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Why The Universe Evolutionary Worldview Now?

In this complex, fragmented, global crisis-ridden, and rapidly changing 21st century, now more than at any other time in history, the world needs a new science-grounded tool aligned with the principles, processes, and progressive directionality of evolution in the universe --- like the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview

The unique principles of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview can help individuals reach their fullest potential, their most life-affirming goals, and support them in becoming a more empowered resource doing their 1/7,000,000,000 part in helping to resolve the most critical global challenges that we are currently facing! In addition, the principles and ideas of this new worldview will help us manage the 12 worsening major global crises.

Paradoxically, this new worldview couldn't exist before the most recent scientific discoveries in cosmology and progressive evolution occurred. 

These qualities and this new worldview's new trans-global and universe-level perspectives put it in a unique position to resolve today's threatening global challenges. No pre-twenty-first century movement has ever before started with such an enormous advantage in utilizing the current scope and depth of scientific knowledge to manage humanity's evolution better.

"Our loyalties are to the species and the planet. We speak for Earth. Our obligation to survive is owed not just to ourselves but also to that Cosmos, ancient and vast, from which we spring." Carl Sagan

If you wonder how a "big picture" understanding of universe evolution​​​​ can help you​​​ improve your day to activities, consider this short quote before going on.

"Is evolution a theory, a system, or a hypothesis? It is much more: it is a general condition to watch all theories, all hypotheses, and all systems must bow and satisfy henceforth if they are to be thinkable and true. Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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