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  • The 6th Annual Universe Day this December 31st 2014/2015 is Coming: Fixing Climate Destabilization Now is This Year's Message. Learn More...

    To Learn about this event and this year's celebrations, click here.

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  • What Are Greatest Global Adaptive Challenges Facing Millennials, Younger Generations, and Humanity as a Whole?

    We invite you to consider the following percolating caldron of the most critical global challenges that face Millennials, our younger generations, and humanity...

    The Greatest Global Adaptive Challenges Facing Our Younger Generations and Humanity Today

    The world is dealing with 12 global challenges (described below) that provide a powerful interactive, inter-connected, and inter-dependent context in which the accelerating global warming emergency is occurring. 

    These 12 global challenges will accelerate many of the worst global warming consequences (described further below.) Simultaneously, the accelerating global warming emergency will also multiply or amplify many of the worst consequences of these 11 other global challenges.

    Because of the negative consequences of how all of these global challenges feed off each other, once we go over the 2025 global warming Climate Cliff, we will make most of humanity's 12 global challenges so much worse that humanity's survival is unlikely. If we miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, what we will face is the eventual near-complete collapse of our global civilization within a matter of 3-5 decades.

    Here are today's 12 most dangerous global challenges fueling the high likelihood of the first great global collapse in human history. When you are reading them think about how they can and will affect each other as they worsen:

    Global Challenge 1: Resolving the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Directly and indirectly, the current COVID-19 pandemic is due in significant part to the loss of natural wild animal habitat caused by global warming and other man-made causes such as eating more wild and not domesticated animals, the exploding and hungry world populations crowding into urban areas, and the overall deterioration of global health services. 


    If a vaccine is ever found, the COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to go on around the world until mid to late 2021 or even into early 2022 before everyone is vaccinated. If no vaccine is found, like what has happened with AIDS, Lyme disease, and many other viruses over the last 30 years, we will be living with the effects of COVID-19 until a “herd immunity” is developed and if that immunity is even applicable to this virus. A somewhat safer global herd immunity could take as many a 3-5 years to develop.) 

    Global Challenge 2: increasing global economic instabilities that are leading to regularly reoccurring national and global recessions or depressions over shorter and shorter time periods. (These recessions and depressions are fueled by existing economic weaknesses, lack of financial reserves, huge national deficits, low financial system resilience, and major unexpected shocks or events (like COVID-19,) hitting the global markets and global financial systems. 

    COVID-19 is predicted to create a global financial recession or depression that could last until late 2022 or even until 2025 or longer. (Up to ten years for recovery from a COVID-19 global recession or depression is not that long when you consider that ten years is the time it took to recover from the 2008 global banking and housing meltdown and recession. The graph below is for projected world gross domestic product [GDP] growth during the pandemic. The worse case predictions may be optimistic.)


    Global Challenge 3: ever-rising over-population, (the Earth has the carrying capacity for about 1 1/2 - 2 billion people. Currently, we are near 8 billion people adding about 130 million additional people each year racing to 9.8 billion by or before 2050. (About 50 million people a year normally die.)

    We are way over sustainable population levels already yet, no government other than China seems willing to set a one child per couple policy! Future and current generations will suffer unthinkable catastrophes because, as humanity, we failed to manage the size of our global population to match the carrying capacity of our global environment and the Earth's available resources.


    Please note that as the global population continues to rise, the additional population serves to further amplify and multiply the most harmful consequences of almost all the 12 other global challenges and consequences listed on this page.) One could easily say that overpopulation and its inherent over-consumption beyond our carrying capacity is also a major cause behind today's global warming emergency. (Please click this carrying capacity link to learn more about why this rapidly rising overpopulation challenge is so dangerous.)

    For a candid and balanced article on the immense suffering caused by our overpopulation global challenge, please see this article, Population, the Great Knee-Jerker: A Holistic Survey and Plea to Reduce Suffering.

    Global Challenge 4: Over-consumption causing ever-rising global resource depletion (aka overshoot) caused by overpopulation, toxic pollution of water, lands, and air, crop failures, overfishing, topsoil loss, resource distribution injustice, and the massive “overconsumption and waste” of the Earth's finite resources. Global resource depletion will significantly increase food shortages and cause soaring food prices leading to more starvation and mass migrations. For example, the following are estimates of when only a few of our critical global resources will be depleted; freshwater 12 years (2032), fish stocks almost totally gone by 2050, adequate topsoil for crop growing gone by 2070. (See this page to see 90 percent of fish stock already overfished and to see charts on how this loss will throw much of the world into starvation.)

    Of particular concern is the depletion of phosphorous critically needed for crop fertilizers. Adequate access to this could run out in as little as 35-45 years.


    If you still do not believe that massive resource depletion and overshoot is a huge soon-arriving problem? Watch this fantastic resource overshoot video with great graphics and global resource depletion amounts and time frames in simple illustrations by Hugh Montgomery, a noted English professor. (We strongly recommend you watch this video for all of the food and non-food resources that are in an accelerating depletion peril. [Forward the video to the 10 minutes and 30-second mark to begin watching Professor Hugh Montgomery's compelling graphic presentation.])

    There are also many other critical mineral and non-mineral resources that will also run out soon, click here for more about these.

    Global Challenge 5: escalating pollution of lands, air, and waters. Ongoing and accelerating toxic pollution kills crops, fish stocks, and poisons our air, water, and soil creating and accelerating all types of global health, social, and economic problems. (Ocean heating and ocean acidification from carbon from global warming will eventually kill off much of the oceans' oxygen-producing plankton. These plankton are responsible for as much as 50% of all oxygen produced on the planet.) 


    Global Challenge 6: loss of biodiversity, we are having more plants and animals go extinct than at any other time in human history. This is due to an ongoing and accelerating loss of natural habitat due to overpopulation, global warming, overuse, pollution, etc. (Leading Stanford University biologists, who were first to reveal that we are already experiencing the sixth mass extinction on Earth, released new research this week showing species extinctions are accelerating in an unprecedented manner, which may be another tipping point for the collapse of human civilization.)


    Global Challenge 7: growing economic inequality, social and racial injustice, hunger, and poverty. Today less than 1% of the world's population owns more than 50% of all wealth. Over for the last several decades, this ownership percentage continues to grow in favor of the wealthy. 

    Growing economic inequality and poverty often increase food shortages and often cause food prices to soar leading once again to mass starvation and mass migrations. This year (2020,) 130 million people are lacking adequate food and could starve to death. COVID-19's effect on the world economy could double that number of the next few years. Over the following decades, global warming consequences will raise that number into the hundreds of millions eventually rising well past a billion.) 


    Global Challenge 8: Escalating local, regional, and international criminality, conflicts, terrorism, and war. Expect these population-destabilizing security and stability threats to increase in their intensity, frequency, and scale. This threat escalation will occur from the urban and rural local levels to regional and international levels. 



    Vastly increased levels of survival-driven criminality, conflicts, terrorism, and war will be due to the world experiencing almost all of the global challenges on this page getting steadily worse. Global nuclear war or widespread chemical or biological war is also a real and escalating threat as most of the global challenges on this page worsen. Nations with nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons will compete to the death for the few global warming safer lands or the dwindling food supplies and other resources.

    Please note that there is another Doomsday Clock created decades ago by concerned atomic scientists worried about nuclear war. As of 2020, they have re-set their clock to 100 seconds before midnight. Although this earlier Doomsday Clock was initially focused on the threat of nuclear attack, they have now expanded their clock to include global warming equal to nuclear war and other factors, as described in their 2020 statement of global risk.


    Global Challenge 9: Mass migrations, political and economic instability, increasing terrorism, conflicts, and war plus global warming and many of the other listed global challenges on this page will both create and expand sudden, massive migrations of millions then billions of desperate refugees and climagees. During this phase, as most of the listed global challenges on this page intensify, various stronger governments will order precautionary evacuations of selected individuals and groups to limit casualties and losses from their most vulnerable areas. Before 2030-2035 because of global warming alone, the world will see hundreds of millions of climagees (climate refugees.)

    Global Challenge 10: New COVID-19 like pandemics as well as other new and older disease epidemics that will likely flare up every decade. This will in part be due to global warming melting of the permafrost, loss of natural animal habitat, eating more wild animals, overcrowding, less resilient health systems, mass migrations, wars and conflicts, and many of the other challenges and consequences listed on this page. 

    Additionally, new and older disease epidemics will occur more frequently and be more severe because of the abuse of antibiotics in animal product production. This abuse has resulted in bacteria that are now resistant to every known type of antibiotic. Worse yet, because of accelerating global warming, more COVID-19 type global pandemics could come as often as every decade. The AIDS virus became widespread in the late 1970s, the SARS virus in 2003, the MERS virus in 2012, and the Ebola virus in 2013. Click here for more about how escalating global warming may begin producing COVID-19 like pandemics every decade. 


    Global Challenge 11: increasing political instability and collapsing governments. Fueled by existing internal and external conflicts, soaring deficits, and the intensifying global challenges listed on this page, poorly managed nations with weak economies and low existing resilience will fall first. In 2020 we already see numerous countries on the verge of economic or political collapse. As the increased stresses of these listed global challenges continue to increase upon all nations, stronger nations will also steadily collapse. And finally, what is the most dangerous challenge and collapse accelerator of all.


    Global Challenge 12: The ever-accelerating global warming emergency. This global warming emergency is causing escalating desertification, sea-level rise, flooding, deforestation, reef collapse, droughts, wildfires, extreme storms, and the spread of diseases through epidemics and pandemics. All of these global warming specific consequences are increasing scale, severity, and frequency as our average global temperature continues to rise. 

    Accelerating global warming is the single greatest disruptor and global threat multiplier of the 21st century. It can directly or indirectly significantly amplify and multiply the adverse consequences of almost every other global challenge listed on this page. The global warming emergency of itself, if not resolved soon, will cause the deaths of most of humanity by mid-century. Worse yet, because of global warming long before 2050 we will also cross three extinction-evoking global warming tipping points. (These three critical global warming tipping points are described here.)

    Global warming is also very bad for the world's economy. The rising consequences of the global warming emergency will consume larger and larger percentages of every nations Gross Domestic Productivity (GDP.)

    As global warming reaches its later Climageddon Scenario phases, it will become more likely that we will destroy ourselves in a massive war or nuclear conflict over the remaining resources or global warming safest lands.


    Excluding the challenge of having no real global government (which is an evolutionary, structural, and developmental issue) and immediate global thermonuclear war, our out of control global warming is the single most dangerous global challenge today. It is also the most dangerous global challenge because:

    a.) It is also the most immediate and probable meta-trigger for the growing possibility of a chain reaction of whipsawing and simultaneous ecological, economic, social, and political catastrophes and converging global system collapses involving directly or indirectly most of the other critical global challenges listed above. 



    If you think about accelerating global warming as a brightly burning match that will ignite the highly explosive and destructive "fuels" already existing within most of the other 12 critical challenges listed above, you would have another good idea why we have to get the global warming emergency under control as our immediate and top priority. 

    b.) Global warming is a severe security threat already unfolding. It is causing substantial global problems right now and, it is rapidly growing toward crossing four critical extinction-evoking tipping points.  It is in fact, already all but out of our control. It can and will end most of the human species within our lifetimes if we do not act soon! 

    When you are done reading this page which describes the many detailed steps and processes of the global collapse process below, please also see the Climageddon Scenario extinction prediction model for all details on both the consequences and timeframes of the global warming emergency.


    The biggest remaining problem:

    Failing to evolve a single global government with legislative, judicial, and enforceable executive powers. If you think deeply about it, you will discover that this first global challenge and critical evolutionary failure of having no unified or truly effective global government IS the single biggest core reason and structural cause of climate destabilization. Its evolutionary absence alone acts to facilitate, escalate, and enable all of the other great global challenges that we currently face (listed farther below).

    It bears repeating... the lack of the existence of a single global government with both executive verification powers and executive enforcement powers based on common global laws allows humanity's biggest global challenges listed below to either:

    a.) exist at all,

    b.) continue to exist or,

    c.) to remain perpetually unresolved and/or worsening.

     Click here to see the Job One for Humanity Plan for adapting to accelerating global warming.

    If you are under 30, there is, unfortunately, one more unique global adaptive challenge that you face more so than those who are older. Click here to see that additional global challenge.


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  • Key Climate destabilization Feedbacks and Tipping Points You Should Know!

    “Our home planet is dangerously near a tipping point at which human-made greenhouse gases reach a level where major climate changes can proceed mostly under their own momentum.” -James Hansen

    As we've seen, the first critical point that everyone needs to understand is the climate has a response lag, which is disguising and delaying most of the effects of the greenhouse gases we've put into the air. By raising the level of CO2 in the air faster than the planet can respond, we've created a package of "on the way" warming headed our way that's three times the actual warming we've experienced so far.

    We can still cancel delivery of much of that package of warming, if we quickly bring CO2 in the air back down to a safe level. But since we're still raising the level of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the air at an accelerating rate, we're letting that opportunity slip away --the package of "future warming" we're sending to our children is getting bigger and bigger every year.

    For the rest of this detailed article, click here.

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  • What if ALL carbon dioxide emissions that are causing global warming suddenly stopped. New Shocker ---the Earth will stay warmer for centuries!

    Even if carbon dioxide emissions came to a sudden halt, the carbon dioxide already in Earth's atmosphere could continue to warm our planet for hundreds of years, according to Princeton University-led research published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The study suggests that it might take a lot less carbon than previously thought to reach the global temperature scientists deem unsafe.

    The researchers simulated an Earth on which, after 1,800 billion tons of carbon entered the atmosphere, all carbon dioxide emissions suddenly stopped. Scientists commonly use the scenario of emissions screeching to a stop to gauge the heat-trapping staying power of carbon dioxide. Within a millennium of this simulated shutoff, the carbon itself faded steadily with 40 percent absorbed by Earth's oceans and landmasses within 20 years and 80 percent soaked up at the end of the 1,000 years.

    By itself, such a decrease of atmospheric carbon dioxide should lead to cooling. But the heat trapped by the carbon dioxide took a divergent track.

    After a century of cooling, the planet warmed by 0.37 degrees Celsius (0.66 Fahrenheit) during the next 400 years as the ocean absorbed less and less heat. While the resulting temperature spike seems slight, a little heat goes a long way here. Earth has warmed by only 0.85 degrees Celsius (1.5 degrees Fahrenheit) since pre-industrial times.

    Click here to go to the Princeton University-led research published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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  • The Two Climate Destabilization Shockers of Global Warming that You Absolutely Need to Know to Wisely Plan Your and Your Family's Future.

    The two big shockers of climate destabilization caused by fossil fuel pollution induced global warming are:

    Shocker 1.) No matter what we do now humanity will be sadly facing a global average temperature increase of 6-12 degrees Fahrenheit within as little as 40-70 years. This is that based on an internal dialectical meta-system analysis of over 7,000 pages of the current climate data research and summaries.

    We have already passed by the long held average global climate temperature range maintenance tipping point. A four point six (4.6,) degree increase in global average temperature has been the official low and very optimistic estimate. This is based on a premise that everything happening in the climate system will always work perfectly in our favor and no known or unknown climate tipping points will be crossed. A six to eight degree Fahrenheit increase is the far more realistic and balanced projection. A 12 degree Fahrenheit or more increase in average global temperature is a pessimistic, but well warranted estimate.

    The 12 degree Fahrenheit is based on if:

    a.) we continue increasing our carbon pollution into the atmosphere at our current exponentially rising levels or,

    b.) we cross any more of the many unknown climate system tipping points within the numerous critical sub-systems of the climate meta-system. (For a detailed discussion of the numerous climate tipping points, click here.)

    Shocker 2.) Climate destabilization's first wave of super storms or "millennial storms" (storms that have not been seen for thousands or tens of thousands of years will not be coming 60-100 years from now as is currently thought. Our evaluation of the current climate data implies that these new super storms, super droughts, super floods and super wildfires etc will begin replacing the current extreme weather waves that we now experiencing in as little as 15 to 30 years. These new millennial super storms could be 20-50 percent stronger than anything that we have ever recorded.

    Why will all this climate mess happen? Simply put, we did not drastically lower carbon pollution from fossil fuels a long time ago --- when we should have done so! It is unfortunate that we have basically "just talked" about fixing global warming for over 30 years.

    To be absolutely clear.

    The battle to minimize climate destabilization to less that 2 degrees Celsius (4.6 degrees Fahrenheit,) has already been lost! We all need to accept this harsh reality and we need to move on to preparing and adapting to what is coming --- while we still have time!

    We now have no other prudent choice, but to do what ever we can to try to lessen the long term pain that humanity will endure. The good news is that we do still have enough time to prepare ourselves, our families, our businesses and nations for the tremendous stress that climate destabilization will put us into, but again, only if we get serious now and start preparing for it.

    Some of the Science Behind the Two Climate Shockers:

    The popular media keeps telling us that the current climate target in average global temperature is no more than a 2 degree Celsius (4.6 degree Fahrenheit,) increase, but that is a virtual impossibility. It is a virtually impossible target due to the existing and "already built into the system" global warming atmospheric carbon levels as well as the exponentially increasing ongoing carbon pollution momentum. To make matters worse, almost every government or international 5-7 year update report coming out on the climate over the last 25 years has repeatedly adjusted their climate threat estimates whenever reissued to the negative by on the average 20-40%.

    Please now review the "Keating" Carbon in the Atmosphere graphs below for the last several hundred thousand years, since the industrial revolution and then going back millions of years. Notice that the average carbon parts per million (ppm) never rose much above 270 ppm until the industrial revolution. For hundreds of thousands of years before that it stayed close to that range. Only hundreds of millions of years ago was the carbon ppm levels much higher during Earth's more turbulent earlier developmental period.

    Something has radically changed since the beginning of the fossil fuel powered industrial revolution of the 1880s. We have now crossed carbon 400 ppm. Extrapolating on the exponentially rising carbon levels each year, we find that we could be at carbon 550 ppm in as little as 30-40 years or less. [In 2013 we increased carbon by 2.9 ppm in just one year!] If we hit carbon 550 ppm as it appears we will, this "seals the deal" on radical destructive changes for most life on earth. And --- even if we stopped all carbon pollution from fossil fuel today, it is estimated that it will take hundreds of years to bring the atmosphere back to safe carbon ppm levels. We need to start preparing and adapting!

    It appears global average temperature is now increasing about 1/2 degree F for every 25 additional parts per million of carbon going into the atmosphere or less. And that does not include any climate tipping points that come into play as the atmosphere heat up more and more and more carbon enters the atmosphere at a faster and faster rate.


    This devastating failure to handle this atmospheric carbon pollution threat to life on Earth is also because of the massive global inertia surrounding effective, critical path "first things first" actions that were needed to be completed a long ago to avert the now near certain global average temperature increase of 6-12 degrees Fahrenheit.)

    Increased or decreased carbon ppm in the atmosphere appears to have a direct or near direct relationship to rising and falling temperature all the way back to Earth's earliest times millions of years ago. Life as we know it today only really began to flourish when the carbon levels and temperatures were in a range closer to today.


    In spite of the above facts about historic and current carbon pollution levels in the atmosphere, humanity is not adapting well to this or the many other disturbing global ecological, economic and political feedback signals. This climate data and many other signals are telling our national and global cultures that too many of our current lifestyle and livelihood practices are highly unsustainable or even destructive to the planetary bio-systems. Numerous scientists have already come out and said, "we have now entered into the Sixth Great Extinction period of human history." We believe they are right and that is a strong sign that we are in an evolutionary retrogression and bottleneck!

    Everyday it is becoming more obvious to societies' most thoughtful and aware individuals that the current national and global cultures will soon going to go though a climate destabilization triggered natural and hopefully temporary evolutionary bottleneck and retrogression or, a cataclysmic massive adaptive readjustment or even possibly, a massive global systems collapse in an act of self-induced destructive creation

    In evolution when a part of a whole or a whole system continually fails to adapt to appropriate and/or increasing correctional feedback it is eventually broken down and recycled into new evolutionary experiments that hopefully will be better adapted and will be in better alignment with sustainable forms of progressive universe evolution.

    We also firmly believe that at this time the global climate system has now been so degraded by the still escalating fossil fuel carbon pollution (which directly causes global warming,) that our ecosystems and other climate-dependent economic, social and political systems will eventually begin catastrophically collapsing in a natural chain reaction of interconnected dependencies.

    This destabilization of the global climate (droughts, wildfires, floods and super storms of increasing scale, severity and frequency,) will also unfortunately converge into and then amplify and whipsaw many of the other national and global challenges that we now face. This perfect storm convergence of climate destabilization amplifying and whipsawing into  other global problems will also push those other problems over their own respective tipping points as well. These national and global challenges beyond global warming will then be greatly magnified into even greater problems and catastrophes. 

    The main global challenges facing humanity today in a causal order are:

    Challenge 1: Failure to evolve a global government with enforceable legislative, judicial and executive powers.

    This single evolutionary failure of no effective planetary government then allows the following Great Evolutionary Bottleneck of global challenges to either occur, continue to grow unchecked or remain unresolved:

    Challenge 2: Over Population: (Earth may have the more realistic carrying capacity for about 2 billion people. We are near 8 billion racing to 9 billion.)

    Challenge 3: Climate Destabilization: Fueled by increasing population and increased use of carbon polluting energy sources we have radically increased global climate destabilization (global warming,) which then increases: reef collapse, desertification, coast line loss, species extinction and water pollution (from excessive ocean carbon capture, global warming ocean heat capture and other pollution sources.)

    Challenge 4: Resource Depletion: Fueled by overpopulation and climate destabilization we are increasing  deforestation, food shortages, (1 billion people are hungry now,) ocean fish stock losses and the early attainment of peak oil. (Depleting resources also increases global poverty.)

    Challenge 5: Global Economic Instability: All of the above challenges then also increases global economic instability, economic inequality (conflicts between rich and poor,) and produces rising national deficits. (National deficits particularly in the US are rising in part to stay up with our growing global challenges and which are moving us ever closer toward a bursting global financial crisis and bubble.)

    Challenge 6: Political Instability in Countries with Low Management and Resource Resilience: All of the previous above global challenges plus increased political instability then also act to further increase the likelihood of more wars, terrorism and political injustice. And finally,

    Challenge 7: Global Pandemic: As all of the above resilience-reducing global challenges get worse this increases the growing possibility of a global pandemic. (This is due to existing or new diseases, the mobility and migration of world populations and the deterioration of global health services as the stew of all of the global challenges listed above comes to a global warming amplified feverish boil.)

    Of all of the global challenges above, climate destabilization is the biggest multiplier and amplifier as well as most immediate and probable trigger for the greatest chain reaction of whipsawing ecological, economic, social and political system collapses in all of human history.

    Use the above information wisely to plan your and your children's long term future.

    To see more about the plan we are forwarding to mitigate climate destabilization see the following two links:

    The Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan and,

    The New Universe Community Vision

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  • Learn About the New Universe Community Eco-Prepper Vision

    We have created an 10 page online booklet with all of the information that you will need to see if our new Universe community model is something you would like to support or join. Click here to begin.

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  • How We See Our Universe Community Vision and Model Rapidly Expanding into New Universe Communities

    "You do not need anyone's permission or blessing to do good work in the world. You just need to self-organize and get started from where you are with what you have or what you can access." Lawrence Wollersheim

    "If you build it, they will come." The movie Field of Dreams

    Thirty years of general study and design planning has gone into the core vision of Universe Communities for Planetary Citizens and Universe Citizens. In the spring and summer of 2021, we will begin actively recruiting new members to expand our local community and create new communities and support groups.

    We envision the creation of many new, self-organizing, autonomous, sustainable prosperity, safety, and personal well-being forwarding Universe Communities and meet-up groups forming independently all over the planet. This is because many other individuals now also recognize the urgent need for some type of major community, economic, social, and political systems restructuring as well as the re-alignment of those system's principles so that they can actually work fairly for ALL individuals and groups in the globalized new world.

    These individuals also deeply sense that because of the worsening climate destabilization due to accelerating global warming and the worsening of these other 11 global crises they must quickly prepare themselves and join or create some kind of new sustainable community or groupings that would come to their mutual support in crisis as well as serve as a "beacon of light" and a successful example of the new model of sustainable prosperity that we all need for a livable future. Because of the urgency of the climate destabilization challenge not to mention the other global systems challenges new models of the necessary restructuring and realignment necessary to resolve these challenges must propagate and replicate quickly. The best way to do that is with the rapid growth and replication that is possible with open source, self-organizing and complex adaptive systems.

    These new open-source, autonomous and self-organizing universe communities and groups would act as "parallel processing" type Universe community experiments and diverse local variations and adaptations upon our core vision, principles, and structure. These local Universe Communities and groups also will be uniquely adapted to the micro and macro cultures in which these experimental communities are formed.

    To support these newly forming local experimental communities our online classes and materials will be made available in free and open access to those individuals or teams of self-organizing individuals who would like our help and support in creating a new Universe community in their local area. 

    Truly self-organizing individuals capable of founding or leading new Universe communities are rare and are probably less than 5% of the population. They are highly intelligent, highly motivated, principle-driven, and socio-emotionally mature. To say that they are the best and brightest of society would not be an understatement. (If you are a self-organizing individual, you see the need and value of what we are doing and you want to do something with us, then contact us at manage@universespirit.org and tell us about yourself and where you want to set up a new Universe community.)

    Our support will be mainly in free and open access for you and your new community to access our online website materials and our courses at Universe College. As the number of members and autonomous communities grows we will create a Universe community discussion forum where members from Universe communities and groups all over the planet can discuss their communities, their experiments with the Universe community vision, and what does and doesn't work best. We do not have other resources to do more than this so individuals or groups wanting to start their own Universe community or group should have or have access to financial and staff resources that will be needed in the later stages of your community's development. 

    In the beginning, what is most important is developing or finding compatible, mature, and well-educated individuals to found and lead the local new Universe community. Extensive interpersonal connection and interaction time should be nurtured and enacted long before any physical properties or other resources should be purchased. In many ways, this means getting started should not be resource-intense because most of the community building work is recruiting, educating, and observing interpersonal chemistry and effectiveness in the early stages.  

    We in the San Francisco mother community also do not manage, motivate or get involved in how you set up or run your local legal, financial, or personnel Universe community issues. These are all for you to self-organize and adapt using our open source "kernel" and our master templates as a model. The only thing we require is that you legally name your community differently from our San Francisco Universe Community. 

    We trust in the open-source and self-organizing evolutionary principles and methods. If you self-organize a local autonomous Universe community i.e. the Toronto Universe community or the Hong Kong Universe community poorly it will not be sustainable. If you run it unethically, unfairly or not transparently, in true open-source style, members of your community will eventually "fork off" from your community experiment and form a new local Universe community doing things better because the self-organizing open-source model is naturally self-protecting and self-correcting towards the best-adapted experiments to the local conditions. 

    That is the evolutionary process for how the best adapted and most wisely cooperative autonomous Universe community experiments will thrive and be sustainable models for the macro-culture --- a macro culture that will most likely be going into deeper environmental, economic, and political challenges. 

    For more information on the key qualities or tools a self-organizing individual possesses, click here.

    The Creators of Our Originating Universe Communities

    The Universe Community evolution-based model is both a sophisticated and complex new model for intentional and sustainable communities designed for the challenges and current realities of the 21st century. Our first founding communities will require for their creation a far greater portion of the brightest, best, and most emotionally mature and psychologically developed members and leaders to effectively work through the normal "start-up" adaptations and local refinements using our new evolution-based vision and model.

    Unfortunately, our evolution-based thriving community model absolutely does require that the first key managing members and leaders of successful Universe Communities are highly self-organizing, self-motivated, well-educated, well-developed, emotionally balanced, and exceptionally bright --- almost to the level of bordering on intellectually gifted. Successful founders are indeed rare individuals.

    Our Non-Polarization and Effective Educational Timing Positions:

    One last important idea that is highly relevant to Universe Communities, evolution and the climate destabilization crisis bears mention. Universe communities are not here to waste vast amounts of time and resources in polarized fighting with the existing top 1% of the global power structure or to convince them or climate deniers that they must change and fix the global warming crisis.

    We believe that this would be mostly a waste of time, energy, and resources for several reasons:

    1.) The current empowered political and financial systems have evolved ultra-successful defense and attack mechanisms that make them all, but impervious to outside change --- unless they see that change as serving their highly profitable self-interests. 

    2.) There is no currently evolved global government to either enact and more importantly enforce the needed new global structural reforms and planetary laws to mitigate the escalating climate destabilization crisis (global average temperature increase of 8-12 degrees Fahrenheit or more within 30-50 years,) in time to keep us from going over the climate cliff or from exacerbating the other looming global crisis and challenges mentioned above. (The popular media keeps telling us that the climate target is no more than a 2 degrees Fahrenheit increase in average global temperature, but that is a virtual impossibility due to the current global warming carbon increase momentum and the massive global inertia surrounding effective critical path, "first things first" actions needed to avert a global average temperature increase of 6-12 degrees Fahrenheit.) And,

    3.) Also, only when the majority of the 1% of the world holding all the real power (that is also not heavily invested in the 28 trillion dollars a year fossil fuel industry,) fully understands what is going to happen to their financial self-interests, personal living conditions and legacy of children and their future generations will they act against the other portion of the 1% that does not either understand the real climate destabilization consequences or, who have a vested energy, financial or power interest for keeping the climate pollution fossil fuel situation as it is. (One-third of the world's total GDP [gross domestic product,] comes from fossil fuel-related energy operations.) 

    Our non-polarizing, more resource-efficient evolutionary way is to simply put most of our energy, resources, and time into building something new, more sustainably effective, and attractive to the new Universe communities. Then, only when others see either our successful example or they are truly ready to learn because the climate destabilization crisis and catastrophe has hit rock bottom and has opened their eyes and minds, do we then work to share what we have learned and co-create with them. 

    We believe that because of the urgent necessity implied by current global climate destabilization conditions we have passed the age of energy-wasting polarized fighting with people at very different states of self-interest, education, or evolution. Because time and resources are very limited within our small Universe community experiments, we believe we have entered the age of building, sharing, and creating new unions only with those who are truly climate educated, committed, and ready for evolutionary improvement in an intentional, well designed and co-managed community.

    The links at the bottom of each page of this booklet allow you to go forward or back one page.


  • What are the Current Las Vegas Odds on Solving Global Warming Before the First Trillion Dollar Climate Catastrophe or, We Cross a Critical Climate Tipping Point and Create an Extinction Level Event?

    I do not think it will be long before the Las Vegas odds makers start setting odds and taking bets on if society will solve global warming before the world experiences its first trillion dollar climate catastrophe triggered by escalating global warming. Las Vegas odds makers may also soon give odds on the likelihood of us crossing the critical climate destabilization tipping points that will cause an extinction level event that could destroy most of humanity and our planetary bio-systems.

    The first Las Vegas odds maker who sets these odds will be doing us all a big favor and probably become a bit famous in the process as well.

    There is at least one group that does not need Las Vegas to set the odds for them. Were you aware that far away from the eyes and ears of the uninformed general public, the power elite has already discretely begun their climate destabilization preparations?

    Big investment houses, the big multinational corporations and the well-informed 1% ultra-rich already know that it is too late to avoid severe climate destabilization and intense suffering for billions of people. They have no idealistic false hopes or comforting illusions about many of the specifics of the endless chain of escalating climate consequences that humanity is already experiencing or, the horrific consequences on what ongoing climate destabilization will eventually create.  The strategic long-term planners of these well-informed entities have already advised their clients that NOW and not 5, 10 or 20 years from now --- is the right time to start seriously preparing if they want to protect their wealth, assets and survive with minimal duress.

    Unlike the uninformed general population the long-term strategic planners of power elite get truly it! They know humanity is headed for a second great evolutionary bottleneck this time caused by escalating climate destabilization.  They are already advising their wealthy clients on specifically how not to be the many unfortunate ones who will be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and completely unprepared for the escalating climate catastrophes.

    They know that right now is the critical time to discretely start moving wealth, assets, critical production and emergency and other critical survival infrastructure north before the climate winners (Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, England, Russia, New Zealand and the very tip of South America,) eventually close their borders to the expected coming floods of personal and business climate refugees over the coming decades.

    Once each of us are also well-informed, each of us also has a choice. We can maintain unrealistic and idealistic false hopes and comforting illusions about global warming somehow magically getting solved before it gets a whole lot worse or, we can be like the well-informed, long-term strategic planners of the power elite. We too can immediately get our "clients" (family friends and businesses,) well prepared before the remaining wise adaptation options still available become unavailable or increasingly too expensive to realize.

    You Just Has the Bad News, Now Some of The Good News:

    For more specific information about the current difficulty of solving global warming, how bad the current climate destabilization tipping point problem actually is and for strategies for getting prepared that will still allow you to still maintain a happy, effective and non-polarizing life, get informed by seeing the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan.

    For information on a community already preparing for escalating climate destabilization, click here.

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  • One Super Step to Supercharge your Personal Evolution and Dramatically Improve Your Current Situation! What Have You Got to Lose by Trying It?

    Can a new decision in an area that you may have never even considered supercharge your personal evolution and dramatically improve your current situation? Yes it can! Read more and find out how you can reap the benefits...

    What is The Highest Objective Purpose of Life and an Individual's Smartest Life Commitment?

    Knowing your most basic purpose for living is essential to ordering your life with meaning and to live a happy and successful life. One draws clarity and power from this fundamental knowledge and focus.

    To objectively understand your own basic life purpose as well as humanity's basic purpose it is logical and necessary to understand the pre-existing and larger evolutionary purposes of evolving life within the Cosmos (the universe.) This is because the evolution of your life and the evolution of humanity is completely embedded within the pre-existing evolutionary processes, purposes and directionality of evolution within the universe.

    Knowing the universe's pre-existing purposes for how to optimally evolve life is also important because these purposes have been time-tested and have proven themselves to be optimally successful for sustaining and thriving life in all its forms over billions of years of universe evolution and varying conditions. Based upon this science-grounded rational premise, the most logical, objective and basic life purposes for the individual and humanity are to:

    a.) "first align one's own goals, purposes and actions with the pre-existing directionality (purposes and goals,) of progressive evolution in the universe, and then

    b.) become an active partner with evolution's processes in intentionally forwarding the progressive evolution of life, humanity and humanity's children both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars."

    Within the above two core meta-purposes are also contained every worthwhile, meaningful and life-affirming purposes from every important area of life such as family, politics, economics, society, religion etc. These greater evolutionary purposes for human life (a and b above,) also fortunately do not negate your individual goals and passions for happiness and the comforts of life.

    The purposes and directionality of evolution above only ask you to elevate your current self-chosen goals, purposes and passions by also aligning them with the pre-existing dominant directionality and purposes of the progressive evolution of life in the universe as a whole. This additional goal alignment action will then insure that you will be more effective and sustainable over longer periods of time.

    The basic life purposes statement above (which is not The Great Commitment found on another page or section of this online booklet,) is an optimized statement of basic life purpose because:

    a.) we are completely embedded within and carried along by the far larger and vastly more powerful forces of the massive physical universe and the universe's evolutionary processes. Even though we have some degree of individual and collective control, the most basic evolutionary processes of the universe ultimately do control the directional flow of our own evolution as well as our species' and planet's evolution. 

    b.) all of the "best success practices" of politics, economics, society, religion etc. ultimately came from, are contained within, will come from and/or are controlled directly or indirectly by the core action patterns and purposes, intrinsic values and unstoppable directionality of the universe's progressive evolutionary processes.

    If we do not understand, align with and contribute to the meta-dominant flow of the universe's over-controlling evolutionary processes and directionality, how can we ever expect our lives to go well, be sustainable or, be free from unnecessary or avoidable pain and suffering? If we do not align with the pre-existing flow of the progressive evolution of the universe, we will be forever swimming upstream and against an ever-dominant and eventually overwhelming evolutionary current that sooner or later will always and inevitably wear us down and stop us from continuing in our self-chosen but non-evolutionarily aligned purposes, goals and directions.

    The new evolutionary life purpose statement (The Great Commitment,) for both individual and humanity's success flies in the face of decades of "expert" individual life purpose-finding advice that one must "first find their own highest purposes and goals and then achieve these personal self-chosen purposes and goals as your life's first priority!" Yes, there certainly is a relevant and important place for pursuing one's self-related purposes and goals, but only after you have first understood the meta-dominant directionality and purposes of the universe's evolutionary processes and then --- only after you have wisely aligned your personal purposes and goals with them.

    What to Expect to Happen After you Make The Great Commitment in Your Life:

    "Right relationship to reality is what ultimately matters." Michael Dowd

    Right relationship to reality here means that you have aligned your personal purposes and goals to the purposes and goals of evolution. If you see the wisdom of aligning your life with the unstoppable power flow of the progressive evolution of the universe then make the following commitment right now. If you do, you will begin to experience almost immediately an expanded new sense of wonder, beauty, and a renewed sense of adventure about the positive possibilities of life. You will also soon begin to experience a vastly improved yet sustainable:

    a.) evolutionary fitness,

    b.) adaptability,

    c.) cooperativeness and,

    d.) an improved control of your environment.

    Once you make The Great Commitment you will experience a new sense of life "flowing through you" because --- by your new intention and decision you have given evolution permission to more fully use you to forward its wonderful life purposes. Don't be surprised if others see and feel the new clarity and flow you have expanding in your life as the unstoppable power of evolution flows though and with you...

    How to Align Your Current Personal Purposes and Goals with the Directionality and Purposes of Evolution within the Universe: (If you have not done this already.)

    This is done simply by first:

    a.) recognizing and then placing your self-chosen personal purposes and goals appropriately within the far greater controlling context, directionality and importance of the universe's pre-existing and unstoppable directionality of evolution. And then by,

    b.) aligning your personal purposes and goals with the universe's progressive evolution directionality.

    How to aligning your personal purposes and goals with the universe's progressive evolution directionality:

    a.) Read about the core directionality, actions and value interests (purposes,) of progressive evolution now.

    b.) Next, take some time to think deeply about the two basic life purpose statements found on the first page or section of this online booklet and then ask yourself this simple question. "Do you think that your current self-chosen life goals and purposes align with the meta-purposes of evolution?" (The meta-purposes of evolution as described in this progressive evolution link.) 

    c.) If they don't, you have a unique opportunity to realign your existing life goals and purposes with the meta purposes of progressive evolution. In the bargain of getting this right you will greatly enhance the ease and success of your attaining your own current self-chosen purposes and goals!

    Understanding what progressive evolution is and what its new Universe Principles are will give you all of the needed questions to ask yourself so you can align your life's goals and purposes with the unstoppable power of universe evolution. Conversely, using this information you can check to see if any of your current personal purposes and goals are working against the unstoppable power flow of universe evolution. (If needed, additional links on the last page or section of this online booklet will provide you a tool to discover your own true personal goals and purposes as well.)

    How to Prepare to Make The Great Commitment:

    Before you make the commitment (below,) really take the time to learn about why making this meta-committment is truly a valid and wise decision. Think deeply about it before you make it. It is so powerful it will supercharge your personal evolution and development.

    This is a decision and commitment that will with your appropriate commitment-filling actions, set you on or accelerate an adventure and journey that you will never regret. Do not make the commitment below before you are honestly ready! It is too important to your and all of our shared futures!

    If you honestly feel that you are not yet ready to make The Great Commitment below, we suggest you first do the following experiment. When you are done you should no longer be uncertain.

    The Experiment: For 7 days (even if you do not fully understand them yet,) read, embrace and live as best you can each day the Right Actions and the Right Attitudes of the Universe Principles. At the end of 7 days notice both the significant and subtle changes in your world from this important change in your awareness, attitude and actions. If you did notice a positive change, make the The Great Commitment below.

    "If you really want to evolve your life for the better (or the world,) evolutionize your decisions and commitments! If you align your life goals with the core goals and purposes of evolution and you commit yourself to forwarding the evolution of life in the universe as a prime commitment. it will be far easier to take whatever actions are necessary. Additionally, the direction of evolution itself will now help push you along as opposed to it being a head wind to your unaligned dreams. " Lawrence Wollersheim

    The Great Commitment of Evolution 2.0 Practitioners (AKA Evolutioneers):

    “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” William H Murray

    If you are now ready to make The Great Commitment do it it in a profound way special to yourself. Be sure to also print it out and sign and date it. Keep it somewhere where you can and will review it regularly. It is the most important decision that you will make in your lifetime on the ultimate level of creating the right relationship to reality for progressively evolving your life and evolving in the universe.

    From it will flow all sorts of things to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from this meta- decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no one could have dreamed would have ever come their way had they not make this ultimate decision and great commitment.

    The Great Commitment and the Great Adventure:

    a.) I fully commit myself to aligning (or re-aligning,) my own goals, purposes and actions to the pre-existing directionality and purposes of progressive evolution in the universe. And,

    b.) I fully commit myself to be an active partner with evolution in intentionally forwarding the progressive evolution of life, humanity and humanity's children both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars.

    When you do make this commitment email us at manage@universespirit.org so we can add your name to the Evolution 2.0 and Evolutioneer honor roll and so that we can personally congratulate you on having made The Great Commitment. If you would also like a free empowerment tool to update your personal goals let us know that as well. We will send you an electronic goals workbook called Discovering Your True Goals: The Key to Maximum Personal Empowerment. In this easy-to-use workbook you will discover more about your true personal goals, learn how to create your own personal mission statement and then learn more about how to successfully realize them. To get the goals ebook click the Join/Subscribe link at the top of the page. We will send you this ebook as a new subscriber as well as keep you informed of our events and important website updates. 

    "The evolutionary process itself now appears to have reached the unique developmental state where it "wants to" intentionally and awarely influence its own evolution. And humanity appears to be evolution's current most favored medium for this intentional improvement to its own evolutionary processes. This then creates the two greatest questions of the 21st Century for the individual or humanity as a whole. Will we intentionally align ourselves with the purposes goals and directionality of progressive evolution and intentionally influence our own personal evolution? And, will we partner with progressive evolution in co-creating a new level of evolutionary influence over the future of our planet and eventually even the future of our universe?" Lawrence Wollersheim

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  • Does Freeman Dyson Needs to Do More Homework on Current Climate Science and Global Warming?

    I finally got to see Freeman Dyson's video comments on Global Warming.

    While he is a renowned physicist, he has simply not done enough homework on all of the climate science factors. Carbon sinks like the soils, plants and the ocean are one of many factors in the climate destabilization equation and the climate meta-system consisting of many climate regulating sub-systems.

    Freeman rides the carbon sink side of the warming equation far too much at the exclusion of other equally or even more important systemic climate issues.

    He also seems to be openly ignoring new research showing soil and plant carbon sink qualities are lessening globally do to deforestation, desertification, etc. Additionally, there is solid science that the oceans will continue to loose their carbon sink absorption qualities the more they warm. And that is just basic math that any physicist could easily check!

    Our organization challenges Freeman Dyson to present all of his personal climate research, evidence, proofs and conclusions to the UN's IPPC and to the climate scientists of the world. It is the only scientific thing to do as opposed to just being a global warming skeptic and expecting everyone to believe you because you are a renowned physicist!

    Let your climate scientist peers attempt to duplicate or falsify your research or don't use your fame as a physicist to publicly discredit the real threat of global warming to all of our futures!

    Also see the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan.

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