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Prologue To The Job One For Humanity Plan to Restabilize the Climate: The Surprise Benefits of Global Warming

(Important Technical Bug Notice: We have had a editing software bug that has removed or rearranged certain words and punctuation from the following Job One online materials. We appreciate your patience and understanding should you run across this bug in the Job One text before we have corrected it.)

The Job One for Humanity Prologue

In the "Benefits of Global Warming" Prologue and the "Essential Climate Information sections of the following Job One Plan, you will be presented with important global warming and climate destabilization data and perspectives either not currently found or generally discussed within other climate or environmental organizations. (If you have not yet read the essential Job One definition of climate destabilization, please do so now by clicking here.)

In the last sections of the Job One Plan the Practical Action Steps you will find effective, honest, and practical climate re-stabilization action steps. These steps can actually be done and they have been wisely prioritized and properly sequenced so that we will reach the goal of restabilizing the climate. Best of all, the recommended personal practical action steps are within most individual's personal zones of influence and the recommended collective action steps are within our collective zones of influence.

The integral Job One for Humanity Plan that follows this Benefits of Global Warming Prolog is a proactive answer to the non-prioritized, fragmented and non meta-systematic climate re-stabilization approaches being forwarded by many other global warming educational organizations. The Job One Plan has been carefully mapped out using the most current climate science, the principles of Systems Theory and the principles of the dialectical meta-systemic thinking (developed by former Harvard Professor Otto Laske).  

"The Job One For Humanity Plan once enacted will eventually resolve the global warming and climate destabilization adaptive challenge and we will succeed in the greatest transformational, evolutionary adventure in human history. The other great news is that at the same time we are doing the steps of the Job One Plan these same steps will also help us create a Sustainable Prosperity as well as do much to help resolve the other major global challenges that we now face. Because Job One confronts the deepest structural and systemic causes of climate destabilization it CAN do much more than just re-stabilize the climate." --Lawrence Wollersheim

(Although there is much more to the definition of Sustainable Prosperity as you will discover, it is basically a way for everyone to have ample sufficiency and abundance and to live both prosperously and sustainably--for the long term.)

What are Your Beliefs About the Current State of the Climate?

Most people have noticed that the climate seems to be out of balance in some way. It is often warmer in winters and warmer in summers.

It rains hard or at the wrong times. It is now dry when and where it is normally rainy. Many people also have heard that global warming contributed to Hurricane Sandy’s $65 billion damage to the New York area.

Some people have heard that there is no real climate global warming problem. Some people accept the “no global warming exists” position simply because this way there is no real stress or threat to their personal future and, there is also nothing that they have to do or change within their current comfortable lives.

Other people have heard optimistic and hopeful predictions that we only have to do a few simple things over the next 20 to 40 years to resolve the global warming and climate destabilization challenge. If they do these few things then they and future generations will be okay.

A very few of you have heard that the climate crisis is actually far worse than were being told by both our governments and the media. Very, very few know that we could be heading towards the extinction of a majority of the human population and possibly the end of human evolution on this planet altogether.

Consider these different ways of seeing global warming while reading the Job One for Humanity Plan. In the Job One information, you will be able to review the current science and make up your own mind about what our current climate situation actually is.

The following “good news” about the climate will provide a few key climate definitions that you will need to understand Job One. It is also essential reading for “digesting” the current climate information without getting “ill” from all of the climate bad news.

The following good news will also help you look at what is happening to our global climate from a balanced, “big picture” and long-term evolutionary perspective. As an example of this balanced big picture evolutionary perspective, it is important to know that the climate has radically changed numerous times over the Earth’s 4.2 billion year evolutionary history. It is also essential for one’s evaluation of the current climate situation to know that in the evolution of life on Earth’s evolution there have been 5 Great Species Extinction Events where almost everything living on the planet at the time, died.

It is also necessary to be aware that in one-way or another, almost all of Earth’s Five Great Species Extinction Events were directly or indirectly the result of a major changes in the global climate. Today many scientists have come forward to warn us that we have already entered the beginning of what is now being called the Sixth Great Extinction Event.

(For more about the Sixth Great Extinction Event, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_extinction)

These scientists have documented many changes on Earth including the escalating loss of biological species diversity at a rate that has not occurred for a very long time within the Earth’s previous 3.2 billion years of biological history. There is now also widespread scientific agreement that the rapidly increasing human-caused global warming with its consequent climate destabilization is acting as a major multiplier, amplifier, and escalator of the species extinctions of our current Sixth Great Extinction Event.

At least from a current “big picture” climate destabilization perspective, it can now also be argued that Earth's climate evolution has entered into a new temporary retrogressive phase. (Evolutionary retrogressions are periods of evolution when things get worse for a while.) Some potential  good news here is that when evolutionary retrogressions finally come to an end, things often get better at an even faster pace than before the retrogression.

"The greatest challenge and adventure in human history --- climate destabilization caused by global warming also has some good news within it." --Lawrence Wollersheim

Why Put All of the Good Climate News First?

Bad news travels at the speed of light; good news travels like molasses. --Tracy Morgan

Almost everyone has been asked the question "which would you like first, the good news or the bad news?” From years of experience educating about global warming and climate destabilization, our organization has learned a hard lesson with both staff members and the general public. We have learned it is critical to start everyone out with the good news first.

It does not matter if a person was a trained scientist or a hardened environmentalist. No one that we have met so far has been able to emotionally and psychologically deal well with the stream of increasingly bad climate news without eventually adopting the following positive meta-framing created by understanding the often surprising areas of good news and benefits also associated with global warming and climate destabilization.

For example, our senior staff researcher, who is just about as tough as they come, became severely depressed after four years of studying 10,000 pages of climate data. This was due exclusively to the bleak nature of what was learned about our climate’s future. From this extensive climate study, our senior researcher remained profoundly depressed for over six months.

This profound depression was finally alleviated after they applied the Kübler-Ross model on the five stages of grief to what they had learned about the climate crisis. For those not aware of the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief, they are five emotional stages one goes through when confronted by death. These five stages help prepare an individual for their death, as well as others. In this case, it could even apply to humanity as a whole.

Honestly facing just one's own mortality using the Kubler-Ross five stages of grief model is a daunting task. Facing the science concerning escalating climate destabilization, its consequent suffering, as well as the possible  extinction of humanity IS a whole new and uncharted level of existential fear and psychological stress for anyone to face!

Luckily, while our senior climate researcher worked through the Kubler-Ross grief process on the current climate data, they also discovered numerous positive “good news” perspectives to help reframe the climate challenge and put it in a more balanced and manageable perspective. They not only learned how to live within the sea of discouraging new climate data, they also discovered a way to still maintain real joy and psychological peace in their day-to-day life. This was both a personal breakthrough and a major educational advancement for our organization’s climate mission.

In the following climate “good news,” you will find the essential positive news, positive perspectives and “big picture” meta-framing unearthed by our senior researcher. An excellent way to approach the climate destabilization data is to keep sight of the big picture by including the many potentially positive outcomes outlined below. This will help you to be best prepared and able to adapt to a rapidly changing climate.

For those of you who know that you just do not have the emotional constitution or psychological reserves to face what could be the worst news that you have ever heard surrounding your personal future or our shared global future, we strongly recommend that you do not read the climate information at the beginning of the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan. No one in our organization will fault you for temporarily preserving your personal peace of mind until you feel you are finally ready to deal with the greatest single challenge and adventure that humanity has ever faced.

If after reading the following climate destabilization information you too agree that humanity has entered into a period of climate destabilization caused by another temporary evolutionary retrogression, then the following “good news” section about the climate will be an indispensable "vaccination" against the ongoing bad climate news that you will discover as more time passes. And yes, you really do need to read this good news section to:

a.) first maintain a balanced attitude about the gargantuan climate destabilization adaptive challenge and transformational adventure we all face and then

b.) stay motivated to enact your family’s, businesses', and nation's preparation, adaptation and survival strategies in the new climate conditions of the 21st Century.

The following Job One prologue pages on the surprise benefits global warming also contain some essential information that you will need about the climate itself. To continue reading in this Job One for Humanity sequential online booklet, click the next link in the series below