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Defining the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Why is it an Vital Tool and Evolutionary Breakthrough for Your Life?

The birth of a new worldview is a monumental event in human evolution and for the possibilities for improving the human condition. There have been numerous past new worldviews in human history, and each of them created significant advancements. 

Every one of us has and is continually interpreting life through our current worldview. Yet, worldviews are almost always invisible and unknown consciously to the holders of the worldview, which makes these worldviews powerful and dangerous. 

They are powerful if they meet the needs and challenges of the time with appropriate and sustainable solutions. They are dangerous if they are out of touch with the needs and challenges of the time.

(If you are still unsure what a worldview is and why it is so critical to understanding the evolution of humanity and improving our collective future, please be sure to click here before continuing. It will give you a better understanding of what a worldview is and does for our lives.)

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, which has recently appeared is founded upon and defined by the most current evolution science. 

It is a major upgrade to previous worldviews.

It is an evolutionary upgrade because it goes beyond Darwin's original theory of evolution, which we call evolution version 1.0. It also goes well beyond the version of evolutionary principles that E. O Wilson described in his New Synthesis, which we call evolution version 1.5.  

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is unique. It is an encompassing but not overthrowing next progressive upgrade to the understanding of evolutionary principles found within Evolution 1.0 and Evolution 1.5. (This new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is sometimes called Evolution 2.0.) 

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