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What are the Other Unique Qualities of The Universe Evolutionary Worldview

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview's unique benefits:

  1. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview's meta-principles and its new Universe Evolutionary Worldview provide the science-grounded foundation and needed ideological clarity and worldview justifications to underpin the validity of the new ideas, processes, and goals of a decentralized, collaborative, democratized, networked, and laterally-scaled new "Third Industrial Revolution Economy" and its vision of Sustainable Prosperity of abundance for more of humanity. 

  2. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview helps you to learn, use and integrate many practical art-of-living skills that are also absolutely essential to a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life.

  3. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview's social activism embodies the "first things first" principle. In fact, Our first promandment is to act as self-organizing responsible sustainability stewards of the living bio-systems of the planet and the universe. We call this first promandment the Job One for Humanity Plan. It is our first promandment simply because if we and future generations are not sustainable the necessary "game board" for all of life will disappear and all individual goals and life games will cease. The massive global warming currently occurring is due primarily to human fossil fuel burning resulting in the massive carbon pollution of the atmosphere. If we do not solve this challenge soon, within decades human life as we know it will be radically worsened. (Our Job One for Humanity Plan for both preparing for and mitigating extinction-level global warming embodies all of our sustainability principles.

  4. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is today's leader in educating about evolutionary science grounded and how to live its sustainability principles. The principles of Evolution 2.0 convey a Sustainable Prosperity building success advantage to all who understand and use them. These meta-principles will help you to create or expand a sustainable "right livelihood." (Creating a Sustainable Prosperity is one of our major evolutionary programs. We have created a comprehensive position paper and program describing its principles as well as how to create it at each level of society.)

  5. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is an adventure of self-organized personal and community full potential release, growth, and discovery. It is designed to release and develop both your and your community's full potentials for growth by exploring the Three Great Adventures of Life in and with what is known as Ultimate Reality! These three Great Adventures of Life are the epic self-discovery and life-empowerment adventures of today’s new life and spirit heroes, heroines, and leaders. They are the life and spirit adventures, which will release your greatest potentials and conscious awareness to serve: your most worthwhile and life-affirming goals, your community, the Earth and all its life, the amazing unstoppable power-flow of the progressive directionality of the universe's evolution and, the great mystery of Ultimate Reality which interconnects all things. (If you have not read the Three Great Spiritual Adventures of Life, be sure to do so now!) 

  6. The Universe Evolutionary Worldviewprovides new codes of ethical conduct relevant to wisely resolving the complexities and realities of the 21st century that also have universal applicability. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview empowers the value of creating a safe environment. We use a new set of universal guiding principles derived from universe-scaled evolutionary science that we call the Universe Principles of Sustainability. These principles along with our Universe Community code of conduct are another important part of creating a collaborative and safe environment where individuals grow optimally and our community thrives. (Inside our code of conduct is links to the new Universe Principles of Sustainability. For the time being it's okay to read the Universe Principles of Sustainability without fully understanding the science. Click here to see our community code of conduct.)

  7. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview provides a science-grounded, sharable, and common genesis story for the 13.8 billion years of the universe's existence that is common to and uniting for all humanity! In this genesis story is offered a new common identity full of meaning and purpose as a vital partner in the progressive evolution of life on our planet and in the universe. Click here for more information on this science grounded uniting genesis story. (B)

  8. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview helps to create Evolutioneers. It helps the individual to become a universe citizen and Evolutioneer to help co-create a new science-rational evolutionary community and a new planetary culture and civilization. The dissemination and growth of Evolution 2.0 ideas and values will also hopefully help build many more universe science grounded communities and a new mini-culture where objective scientific probabilities are wisely integrated with your subjective experiences. The vast challenges of today's new interconnectedness and interdependence urgently calls for the creating of more jobs, healthier families, communities, and government, universal access to health care and education, and a new kind of more fair exchange based sustainable prosperity for ALL individuals ---- as well as our planet's bio-systems! The Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers that the Universe Evolutionary Worldview helps create are individuals leading in these areas of wise social activism. (When we emphasize the word wise social activism, we mean that one most optimally engages in social activism only after one has carefully evaluated the best plan for such actions using the new meta-systemic dialectical thinking processes for working with complex adaptive systems [that we will soon be offering in an online course.] This new kind of thinking breakthrough is a key tool of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) (I)

  9. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is based significantly, but not exclusively upon the direct physical and objective observation and physical experience of the universe as a whole and as a unified system. If you are of a spiritual nature it grounds, supports, and balances subjective personal religion and spirituality for the first time from a whole system, integral and physical universe-framed objective perspective. It holds that even though the physical universe may not be the ultimate end of the spiritual discovery and exploration process, it is the first, most direct, and most common objective collective space wherein individuals can explore and test their subjective personal spirituality and then agree upon what common or universal spiritual values and meanings they have discovered in an open and reasonable manner. Direct, objective observation of the patterns of the physical universe has always been the source of our oldest spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living. Now because of the many new universe-scaled discoveries by modern science, it now has once again become the surprising source of the newest and most life-affirming spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living (as found within the perspectives and principles of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) Direct observation of the physical universe may also be the most optimized way to know the nature, purposes of the Origin and Original Source of the physical universe in that directly observing the fruit (the universe,) of any seed tells you a lot about the nature, purposes, and destiny of that seed. In truth, all that we can know objectively about Ultimate Reality is from direct observation of the physical universe. What this means is that if you are spiritual the Evolution Spirituality (Religion 2.0) module of Evolution 2.0 incorporates the wisdom of both science and spirituality to create integral well-being on all levels.  Click here to see exactly how we integrate science and spirituality in a balanced way and integrate new, accurate and useful science and humanity's omni-denominational spiritual heritage of life-affirming wisdom into a life-enhancing new balance. (B)

  10. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview envisions death and what is possible after death in numerous humble and rational ways. We embrace all of the possibilities of everything from the many life extension and eventual immortality possibilities of evolutionary transhumanism to the possibilities of awakening at some new level to the union of ones own body/spirit/consciousness, which may eventually preserve and transport your highest spiritual Essence and potentially and --- even transcend the death of the physical body. Just as the material elements of the body will return to the planet and universe at death it is rational to postulate that any non-materials elements of an individual's life such as the consciousness (or non-material parts of the mind,) the soul, spirit, essence or personality will return at death to any possible non-material source.

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