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Our Master Course List and How To Choose Your First Open Access Course

We strongly recommend that first-time students at Universe College begin with one of the following three courses:


1.) Co-Creating a Thriving World, Essential knowledge for empowered action. (SE 130) This course will empower you to start the First Great Adventure of Life, assist you in doing your part in Job One for Humanity and is great for anyone who wants to learn more about collaborating with others to preserve the planetary environment.


2.) Introduction to the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview (NUWS 101) Good for the fact-loving life-science type of student, this course moves you forward on the Second Great Adventure of Life.

3.) Introduction to an Evolutionary, Integral and Open Source Personalized Spirituality (USS 101) For the more spiritually inclined among us, this course also moves you forward on the Third Great Adventure of Life

*Please note that if you are equally interested in life and spirit, choices 2 and 3 are good first options. They will also give you a basic understanding of Universe Spirit, the organization from which Universe College stems. For more information on the Three Great Adventures of life click here.

Our Master Course Listings

After you have completed one or all of these three basic introductory courses, you may get a new course recommendation by emailing us at manage@universespirit.org . Be sure to let us know what your strongest interests and most significant life or spiritual needs are so that we may advise accordingly.

Also please keep in mind:

- As course numbers rise, the material becomes more advanced. 100-level are entry-level courses, 200 and 300-level are intermediate and advanced.

- Certification programs in facilitating, teaching, coaching, or consulting usually have courses that need to be done in a specific order.

- We are always in the process of creating new courses, so check in regularly to see our new offerings!