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The Universe Spirit Mission 2021 Update

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Submitted by Lawrence on

 Humanity is facing its greatest evolutionary challenge. It is the worsening of our 12 major global crises. 

How we manage these 12 global crises will determine humanity's future and its survival.

Our mission is to both support and create millions of Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers who will work to lessen and resolve these 12 crises and create a more equitable, sustainable, and thriving future for all! 

These empowered Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers will do this by using an approach that is:

1. rational and science grounded,

2. big-picture and evolutionary,

3. based on universal values, and,

4. for those of a spiritual nature, informed by the values of a healthy personalized spirituality.

To achieve our mission, we are forced to prioritize many of our actions on the single greatest disruptor and threat multiplier of the 21st-century, our accelerating global warming emergency

We invite you to explore Universe Spirit to learn, adapt, evolve, and thrive throughout the worsening of the current 12 global crises that we will have to endure and survive as we co-create a better world for all.

Please sign our time-critical global warming emergency petition to get our politicians into action before it is too late!