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What are the Two Main Universe Evolutionary Worldview Controversies

It is important to openly disclose the Universe Evolutionary Worldview's main controversies:

Controversy 1.) Very few current evolutionary scientists and cosmologists are willing to state openly what they now know personally and scientifically to be true about the directional trajectory and the "goals" and "values" of evolution when viewed as a universe-scaled, whole system process. We are not just talking about just the increasing complexity as evolution continues, which almost all scientists will agree to be a fact in one form or another.

We are talking about more than Darwin's basic Evolution 1.0 and just its increasing complexity. We are also talking about far more than the Evolution 1.5 version that E. O Wilson described in his New Synthesis of Sociobiology and in many of his other books. In the main, Evolution 2.0 discloses many more levels of evolution directionality within the universe and, it discloses a far larger master list of core meta-principles of universe evolution.

Most of today's evolutionary scientists and cosmologists are simply not willing to state any more about the directional trajectories and seeming "goals" and "values" of evolution as a universe-scaled, whole system process because of their fears of strong and swift "political incorrectness" repercussions or other professional repercussions in academia or, from the outside in our highly polarized, politicized society.

This reluctance to speak out on both new and old facts about the far more comprehensive levels of evolutionary directionality is also present because of the past incorrect and inappropriate associations of directionality aspects of evolution with Social Darwinism, horrifying Nazi eugenics or other common and gross public "survival of the fittest" misconceptions about what evolution's directionality.

The nonprofit organization that creates this website has the courage to boldly speak out about the controversial issues on the progressive directionality of evolution as a complex adaptive whole system as found in what is called the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. On this website (and a few brave other websites and from a few other brave voices,) you will find more information about the Universe Evolutionary Worldview where the progressive directionality, values, goals, and even the possible "end of evolution" possibilities of universe evolution are discussed openly. 

Here on this website, you will always find an open dialog on what these science-grounded meta-principles and meta-processes of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview  are and what they mean to the future of humanity, human purpose, and to improving and evolving our governments, economics, societies, religions, and the deteriorating environment.

This organization will forward this vital discussion on how to use evolution's directionalized values, meta-principles, and processes to improve our world! Forwarding the evolutionary facts of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and how it can evolve humanity and the universe in more sustainable ways will also not be restricted by other voices of controversy misunderstanding the appropriate applicability or misapplying the philosophic concept of the Naturalistic Fallacy.

Controversy 2.) The Naturalistic Fallacy basically says that a scientific fact cannot ever create a legitimate "ought to" or "should do this" type of social or moral value. And, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview's meta-principles do overcome the philosophic argument of the Naturalistic Fallacy. (For those of you interested in lengthy, lofty, and highly detailed philosophic arguments, the successful counter-argument to the Naturalistic Fallacy for the meta-principles of evolution legitimately creating "ought to" and "should" type values or "goods" can be found in links at the end of this booklet in the full Universe Evolutionary Worldview FAQ sections.)

If you are curious about the new vision of both a practical and realistic hope that the Universe Evolutionary Worldview will provide to the future or its evolutionary meta-principles or tools, keep clicking the links at the bottom left or right of the page. If you click the UP link, it will show you all pages in this online booklet at that page's bottom.