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Our 2021 Global Warming and Climate Change Consequence Predictions

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Every year we put out our list of new global warming predictions early in the new year. Year after year we have been very accurate! Psychologists say it is best to provide the bad news first.

Reluctantly, here is the 2021 bad climate change news:

a. The US will spend about 3-5% of its total gross domestic product (GDP) this year on global warming-related consequences. (The US GDP is just over 19 trillion dollars.)

b. In the US, the most expensive and worst single-incident global warming-related disaster will approach or exceed 250 billion dollars in total cost.

c. Droughts, wildfires, rain bombs, flooding, and other forms of extreme weather will become more frequent, severe, and occur at larger and larger scales across the US and the rest of the world.

d. There will be far more failed harvests leading to significant increases in food costs, starvation, and famine.

e. Annual migration due to global warming-related consequences will double worldwide. There are already 100 million climate migrants (climagees.) 

f. There will be more category five hurricanes and cyclones repeatedly hitting the same places. We will also see the first Category Six hurricanes and typhoons occurring due to the extra global warming heat in our atmosphere and oceans.

g. More people will die this year because of global warming-related consequences than in any other year.

h. You will see more global warming extinction emergency warning signs appearing in the news than ever before. (Click here to review these 47 global warming emergency warning signs. They are found in two sections about 1/2/ to 2/3 down this page.)

i. For another year, most of humanity will not grasp that we do not execute the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets by 2025, much of humanity will die off by mid-century. 

j. More temperature, rainfall, drought, wildfire icemelt, heatwave, coral reef die-off, and coastal and inland flooding records will be broken than last year.

k. It is no longer only Job One for Humanity telling its members how bad it will get in 2021. Many scientists in many fields are warning us we are on a collision course with global disaster. The prestigious Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, famous for creating the Doomsday clock, is also warning about accelerating global warming and the other major global crisis besides nuclear war! (Click here for a new, well-written CNN article for the Atomic Scientist's Doomsday Clock update for 2021.)

l. We are now only four years away from the Climate Cliff. (Find out what the Climate Cliff tipping point is and what it triggers for your future at this link.

m. Major environmental groups will continue to allow the global warming reduction programs of world governments to be based on false and grossly inadequate global warming reduction targets and deadlines. If this continues over the next 4 critical years, there is no way to prevent increasing extinction, social chaos, and global collapse!

n. Joe Biden, the new US president, (along with John Kerry, his climate leader) is correcting the many Trump climate policy errors. They are also forwarding many better climate actions, but what they are enacting on governmental levels is still --- far, far too little, far, far too late. 

Although the Biden administration is making climate progress the new Biden era US fossil fuel reductions are still based on grossly false reduction calculations that will provide temporary and eventually painful false hope to the uninformed. Unless the US government adopts the correct fossil fuel targets and leads the rest of the world using these targets, much of humanity will be dead by mid-century. (Click here to learn more about how even the Biden era US fossil fuel reduction targets are still grossly underestimated and miscalculated.)

o. Governments worldwide will continue to present their citizens' false global warming reduction targets and timetables. These fraudulent reduction target programs will result in much of humanity dying-off by mid-century. (See this link then this link for more information on this critical fossil fuel reduction deception.)

p. Our governments will continue to refuse to acknowledge that --- significantly missing the real 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets will mean a highly probable total human extinction within 50 to 70 years.

q. More climate scientists, climate researchers, and climate-informed individuals, as well as well-informed ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations, will be discretely migrating to or buying land in the world's remaining global warming safer areas, about 5% of the world's available landmass. (Click here for global warming migration information.)

Here is the 2021 good climate change news:

a. A growing number of wise and informed individuals worldwide are learning about the real global warming extinction emergency and taking it seriously. They are also preparing their global warming Plan Bs (including creating new eco-communities.) so that some of humanity and our beautiful civilization will exist a bit longer and possibly survive our stupidity.

b. There are many benefits available if we work together and use honest calculations to reduce global fossil fuel use to the required targets and deadlines. (Click here to read about dozens of these benefits.)

c. A few intelligence analysts and government members worldwide have now realized that it is no longer possible to avoid a die-off of much of humanity by mid-century. But luckily, they also recognize that we still have a small window of opportunity to avert a global warming aggravated total extinction event. 

Their biggest problem now is how to get other politicians up to speed and how to get the public ready for the extreme fossil fuel reductions and other remedies that it will now take to save the future. (Click here to see how we wasted 35 years when the fossil fuel reduction could have been more gradual and bearable!)

d. There are only a few global warming education organizations like Job One for Humanity that will not go away. They will continue to speak the scientific truth to power concerning the global warming extinction emergency. Throughout 2021 despite all odds, we will continue to demand that governments set and use the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines.

e. Evolution will continue to act exactly as it has done for the last 10,000 years of human civilization. It will continue to favor the wise, the well-informed, and the most cooperative.