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Does Freeman Dyson Needs to Do More Homework on Current Climate Science and Global Warming?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

I finally got to see Freeman Dyson's video comments on Global Warming.

While he is a renowned physicist, he has simply not done enough homework on all of the climate science factors. Carbon sinks like the soils, plants and the ocean are one of many factors in the climate destabilization equation and the climate meta-system consisting of many climate regulating sub-systems.

Freeman rides the carbon sink side of the warming equation far too much at the exclusion of other equally or even more important systemic climate issues.

He also seems to be openly ignoring new research showing soil and plant carbon sink qualities are lessening globally do to deforestation, desertification, etc. Additionally, there is solid science that the oceans will continue to loose their carbon sink absorption qualities the more they warm. And that is just basic math that any physicist could easily check!

Our organization challenges Freeman Dyson to present all of his personal climate research, evidence, proofs and conclusions to the UN's IPPC and to the climate scientists of the world. It is the only scientific thing to do as opposed to just being a global warming skeptic and expecting everyone to believe you because you are a renowned physicist!

Let your climate scientist peers attempt to duplicate or falsify your research or don't use your fame as a physicist to publicly discredit the real threat of global warming to all of our futures!

Also see the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan.

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