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Honest and Effective Short and Long term Steps to Prepare for, Adapt to and Mitigate Climate Destabilization or Climate Tipping Points Caused by Global Warming

Introduction to Job One for Humanity Plan: The Greatest Challenge and Adventure in Human History:

To understand what the full definition of a destabilized climate is it is helpful to know a bit about what a stable climate is and how the global climate works and has worked over long periods of time. Our global climate is best described as a complex adaptive system that has held many different relatively stable states over Earth's 4.5 billion year history.

Unfortunately, we are currently radically increasing the destabilization of our global climate. This is mainly caused by increased global warming, which is in turn caused by the carbon and methane greenhouse gas pollution of our atmosphere. This increase in average global temperature in both the atmosphere (and the oceans,) then directly or indirectly acts to further increase the destabilization of our global climate by increasing reef collapse, desertification, deforestation, coast line loss, wild fires, droughts, super-storms, floods, key productive soils degradation, growing season changes, species extinction and water pollution.

Our global climate has many climate related subsystems that also can effect the stability of the global climate. Some of the main climate subsystems that directly and indirectly affect the overall stability of the master global climate system and its conditions are:

a.) the carbon-absorbing oceans with its currents and different water temperatures that holding different amounts of absorbed carbon,
b.) the glaciers and massive Arctic and Antarctic ice packs reflecting heat back out into space,
c.) the carbon-eating forests,
d.) the carbon and methane producing volcanoes,
e.) the carbon-eating or carbon-releasing condition of the soils,
f.) the total heat reflecting snow cover on the planet at any one time (the albedo effect,)
f.) carbon-eating plankton in the oceans and,
g.) even slight changes in the earth’s axis position that occur about every 40,000 years also affect the average global temperature range.

These climate subsystems as well as other minor climate subsystems can have the following characteristics common to complex adaptive systems. They can be:

a.) powerful,
b.) often-unknown
c.)  sometimes highly unpredictable, and
d.)  sometimes have nonlinear affects on key climate “tipping points” within the total global climate system.

When the global climate system destabilizes the global climate moves from one fairly stable state of dynamic equilibrium into and through a new transitional state of instability and greater unpredictability until the global climate eventually finds a new, but different fairly stable state of dynamic equilibrium at some new level and range. (A dynamic equilibrium is not static or non-changing equilibrium. It is an equilibrium that varies within a general or average range of some quality i.e. average temperature.)

This implies that a useful and accurate definition for climate destabilization would be:

“ a transitional state of escalating global climate instability characterized by greater unpredictability, which lasts until the global climate eventually finds a new and different stable state of dynamic equilibrium at some different level of temperature and other climate qualities from what it has held for tens or hundreds of thousands of years."

For hundreds of thousands of years our planet has moved between a fairly stable state of dynamic equilibrium known as an Ice Age into an alternating fairy stable state of dynamic equilibrium where the ice recedes and no Ice Age exists. Humanity has flourished since the last Ice Age ended about 12,000 years ago because of the warmer temperatures and lack of glacial ice cover.

As our current global climate moves into a human-caused global warming destabilizing transitional period (from its previously stable state of Ice Age to non Ice Age dynamic equilibrium range,) into a new state of dynamic equilibrium many rapid changes are occurring. These changes are characterized in part by all kinds of storms of increasing scale, frequency and severity.

We are also experiencing major changes in rainfall and snowfall with either too much at one time or not enough falling at another time. There are many other changes that occur in a climate destabilization transition such as droughts, floods, wildfires and super storms. These will get worse until we have completed this transition and a new more stable climate dynamic equilibrium range is established.

The long term and big picture good news is that eventually a destabilized global climate will seek to establish a new dynamic equilibrium at some new dynamic equilibrium temperature and other qualities state. If we continue as we are now and we continue to fail to mitigate global warming and its consequent climate destabilization, we will eventually experience a new fairly stable climate dynamic equilibrium and the good news is that --- stable is generally always better than unstable when it comes to global climate.

This also means there is some bad news in the global warming caused climate destabilization that we are now experiencing. The bad news is our weather is going to become a lot more unpredictable and are storms are going to become more severe, frequent and of larger scale.

The really bad news is also that we are likely to hit some unpredictable climate tipping points that could change the global climate in ways that the planet has not seen for millions of years and these changes could last from hundreds to thousands of years.

Many predictions say we are looking at an 8 to 12°F increases in temperature over the next hundred years. Other predictions say this can occur much sooner if we cross a few key tipping points as soon as 25 to 50 years from now.

The next of the bad news is that we may irreversibly tip the climate into a new fairly stable dynamic equilibrium far from the last 12,000 year old Ice Age climate dynamic equilibrium that we have been experiencing for over a hundred thousand of years. The very worst of these climate predictions predict that billions of humans could die because climate destabilization will radically destabilize our global financial, agricultural, political and social systems.

Climate destabilization also affects our other biggest global challenges by making them into even bigger challenges and harder to solve. Those key other global challenges are:

Global Challenge 1, Over Population: (Earth may have only the resource carrying capacity for about 2 billion people. We are near 8 billion racing to 9 billion.)

Global Challenge 2, Resource Depletion: Fueled by overpopulation and climate destabilization we have now (or soon will have,) increasing food shortages, (1 billion people are hungry now.) Ocean fish stocks are suffering catastrophic losses. We will also be soon facing energy shortages caused by the early attainment of peak oil. Depleting our resources also act to increase global poverty, which helps cause the next global challenge.

Global Challenge 3, Global Economic Instability: All of the above challenges then also act in concert to increase global poverty, economic instability, economic inequality (conflicts between rich and poor,) and to produce rising national deficits. National deficits are rising in many countries in highly unsustainable ways. These deficits are happening to try to stay up with the escalating costs of all of these growing global challenges. Even worse, these ballooning national deficits are moving us ever closer toward an eventual bursting global financial bubble. Imagine what would happen with a global financial depression or crisis is going on as we also try to solve all of these other global challenges.

Global Challenge 4, Political Instability in Countries with Low Management Capabilities and Low Resource Resilience: All of the above global challenges plus increased political instability then also act in concert to further increase the likelihood of more wars, terrorism and political injustice.

Global Challenge 5, Failure to evolve a single, empowered global government with enforceable legislative, judicial and executive powers. (If you think carefully and deeply about it, you will find that this global challenge and critical evolutionary failure of "having no unified or effective planetary government" IS in fact, the single biggest core reason and cause, which through its absence alone acts to facilitate, escalate and even empower the other great global challenges that we currently face to either:

a.) exist at all,

b.) continue to exist or,

c.) to remain perpetually unresolved.)

Global Challenge 6, Global Pandemic: As all of the above other resilience-reducing global challenges (including climate destabilization,) get worse this also increases the probability of a global health pandemic. (This is due to existing or new diseases being poorly treated, the mobility and migration of world populations or the overall deterioration of global health services as the stew of all of the global challenges listed above comes to a global warming amplified boil.)

Why One of the Mentioned Global Challenges Should Now be Considered to be the Single Most Dangerous Challenge to our Immediate Future!

Climate destabilization is the most dangerous challenge because it is the largest single multiplier of the other huge problems caused by the key global challenges above! It is the most immediate and probable meta-trigger for the greatest growing possibility of a chain reaction of whipsawing simultaneous ecological, economic, social and political catastrophes and system collapses involving the other challenges above.

Because of the combined meta-triggering, multiplying and whipsawing effects of climate destabilization on humanity's other critical global challenges, climate destabilization is also the most likely current catalytic source for what could very well turn out to be the greatest planetary destruction, loss of human life and tragedy in all of human history!

Take a moment to reflect on these climate and related ideas and then ask yourself the following question:

"Do you too believe that escalating levels of climate destabilization could trigger, multiply and whipsaw almost all of the above other global challenges into an unrecoverable Perfect Storm of Perfect Storms."

No matter what level of bad climate news may happen the long-term, big evolutionary picture goods news is that eventually a destabilized global climate will seek to establish a new dynamic equilibrium at some new dynamic equilibrium level of temperature and other climate qualities. The only problem is that this new fairly-stable climate dynamic equilibrium may not be a climate that favors the ongoing survival of the human species.

The Job One for Humanity Plan: An Honest, Effective and Complete Climate Re-stabilization Plan for Our Planet

Global warming and its consequent climate destabilization may have started out as an environmental issue 35 years ago, but global warming due to human-caused fossil fuel carbon pollution of the atmosphere has now gone very far beyond just an environmental issue. It is now the single most destructive, imminent and real threat to our national and international security, global financial prosperity and personal safety that currently exists --- bar none! It truly bears repeating. Climate destabilization is the single most important national/international security, collective prosperity and personal safety and security issue of the twenty first century. (For the first clear and concise definition of climate destabilization, click here.)
On the prosperity side, it is not about creating the same kind of ecologically-blind prosperity that has taken not enough of the planet's population into prosperity and results in cycles of boom and busts that are growing ever more severe and closer together in high-low oscillation time lags, (which is a system's science classic warning signal of a likely coming system equilibrium and stability collapse.) It is also about a new kind of sustainable prosperity that will not just expand the benefits of prosperity to far more of the planet's population it will also make that prosperity far more stable, lasting and meaningful.
On the safety side, it is not just about life essential food, water, energy and resource security for humanity's future. It is now about the very safety, stability and security of our interconnected global and national economic, political and social systems. 
There is no sense in being indirect or vague in discussing a true life and humanity-critical situation. Therefore, the simple two part mission goals of the Job One for Humanity climate re-stabilization plan is to:
1.) prevent human civilization from collapsing due to the destabilization of its climate system and consequently its many other global support systems (natural ecosystems, economies as well as social and political systems.) And,
2.) prevent humanity and non-human species from suffering needlessly and/or going extinct or going nearly extinct.
The real and growing climate destabilization, systems collapse and extinction potential above is due to the many converging, amplifying and whipsawing positive feedback loops and tipping points within the numerous catastrophic consequence chains of climate destabilization caused by intensifying global warming, which is itself is caused by human caused escalating fossil fuel burning.
Job One for Humanity's mission is just that simple and important! We hope that after you read the following Job One for Humanity plan and current climate destabilization facts you will also see the importance of this mission and join us on the single most important task of the twenty first century for all of Humanity.

The four major strategic parts of the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan are found below and off of links at the bottom of each major part the Job One Plan. Everything from local actions that you can take right away to collective actions that must be taken at global scale is covered in a first things first, critical path prioritization. This climate re-stabilization plan is designed to help you prepare for it, adapt to it and lessen it to re-stabilize the climate by effectively confronting and dealing with the growing possibility of extinction-level climate destabilization and it's catastrophic social, financial, environmental and political precursor consequences. (Extinction level here is defined as the projected potential extinction of approximately half or more of the species on earth and most [60-90%,] if not all, of humanity. Irreversible climate destabilization whenever used, is defined as severe climate destabilization consequences that could take hundreds or even thousands of years to correct or re-balance or never correct or re-balance.)

The Job One for Humanity climate re-stabilization plan is presented in a no nonsense, frank manner that can be as unsettling as the climate destabilization issue it addresses. This plan was derived from the most current data and then analyzing it from a meta-perspective using the tools of logic, systems thinking, and dialectical meta-systemic thinking.

This plan is not forever fixed. It will evolve as new science on the tipping points and the complex processes of climate destabilization becomes available.

The various parts and steps of the Job One for Humanity climate re-stabilization plan below will take you to these new ways of seeing and solving the economic prosperity, safety and security climate cliff challenge before us. Yes, the steps of this plan will take a lot of effort, pain and sacrifice, but as your learn more you also may realize "what other choice do we really have?

The Job One for Humanity plan below also contains what our research has shown to be the most effective, systemic climate re-stabilization steps arranged in priority of importance (and in some areas personal or collective achievability,) to help prepare for, adapt to and mitigate the escalating climate destabilization that we are now all witnessing. Anyone from any walk of life or age group (even teens and the elderly,) can find something in the plan below that they can do to contribute to helping achieve climate re-stabilization.

Before you actually begin any individual Job One for Humanity program step listed below we suggest that  that you first:

1.) view two recommended 10-minute climate destabilization videos. Click here to do so now. (These videos technically explain in detail the unfolding climate destabilization, some of its key tipping points and why executing the Job One for Humanity plan below is urgently needed.  Click here now for these two videos half way down the page.)

2.) If you liked the other two videos consider also watching this new 17 minute video called "Climate Change Made Simple" so you can talk about the basics of issues with anyone. Click here to watch this new June 2012 TedX talk video.

3.) Read all of the steps of whole Job One for Humanity plan. Then select the most important critical path step where you truly believe that you can have the greatest real influence and/or where you are most qualified. Do not waste time and energy on areas where you and your knowledge and skill can make no significant difference. The climate destabilization tipping point deadlines are already here or coming soon and we simply do not have the luxury to fight useless, low result or off critical path battles.

It is now time to take a candid look at the current state of the climate in the following section. Do this before you actually begin any of the steps of the Job One for Humanity program below.

Important note: We will quickly amend and update our climate destabilization and Job One Plan information any time more current, complete or reliable new climate research becomes available. We acknowledge that based only upon the current state of the existing climate research we could be partially or completely wrong in any of our research conclusions concerning future levels of climate destabilization, its likely timetables or its future consequences. Because of the before mentioned, we also invite you to do your own independent climate fact verification and make up your own minds as to the validity of our conclusions regarding the future of climate destabilization and the Job One for Humanity solutions.)

To continue reading in this Job One for Humanity booklet, click the links to the right or left below. Click the UP link to see all of the linked pages in this booklet at the bottom of that page.