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Universe College Open Access Course Design


We design all of our Universe College courses to include as many different perspectives, styles and methodologies as possible, giving our students an integral and coherent view of the topic.

To address different learning styles we use a variety of media wherever possible, incorporating graphics, charts, videos, and MP3s into our lesson plans.

Courses may include various types of exercises, some to build new lifestyle habits, others to deconstruct and reconstruct worldviews and information systems. All classes will include a discussion of the difference between objective and subjective claims about reality, and most will help students progress through Three Great Spiritual Adventures.

To learn more about the many practical art-of-living skills for successful and sustainable living we provide, click here.


All courses are arranged in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, which correspond to 100, 200, and 300-level courses, respectively.


Upon completion of a course, a provisional certificate will be issued.

A full-completion certificate is offered to students after a period of time in which they have successfully demonstrated their use of new life skills.

Some courses, when completed, will result in certification as a facilitator, teacher, coach, or consultant who can earn the right livelihood using their new skill set to assist individuals and organizations in a professional setting.

Course Support

We will possibly begin charging a course fee for some of our courses in the near future. These courses will have the benefit of an ample support system, including a course coach/buddy, teaching assistant, and course teacher who will, through various means, answer questions and provide encouragement.