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Progressive Evolution Definition: The Processes, Levels, Patterns and "Products" of Evolution's Progressive Directionality: The Evolutionary Algorithm


Do you consider yourself progressive? If so, we hope you’ll continue along the progressive path, and a great way to do so is to learn about progressive evolution within the universe. When you understand the principles of progressive evolution you will understand the success and sustainability secrets of life and of life's most important prime directives. You will also understand the universe's "best practices" and its "operating system"!

The universe has been evolving for 13.7 billion years at this point, and we now have the ability to look back over its lifetime in order to assess where it’s been and where it’s going. When we do so, we find a series of reoccurring evolutionary patterns that clearly work well for the universe – it’s continued using them all this time, as it’s moved in the direction of greater complexity, creativity and awareness (consciousness.) That’s how it invented us, after all--incredibly intelligent and conscious beings, a product of the universe that’s aware of its own complexity.

So it’s time we really got even more progressive in our lives and aligned ourselves with the patterns of success and sustainability that the universe has demonstrated and proven so well for us. If we do so, we will not only make our own lives far better we can also collectively manage to figure out how to put an end to the catastrophic climate destabilization (human-caused global warming,) and the planet's many other meta-challenges that are now occurring. Otherwise, humanity may end up following the alternative meta-pattern of universe evolution: destructive creation --- the breakdown and recycling of all non-learning, maladaptive and non-cooperative parts of an evolving whole, grouping or system. 

"Change is always certain in evolution but, progress is not. Parts of evolution that do not progress in alignment with the universe's core principles of progressive evolution will eventually be broken down and recycled. " Lawrence Wollersheim

In spite of evolution having sporadic, random and punctuated periods of equilibrium, extinction, retrogression, failed experiments, dead ends and what looks like meandering in general, the dominant trend of evolution (as the universe's core process,)  is progressively going somewhere and the general direction of evolution is progressive. Below you will discover both the principles and the practical uses for what we now understand about progressive evolution and --- why understanding progressive evolution is so important to our future.

"The greatest discovery in the history of science was rational scientific methodology itself, the second greatest was the discovery of evolution. The third greatest discovery in the history of science will eventually be widely recognized as; that evolution is progressive. It has an overall and definite directionality in spite of its many meanderings, retrogressions, failed experiment dead ends and extinctions." Lawrence Wollersheim

(Special Note: The definition of progressive evolution used on this website is substantially different than the definition used at WikipediaWe do not reject the theory of natural selection as the organizing mechanism in evolution and the theories of speciation or all other current evolution science of the New Systhesis. Maybe we should have used the term progressive evolutionism which according to the dictionary terms might better describe this critical perspective on the directionality of evolution beyond just increasing complexity.)

Near then end of this page is a section called "How to Use the Processes and Principles of Progressive Evolution in Practical Daily Ways to Optimize Your Success." In that section you will find links to very easy to remember short daily action and attitudinal principles that encapsulate all of the key principles of progressive evolution.

What is Progressive Evolution 

"Whether you are aware of it or not evolution in the universe is actually going somewhere. Like a prisoner you are completely embedded within that evolutionary process and, you are always being carried along (mostly unknowingly,) on its unstoppable journey toward its destination. In order to insure the highest probability of success in your life, wouldn't it be wise to understand exactly where evolution in the universe is taking you as well as the rules evolution uses to get there? Then you could use those rules and align with that directional momentum to more effectively push yourself along toward your goals. " Lawrence Wollersheim

Our Short Definition of Progressive Evolution

Using relevant parts and processes from the preceding definitions;

"universe progressive evolution is the structural or generational change, growth and development of parts and wholes (within the universe's evolutionary system,) towards development, progress, improvement and better conditions. Specifically this also means that progressive evolutionary structural or generational growth and development of parts and wholes unfolds in consistently reoccurring patterns across the 13.7 billion-year-old evolutionary process."

The Consistently Reoccurring Patterns of Progressive Evolution are the Evolutionary Algorithm and the Basic Purpose and Directionality of Life

"If a complex system continually repeats something over great lengths of time it is reasonable to treat that repeated item as something that the system values, is important to or optimizes the system or, that somehow is (or has become,) an essential part of the system's overall success --- its self-interests. Universe evolution has consistently reoccurring core patterns some of which that have been repeating themselves successfully ever since the Big Bang almost 13.7 billion years ago. Knowing, aligning with and using these time-proven, consistently reoccurring core patterns of progressive evolution will greatly enhance and optimize personal and group success." Lawrence Wollersheim

Progressive evolution in the universe is the most complex thing in the universe and yet it does have core reoccurring patterns that can be understood. One way to more easily visualize the following consistently reoccurring complex process levels and pattern steps of progressive evolution is to visualize them as somewhat sequential feeder streams eventually each joining each other and eventually becoming a river and the unstoppable flow of universe-scale evolution itself. While this metaphor far from perfect, for reasons mentioned in the progressive evolution footnotes (at the end of this page,) this metaphor is good enough to help you see both the many contributing pattern streams and the centralizing main pattern river within the known developmental directionality of progressive evolution (to be discussed below.)

To align oneself or one's organization with the unstoppable progressive directionalized power flow of evolution (the indomitable impulse or intention of evolution if you like,) one would seek to align oneself and one’s groups to the highest degree possible with as many of the pattern levels and steps of progressive evolution as they could. This would theoretically give oneself or one's organization optimal survival success.

On the other hand failure to align oneself and one's organizations with the core patterns of progressive evolution results in the other great meta-pattern (and process,) of progressive evolution to take over --- destructive creation. That pattern is essentially the breakdown and recycling of any and all non-learning, non-adaptive and non "co-operating" parts or wholes to be recycled and reused later in some other evolutionary experiment or situation to once again attempt to further forward the unstoppable directionality of progressive evolution mentioned in more detail just below.

"Look at the parts and patterns of the evolutionary process (listed below,) as the defining formulaic parts of a personal and group evolutionary algorithm for optimized success. Understanding, expanding and refining this evolutionary algorithm with the newest science as it becomes available is one of the most important tasks in today's world and within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview Community. Even though changing environmental conditions will limit your ability somewhat to apply all of the patterns and principles within the evolutionary algorithm for optimized success, within the evolutionary algorithm are contained all the essential pieces for a universal guiding formula of proven principles that we urgently need today to create a sustainable prosperity, meaningful lives and justice for all on the planet." Lawrence Wollersheim

The main integral and unstoppable (or nearly unstoppable,) processes levels and steps containing the core consistently reoccurring patterns, "products," "universe self-interests" or inherent "values," of the directionality or impulses of progressive evolution are as follows:

  • Continuous creative release of its potentials and potentiality (for a created or evolved thing to become what it can.) This continuous release or realization of potential births continuous evolutionary change (experimentation,) which births increasing
  • Expanding complexity novelty and diversity, (In some ways all of the other progressive levels below can be seen as the unpacking of the previous level of complexity into newer levels of progressing expanding complexity novelty and diversity. Expanding complexity like all expanding or maintaining things in the universe requires expanding or maintaining energy exchanges),
    • Which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then creates... (parts here is meant as things, not necessarily locations,)
  • Expanding growth, productivity (or reproductively,) and/or expansion, (again requiring more energy exchanges,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding creativity, (mutation, novelty and innovation again requiring more energy exchanges,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding self-awareness and self-reflectiveness, of the relevant exterior and interior environment present, past and future (even through future modeling capabilities, through expanding use of technology and prediction skills,) within both the parts of the whole and within the whole itself as a collective union,
    (This self-awareness [consciousness,] includes expanding levels of awareness of others, the planet, the universe and even that great mystery that is the origin of our universe,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding self-organization, autopoiesis, (which also includes self-discipline and self-responsibility,) which again requires more energy exchanges, (For more on self organization principles, click here.)which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding full-consequence capture, full accountability,(which requires expanding levels of full transparency for all parts of a whole and the wholes themselves. In one way or another, evolution eventually and invariably always enforces increasing levels of consequence capture upon any parts or wholes that do not learn, adapt "cooperate," fair energy exchange and progressively evolve. High and expanding levels of transparency and accountability are critical to enacting full consequence capture because the powerful evolutionary self-interests of either the individual parts or the self-interests of wholes [groupings/unions,] when hidden or not accounted for will always take over and lessen the essential optimal balance and tension between the self-interests of the individual and the self-interests of the whole group or union.
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding learning resulting in skill/ability, knowledge and intelligence,
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding adaptability (choice, freedom, flexibility or control of the environment for some parts and wholes in either adjusting to the environment or changing the environment,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then also emerges...
  • Expanding robustness, redundancies and reserves of and in the parts and unions,
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding or alternating periods of compression and/or centralization
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding integration, harmony and resultant order resulting in new synergies, (which again like all of the above in one way or another requires more energy exchanges,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding cooperation, which aligns and effectively manages and balances the often competing self-interest tensions of all of the individual parts of the whole with the overall health and well being of the whole as a whole system and union, (which again requires more energy exchanges, which appropriately and fairly share and balance the needs of parts and wholes for energy and resources to satisfy the second law of thermodynamics,)
    • which then in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding or new cooperative wholes (unions,) of greater scale, (which again requires more energy exchanges,)
    • which then as a consequence of this new or expanding cooperation creates...
  • Expanding interdependence, (by parts and wholes which then also loops back upon the parts and the whole (union,) to further motivate greater cooperation because of the expanded interdependence and expanding interconnectedness,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding control over the environment for individuals and cooperative unions (that also are in harmony with the principles of universe evolution,) resulting in expanding sustainability for the cooperating parts and wholes, which again requires more energy exchanges, (in part because of the increased cooperation between and by the parts and the wholes [unions,]) which ​at some developmental level of progressive evolution and only in some human parts within the universe eventually results in...
    • Expanding reflection by those human self-reflective parts upon the total universe environment and the universe's complete evolutionary processes and systems (including the Universe's Big Bang origin.) This creates a whole universe consciousness in the part of the universe. In a way, the universe becomes conscious of itself through its part.
  • And finally, possible transcendence of universe parts or whole unions. At the "end" of the universe's spiraling ever larger and more complex evolutionary developmental process lies the potential for some form of transcendence for some of the parts or wholes unions into completely new things (or, at the theoretical end of the universe potentiality all the parts as a whole union transcending to something new.) This then potentially restarts a new spiral of progressive evolution at a new level where once again continuous creative release of new potentials and potentiality (for the newly evolved or created thing to become and realize what it can become.) This continuous release or realization of new potential then once again births continuous change, which births increasing... (through all of most of the cycle/spiral of development above.) If transcendence did not occur in universe parts or whole unions for any reason, (which also includes, failed experiments, retrogressions, collapses and extinctions,) then the universe evolutionary process wastes nothing of that which has reached the limits of its existence, growth or developmental potential release cycle. It then recycles back all those resources and parts or whole unions back into evolution to be used in new creativity. (Collapses serve a necessary evolutionary purposes in removing what would not learn and adapt and for creating new space for new evolutionary experiments.)

The Context of Progressive Evolution

While it is true that the physical universe is the prime conditioning and qualifying context of evolution there is another set of important contexts that bear mentioning. Those contexts are: 

a.) the context of the continuous tensions between the self-interests of the part and the self-interests whole and, 

b.) the context of the continuous tensions between the part and/or the whole and their changing environments. 

Evolution successfully resolves the first tension by always evolving some form of empowered management at the level of the whole that coordinates and integrates the self-interests of the parts with the whole in a dynamically ever-changing balance. This dynamically ever-changing balancing act is most successful when there is fair and appropriate distribution of energy and resources between the parts and wholes. The tensions between parts and wholes within evolution and evolving systems are never fully resolved in favor or one side exclusively over the other. Evolution has learned without a dynamic and continuous balance of appropriate energy and resource sharing between parts and wholes things break down and are recycled.

Evolution resolves the second tension challenge by adaptively even selectively applying its own set of core principles for survival, reproduction and life optimization (listed above,) in each new set of environmental conditions that the parts and wholes find themselves in. The self-interests, "values" and principles of evolution expressed above should be thought of as a set of tools for optimizing life success that must be wisely (not rote,) adapted in a balanced and appropriate manner to each new set of environmental conditions. These principles will optimize your success in any set of environmental conditions provided you are flexible and creative when applying them.

Personal Self-Interests and Universe Evolution

If the universe holds the above as its key core products, values and self-interests, it is logical that the above should also be considered the key or essential core products, values and self-interests of a balanced, sustainable and well-lived life. This is because we are fully embedded within the universe's evolutionary stream and this evolutionary stream is always directly and indirectly controlling and conditioning our directionality! To not first align your current self-interests and lifestyle with the evolving universe's self-interests (listed above,) would be to go against a relentless, untiring and all-but-unstoppable evolutionary current and insure eventual failure. We all know that, not even the strongest swimmers can continue swimming against the current.

"The modern scientific principles of evolution can be used in practical ways to dramatically improve the success of our daily lives and much more. These essential principles of universe scale evolution are also able to better guide and improve today's economics, political landscape and even improve today's religions and deteriorating climate conditions." Lawrence Wollersheim

The Continuous Change Factor of Evolution

When thinking about all of the directional parts of progressive evolution be sure to also envision evolution's underlying impulse of continuous change toward eventual alignment with the directions and values mentioned above. One could easily call the continuous change factor the most continuously dominant underlying characteristic of progressive evolution. 

What Happens if Any of the Developmental Steps of Progressive Evolution are Interfered with or Thwarted --- The Evolutionary Meta-Pattern of Destructive Creation 

If any of the above universe meta-patterns above fail to continue to progressively evolve at some point toward the next levels of increasing complexity and increasing energy exchange (such as in the many retrogressions, failed experiments, collapses and extinctions of evolution, etc,) within evolution's progressive directionalized path of core patterns as mentioned above, another pattern and core meta-process of progressive evolution activates and takes over --- destructive creation. Destructive creation is generally the breakdown and recycling pattern for non-learning, non-adaptive or non "co-operating" parts or wholes (unions.)

Noting is wasted in universe evolution. This breakdown and recycle core meta-pattern allows the elements of evolutionary "failed experiments," retrogressions or other failed adaptations, collapses or extinctions to be somehow be reused later in some other new evolutionary creativity and experiments. This then allows for these broken down and recycled elements to once again allow and support the forwarding of the ongoing levels of the unstoppable directionality of progressive evolution as illustrated above --- hence the term destructive creation.

Furthermore, keep in mind that all of the above progressive evolution process steps in one way or another directly support or indirectly contribute to the meta-directionality, impulse, or intentionality of progressive evolution, which is the creation of more:

  • cooperative wholes (unions,) at greater scale, which are sustainable and expand "fair" and/or appropriate (dynamic equilibrium maintaining,) energy exchanges between parts and wholes. (It may be that increasing cooperation and the "fair" and/or appropriate exchange of energy at greater scale for greater lengths of time is the core and central hub of universe progressive evolution.)

Based on the universe's 13.7 billion years of core repeating patterns demonstrated in its progressive evolution there is no known logical reason to believe that the above basic patterns and basic directionality of progressive evolution are likely to change.

The Theoretical End Result, Product or Goal of the Evolution of the Universe

A current theory to the end of the expanding universe is that all the stars will eventually burn out and everything will grow cold and dark. But, ff these core directional patterns of progressive evolution above continue as they have for the last 13.7 billion years, and the universe continues into the far, far distant future, eventually and at some point (and hopefully before all the stars go dark):

All of the universe will evolve toward becoming an aware, intelligent and cooperative super-organism (whole/union,) and super-union composed of all diverse universe parts, aligned in appropriate dynamic energy exchanges and able to control the total universe environment in sustainable ways at universe level scale. All of the evolutionary potentials within the meta-patterns and qualities listed above will have reached their maximal or absolute states for expression for all possibilities within the universe. At this unique and far distant moment the universe as a whole may also have the possibility of somehow transcending itself and birthing itself into something new and more.

Theoretically, the universe will eventually exhaust all universe possibilities (potentiality) for experiments for expanding or more differentiation, complexity, growth, mutation, (creativity, novelty innovation,) autopoiesis, (self organization,) adaptability (choice, responsibility, freedom,) intelligence, learning, integration, synergy, compression or centralization resulting in eventual unification into wholes of greater cooperation and scale, order, harmony, transparency, interdependence, consciousness, self reflection (currently only in humans,) reflection of the universe upon itself and its own processes (currently only through its human self-reflective parts and human created instruments,) and theoretically, eventually self reflection of the universe by itself and as itself as a totality.

Finally, the self aware universe with all its self and universe aware parts and wholes may attain as great as is possible of understanding of the origin of the universe (that ultimate remaining Great Mystery.) In this new and vastly deeper understanding of the universe and its parts and wholes of its own origin --- the universe and humanity may finally learn what actually is the actual nature of its own ultimate origin and what is it's ultimate reason and purpose for existence. Here at the end of evolution of the universe may be then only or best place where the ultimate whys of life are finally answered...

Now that all of the previously mentioned potentials for universe development have been exhausted the unique and exciting possibility of the universe somehow transcending itself into something new and more once again presents itself. It does this just as it does at the end of the potential development of every other universe part and whole union where there exists the rare opportunity for transcendence to something new or more.

So, maybe the universe won't go dark and end as we know it. Maybe the universe as a whole system will transcend and become something new such as a new holonic union between the universe and all its contents and the very origin of the universe --- that ultimate remaining Great Mystery. Or, maybe the universe will transcend and become some new kind of universe in a new dimension or, with additional new dimensions that restart the whole evolution process or even some whole new process.  

When one even partially grasps the just-before-the end of the universe vast adventure of the progressive directionality of this universe's evolution one cannot help, but experience a humbling awe toward the epic story and amazing developmental process in which we are all fully embedded.

  • "The individual is going to be universalized. The universal is going to be individualized, and thus from both directions the whole is going to be enriched." Jan Smuts, From Holism and Evolution

Look over the list of main progressive processes of 13.7 billion years of progressive evolution again. See them as expanding levels of unfolding and unpacking complexity bearing more unique qualities and more complex, refined and rare "fruit." Look at the most complex, refined and rare qualities being produced at the very current known end of the universe's expanding complexity.

From this view of evolution's progressive directionality, it appears we as humans are truly important within progressive evolution and, we have an important value, meaning and role to play as conscious co-evolutionary partners with the Universe and its processes of progressive evolution. For additional information about the theoretical end of the universe see the Omega Point and the various individuals who have added to its definition.

Our Role in an Ongoing Cosmo-Genesis

When you look back at all of the levels of expanding complexity unpacking directionally into level after level of more amazing qualities and life itself, one begins to also see that the universe is in a continuous process of ongoing cosmogenesis (universe creation.) Based on universe facts it appears that Genesis did not end just before or at the big bang, but is continuing on to this very moment.

And, if cosmogenesis is in fact continuing to occur, then now we as Evolutioneers have the opportunity to participate as partners in this progressive process once we know how it works and what we can do to co-evolve our futures with it. That may be the greatest single opportunity of our individual and collective futures to EVER emerge in human history!

Extinction and Progressive Evolution

Prior to the last 10 years or so millions of species that have failed to recognize the existence of these progressive evolutionary facts of life, and/or that failed to follow most of them by not using them to better adapt to environmental or internal changes have gone extinct. While knowing and using these “universe facts of life” is not an absolute guarantee that extinction can always be prevented, it is the single best extinction prevention strategy that we have now! These principles of progressive evolution are so powerful that it even could be said that in the extreme case of the great asteroid dinosaur extinction of 65 million years ago there was an adaptive failure to follow the principles of progressive evolution.

Theoretically, had the dinosaurs evolved further in harmony with all of the above elements and principles of progressive evolution to the point where they had developed both the intelligence and technology of humanity at this past time, it is arguable that with human like technology and intelligence they could have detected the asteroid approaching the planet years before it arrived and with the other technology (rockets, nuclear bombs etc.,) they could have destroyed or altered the course of the incoming asteroid thus preventing extinction.

Although the example is extreme, it demonstrates how the failure to progressively evolve using the many levels of adaptation to external and internal environments found within progressive evolution equally means failure for individuals, groups or species. Also keep in mind that although there have been 5 previous mass extinctions on Earth previously evolution has always found a way to keep life evolving and developing. 

The Prime Directive of Evolution

As living beings, each of us is responsible to forward the Evolutionary Prime Directive of Evolution of the universe. This prime directive is simply to: 

     a.) forward the the universe's evolutionary core reoccurring value interests (as listed above) and, 

     b.) the progressive evolution of life in the universe.

This naturally includes protecting the interests of the living and non-living resources and systems essential to the ongoing creation and maintenance of life. This Evolutionary Prime Directive is the prime value upon which the testable, objective merit and truth of all other values and actions can be measured and weighed. 

Progressive Evolution and the Inherent Conditioning Time/Space Field Qualities of the Universe

The many types of actions of progressive evolution described above do not take place in a vacuum. They take place in a time/space field that effects qualifies, conditions and controls the actions as well as their results to greater or lesser degrees. To understand progressive evolution on a deeper level one must also understand the conditioning time/space field qualities of the universe to some degree. These conditioning time/space field qualities of the universe even find practical application in learning how one would wisely apply the principles of progression evolution to one's life. Click here to read more about the conditioning time/space field qualities of the universe.

Progressive Evolution as an Objective Description of the Cycle of Human Life and Meaning of Human Life

In the developmental steps of progressive evolution described above one could say that one was seeing the progressive evolutionary cycle of human life more clearly defined that most people have seen or learned in traditional biology and cosmology classes. The cyclical nature of the developmental steps of evolution above can be seen either as each new thing emerges and repeats the cycle of progression or when in the cycle of development for a particular thing it reaches transcendence --- because at that point with the emergence of something new the cycle of development also begins again.

One could also easily deduce that for a human life to be optimally fulfilled and reach its full potential it would need to address and/or manifest (align and contribute to,) the various developmental and complexifying steps of evolving life above to at least some degree and in some form of balance. One could even write a very powerful argument that the objective, multi-facted and layered meaning of evolving human life itself is both well described and comprehensively contained within the developmental steps of progressive evolution described above.

From the above information on the progressive directionality of evolution one could easily support that the highest overall and core common life purpose of the individual and humanity is:

"To first understand and then align one's actions with the actions and values interests of progressive evolution and then --- as a partner and co-creator, contribute to the very forwarding of progressive evolution of humanity both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars."

Within this single meta-purpose (when understood,) is contained all of the other worthwhile, meaningful and life-affirming purposes of life from every other area of life such as politics, economics, society, religion etc. (For more information on how the steps and levels of progressive evolution contains all of the other worthwhile, meaningful and life-affirming purposes of life from every other area of life such as politics, economics, society, religion etc., click here.)

This then leads one to how does one apply this knowledge and new life purpose in practical daily ways...

How to Use the Processes, Principles and Directionality of Progressive Evolution in Practical Daily Ways to Optimize Your Life Success

"When you understand the meta-principles of progressive evolution you will also understand the universe's "best practices" and its "operating system." Lawrence Wollersheim

The above description of the core processes of the expanding levels of complexity found within universe evolution are the progressive directionality of evolution and life! These processes, which have been repeatedly demonstrated and tested over 13.7 billion years of evolutionary testing can also be viewed as core evolutionary interests and values and even as a partial implied statement of practical evolutionary ethics.

They are the most vital directionalized actions and behaviors that hold or enhance the progressive directionality of evolution and life sustainability. As such, they are important processes and "value interests" to know and apply to every area of life. It is the application of what we call the Universe Principles of Sustainability that a true and meaningful sustainable prosperity for all can be achieved.

The above processes of progressive evolutionary directionality have been creatively turned into daily life-guiding success principles. Click the Universe Principles of Sustainability link to go to these empowering, practical and vital day-to-day living success principles. The new Universe Principles of Sustainability short form is found by clicking here for the Right Actions of Part 1 and by clicking here for the Right Attitudes of Part 2

Keep in mind that the Universe Principles of Sustainability are not just for personal use. They are ideal for creating successful and sustainable groups and communities of all kinds and sizes right up to national and international sized communities.

Key Footnotes On the Progressive Evolution Definition and the Evolutionary Impulse:

  1. The progressive evolution process steps are not always linear or in the exact sequence as listed above. There are many simultaneous and sometimes astronomically complex linear and non-linear interactions and feedback loops going on in and between the various process steps of progressive evolution above. Additionally, progressive evolution has many dead ends, failed experiments and regressions. At any step in the progressive evolutionary process steps of expanding differentiation, complexity, growth, mutation, (creativity, novelty innovation,) autopoiesis, (self organization,) adaptability (choice, freedom,) intelligence, learning, integration, harmony, synergy, compression or centralization resulting in eventual unification into wholes of greater cooperation and scale, interdependence, consciousness, self reflection, reflection of the universe upon itself and its own processes through its self-reflective parts or eventually by itself as a totality there can be dead ends where the process for some part or whole within evolution fails to evolve through the next level of increasing complexity and adaptability. There are also many things (parts or wholes/unions) in the universe on organic, biological and cultural levels that do not proceed through all of the above progressive evolutionary process steps and levels of expanding complexity. They either stop completely at one level or another or develop so insufficiently at one level or another they are limited in their development on following levels.
  2. To get a better visual idea and overview of how the expanding complexity of progressive evolution develops and unfolds simultaneously on various individual (including consciousness,) social and physical universe levels please see the following Four Quadrants chart by Ken Wilber by clicking here. This chart is meant to be a quick visual general overview of the vast amount of progressive evolutionary complexity going on in the universe and provides some examples to all of the process levels and steps listed above. While there is contention on the placement of some items on this chart its visual usefulness far outweighs ongoing research and dialog about its details.
  3. Progressive evolution plays a major role in the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Click here to learn more about the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.
  4. Although the above definition of progressive evolution has been based on parts of the works of the following individuals the inclusion of their names does not imply any specific endorsement of this article or the information expressed within it by them. The following individuals have been mentioned in part to gratefully recognize their contributions to expanding the areas of cosmology, big history, progressive evolutionary science and/or conscious evolution. This article is based in part upon the universe and progressive evolutionary science and theories expressed by Teilhard De Chardin, Erich Jantsch, John Stewart, Lawrence Wollersheim, Duane Elgin, Michael Dowd, Connie Barlow, Nancy Ellen Abrams, Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry, Joel Primack, David Christian, David Ray Griffin, Sri Aurobindo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, Steve McIntosh as well as numerous other evolution theorists, scientists, authors and speakers.
  5. There are some individuals and organizations that teach that all it takes to improve and progressively evolve the world is to change and expand consciousness particularly their spiritual consciousness. As you can see from the above definition of progressive evolution expanding consciousness is just one among the many other levels of action processes and education that must take place for progressive evolution to be optimized. Although it is important, it is by no means the one single most important thing that will change everything else in the universe system. If there were such a thing, it would more likely be education because from education all other skills and qualities could be improved.
  6. The progressive directionality of evolution as described in the levels of unfolding complexity above are sometimes described as the impulse of evolution, the intention of evolution or the intentionality of evolution. These personalizing concepts are not used above to signify that is the position of the science on progressive evolution. They are only included here to reference the wording now be used by many individuals coming from various spiritual backgrounds who do hold another more personal perspective on progressive evolution.
  7. In a sense, the universe can be said to be reflecting upon itself first through its own self-reflective human parts and theoretically, eventually by itself as a totality [either through the synchronized and integrated linked consciousness of its networked human parts or, in the emergence of its own independent and unified new universe-reflecting consciousness. At this point it can be said that either the universe has evolved self reflective and universe reflective humans to better assist itself in co-evolving itself (the universe,) along its progressive directionality or, that self reflective and universe reflective humans can for their own self interests decide to become conscious partners with the whole process of universe evolution to better co-evolve evolution to meet their needs by aligning their needs and actions to the overall existing progressive directionality of universe evolution as expressed above.
  8. Progress evolution is many actions that unfold within the space of the universe. Space fields have inherent qualities which condition the actions occurring within them. To learn more about those space conditioning qualities effecting the actions of progressive evolution, click here.
  9. Another factor effecting evolutionary natural selection, which transcends the incomplete concept of survival of the fittest is mutual consistency in ecosystems, which implies a continually dynamic balancing process. Mutual consistency further supports survival of the most cooperative. Some of the ideas of mutual consistency are described here.
  10. The algorithm of evolution (as described above,) is continually being expanded and refined by new science. The evolutionary algorithm is sometimes referred to by individuals of a spiritual nature as the God Algorithm. The Universe Community holds the expansion and refinement of the evolutionary algorithm as one of its special mission tasks.
  11. Changing environmental conditions will always limit and qualify your ability somewhat to apply all of the patterns and principles within the evolutionary algorithm described above for optimized success.
  12. Progressive evolution is the ultimate process mash-up and meshworks that exists. Everything at micro and macro levels is all evolving at once in this moment. Progressive evolution is constantly fine tuning adaptive solutions to every diverse micro and macro environment at all levels, steps and stages simultaneously! 
  13. The above deep patterns of evolution plus the Universe Principles of Sustainability derived from them contain and integrate most if not all of the developmental meme values of the different levels of Spiral Dynamics. 
  14. The progressive evolution meta-principles are also the basis of the ethical code and the basic commandments of Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality as found within the Universe Principles of Sustainability.
  15. The above progressive evolution overview has been provided to Evolution Spirituality for use by Lawrence Wollersheim. It is from his soon to be released book, The Universe Manifesto, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview that encompasses and re-aligns everything. Within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview the simple definition for ethical behavior is "those behaviors that enhance the progressive directionality of evolution and life."

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