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Everything you need to know about climate change and the global warming emergency in 3 sentences!

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While global fossil fuel reductions could still have been gradual, we wasted the 35 years of scientific warnings. We now will have to pay a painful price.

Everything you need to know about the global warming emergency in 3 easy-to-remember sentences:

1. The coming global warming consequences are not only far worse than we are being told; they are coming far sooner than we are being told. 

(Don't believe this statement is accurate, click here!)

2. Because of coming global warming-related consequences, much of humanity will be dead by mid-century and, ---  there is little we can still do to stop this tragedy!

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3. Because of 20 to 30-year long climate momentum and inertia issues, If we miss the last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets by a lot, humanity faces a total extinction event beginning in 50-70 years! 

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Special bonus, What 99.999% of all people genuinely do not understand about global warming

We have to get very close to reducing ALL global fossil fuel use by 2025 by 75%, or humanity goes extinct long before the end of the 21st century! 

Global warming science is so complex, requiring so much study (tens of thousands of pages) as well as highly developed analytical skills (such as logic, systems thinking, and dialectical meta-systemic analysis,) that few individuals truly understand the extreme danger that we are in already. This lack of accurate understanding is equally true for our governments and particularly our politicians.

Because our governments and politicians also do not understand the complex science behind the real fossil fuel reduction deadlines, they will keep coming up with new "solutions" that they think they can sell to the general public (which understands even less about global warming than they do.) Because of the complexity of the science and the widespread lack of understanding concerning the dire crisis that we are actually in, you can rely on our governments and politicians to continue proposing nice-sounding solutions that will be far too little, far too late to save our future! 

This is also true because politicians hate telling voters that they must now endure many necessary painful sacrifices (the 75% global reduction in fossil fuel use.) This global crisis would not have happened if we had not ignored the smaller, more gradual sacrifices and fossil fuel reduction pain that we could have been enduring over the last 35 years.

(To learn about the hard science behind why we must reduce total global fossil fuel usage by 75% by 20205 to save humanity, click here.)

For the shrinking list of what still can be done to make things better within our dwindling real deadlines

Click here.

Please also sign our climate change and global warming extinction emergency petition to get our politicians in action before it is too late!