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Evolution, Religion 2.0, Climate Crisis

The Three Great Evolutionary Adventures of an Optimally Successful and Meaningful Life

 The Three Great Adventures of Life are:

The First Great Evolutionary Adventure of Life: The Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan!


First things must always come first! The First Great Evolutionary Adventure of Life (our Job One for Humanity,) is the most urgent and time critical task that humanity faces today! It involves immediately working together on preparing for adapting to and where ever possible, mitigating the escalating human-caused global warming (carbon atmospheric pollution,) which is already creating catastrophic and potentially irreversible or, possibly even extinction level climate destabilization. We believe that this vital commitment to wise collective social action on this life-critical issue is humanity's most urgent collective survival necessity to protect the very "playing field of all life." It is a moral and ethical imperative that now needs to become the first priority of every individual, group, corporation, government and spiritual and religious group on the planet. If we do not quickly enact the needed sustainable lifestyle and livelihood structural energy use changes to reduce global warming and climate destabilization and ensure a sustainable planetary environment and "playing field for all life" within just decades our lives and those of future generations will be affected in seriously life adverse ways, with the worst-case scenario being the near or complete extinction of humanity.


Science has shown that more than ninety nine percent of all species that have ever lived on earth have gone extinct. If humans continue to increase human-caused carbon pollution the atmosphere, misuse and destroy our physical and biological environment, it’s not only possible but it is probable that humanity could soon (30-80 years,) join the long list of past species now extinct. Because the immediacy and rapidly growing scale of global warming and severe climate destabilization it truly is today’s most time critical global problem and moral and spiritual promandment for each of us to commit to and enact to do our part to help achieve the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan.


The first step on this great evolutionary (and for those also spiritually inclined eco-spirituality) adventure are taken by learning what must be done to reduce human-caused carbon pollution creating the severe climate destabilization and then to cooperate with other individuals and organizations who are working to solve this challenge. After learning more about catastrophic climate destabilization and while helping to preserve our personal dreams, lives and planet from global warming's escalating consequences, the Second Great Adventure of life awaits you.


The Second Great Evolutionary Adventure of Life: Intentionally and Consciously Release Your Potentials and Continue to Develop to Reach Your Goals!


The Second Great Evolutionary Adventure in life is to fully realize your developmental potentials in order to sustainably achieve your most important and meaningful personal goals. The Universe Spirit website, its Universe College and its organization provides many tools and services that will assist you along the course of this adventure. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles of Sustainability for creating sustainable prosperity are two such tools that, when effectively applied, will help you release and develop your potentials to achieve your most important goals, whether they pertain to your relationships or your career. (And, they can do this while still preserving and sustaining the planetary environment.

After releasing more of your potential you will then be ready to explore the Third Great Adventure of Life!



The Third Great Evolutionary Adventure of Life: Become an Evolutioneer and Wisely Serve and Lead in Your Group, Community or Nation in Alignment with the Progressive Directionality of Evolution!


The Third Great Evolutionary Adventure in Life is to increase your ability to lead and serve in the groups and communities of which you are a part. After realizing your potential to achieve your own personal goals, creating a more sustainable livelihood and lifestyle you harness the abundance of your success and its power to give back and serve the many communities that support your life. Such communities may include: your family, tribe, ethnic, racial or gender group, religious group, work community, or national group, humanity as a whole, the planet and all of its species, the evolutionary directionality of the universe itself, and finally if you are of a spiritual or religious nature, Ultimate Reality in what ever way you conceive it to be.


Using the evolution science informed Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles of Sustainability for creating sustainable prosperity, you can progress on this Third Great Adventure confidently, knowing that you can provide effective, compassionate service and positive leadership for the communities that matter the most to you and your future --- and that support you.

To learn more about the Universe Principles for creating a sustainable prosperity and your next step in exploring the tools and information on this website click the Universe Principles link below.


The Three Great Adventures of Life generally unfold to varying degrees simultaneously, but at different levels and intensities. Progress on the Three Great Adventures will eventually lead to a majority of humanity being in alignment with progressive evolution and the key Universe Principles of Sustainability.


How are you doing on the three Great Adventures of Life? Take some time to think about it before continuing reading.

The Life Results of the Three Great Evolutionary Adventures of Life

The Three Great Evolutionary Adventures are based upon the new, re-aligning and expanding perspectives found within the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Wherever necessary these perspectives will naturally:

1.) enhance or re-align your current lifestyle so it is dramatically richer in meaning, in sustainable prosperity and in wellbeing.

2.) expand or re-align your relationships so that they too are dramatically richer in meaning, in sustainable prosperity and in wellbeing.

The new facts and practices of the New Universe Worldview are also found within the core of the Three Great Adventures. The Three Great Adventures creates universe alignment, which will dramatically enhance, evolve and/or re-align your core perspectives (your worldview,) concerning a unified understanding of the nature of life and spirit and the destination(s) as to where they are evolving. This new universe-scale information will then dramatically:

a.) enhance, evolve and/or re-align your thinking and attitudes, which will then in turn

b.) dramatically enhances, evolves and/or re-aligns your actions, which will finally then

c.) dramatically enhances, evolves and/or re-aligns the lifestyle and relationship benefits that you experience in and from your life.  

More About the Three Great Evolutionary Adventures of Life

The Universe Spirit organization is informed by the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. It provides a unified, integral understanding of life and spirit (if you are so spiritually inclined,) that holds the practical potential to create a sustainable prosperity for all.

If you are spiritually inclined, we additionally hold that the adventure of increasing your understanding of Ultimate Reality in all of its forms is critically essential to the sustainable evolution of life and spirit because when you are both learning about it and are evolving in alignment with sustaining life in the physical universe and Ultimate Reality, you are on the greatest, most rewarding partnership and adventure possible in the evolving physical universe. The three great hero's and heroine's journeys above are the most primal and purposeful adventures in all of existence that will:

a.) create every thing that is worthwhile to be or become,
b.) help you to do every thing worthwhile that could be done and,
c.) eventually create every thing that is worth having --- both in the NOW and for the long term as well.

One naturally progresses on all three great adventures above simultaneously, but one often focuses more on one or another of the Three Great Adventures depending the situation, time and upon where one is in their life path.

(Special Reminder: The Evolution Spirituality as found on this website is an open, personalized and self-created spiritual process. Please always self-select, sequence and use the wisdom and tools you find in the optimal way that will work best for your current conditions, stage of spiritual development and understanding. At this challenging and focal moment in human history, we support our guests and members traveling upon the Three Great Evolutionary Adventures of Life with effective evolutionary science-balanced maps and tools for the journey.)

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