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The Universe Evolutionary Worldview: A New Worldview That Works for a Planet in Crises and Us

At its core, Evolution 2.0's new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is solidly based on the core multidisciplinary advances and meta-principles of current evolution science. This is not just the science of evolution only as it applies to our planet. It is the science of evolution when viewed from the universe-scale level of time and space. This is important because universe evolution is so much bigger than Earth evolution. Universe evolution has gone on for 13.7 billion years throughout a universe 200 billion light-years across.

Evolution 2.0's knowledge and particularly its meta-principles ARE the core foundation .of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and this knowledge and these meta-principles are critical to our future because evolution itself is:

a.) "science's greatest discovery," 

b.) the best documented "meta-theory of everything" that currently exists and,

c.) the most trial-and-error tested and eons-of-time proved successful system that has ever existed.

The essential directionality and meta-principles of evolution when fully understood from universe-scale levels will help you to more wisely and intentionally evolve yourself, your groups, businesses, religions, nations, and even humanity into a better alignment with the time-tested, time-proven success meta-principles of nature and life in the universe. The modern scientific meta-principles of evolution are ultimately useful in that they can even be used in the most practical of ways to dramatically improve the personal success of our daily lives.

To say that evolution is the most successful system that exists is not an overstatement because nothing else even comes close in time or scale. Evolution has evolved and sustained many forms of life and our universe over billions of years.

When we study the history of the whole evolving universe from a multidisciplinary approach and as a complex adaptive system, we are able to discern the most commonly occurring meta-patterns in the creation of life, as well as those meta-patterns that are proven most successful in sustaining and thriving life and in building ever larger and more functional groups and unions. Thus adopting the new and practical evolutionary knowledge and tools of Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview allows individuals, organizations, and nations to be far more successful. 

"The many potentially species-ending global challenges that are now facing our planet simply cannot be resolved with only our old and Earth only limited worldviews. We need a new and vastly bigger perspective. We need a universe-scaled, whole complex adaptive system and evolutionary science-grounded new way of seeing the world (worldview,) to guide us to the proven and needed evolution-grounded restructuring and re-alignment knowledge and tools to more successfully resolve our personal and planetary mega-challenges. We quickly need to become more than just national or even planetary citizens to overcome our current challenges. We need to become evolution-wise universe citizens (AKA Evolutioneers,) living and using the tools and wisdom of Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview." Lawrence Wollersheim

The links below will take you to all of the details and benefits of Evolution 2.0's exciting new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and show you want it means to become an Evolutioneer.


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