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Three New Climate Emergency Articles Well Worth Reading

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Submitted by Lawrence on

How bad is the climate emergency really and, are current government solutions working? Make up your own mind with these three new articles.

See the following articles:

Humanity Is Hurtling Into a 'Ghastly Future' It Doesn't Comprehend, Scientists Warn

Too Many Companies Are Banking on Carbon Capture to Reach Net Zer

The Monumental and Outstanding Third Article: (Did we save the best for last?)

The following academic paper by Professor Jem Bendell in the bold link below is not written in the usual academic style. It's easy for a layperson to read. 

Most remarkable about this paper is that non-academics have also read it several hundred thousand times. 

This paper alone, with no one promoting it, has spawned a worldwide movement with tens of thousands of followers, and it has inspired and informed the leadership of Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg's movement, and many other global warming warning groups.

This paper goes into the darkest of places with our global warming consequences and the consequences of the other major global crises. It takes the final position that all is lost, and "we just need to accept the end of the world over the following decades and comfort each other until the end." 

Unlike this academic paper, the Job One for Humanity organization and plan takes a different final position on our emergency. We ask our members — is it better to work to save something or do nothing and lose everything? We also ask our members to prepare for a mass die-off, (which is now unavoidable) while at the same time working like hell to avoid total extinction, which is still possible!

The Deep Adaptation article below contains compelling information for intelligent individuals dealing with the honest realization of just how bad things will get over the next two decades. 

But, never forget that the Job One organization does not see everyone and everything as lost! We have a detailed plan to make the best of a horrible situation so that those who prepare and adapt wisely will have a far better chance of surviving and eventually thriving.

Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy

Only After you have read the above articles, read these two pages on our website:

How Bad is the Global Warming Emergency Really Going to Get?

Carbon Capture Tech Won't Save Us in Time!

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