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What are the Current Las Vegas Odds on Solving Global Warming Before the First Trillion Dollar Climate Catastrophe or, We Cross a Critical Climate Tipping Point and Create an Extinction Level Event?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

I do not think it will be long before the Las Vegas odds makers start setting odds and taking bets on if society will solve global warming before the world experiences its first trillion dollar climate catastrophe triggered by escalating global warming. Las Vegas odds makers may also soon give odds on the likelihood of us crossing the critical climate destabilization tipping points that will cause an extinction level event that could destroy most of humanity and our planetary bio-systems.

The first Las Vegas odds maker who sets these odds will be doing us all a big favor and probably become a bit famous in the process as well.

There is at least one group that does not need Las Vegas to set the odds for them. Were you aware that far away from the eyes and ears of the uninformed general public, the power elite has already discretely begun their climate destabilization preparations?

Big investment houses, the big multinational corporations and the well-informed 1% ultra-rich already know that it is too late to avoid severe climate destabilization and intense suffering for billions of people. They have no idealistic false hopes or comforting illusions about many of the specifics of the endless chain of escalating climate consequences that humanity is already experiencing or, the horrific consequences on what ongoing climate destabilization will eventually create.  The strategic long-term planners of these well-informed entities have already advised their clients that NOW and not 5, 10 or 20 years from now --- is the right time to start seriously preparing if they want to protect their wealth, assets and survive with minimal duress.

Unlike the uninformed general population the long-term strategic planners of power elite get truly it! They know humanity is headed for a second great evolutionary bottleneck this time caused by escalating climate destabilization.  They are already advising their wealthy clients on specifically how not to be the many unfortunate ones who will be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and completely unprepared for the escalating climate catastrophes.

They know that right now is the critical time to discretely start moving wealth, assets, critical production and emergency and other critical survival infrastructure north before the climate winners (Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, England, Russia, New Zealand and the very tip of South America,) eventually close their borders to the expected coming floods of personal and business climate refugees over the coming decades.

Once each of us are also well-informed, each of us also has a choice. We can maintain unrealistic and idealistic false hopes and comforting illusions about global warming somehow magically getting solved before it gets a whole lot worse or, we can be like the well-informed, long-term strategic planners of the power elite. We too can immediately get our "clients" (family friends and businesses,) well prepared before the remaining wise adaptation options still available become unavailable or increasingly too expensive to realize.

You Just Has the Bad News, Now Some of The Good News:

For more specific information about the current difficulty of solving global warming, how bad the current climate destabilization tipping point problem actually is and for strategies for getting prepared that will still allow you to still maintain a happy, effective and non-polarizing life, get informed by seeing the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan.

For information on a community already preparing for escalating climate destabilization, click here.

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