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Briefly Defining Evolution 2.0's New Universe Evolutionary Worldview

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview Transcends and Yet Includes the Best of the Previous Enlightenment Worldview:

The previous major worldview was called the Enlightenment Worldview or Modern Worldview was based on a simple mechanistic view of the physical world that it could view and measure with its limited instruments. It was based on the new developments of rational analytical thinking and scientific methodology.

The Enlightenment Worldview saw Darwinian competition and self-interest as the higher more useful truth. As part of its worldview beliefs, it vastly expanded capitalism and expanded enclosing the public commons turning what was formerly commonly shared and owned by all for the common wellbeing--- into new rights of private property and private use, control, and ownership.

The Enlightenment Worldview saw hierarchy and centralization of authority and power as the natural and scientifically correct way to run their mechanistic world. Managed top-down and mechanically, caused the Enlightenment to function primarily and mostly for the benefit of those at the top of the command ownership hierarchy. Benefits did trickle down to other levels of the hierarchy or environment, but its Darwinian competitive focus kept it from being invested in ensuring the optimal functioning or wellbeing of its replaceable mechanical parts or its larger whole environment (whether that part be its individual workers or the whole be the biosphere that Enlightenment worldview validated capitalists saw not wrong in liberally polluting.)

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is based on a complex, adaptive whole evolutionary systems view of the physical world and whole universe not as a simple machine, but more as a complex living "organism." Seeing the universe as an incredibly complex adaptive system is a very different way to see the universe than seeing it as a simple mechanical system. Complex adaptive systems operate more synergistically and symbiotically to maintain the optimal functioning and wellbeing of the whole and its parts through more cooperation than competition. (Click here for a concise definition of complex adaptive systems.)

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview was created by instruments far more effective at measuring far more of the universe and its sub-systems in far greater detail. It is also based on the new and major advances in the evolutionary sciences and the advances in systems thinking and dialectical meta-systemic thinking. It sees self-organization as more important and useful than only top-down authoritarian management.

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview sees holarchic embeddedness, open, distributed networks, and decentralization as also having an important role to play in running the world as well as necessary minimal hierarchies. It sees evolutionary cooperation to achieve a win-win-win balance of harmonized individual self interest, group interests, and the interests of the planetary biosphere and universe's evolutionary processes as a higher more useful truth than the previously grossly misunderstood concept of only Darwinian competition and survival of the fittest individuals without understanding the even more important role of the functionality and well being of the whole or group that the individual is embedded within.

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is creating and expanding a global Collaborative Commons. It is helping to facilitate sharing, access, openness, and the creation of social capital as either just as important or, more important in the future than traditional capital and private property.

Those are just a few of the many improvements in scope of reality view and better reality management expansion that the Universe Evolutionary Worldview facilitates. Before covering other areas that this new worldview facilitates it is necessary to cover the core foundation of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and what specifically empowers and gives this new worldview validity. 

The Core of Universe Evolutionary Worldview:

Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview is centered in a foundation of several science-grounded discoveries about evolution and relatively new thinking tools. Those core breakthroughs of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview are:

1.) That evolution is progressive! And it is actually going somewhere and it has an underlying direction in spite of its apparent meandering, retrogressions, failed experiments, and extinctions. (Click here to find out the direction evolution is going in and how it progressively gets there.)

2.) That progressive evolution in the universe has reoccurring core meta-patterns (universe meta-principles,) that it uses repeatedly to successfully sustain and thrive individuals and groupings (parts and wholes.) (Click here to learn more about these Evolution 2.0 progressive evolution derived meta-patterns and meta-principles that have been time-proven and tested over billions of years.) And,

3.) That there are two newer ways of thinking about life and its complex adaptive whole systems in the universe. They are systems thinking and dialectical meta-systemic thinking. (Click those two links to learn more about the powers of these two new thinking systems that transcend the linear and mechanical limits of rational analytical thinking (which itself emerged with the scientific methodology of the Enlightenment period,) and, which also has made the emergence of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview even possible.)

The above science advances in cosmology, the other evolutionary sciences and in post-enlightenment new systems and dialectical meta-systemic thinking systems play the key and core foundational roles in providing many of the empowering new meta-perspectives and tools emerging from this new, multi-disciplinary, and complex adaptive whole systems unified, evolutionary understanding of life's sub-studies such as physics, organic chemistry, biology, culture, society, economics, politics, management, government, the environment, and even religion.

The New Universe Evolutionary Worldview Will Help to both Facilitate and Ideologically Validate Important New Breakthroughs Vital to the Evolution of Our World:

1.) Its Evolution 2.0 meta-principles provide the science-grounded foundation and the needed new worldview with its ideological clarity and justifications to underpin the validity of new ideas and goals of the decentralized, democratized, networked, and laterally-scaled "New Economy" vision of Sustainable Prosperity of abundance. It will help facilitate billions of new jobs that a new Zero Marginal Cost Society and the Third Industrial Revolution will create.

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview IS also the worldview that will both facilitate and ease the great social and economic transitional pain from the Second Industrial Revolution of the past into the Third Industrial Revolution of the future. (Click here to learn more about sustainable prosperity, what those billions of new jobs are and, how the meta-principles of Evolution 2.0 and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview can help us appropriately restructure and realign our personal and collective economic systems. Click the Second and Third Industrial Revolution links to learn more about these two major events in economic history. )

2.) Its Evolution 2.0 meta-principles provide the critically needed new tools and knowledge urgently needed to restructure and realign our global environmental models and deal with the most imminent and single biggest challenge threatening humanity --- escalating climate destabilization caused by global warming. (To see more about this go to the long-term remedial strategies of part 4 of the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan. The Job One for Humanity Plan is our organizations' program for mitigating global warming and climate destabilization.)

3.) Its Evolution 2.0 meta-principles provide the critically needed new tools and knowledge urgently needed to restructure and realign our global political and social systems to new improved models that will work far better for all of us as well as work better to keep us from destroying ourselves while trying to solve the many polarizing challenges we face as humanity.

4.) Its Evolution 2.0 meta-principles are the foundation for a new vision for some kind of a new, effective, and just cooperative planetary government that truly works for the benefit of ALL including future generations and the biosphere.

5.) For those individuals spiritually inclined, based upon the Evolution 2.0 meta-principles there also emerges a new form of spirituality called Evolution spirituality aka Religion 2.0. Evolution Spirituality provides a new form of religion based upon the meta-principles of progressive evolution that is also congruent with the most life-affirming wisdom and aspects of today's traditional religion. (Click here for more information on Evolution Spirituality.) And,

Individuals who practice the ideas and principles of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview are often called Evolutioneers, Sustainable Prosperity advocates, Universe community members, or Universe Citizens. (Please note: (The Universe Evolutionary Worldview has many similarities to Ted Chu's Cosmic Vision, Evolutionism, and to the Kosmos vision of Integralism.)

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