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The Home of Evolutioneers

Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Other Interesting Connections

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview, Evolutioneers, and Planetary and Universe Citizens

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is naturally forming a universe consciousness and universe awareness which both in turn give rise to Evolutioneersr and universe citizens. To learn more about Evolutioneers and universe citizenship click here.

Universe Day

Universe Day is similar in some ways to promoting a bigger sustainability perspective like Earth Day, but, the perspective of Universe Day is much larger and more foundational to creating global sustainability in many ways. Click here, for more information on Universe Day.

Update on Early Adopters of the new Universe Worldview

Many non-profit organizations are becoming early adopters of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Its perspectives, benefits and new Universe Principles offer distinct advantages for mission execution, cooperation building and education the public about the many re-alignments necessary to create sustainable prosperity.

This organization Universe Spirit strives to create a learning universe conscious and aligned community where the individuals insights and intentions result in lasting improvements. Those who apply the Universe Evolutionary Worldview  will find that it helps provide the new sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles and an inspiring foundation for becoming an effective and ethical leader, consultant, facilitator, advocate, activist or educator for the perspectives of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

What's Next?

How to Find out More About the Universe Evolutionary Worldview or Get Started Using it, click the What's Next link and it will take you back to other important self exploration options that you may not have seen.