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Universe Spirituality, Evolution Spirituality: A New Secular Religion and Meta-Religion of Evolution has Emerged from Evolution Itself...

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Based upon the facts of the universe's progressive evolution a new secular meta-religion of evolution has emerged called Universe Spirituality, Evolution Spirituality, or sometimes Religion 2.0This new secular form of open source meta-religion provides a personalized form of spirituality based upon the science grounded principles of progressive evolution that is also congruent with ONLY the most life-affirming wisdom and virtues of most religions. 

This new emergence in secular meta-religion and meta-personal spirituality is also a trans-denominational and omni-denominational.

For more information on what secular religion meta-religion and meta-spirituality is, click here.

Click here for more information on the basics of Universe Spirituality and Evolution Spirituality,

For more information on the open-source aspects of this new secular meta religion and meta personal spirituality, click here.

Universe Spirituality and Evolution Spirituality is also the result of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Click here for more information on the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.