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In Fairness and Balance to the News of Google Donating to Global Warming Denier Organizations

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Google took a hard hit in a recent story they made significant donations to global warming denier organizations but, is there more to the story?


In a new article called "Google gave 'substantial' donations to climate deniers:" a major newspaper disclosed Google gave considerable donations to climate denier organizations while touting itself as a company concerned about the global warming emergency. Before I get to the Google's reply to this news outlet "outing," in fairness and balance, I will share our non-profit organization's experience and history with Google on the specific issue of global warming education and position.

What you need to know

Since 2016, Google has given our organization Job One for Humanity, almost 1 million dollars in no charge Google Adwords to promote what many consider to be the most controversial global warming educational website on the Internet. Many times we thought Google would at some point cancel an almost $40,000 per month in AdWords donations, but they didn't. 

Their giving us this use of that amount of free monthly Internet advertizing has brought hundreds of thousands of individuals to the candid climate denier eviscerating global warming information found on our website. 

It has also brought thousands and thousands of people to sign the global warming extinction emergency petition that goes out to politicians all over the world.

Our website, JobOneforHumanity.org has become the website that the fossil fuel industry most wants to hide from Internet users because:

1. We found and published the errors as well as the political and lobbyist manipulation of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) final analysis and interpretation of current global warming research. This IPCC analysis and interpretation of current climate research was used to produce the latest and grossly wrong global fossil fuel reduction targets.

2. We then published what the corrected global fossil fuel reduction targets should be today. (Here are the 2025 legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets that just may save us from a mass extinction event unfolding within the next few decades.)

3. We also publish the most difficult to hear global warming reduction failures and other disheartening global warming news as it arises because, if we do know it, we can not fix it!

We are also controversial in that we not only work to prevent or slow the unfolding of a global warming-caused extinction event, we also help people prepare their global warming Plan B survival kits. (Just in case it all goes very wrong.) 

Our Plan B even includes having a global warming migration plan using the information found at our Global Warming Migration Center. (There are also many other things that we do that disrupt other organizations putting out false, or fossil fuel lobbyists manipulated information that are too numerous to mention in this short blog post.)

But, the simple point is this!

Because of Google's ongoing donation support of us, far more people and organizations (like Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion and the school walkout protesters, and many others) have more scientifically valid global warming facts that they can use to try to turn the global warming extinction emergency around. It is that simple. 

Now to Google's explanation as to why it donated to the conservative global warming denying organizations.

I believe Google. These donations were not an endorsement of the global warming denier positions at these conservative organizations. They were just a donation to have some conservative influence for the upcoming privacy and other Internet regulation sessions coming up in congress. 

I sincerely believe this because of Job One for Humanity's long experience with Google's ongoing donation support of our organization's tough positions on the global warming extinction emergency, which has been nothing but courageous and consistent!

I also believe that if Google did specifically endorse any global warming denier positions at the very top of the Google organization, its young and global warming well-educated staff would stage a walkout or outright extinction rebellion of their own. 

Nothing in this blog post has been solicited by Google in any way. It is just our organization trying to present a fair and balanced picture based on years of experience with Google. 


Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director

Universe Spirit