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Open access online college, Universe College Costs, Scholarships, and Open Access Guidelines

The Mutual Exchange of Benefits

Participating in any of our free-access courses, services or events should provide you with real value and tangible benefits. These benefits and values can be in the form of a changed or improved perspective or attitude, a new commitment, or even a new behavior.

They also can be educational or personal support that helps you heal or develop and maintain some new habits to help you live better. For our spiritual courses, the general rule is that somewhere within the first one or two courses, you should experience some tangible and meaningful benefit. But research has shown that it generally takes about 6 months of both learning and practicing a new discipline to produce a personally significant and important change in one's life. 

There are many faces to both the small and large benefits that our courses, services, and events can provide, but you always get to be the final judge of that when you decide what to exchange with us for any benefit that you receive! (If you want to look over a list of potential benefits from our courses, services, and events, click here.

What Free Access to Courses Services and Events Means

For most of our courses, services, and events, you do not have to pay something to start or attend, but that does not mean that they are free from some form of fair exchange if you are benefiting from them. Most courses, services, or events that we provide are presented on a donate-what-you-think-is-fair or exchange-something-of-value-with-us basis. (We have only a few courses, services, and events for which we must charge a fixed fee, but even those can be negotiated, as described below.)

This voluntary donation or exchange system is based completely upon what you feel is the value of what our services and materials have brought to your life as well as what is realistic with your current financial situation.

We often have a suggested donation for our courses, services, and events. This is only a suggested donation level and is subject to the fair exchange principles in this summary regarding the importance of fair "energy" exchange with and within our community. Any suggested donation amount that we might list for a course, service, or event is determined by several factors:

1.) The costs required to create and administer the course, service, or event.

2.) Our best estimate of what a person at the average income median can reasonably afford in our area (We are in the San Francisco area of the United States).

3.) The value that we believe the course, service, or event can reasonably deliver.

If you are located in a different country or in a different area of the U.S., this suggested donation amount that uses the average income median of your area would therefore change to be more or less expensive than the San Francisco area. Our suggested donation amount also allows you to increase that amount or decrease it if you have a greater or lesser income than the median income that we use to set the suggested donation amount in our area. This whole voluntary donation or exchange system is based upon your honor and trust in your fairness of judgment.

For each course, service, or event, you will be given a suggested fair exchange/donation amount. To make a donation for this amount, click on the donation link which will take you to PayPal or some other donation payment method. Be sure to type in the name of the course, service, or event in the Pay Pal Description box so that we know what you are paying for. Click here to pay the amount of your choice through our PayPal. If you want to make a donation greater than or less than the suggested donation amount you can, using the guidelines given above.

Creating Fair Exchange with Us

If you DO receive a real value or benefit from the courses, services or events you participated in and you feel that they have improved your life in some tangible way, please do support us by exchanging "energy" with us in some way so that we too may continue to exist and grow! Individuals who take our online and offline courses or services or attend our events do provide an important portion of the total financial support for our mission. And, your fair exchange for them helps support the vital right livelihood for all of those individuals who create, administer and deliver our courses, services, and events!

As a mini-culture, living community system and a reflection of the deepest natural patterns and laws of the universe, our organization holds that maintaining fair and appropriate "energy" exchanges in life with all the sources that support one’s life is not just vital to our personal wellbeing. It is also vital to the planet on all levels! We realize that our members and visitors come from many different economic levels and completely trust that they will joyously donate to us according to both their means and the value that they have received in exchange from us. And, we will receive those generous and kind donations with equal joy!

Work Scholarships and Non-Monetary Exchanges For Courses, Services, and Events Gladly Accepted

Some individuals cannot afford any monetary donation, but they always can exchange their labor or other services with us to maintain the healthy practice of fairly exchanging something of value for something of value. Therefore, we are flexible and always also open to hearing about special and authentic need situations where no exchange is possible at all and, where our organization can help with a full or partial work exchange scholarship. If you need to negotiate with us, email us at manage@universespirit.org and tell us your situation and what you propose. If you have specific skills, let us know that as well. We almost always need help in many areas.

Click here to learn more about how to donate and exchange energy with us to support our amazing mission and beautiful community.

For more information on the evolutionary exchange principle of life and how using it can dramatically improve your life’s success, click here.

For information about becoming a member, click here.

(Continue reading below only if applicable.)

What if You Did Not Get Anything of Value or Benefit from Your First Course, Service, or Event?

Our community culture strongly supports fair exchange as a thoroughly proven basic evolutionary success law of life. Therefore, if you did not get some real value or benefit from our courses, services, or events, please do not donate! To ask you to donate in this situation would demonstrate a real value incongruity and disconnect within our organization. But, try Out Our Services Once More… if you did not get a real value or benefit in your very first course, service, or event. If after that second course, service, or event you still do not receive some value or benefit to your life for which you want to joyously exchange energy and support with our organization, then we simply ask that you do not participate in any more of our courses, services or events.

The Big Reasons Why and How is Fair Exchange Relevant to Ongoing Involvement in our Open Access Courses and Events

To continue taking our courses, services or events is to say in essence that you are a member of our community or are becoming one. Being an authentic community member always requires effort, energy contribution, and commitment. Supporting what is supporting you is part of being an authentic community member.

To continue taking courses, services, or events beyond the second course, service, or event without fair exchange according to the very flexible and situation-sensitive principles set out in this fair exchange summary would put an unfair drain on our community resources as well as our other authentic community members who are financially supporting our mission. Continuing to take any of our courses, services, or events beyond the first or second without fair exchange would be to take advantage of both our organizational openness and to freeload upon our generous members and staff and is completely inappropriate in both our online and offline communities!

We feel that to not openly educate visitors and potential new members to our community early on in their exploration of us about our shared and flexible community values concerning appropriate and healthy fair "energy" exchange practices would be both negligent on our part and, far more importantly, it would ignore the thoroughly proven spiritual and secular universal success law and principle about what makes life work, communities grow and missions flourish. It also prevents reciprocal fair exchange-related resentments, conflicts, and even wars from happening!

Our openness about this fair exchange issue serves your highest success and empowerment as well as the highest success and empowerment of our community, as it serves the world. If the natural reasons for the above principles are not clear, we strongly recommend that you examine the critical information on this 13.7 billion-year-old, time-proven energy exchange principle and prove to yourself how using it can dramatically improve your life’s success. To do that, begin by clicking here.