Because of this temporary refocusing of our volunteers on personal survival issues, we have not been able to keep up with routine services, new blog posts, newsletters, fundraising, etc. 

Hopefully, with these new posts and our volunteer staff having more time over the next 2-4 few weeks, we will have time to pick up on our regular operations once again.

But in the meantime, I also thought you should know that...

Escalating global warming is creating or exacerbating pandemics like Covid19 in several ways:

1. Global warming is quickly destroying the natural habitat of wild animals. This forces the wild animals (like bats) into closer proximity with humans making it easier for the animal viruses (zoological viruses,) to cross over into humans. This has happened with the Covid 19 virus.

2. Global warming is and will continue to cause increasing crop failures, hunger, and famine. This will force poor and starving individuals to hunt, capture, live in closer proximity, and eat more wild animals. This will once again make it easier for animal viruses to cross over into humans. This was also most likely an important component part of the original Covid 19 outbreak in a wild animal market.)

3. Global warming is melting increasing amounts of millennia-old tundra and permafrost, releasing long trapped and frozen bacteria and viruses that humans have never seen and for which they have no resistance. 

The above means that it is inevitable that we will be seeing more pandemics, but not every hundred years as has occurred for the last few thousand years. Because of our escalating global warming emergency, global pandemics could quickly become every decade or sooner occurrences. 

We are all trying to recover together. We will get through this at some point. 

In the meantime, if you can, please help us out with a tax-deductible donation. This is because donations are down and we do not believe the US government will give our nonprofit organization with its all-volunteer staff any financial assistance (as they are doing with other nonprofits with paid staff or businesses.) 

Take care of yourselves,

Lawrence Wollersheim

Executive Director

PS: Also please do not forget that we have only six years left to reduce our global fossil fuel use enough to prevent a mass extinction event from unfolding over the next 30-50 years. The coming mass extinction event will be far worse than the Covid19 pandemic. 

The global warming mass extinction process will be caused by crossing four critical global warming tipping points. Find out what these four tipping points are here

While we struggle through this pandemic, we cannot forget the far bigger battle ahead of us isthe global warming extinction emergency!