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Evolution, Religion 2.0, Climate Crisis

The New Vision and Tools of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview Convey a Tremendous Success Advantage Upon Those Who Understand and Use It!

A worldview is a centering meta-paradigm of reality, a unifying cultural consciousness and set of assumed common values that both underlies and invisibly conditions and controls an individual’s (or a culture's,) way of knowing, seeing, valuing and most importantly, acting in the world.  In human history there has been only five major past worldviews. Consequently the appearance of a new worldview is something quite important.

A new worldview always emerges and evolves naturally when the previous worldview no longer adequately solves the most critical new problems that are arising for the individual and the society. Each new worldview provides transcending and more effective solutions that simply cannot be seen from within the constraints of the previously accepted worldview.

Each new worldveiw encompasses and includes the best of the previous worldviews.  Each new worldview eventually causes a great re-structuring and re-alignment of how individuals and cultures now view their world. This evolution of vision and knowledge then eventually re-aligns and creates new ways for how individuals should act to align themselves with the new worldview.

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview (UEW,) does all of the above and more! First and foremost it provides evolution's most current and time-proven principles and processes for practical personal success in daily living. It also provides the critical new vision, evolutionary structures and tools for our planet's challenged economic, political, ecological, social (and even religious,) systems.

It is a new vision, hope and tool for those who see many things getting worse on national and planetary levels or, have lost the realistic hope that either their personal lives or the world will be better for them or future generations.

Individuals who understand and practice the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview are called Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens or Universe Citizens.

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