Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview: A New Worldview That Works for Our Changing Planet and Each of Us

At its core, Evolution 2.0's new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is solidly based on the core multidisciplinary advances and meta-principles of current evolution science. This is not just the science of evolution only as it applies to our planet. It is the sciences of evolution when viewed from the universe-scale level of time and space. This is important because universe evolution is so much bigger that Earth evolution. Universe evolution has gone on for 13.7 billion years throughout a universe 200 billion light years across.

Evolution 2.0's knowledge and particularly its meta-principles ARE the core foundation .of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and this knowledge and these meta-principles are critical to our future because evolution itself is:

a.) "science's greatest discovery," 

b.) the best documented "meta-theory of everything" that currently exists and,

c.) the most trial-and-error tested and eons-of-time proven successful system that has ever existed.

The essential directionality and meta-principles of evolution when fully understood from universe-scale levels will help you to more wisely and intentionally evolve yourself, your groups, businesses, religions, nations and even humanity into a better alignment with the time-tested, time-proven success meta-principles of nature and life in the universe. The modern scientific meta-principles of evolution are ultimately useful in that they can even be used in the most practical of ways to dramatically improve the personal success of our daily lives.

To say that evolution is the most successful system that exists is not an overstatement because nothing else even comes close in time or scale. Evolution has evolved and sustained many forms of life and our universe over billions of years.

When we study the history of the whole evolving universe from a multidisciplinary approach and as a complex adaptive system, we are able to discern the most commonly occurring meta-patterns in the creation of life, as well as those meta-patterns that are proven most successful in sustaining and thriving life and in building ever larger and more functional groups and unions. Thus adopting the new and practical evolutionary knowledge and tools of Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview allows individuals, organizations and nations to be far more successful. 

"The many potentially species-ending global challenges that are now facing our planet simply cannot be resolved with only our old and Earth only limited worldviews. We need the new and vastly bigger perspective. We need a universe-scaled, whole complex adaptive system and evolutionary science-grounded new way of seeing the world (worldview,) to guide us to the proven and needed evolution-grounded restructuring and re-alignment knowledge and tools to more successfully resolve our personal and planetary mega-challenges. We quickly need to become more than just national or even planetary citizens to overcome our current challenges. We need to become evolution-wise universe citizens (AKA Evolutioneers,) living and using the tools and wisdom of Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview." Lawrence Wollersheim

The links below will take you to all of the details and benefits about Evolution 2.0's exciting new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and show you want it means to become an Evolutioneer.

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All About Past Planetary Worldviews and the Critical Importance of Evolution 2.0's New Universe Evolutionary Worldview to the Future

It is Important to Understand Why is this New Universe Evolutionary Worldview so Important:

"When you fully understand the scope of what a worldview is and does you will then also understand why the rare emergence of a new worldview like the Universe Evolutionary Worldview is such a watershed event for human history." Lawrence Wollersheim

The emergence of new worldviews is rare! In all of human history we have had only five major previous worldviews.

What exactly is a worldview and what does it do in a society?

"A worldview is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society's knowledge and point-of-view, including natural philosophy; fundamental, existential, and normative postulates; or themes, values, emotions, and ethics." Wikipedia

A worldview contains the stories, symbols, and metaphors by which we define our identity, lives, purpose, goals and rules as well as  the goals, purposes and rules of everything else like our politics, society and economy etc. A worldview gives us reasons to live and addresses the most fundamental questions of life such as who am I? Where have I come from? Why am I here? A worldview is a centering meta-paradigm of reality, a unifying individual and cultural consciousness and belief system that both underlies and also invisibly conditions, controls and limits an individual’s, group's or a culture's way of knowing, seeing, thinking, valuing and most importantly, acting in the world.

A new worldview also restructures and re-aligns the previous worldviews in order that better solutions can be used. A new worldview like Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview always emerges and evolves naturally when the previous worldview no longer adequately solves the new critical problems that are arising for the individual and the society.

Each new worldview expansion provides transcending, more effective solutions that simply cannot be seen from within the constraints of the previous worldview. Each new worldview encompasses and includes the best of the previous worldviews. Sometimes before a new worldview can take hold there is a period of severe disruption, crisis or catastrophe like the Black Death and the Dark Ages just before the first Enlightenment period.

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview encompasses and includes the best of previous planetary worldviews. In the order of their emergence, the previous worldviews were called: archaic, magic, mythic, enlightenment/modern and postmodern.

It is vitally important to know about the dawning of any new worldview because it is the emerging new vision and values center and it is a bellwether of the next large-scale, powerful cultural evolution and of a pending great re-alignment about to occur in every area of life such as economics, politics, spirituality, society etc. For example, it was the emergence of a new worldview in the eighteenth century called the Enlightenment, or what is also called rational modernism, that caused what many consider to be the greatest single previous surge in cultural and personal freedom as well as a surge in human knowledge and consequent material well-being in history.

Because a worldview is a centering meta-paradigm for how the totality of reality is perceived and because it both underlies and invisibly conditions an individual’s (or culture's) way of knowing, seeing, valuing and acting in the world, new worldviews do not really overthrow old worldviews in sudden ways. They emerge slowly at the edges of humanity that are most open to the survival and sustainability advantages that a new, more accurate worldview bestows upon those few fortunate enough to have been first exposed to them and then who find ways to use it. If a new worldview gains support with those who control the educational systems, it can rapidly spread through the human population.

If there is a particular individual or collective crisis that the new worldview can help resolve in a significant and speedy and efficient way, that new worldview could move though humanity's entire literate population in less than a generation in the age of the Internet. Such a collective crisis does exist (climate destabilization by way of global warming,) and such a need does also exists today.

Another important reason the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is so important is because it is the first time in human history that life has been viewed from the whole-universe-time and-space evolutionary perspective. We can finally see far better than ever before how the deep reoccurring meta-patterns of creating and sustaining life and communities of life work as a whole system.

This vast new universe-scaled perspective is capable of improving everything in faster and more effective ways than has ever been known before in human history.

"We simply cannot effectively resolve today's complex global challenges from a planetary systems perspective or the local or national area perspective alone! We can't even solve our personal problems effectively anymore using just a local or planetary systems perspective. Only by also using the vastly larger universe-scaled evolutionary systems perspective and its time-tested meta-principles and tools (the Universe Evolutionary Worldview,) will humanity ever successfully resolve its current planetary challenges and personal challenges." This is because as Albert Einstein said, "the consciousness and perspective that created the problem is not the consciousness and perspective that will be able to resolve the problem."---Lawrence Wollersheim  

Why the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview is Critically Important to the World at This Time

All political, economic, religious, social, legal and philosophic systems are only as good as the fundamental and centering value interpretations, processes as well as facts and belief perspectives about life in the real universe (their worldview,) upon which they were initially based (and/or upon which they are currently updated and aligned). Nowhere are the actual value interpretations, processes, facts and perspectives about life expressed more completely and scientifically than at the cutting edge of today's cosmological and progressive evolutionary life sciences.

As they exist today, all human cultural systems will continue to produce far less effective results in solving humanity's greatest common challenges until --- they are more accurately science-aligned or re-aligned first with the new enlarging empirical facts about the sustainability meta-patterns of progressive evolution at universe whole systems scale. Until then, all current cultural systems (and the currently inappropriate or smaller scale partial view values and perspectives they embody,) will continue to be a significant invisible causative or contributive components to the very challenges of humanity that they seek to resolve!

On the other hand, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is a centering new worldview that is big enough, inclusive, unifying and capable enough. It has more accurate science-grounded information and perspectives as well as a set of science-derived universal evolutionary ethics, which also are all critically needed to more effectively resolve every challenge now facing humanity.

This is also uniquely true because of its yet unused global consensus building ability to help rationally restructure, align or re-align all existing human cultural systems, stories, metaphors and their values/ethics (including even religion) with more accurate science-grounded evolutionary realities of the universe's whole complex adaptive systems. This global consensus building ability is true because, where there is alignment, there can be agreement.

And, where there is agreement there is flow and power. It is with this new level of agreement that efforts and resources can be better coordinated and utilized to more effectively help resolve all manner of our collective current global challenges.

The naturally emerging new Universe Evolutionary Worldview provides a monumental forward leap for coming into better harmony with life and with ourselves, as well as for ethically restructuring all of our current systems or aligning or re-aligning with each other and the universe. It is the centering and new uniting vision and perspective that encompasses exactly what is needed at the right time to successfully pass through the survival and sustainable prosperity challenges currently facing the biological and cultural systems of our planet.

With the rational and centering new vision and values of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, we now can better align, re-structure or re-align our individual and collective mutual actions to more effectively cooperate to also create a more sustainable and prosperous planet for all.

One of the most interesting things that the Universe Evolutionary Worldview does besides helping us to restructure and realign our economic, political and social systems with its new vision is that it even helps us restructure and realign our religious systems to help them better meet the challenges of the times. If one is of a spiritual nature, it does this by offering new meta-principles that allow one to create their own personalized spirituality and it provides the ideas and tools for a new kind of trans-denominational meta-religion. (We call this Religion 2.0 AKA Evolution Spirituality.)

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is truly the new centering hub and universe scale, whole-systems perspective that will hold! It is the emerging new evolutionary answer to the poet Yeats' famous line, "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold..." The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is not just the new emerging center that can hold us through our next set of planetary transitions. It is so vast it is monumentally transformational of itself.

It does not just move the pieces around in small changes. It changes the way the whole game board is viewed. It does not just point to a new set of solutions to our most intractable problems. It asks a whole new set of questions and provides a whole new set of values, ethics and perspectives that allow us to see the problems themselves in a new light and then shows us how to restructure and re-align and play the game of life more successfully in a whole new way.

"The worldview change of the Great Scientific Enlightenment period has effected our world beyond what anyone could ever imagine. It created the Second Industrial Revolution. The new ideas of Evolution 2.0's  progressive evolution contained within the Universe Evolution Worldview will without a doubt usher in a new and equally great new Enlightenment period for humanity and the Third Industrial Revolution." Lawrence Wollersheim

"Homo sapiens, the first truly free species, is about to decommission natural selection,
the force that made us… Soon we must look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become."---Edward O. Wilson

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview will help us do this and a lot more. Keep reading the links below to find out specifically what the Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview is and will do to every area of our society now that you understand the power of worldviews and the critical importance of a worldview change on every aspect of society!

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Briefly Defining Evolution 2.0's New Universe Evolutionary Worldview

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview Transcends and Yet Includes the Best of the Previous Enlightenment Worldview:

The previous major worldview was called the Enlightenment Worldview or Modern Worldview was based on a simple mechanistic view of the physical world that it could view and measure with its limited instruments. It was based on the new developments of rational analytical thinking and scientific methodology.

The Enlightenment Worldview saw Darwinian competition and self interest as the higher more useful truth. As part of its worldview beliefs, it vastly expanded capitalism and expanded enclosing the public commons turning what was formerly commonly shared and owned by all for the common wellbeing--- into new rights of private property and private use, control and ownership.

The Enlightenment Worldview saw hierarchy and centralization of authority and power as the natural and scientifically correct way to run their mechanistic world. Managed top down and mechanically, caused the Enlightenment to function primarily and mostly for the benefit of those at the top of the command ownership hierarchy. Benefits did trickle down to other levels of the hierarchy or environment, but its Darwinian competitive focus kept it from being invested in insuring the optimal functioning or wellbeing of its replaceable mechanical parts or its larger whole environment (whether that part be its individual workers or the whole be the biosphere that Enlightenment worldview validated capitalists saw not wrong in liberally polluting.)

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is based on a complex, adaptive whole evolutionary systems view of the physical world and whole universe not as a simple machine, but more as a complex living "organism." Seeing the universe as an incredibly complex adaptive system is a very different way to see universe than seeing it as simple mechanical system. Complex adaptive systems operate more synergistically and symbiotically to maintain the optimal functioning and wellbeing of the whole and its parts through more cooperation than competition. (Click here for a concise definition of complex adaptive systems.)

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview was created by instruments far more effective at measuring far more of the universe and its sub-systems in far greater detail. It is also based on the new and major advances in the evolutionary sciences and the advances in systems thinking and dialectical meta-systemic thinking. It sees self organization as more important and useful than only top down authoritarian management.

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview sees holarchic embeddedness, open, distributed networks and decentralization as also having an important role to play in running the world as well as necessary minimal hierarchies. It sees evolutionary cooperation to achieve a win win win balance of harmonized individual self interest, group interests and the interests of the planetary biosphere and universe's evolutionary processes as a higher more useful truth than the previously grossly misunderstood concept of only Darwinian competition and survival of the fittest individuals without understanding the even more important role of the functionality and well being of the whole or group that the individual is embedded within.

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is creating and expanding a global Collaborative Commons. It is helping to facilitate sharing, access, openness and the creation of social capital as either just as important or, more important in the future than traditional capital and private property.

Those are just a few of the many improvements in scope of reality view and better reality management expansion that the Universe Evolutionary Worldview facilitates. Before covering other areas that this new worldview facilitates it is necessary to cover the core foundation of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and what specifically empowers and gives this new worldview validity. 

The Core of Universe Evolutionary Worldview:

Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview is centered in a foundation of several science-grounded discoveries about evolution and relatively new thinking tools. Those core breakthroughs of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview are:

1.) That evolution is progressive! And it is actually going somewhere and it has an underlying direction in spite of its apparent meandering, retrogressions, failed experiments and extinctions. (Click here to find out the direction evolution is going in and how it progressively gets there.)

2.) That progressive evolution in the universe has reoccurring core meta-patterns (universe meta-principles,) that it uses repeatedly to successfully sustain and thrive individuals and groupings (parts and wholes.) (Click here to learn more about these Evolution 2.0 progressive evolution derived meta-patterns and meta-principles that have been time-proven and tested over billions of years.) And,

3.) That there are two newer ways of thinking about life and its complex adaptive whole systems in the universe. They are systems thinking and dialectical meta-systemic thinking. (Click those two links to learn more about the powers of these two new thinking systems that transcend the linear and mechanical limits of rational analytical thinking (which itself emerged with scientific methodology of the Enlightenment period,) and, which also has made the emergence of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview even possible.)

The above science advances in cosmology, the other evolutionary sciences and in post-enlightenment new systems and dialectical meta-systemic thinking systems play the key and core foundational roles in providing many of the empowering new meta-perspectives and tools emerging from this new, multi-disciplinary and complex adaptive whole systems unified, evolutionary understanding of life's sub-studies such as physics, organic chemistry, biology, culture, society, economics, politics, management, government, the environment and even religion.

The New Universe Evolutionary Worldview Will Help to both Facilitate and Ideologically Validate Important New Breakthroughs Vital to the Evolution of Our World:

1.) It's Evolution 2.0 meta-principles provide the science-grounded foundation and the needed new worldview with its ideological clarity and justifications to underpin the validity of new ideas and goals of the decentralized, democratized, networked and laterally-scaled "New Economy" vision of Sustainable Prosperity of abundance. It will help facilitate billions of new jobs that a new Zero Marginal Cost Society and the Third Industrial Revolution will create.

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview IS also the worldview that will both facilitate and ease the great social and economic transitional pain from the Second Industrial Revolution of the past into the Third Industrial Revolution of the future. (Click here to learn more about sustainable prosperity, what those billions of new jobs are and, how the meta-principles of Evolution 2.0 and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview can help us appropriately restructure and realign our personal and collective economic systems. Click the Second and Third Industrial Revolution links to learn more about these two major events in economic history. )

2.) It's Evolution 2.0 meta-principles provide the critically needed new tools and knowledge urgently needed to restructure and realign our global environmental models and deal with the most imminent and single biggest challenge threatening humanity --- escalating climate destabilization caused by global warming. (To see more about this go to the long term remedial strategies of part 4 of the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan. The Job One for Humanity Plan is our organizations' program for mitigating global warming and climate destabilization.)

3.) It's Evolution 2.0 meta-principles provide the critically needed new tools and knowledge urgently needed to restructure and realign our global political and social systems to new improved models that will work far better for all of us as well as work better to keep us from destroying ourselves while trying to solve the many polarizing challenges we face as humanity.

4.) It's Evolution 2.0 meta-principles are the foundation for a new vision for some kind of a new, effective and just cooperative planetary government that truly works for the benefit of ALL including future generations and the biosphere.

5.) For those individuals spiritually inclined, based upon the Evolution 2.0 meta-principles there also emerges a new form of spirituality called Religion 2.0. Religion 2.0 provides a new form of religion based upon the meta-principles of progressive evolution that is also congruent with the most life-affirming wisdom and aspects of todays traditional traditional religion. (Click here for more information on Religion 2.0.) And,

Individuals who practice the ideas and principles of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview are often called Evolutioneers, Sustainable Prosperity advocates, Universe community members or Universe Citizens. (Please note: (The Universe Evolutionary Worldview has many similarities Ted Chu's Cosmic Vision, Evolutionism and to the Kosmos vision of Integralism.)

Continue reading more by using the Universe Evolutionary Worldview sub-subject links below.

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Adopt Evolution 2.0 and Its Universe Evolutionary Worldview and You Can Look Forward To the Following Benefits......

A Quick Summary of Individual Benefits for Understanding and Adopting Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview

The ideas principles and tools of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview helps the individual expand, realign and restructure their current worldview in order to discover a more effective and unified universe-scale evolutionary understanding of life. This unified understanding of life will then help individuals to significantly:

a. improve, realign or restructure their sense of individual and collective origin, identity, purpose and life goals and directionality

b. improve, realign or restructure their thinking, feeling and attitudes,

c. which then improves, realigns or restructures their actions and habits so they are more successful and sustainable,

d. which then improves, realigns or restructures their individual, social, economic (and if also spiritual in nature, spiritual,) lifestyles and livelihoods resulting in almost unfair advantage over their peers unaware of this worldview.

A Quick Summary of the Benefits for Understanding and Adopting the Universe Evolutionary Worldview for Society and the Global Culture

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview conveys many tremendous success, sustainability and quality-of-life advantages on all who use it. It:

1.) improves fitness, adaptability and control of your environments as well as helping you to function more cooperatively and successfully as groups. (This is the main advantage that makes Universe Evolutionary Worldview practitioners considerably more sustainably successful in life in general and in creating more successful and sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles. This is due to using science and the meta-principles of evolution as the key foundation of Evolution 2.0.)

2.) provides a transcending-and-including realignment and restructuring of everything. This includes such things as physics, chemistry, biology, cultural sociology, economics, politics and our thinking, management and government sub-systems. For those of a spiritual inclination, it even holds the capability to both realign, restructure and expand religion and the exploration within personal spirituality toward a more rational balance while still encompassing the most life-affirming wisdom and solutions from what has come before.

3.) provides a more useful and science-balanced unified understanding of life based upon the largest possible time and space perspective currently known--the universe perspective!

4.) provides a new science-grounded universe and life genesis story that is more accurate and can be truly shared by all of humanity. This new common universe and life genesis story encompasses and transcends humanity’s previous diverse and often conflicting cultural and religious genesis stories. Yet, it still allows for the most life-affirming wisdom and meanings from previous cultural and religious genesis stories to find a place within the new science-grounded universe and life genesis story. The new science-grounded genesis story based upon evolution as being progressive and directional provides a new understanding of common personal identity and dignity. It also provides humanity new shared and common evolutionary purposes and goals and a new set of science-rational evolutionary, meta-principles, values and ethical guidelines that will allow humanity to establish the larger cooperation agreements critically necessary to resolving the current planetary challenges.

5.) provides the new science-grounded dialectical and systems thinking and other new perspectives necessary to create a sustainable prosperity for all on all levels and that potentially holds the promise to last for millions of generations.

6.) provides science-grounded identity, individual and collective deep meaning, value and a new central importance within the grand universe adventure that post-postmodernism had previously made into a dark, cold space where the individual was rendered meaningless with no direction or goal greater then themselves. It is a vision that is rich in actualizing all the developmental possibilities for attaining the fullest possible personal and collective meaning in life.

7.) provides real empowerment, connection and centering in a world where many people now feel fragmented and powerless.

8.) provides an opportunity for the individual to be on the leading edge of life's evolutionary adventure by becoming an intentional evolutionary universe citizen, evolutioneer and partner with evolution. This is done by aligning oneself and one’s groups with the near unstoppable progressive directionality of evolution in the great universe adventure.

"The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is so timely, empowering and astronomical in its scope it will eventually realign and restructure everything we now know to its new transcending and including perspectives. It is just the unifying and centering new worldview that we urgently need to resolve our biggest planetary (as well as personal) challenges, and it has appeared precisely at the time when it's needed most!" ---Lawrence Wollersheim

8.) underpins the validity of the new ideas and goals of a decentralized, democratized, networked and laterally-scaled "New Third Industrial Revolution Economy" as well as the vision of a Sustainable Prosperity of abundance for more of humanity. Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview will help to facilitate the billions of new and future jobs that an evolving Zero Marginal Cost Society and Third Industrial Revolution will create.

9.) offers the evolutionary long term hope and possibility that one's consciousness or existence could go on beyond the physical death of the body and/or that the physical body and personality/consciousness might be able to exist far longer and attain near immorality or, one could attain full or partial transcendence over the flaws of human nature through new technologies like genetic engineering, cybernetics, etc, or, even that the possibilities of evolutionary transhumanism can eventually be realized --- where humanity in the future might become the parents of whole new species who also carry on universe evolution with or without us out into the stars.

10.) And finally, if you are of a spiritual nature, it provides more effective and safe pathways for humanity’s individual and collective exploration of Ultimate Reality. (The new science-grounded Religion 2.0 provides a personalized form of spirituality based upon progressive evolution principles that is also congruent with the most life-affirming wisdom and aspects of todays traditional traditional religion.)

Individuals and groups that understand and use the personal and societal unifying, realigning and restructuring power of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview are often called Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview has emerged new perspectives, attitudes and action principles that are practiced by those who hold the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Click on any of the following links to see those new perspectives, attitudes and action principles that are followed by those who consider themselves to be Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens. 

To see the Big Picture action principles of an Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen, click here.

To see the Big Picture attitudes of an Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen, click here.

To learn all about what an Evolutioneer and Universe Citizens think and do to live out the ideas of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, click here.

To see the Big Picture perspectives of an Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen, click here.

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Evolution 2.0 Essential Books, Leading Authors and Key Resources for Evolutioneers, Planetary and Universe Citizens and the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview

Evolution 2.0 and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is being adopted by individuals,  groups and organizations at an ever-increasing pace. The reason is simple. They both convey many tremendous survival, sustainability and quality-of-life success advantages for those that understand them.

The following suggested reading lists will lay out key materials and a few of the leading authors, thinkers and research resources behind Evolution 2.0 and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

In the Evolution 2.0 movement we consider the individuals, authors and teachers listed below our honor roll of important and originating Evolutioneers for either or both Evolution 2.0 ideas and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Please also note that among these various individuals and organizations listed below there are significant differences in approach, emphasis and content, and not all below hold ALL of the key and core Evolution 2.0 and Universe Evolutionary Worldview perspectives and principles.

Key Books and Resources to Help You Understanding Evolution 2.0, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Core Vision and Perspectives of Evolutioneers, Planetary and Universe Citizens and the Universe Community

The Part A list of secular science books below are key foundational Evolution 2.0 reading. They are foundational because without understanding the biological and cosmological science surrounding evolution it would be difficult to honestly call oneself an Evolutioneer or act effectively using the Universe Evolutionary Worldview's meta-principles.

These first Evolution 2.0 books describe the essential biological and cosmological over-viewing science and they contain the basic information that will inform (or realign,) one's sense of individual and collective origin, identity and purpose. They also describe or imply in less formal ways many of the science-grounded evolutionary meta-principles for a sustainable and thriving life. 

You will also notice that the list of objective science books just below come before the lists of subjective evolutionary philosophical or spiritual evolutionary books because objective progressive evolution "science's greatest discovery," is primary and foundational to understanding Evolution 2.0 and all of the other aspects of life. To put the more subjective nature of evolutionary philosophy or evolutionary religion before knowing the hard objective science and principles of evolution would definitely be putting the cart way before the horse.

Finally, the book lists sections below are arranged by category and in levels of difficulty (B) beginner, (I) intermediate and (A) for the advanced. For optimal understanding in each section begin reading with the first book listed. Later readings are often significantly enhanced by the foundation gained from the earlier readings. 

You can also use these book lists below as a checklist for your personal development as an Evolution 2.0 Evolutioneer. We also strongly recommend that you get at least through all of the Part A list evolutionary science reading before going on to the other Part B evolutionary philosophy, religion economics, social sciences, and other related books farther down the page.

Part A: The Essential Science Reading of Evolution 2.0:

Level 1: Beginner Science on Evolution 2.0

1. EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris. This book is great for a basic scientific understanding the "big picture" basics of how the whole universe has evolved over the last 13.7 billion years. It is an interesting and amazing read of how evolution shows us over and over again that it is not "survival of the fittest," but survival of the most wisely cooperative. This book also contains the core of the new Genesis story used within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and movement to help us inform (or realign,) our sense of individual and collective origin, identity and purpose as Evolutionaries.

2.) Evolution For Everyone by David Sloan Wilson. A remarkable book that will help you to start to think like a science-grounded evolutionary and show you how important understanding evolution and evolutionary science is to your daily life success!

3.) View from the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams. (The books View from the Center of the Universe and View from the Center of the Universe constitute one of the most accurate and complete statements of the common and shared cosmology and the "new" genesis story currently held within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Joel Primack is a renowned physicist famous for his dark matter work.

4.) Thank God for Evolution! How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow. (This is an optional read in this section if you have a strong Judeo-Christian background. It is based on science, but frames things to integrate a religious perspective where possible. It is an easy, fast read that will also provide many of the basic new Universe Evolutionary Worldview perspectives, but it should not be substituted for the three other readings just above.)

Level 2: Intermediate Science on Evolution

1.) Evolution's ArrowThe Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity, by John Stewart. (This also is an essential part of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview summarizing the key elements of evolution's progressiveness.)

2.) The Universe Principles of Sustainability by Lawrence Wollersheim. (The Universe Principles are a daily living statement of the natural and universal values and "ethical guidelines" found within the principles of the universe's progressive evolution and are the core new operational ethics of both evolutionaries and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) 

3.) On Human Nature by Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson. The book tries to explain how different characteristics of humans and society can be explained from the point of view of evolution. He explains how evolution has left its traces on the characteristics which are the specialty of human species like generosity, self-sacrifice, worship and the use of sex for pleasure. The book is considered an effort to complete the Darwinian revolution by bringing biological thought into social sciences and humanities.

4.) The following article is a quick but complex summary of the principles of the progressive directionality and trajectory of evolution and life by Lawrence Wollersheim.

5.) Maps of Time, An Introduction to Big History by David Christian. This book and these Big History CDs provide a multi-disciplinary look at all of the universe's evolution including a detailed human history. This progressive evolutionary work is finally being taught in universities around the world.)

Essential Intermediate Thinking Skills for Understanding Evolution's Complex Adaptive Systems and Processes: (This list assumes the reader has already familiarized themselves with basic logic and scientific methodology.)
1.) Thinking in Systems by Donella H Meadows. This is a good intermediate level read on System theory. One definitely need to understand both systems theory as well as dialectical meta-systemic thinking to better understand complex adaptive evolutionary systems.
Level 3: Advanced Science on Evolution (We strongly recommend that you first read levels one and two above before going on to any of the reading below this level three science.)

1.) See the Evolution 2.0 Master FAQ on this Website by clicking here.

2.) The Evolutionary Manifesto, Our Role in the Future Evolution of Life by John Stewart. This paper contains what do we need to do to become an effective practicing Evolutioneer once you have better understood the deeper directionality of evolution as well as its core principles from the readings above.

3.) Design for Evolution: Self-Organization and Planning in the Life of Human Systems, Erich Janstch. Definitely a big picture analysis of Evolution and its guiding principles.

4.) Evolving Hierarchical Systems, Stanley N. Salthe (Perspectives on hierarchy in evolutionary systems. Dense and challenging reading but well worth it for a enlightening understanding of how evolution uses appropriate hierarchy effectively when and how needed.)

5.) The Self-Organizing Universe: Scientific and Human Implications of the Emerging Paradigm of Evolution, Erich Janstch. (Lots of advanced science on progressive evolution and its self organizing qualities.)

Essential Advanced  Thinking Skills for Understanding Evolution's Complex Adaptive Systems and Processes: (This list assumes the reader has already familiarized themselves with basic logic and scientific methodology.)

1.) Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems by Professor Otto Laske. Probably no single book has done so much to forward the new complex meta-systemic dialectical thinking that is necessary for more fully understanding the complex adaptive systems within evolution, life and reality on a meta-systemic levels! No single book on how to think and the new meta-systemic levels of thinking is more urgently needed to better manage our complex living and non-living systems and to help resolve the complex adaptive systems related problems of the world today. This book is so important to the future it should be required reading and study by every key decision-making individual in governments and corporations around the world. (Please click here for a full review of this difficult to read (but highly rewarding,) book.

Part B, Secondary Reading Resources of Evolution 2.0:

Evolution 2.0 and the New Economics and Sustainable Prosperity:

1.) The Zero Marginal Cost Society:The Internet of Things, The Collaboration Commons, and The Eclipse of Capitalism by Jeremy Rifkin. We cannot recommend this book enough because of its Evolution 2.0 compatible new vision of hope and practicality that this evolutionary book presents on the already here Third Industrial Revolution. This book will help you sustainably thrive in all the coming economic changes. (A must read for every Evolutioneer.)

2.) The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin. This book will help you better understand the principles of Sustainable Prosperity in the next reading item in this section. (A must read for every Evolutioneer.)

3.) The Principles of Sustainable Prosperity. Here is where you will learn about the billions of new jobs that will be created in an Evolution 2.0 work that will create a sustainable prosperity for all. (A must read for every Evolutioneer.)

4.) The Origin of Wealth: The Radical Remaking of Economics and What it Means for Business and Society by Eric D. Beinhocker. Over 6.4 billion people participate in a $36.5 trillion global economy, designed and overseen by no one. How did this marvel of self-organized complexity evolve? Not only is the evolution of our economic systems laid out, but also this book contains one of the best descriptions of the evolutionary algorithm. (The amazing evolutionary algorithm is how evolution optimal discovers of the most adaptive fitness strategies for a particular environment.) If you are an evolutionary and want to thrive, this absolutely is a very interesting must read after you have your beginners and intermediate science books done in levels one and two above. (Intermediate to advanced level.)

Cultural Development in Evolution 2.0:

1.) Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan. (This book will give you an great overview of how progressive evolution manifests itself in both individual and cultural development and how our various kinds of environmental conditions produce our values and adaption strategies to a greater or lesser degree. This book based on the work of Professor Claire Graves. It shows the stage by stage evolution of our cultures and helps you to see the different stages of cultural evolution achieved by different nations. It is a great overview on how we as individual humans and collectively as cultures have evolved to predictably adapt and change our values and behaviors to the many different environmental conditions and stressors in which we find ourselves in today's global world. It is a must read on cultural evolution.)

Emotional Development in Evolution 2.0: (Intermediate Level)

1.) Measuring Hidden Dimensions: the Art and Science of Fully Engaging Adults by Otto Laske. (For the socio-emotional side for understanding the levels of current, possible and potential socio-emotional human development.)

New Technologies and Evolution 2.0

1.) Evolution 2.0 Position Paper on New Technologies.

2.) Evolution 2.0 Position Paper on Evolutionary Transhumanism.

Evolution 2.0 and the Environment Particularly --- Global Warming and Climate De-stabilization:

1.) See the Evolution 2.0 based Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan.

Motivational Books About Becoming an Evolution 2.0 Evolutioneer:

1.) Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic View for our Future Evolution by Ted Chu, PhD. (Available early 2014.) We see this book as the most motivating and inspirational overview of what it means to be a universe citizen and evolutionary. It is a must read for every Evolutioneer! Ted presents the "next generation" specifics on what inspired conscious evolution in alignment with evolutionary science looks like. His vision of the future of evolution and humanity's role in it is well grounded in history and science and it will stretch the vision of the biggest evolutionary thinkers and universe citizens. At Universe Spirit we now recommend that every member reads this book as part of their intermediate level education on what it takes to be an authentic evolutionary and universe citizen forwarding evolution on Earth and then out into the universe.

2.) Life Rules by Ellen Laconte. An "best of class" book about bottom-up organic self organizing democracy that harmonizes with the natural laws of closed system planetary evolution. This new model discussed in her book is much different than the top down, power influenced democratic governments driven on "growth economics" theories of infinite growth and infinite substitutability that we have today. (While our organization agrees with most of the ideas in this book, we do differ with the author on several issues and recommendations such as the importance of what we believe is the vital local community/global governance balancing in the critical and simultaneous role of international law and international governance to limit individual, local and regional excess and expansion while simultaneity educating about, aligning and enforcing essential minimal policies for the planetary common good and defense.)

3.) Dealing with the "Evolutionary Bottleneck" and the Transition in which Humanity Finds Itself.  The Global Heart Awakens: Humanity's Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love by Anodea Judith. If evolution is the Gods’ way of making more gods, as author Anodea Judith suggests, then how does an adolescent species evolve to its next level of its evolutionary development, where we hold god-like power on a planetary scale?  How do we overcome our inborn self-interest to focus on a trajectory capable of sustaining the evolutionary experiment far into the future? This beautifully written narrative follows humanity’s evolutionary journey to where we are today: standing on the threshold of individual and species initiation, poised between promise and peril. The current evolutionary bottleneck of environmental and social crises is nothing less than a metaphor for the initiatory birth canal to our future adulthood, whose pain and compression are forcing us into a new operating system. The next Great Awakening that must ensue follows the general trend of evolution: toward greater organization, cooperation, intelligence, creativity, capacity, and collaboration, as it appears both individually and collectively in virtually every social system we have. We recommend this book because it deals with transitional emotional, psychological and spiritual issues (if you are of a spiritual nature,) of evolving a better and more progressive evolution-aligned world.

Evolutionary Activism:

1.) The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world, by Ronald A. Heifetz, Marty Linsky and Alexander Grashow This is a great handbook for change agents and activists who need to achieve their goals in dynamic, complex adaptive environments.  It is specifically written for leaders in business organizations.  But its approaches and insights can be used effectively by evolutionary change agents who work in any kind of complex environment, at any scale.  It is therefore extremely useful for evolutionary activists who are setting out to build a global evolutionary movement and a unified planetary society.  To be truly effective however, the approaches outlined by the book need to be combined with practices that build self-mastery and a capacity for meta-systemic/dialectical cognition.

2.) Reflections on Evolutionary Activism: Essays, poems and prayers from an emerging field of sacred social change by Tom Atlee

Philosophical and Historical Aspects of Being an Evolutionary:

1.) A Brief History of Everything, Ken Wilber. This book is a great introduction to Wilber’s brilliant understanding of the evolution and development of physical, biological, human, and cultural systems, and of consciousness itself.  But as brilliant, insightful and all-encompassing as Wilber’s synthesis is, it leaves much important work to be done by evolutionary thinkers.  Wilber attributes the upward thrust of evolution to Eros, a new cosmic force that is unknown to science.  Because he believes that this mysterious Eros sufficiently explains the evolutionary trajectory, Wilber’s perspective is largely that of a spectator.  He primarily restricts himself to describing the patterns of evolution, rather than trying to discover the specific mechanisms and processes that drive it onward and upwards. Understanding these mechanisms is of critical importance for evolutionary activists.  This is because it shows them how to actualize the next great steps in evolution on this planet i.e. how to actually go about developing higher consciousness and cognition, and how to actually organize a sustainable and cooperative global society.  Wilber’s extraordinary work is a strong stimulus for the development of an understanding of these mechanisms and processes. 

2.) Evolutionaries, Carter Phillips. A great and well written overview and history of the evolutioneer and evolutionary movement that is heavy on the evolutionary philosophy and evolutionary religion and spirituality. (Please click here for our detailed review of this book.) 

3.) The Phenomena Of Man by Teilhard de Chardin. This book presents a convincing and coherent vision of evolution as a directional and progressive process.  De Chardin demonstrates the power of an evolutionary worldview by using his understanding of the trajectory of evolution to predict how humanity and life on this planet will evolve in the future.  Although Teilhard’s vision of the future is distorted by his religious beliefs, the book none-the-less demonstrates the potential of an evolutionary worldview to help guide our future evolution.  The book’s impact on mainstream evolution science was limited because it did not identify the mechanisms and processes that drive evolution along its trajectory.  Now, well over fifty years after the book was written, evolution science is beginning at last to fill in these gaps.

4.) Conscious Evolution Examining humanity's next step, Barbara Marx Hubbard. Barbara is possibly the leading student of Buckminster Fuller and his evolutionary visions of the future. (Also more geared toward the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Motivating in a broad sense.)

5.) The Evolutionary Epic Science's Story and Humanity's Response, by Russell Genet, Brian Swimme, Linda Palmer and Linda Gibler. (An optional reading great series of essays exploring various aspects of progressive evolution and the perspectives held within the new Universe Worldview.)

The Spiritual and Religious Aspects of Being an Evolution 2.0: (For readers of a spiritual nature...)

1.) Darwin's Cathedral: Evolution, Religion, and the Nature of Society by David Sloan Wilson. One of the great intellectual battles of modern times is between evolution and religion. Until now, they have been considered completely irreconcilable theories of origin and existence. David Sloan Wilson's Darwin's Cathedral takes the radical step of joining the two, in the process proposing an evolutionary theory of religion that shakes both evolutionary biology and social theory at their foundations. (If you are of a spiritual nature and want to be involved in any form of spirituality or religion incorporating evolutionary science, we strongly recommend reading this first! It will set down a good foundation for your exploration of the new forms of religion and spiritual that evolution is informing.)

2.) See the Religion 2.0 Master FAQ on this Website, "Religion 2.0 is the meta-religion of evolution." Do you want to know more about how evolution is creating a new meta religion that can be practiced by all?

3.) Process Theology, David Ray Griffin and John B. Cobb. (The Christian-focused marriage of science and spirituality and progressive evolution of the last 30 years.)

4.) The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo, (He was an Oxford Scholar who discussed the progressive evolution of life and spirit in the universe. He is also considered one of the founding sources of some of the spiritual perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview in the areas of spirit and consciousness. He writes most from an eastern religious perspective.) 

5.) The Universe StoryFrom the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era--A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme. (This book also contains the core of the new Genesis story used within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and movement to help us inform (or realign,) our sense of individual and collective origin, identity and purpose as Evolutioneers. This is an optional read. It is more spiritual than EarthDance listed above and covers much the same material as EarthDance. In our opinion Earthdance is the better more comprehensive read for a understanding of the big picture basic science patterns of how the universe has evolved over the last 13.7 billion years.)

Essential New Work:

The Universe Principles of Sustainability, by Lawrence Wollersheim (See both Parts 1 and Part 2 of the new Universe Principles as well as the key links on those pages. The Universe Principles are a statement of the natural and universal values and ethical guidelines found within the universe's progressive evolutionary directionality and are the core ethics of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) Also Lawrence Wollersheim for his work on describing the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and for creating this Universe Spirit website, the Universe College and the Universe Institute.

New Books Coming out Soon on the Perspectives of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Progressive Evolution 

There are currently 3-4 new books close to release about aspects of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, The Universe Principles of Sustainability and progressive evolution. One of those books is The Universe Manifesto: How the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview Realigns Everything, by Lawrence Wollersheim.

Other Key Universe Evolutionary Worldview Multi-Media Resources and Organizations:

There are numerous participants in expanding the Universe Evolutionary Worldview into society. Acceptance is growing and increasing but slowly traditional educational organizations are beginning to see the value in teaching the core science essence and "biggest picture" perspective of the Universe Evolutionary worldview.

The individuals or groups below add in their unique flavors, perspectives, insights and unique skill sets. In addition to the materials and resources listed all over this website here are additional resources within our broad and open movement:

The International Big History Association, which seeks to understand the integrated history of the Cosmos, Earth, Life, and Humanity, using the best available empirical evidence and scholarly methods. Click here for links to all of the Big History players and materials.

The Evolutionary Studies Consortium (EvoS) is designed to facilitate the development and implementation of Evolutionary Studies Programs at colleges and universities across the United States. An Evolutionary Studies Program introduces students from all majors to evolutionary theory early in their academic careers, emphasizes human-related subjects in addition to biological, promotes the continuation of evolutionary training throughout the undergraduate education, and promotes faculty training and collaborative research related to evolution. They also have a tremendous amount of evolution science multimedia. Click here to see what they have.

Harvard University's Cosmic Evolution site, which also has great movies animations and other multimedia materials on universe evolution and its importance.

The Evolution Institute connects the world of evolutionary science to the world of public policy formulation. For any given policy issue, we bring evolutionary experts together with other experts for a respectful and constructive dialogue, resulting in a new agenda for basic scientific research, policy formulation, and policy implementation.
(Please note: The list of key Universe Evolutionary Worldview authors found above is not intended to be a complete list and if we have inadvertently missed anyone who also should be on this list please let us know.)

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) is a nonprofit science center dedicated to cross-disciplinary research in evolution. NESCent is jointly operated by Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University, and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

National Center for Science Education (NSCE)

Selected Articles and Commentary about Evolution by Donald Forsdyke

International Darwin Day Foundation

Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes (ENSI/SENSI)

Evolution, Education and Outreach

Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society (AEPS)

NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society (NEEPS)

The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, Culture

Evolution: This View of Life

Feminist Evolutionary Psychology Society (FEPS)

Understanding Evolution

Big History Lectures:

What Is Our Place in the Cosmos?, David Deutsch, July 2005, TED Talks
Earth in its Final Century?, Martin Rees, July 2005, TED Talks
  Wright Lecture Series on Cosmic Evolution
  Earth History in the Broadest Possible Context. Walter Alvarez, April 29, 2010, 97th Annual Faculty Research Lectures, University of California at Berkeley.
- Four part lecture by Craig Benjamin on Big History
- Christian Matthiessen -- Language evolving: Notes towards a semiotic history of humanity on You Tube.
  Speaking Up: The Origins of Language, Lowell Gustafson
- David Christian on Big History
  (The book list above will be added to regularly as new books come out or older books are nominated for inclusion. Some of the book suggestions and content on this page were provided by John Stewart. Please also note: Quite a few, but not all of the facts, aspects and perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview have also been previously known as the Great Story, The Evolutionary Epic, The Big History, The Science Creation Myth and the Universe Story.)

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Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Other Interesting Connections

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview, Evolutioneers and Planetary and Universe Citizens

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is naturally forming a universe consciousness and universe awareness which both in turn give rise to Evolutioneers and universe citizens. To learn more about Evolutioneers and universe citizenship click here.

Universe Day

Universe Day is similar in some ways to promoting a bigger sustainability perspective like Earth Day, but, the perspective of Universe Day is much larger and more foundational to creating global sustainability in many ways. Click here, for more information on Universe Day.

Update on Early Adopters of the new Universe Worldview

Many non-profit organizations are becoming early adopters of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Its perspectives, benefits and new Universe Principles offer distinct advantages for mission execution, cooperation building and education the public about the many re-alignments necessary to create sustainable prosperity.

This organization Universe Spirit strives to create a learning universe conscious and aligned community where the individuals insights and intentions result in lasting improvements. Those who apply the Universe Evolutionary Worldview  will find that it helps provide the new sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles and an inspiring foundation for becoming an effective and ethical leader, consultant, facilitator, advocate, activist or educator for the perspectives of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

What's Next?

How to Find out More About the Universe Evolutionary Worldview or Get Started Using it, click the What's Next link and it will take you back to other important self exploration options that you may not have seen.

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A Quick Summary of Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview

"Humanity has entered into a new Universe Evolutionary Worldview of Evolution 2.0. It is the first post-planetary worldview. Its new facts, tools, thinking, perspectives and identity convey an 'unfair' success and quality-of-life advantage for all who use it. It far transcends the current post-postmodern worldview, it includes the Information Age as well as the emerging ages of nano-technology and biotechnology wherever its relation to the future sustainability of humanity as a species is concerned!"---Lawrence Wollersheim

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview (UEW,) is a vastly larger and more accurate knowledge base, perspective and evolutionary science-groundeed reality map of life. Its new evolutionary tools and meta-principles for sustaining individuals, life and groups have been proven over 13.7 billion years of universe evolutionary testing. 

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview shows how universe evolution has reached the amazing point where the universe's most successful life-sustaining evolutionary meta-patterns are now known to science to such a degree that for the first time in human history both individuals and organizations using these time-proven patterns can effectively partner with the universe to consciously co-evolve evolution itself! These new acts of conscious co-evolution using this new evolutionary knowledge causes the needed restructuring and realignment resulting in a dramatic improvement in individual lives, communities and the environment to create the perfect evolutionary win/win/win--just when it is needed most!

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview also is effective because it provides individuals with a new science-grounded larger identity--that of Evolutioneer and universe citizen. To solve planetary challenges it provides a new set of universal evolutionary ethics as well as new dialectical meta-systemic thinking tools. Just as the first Enlightenment of the 1600's had its new thinking tools and processes breakthrough in the forms of the new rational analytical thinking and scientific methodology, the Second Enlightenment of humanity contained within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview also has its own transcending-and-including new meta-systemic, dialectical-thinking processes.

These new thinking tools and processes are whole-system and dialectical in nature and coupled with the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability are more than capable of solving the personal and planetary challenges of today's complex living and non living systems continually interacting with each other. With this new universe scale worldview and its tools everything is re-framed and can be seen in truly new challenge-resolving, life-thriving and sustaining ways!

Individuals who understand and practice the emerging Universe Evolutionary Worldview are most commonly known as Universe Citizens or Evolutioneers. To learn more about them click here.

Please help fund our mission work on forwarding Evolution 2.0, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, climate re-stabilization and a sustainable prosperity for all. Click here to make a tax deductible donation now!

If you would like to self-organize in your area and help spread the ideas of Evolution 2.0 and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, just do it and then email us what your doing at manage@UniverseSpirit.org 

To learn more about what else is on this website click the What's Next link at the bottom of all pages.

Click this Join/Subscribe link or the one at the top of the page and we will keep you informed of events and important updates.

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Study Addendum: The Key Factors that Have Caused Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview to Emerge Into Being

Empowered by Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview, a great new re-structuring and re-alignment of our individual lives our groups and organizations and the planet is now possible. There are many factors that have caused the Universe Evolutionary worldview to emerge and to be so useful to the 21st century.

For those of you that love diving into the details and antecedents here is an overview of those contributing factors, but not necessarily presented in the order of most importance or impact:

  • Factor One:New Technology and new analysis procedures have Expanded Our Picture of the Universe. Through our most forward-thinking leaders and individuals, humanity is now rapidly moving from the older and limiting Newtonian (mechanistic,) planetary worldview to the non-mechanistic, complex adaptive whole-systems and a dialectical meta-systemicly revealed Universe Evolutionary Worldview. The Universe Evolutionary Worldview has recently emerged because --- for the first time in human history by using super-computers and powerful telescopes like the Hubbel we are finally able to see the full scope of evolutionary time and space back from the present time to the beginnings of the universe at the Big Bang some 13.8 billion years ago. And from where we are located in the Milky Way Galaxy we can now see to the very edge of the 200 billion light year cosmic horizon in all directions.

    We have finally transcended the vastly smaller and partial time and space views of the past in a monumental surge through a complex adaptive whole-systems view breakthrough. For the very first time in human history, because of the newest technologies that allow us to finally see all of the Universe's time and space evolution and the new discoveries within the cosmology-related sciences, we are able to see and understand the universe from this big history perspective as a whole and as a complex adaptive whole-system. Unlike any previous generation who looked at the vastly smaller and partial space-and-time views of the universe in the past, we at this time are able to see and understand vastly more of the universe than anyone before us!

    This new big-picture, big-history view of the universe is monumentally important because up until about a decade or so ago, we as a species were only able to get accurate information about the universe from exclusively partial and sub-system views. Seeing the universe and its history for the first time as a whole and at the master-system level has created a quantum and sometimes counter-intuitive re-alignment in our understanding of both the nature of the universe as well as the progressive directionality qualities of universe evolution itself. Both of these factors also significantly affect the success, survival and sustainability of every sub-system and living thing within the universe!

    As a species, with the advent of our new technology for seeing and understanding the universe as a whole system and its full history, we have finally moved from and beyond a limiting planetary consciousness to an expansive and encompassing universe consciousness. This transition is critically important to humanity's current planetary survival because, as Albert Einstein said, "the consciousness that creates the problem is not the consciousness that will be able to solve the problem."

    Our current partial view and older Newtonian planetary consciousness is simply not capable by itself of resolving the critical life and life-system sustainability challenges facing all of humanity at this critical moment in history. It is only when the Universe Evolutionary Worldview's new science and meta-perspectives are added to the best of humanity's earlier worldviews that humanity now has a realistic hope and the proper tools to create a sustainable prosperity for all that holds the potential to last for a million generations.

  • Factor 2: A new set of thinking tools and forms. Just as the first Enlightenment of the 1600's had its thinking process breakthrough in the form of rational analytical thinking and scientific methodology tools, this "Second Enlightenment" impulse embraced within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview also has emerged its own transcending-and-including new understanding of complex adaptive systems and dialectical meta-systemic thinking tools and processes. These new dialectical meta-systemic thinking tools and processes are essential to a understanding of the complex adaptive systems in which we live. These new thinking tools will help solve both humanity's and the individual’s global and local complex adaptive systems challenges.

  • Factor 3: The piecemeal discovery the progressive directionality of evolution: In spite of its extinctions, failed experiments, retrogrades and meanderings, the trend of evolution at the cutting edge is now being seen as progressive. This is the most key foundational factor in both Evolution 2.0 and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Progressive evolution simply means that there is a definite, objective and testable directionality to the evolution of life and the planet that we all share. Universe evolution is progressively going somewhere and in one way or another it is carrying all of its universe embedded participants (individuals, groups, organizations, subsystems and systems,) in that SAME direction. The realization of the progressive directionality of evolution also has monumental implications for all individuals and life on the planet. Those individuals and groups that better align and partner with the now-known progressive directionality and nearly unstoppable forces of universe evolution will naturally be far more successful, adaptable and sustainable than those individuals and organizations who are ignorant of this new "evolution is progressive" meta-principles and information. Additionally, there is no deeper source of meaning for human beings than to experience their own lives as reflecting the nature and origin of our universe. When the progressive directionality of evolution is understood, seen and embraced, the most common evolutionary meanings, purposes and values of our individual and collective identities become more clear and our lives become renewed and more energized. In those new evolutionary meanings, purposes and values our lives will continue to grow as we individually and collectively align ourselves and then proactively partner with evolution’s inherent directionality. With the knowledge of the progressive evolutionary sciences, humanity has gone from wondering or theorizing about its natural origins to not just better understanding them, but also to the possibility of becoming a partner in co-evolving evolution itself. This great new re-alignment of scientific understanding of the universe and its potential capability to actively co-evolve evolution presents the greatest sudden leap in the operational capabilities of humanity to create and maintain its own future since the earliest forms of humans first emerged on this planet. Becoming aware of and intentionally using the meta-principles of the progressive evolutionary process is a monumental opportunity and liberation for humanity! To see some of those evolutionary meta-principles,"values" and universal evolutionary ethics of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview subtly expressed within a quick overview of the core steps and levels of progressive evolution, click here. To see some of those evolutionary "values" and alignment ethics of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview expressed as a creative interpretation of the vital success actions of life and what we call the new Universe Principles of Sustainabilityclick here.

  • Factor 4: The Universe Has Become More Conscious of Itself As We Become More Conscious of It. This is possibly the most momentous evolutionary jump and new perspective in the 13.7 billion-year evolutionary history of the universe!

    "We are the way the universe thinks about itself." Carl Sagan

    Just as there was a momentous progressive evolutionary jump when the multicellular collections of organs in apelike pre-hominids finally became self-conscious and self-reflective and became what we know today as the first self-reflective humans, humanity (as a collection of individual universe parts) has provided a momentous opportunity for the universe to become more conscious of itself in and through us. This occurs every time we peer into our telescopes or analyze information about the universe as a totality.

    When we individually look at and become more aware of the universe as a unified living system and organism, in essence, the universe is looking at itself and becoming more aware of itself through the ongoing universe-awareness-increasing actions of its self-reflective individual parts. Through our individual and collective time-and-space awareness of the big history of the universe through our universe-mapping-and-analyzing super-computers and new telescopes, the universe is not only becoming more aware of itself, it is also becoming more aware of the process of its own progressive evolution.

    Just as we are becoming aware of our own progressive evolution, this momentous evolutionary jump in the universe’s reflective awareness of its own progressive evolution has amazing implications for future evolution that have yet to be imagined and discovered. When combined with humanity's new understanding of progressive evolution and humanity's ability to now partner in co-evolving the future of evolution, the future truly looks brighter and more exciting than ever.

    The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview expands upon the many discoveries about progressive evolution that began with Darwin's first discoveries. It also explores how to capture the benefits and synergies of a self-reflective humanity co-evolving the future with and within a living universe that is growing more aware of itself through us.

  • Factor 5: Critical Need: As a global species living in a globalized age, we urgently need a centering and aligning new, bigger and more accurate trans-global vision, perspective and worldview to help us restructure and realign our existing systems now necessary to resolve our many serious global challenges (global warming leading to potential extinction level climate destabilization, the international economy, resource depletion, peak oil, war, population and poverty, etc.) This need is critically simply because the way the separate segments and nations of humanity are currently living hyper-competitively with no real central management of the planet with conflicting systems is simply not sustainable on almost every level! Our current vision and tools are too small for our challenges! The easiest and most effective way to better solve planetary challenges is from a universe evolutionary perspective.

  • Factor 6: A Global Movement Toward Sustainable Prosperity: Our scientists have told us that humanity as a collective cannot continue to live the way it currently is living and using the Earth's resources or there will be dire physical consequences to ourselves, the planet's biological systems future generations. Humanity has already begun to heed this warning by very slowly starting to move its laws and value systems toward creating a new form of sustainable prosperity. (The current correctional spearhead that is an important part of the sustainable prosperity movement lies within the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan, which deals with human-caused carbon pollution causing escalating climate destabilization. If we do not get this single greatest challenge to humanity resolved, sustainable prosperity for all is an impossibility.)

  • Factor 7: A New Importance  for Humanity and the Individual in the Universe: These new big-picture and big-history science-informed universe views have, among other things, demonstrated and recently restored humanity's more appropriate current value to the universe's evolutionary process as its current known apex species. We are no longer meaningless specks in the vastness of cold dark space. In addition to Brian Swimme's Universe Story, another book that explain this particularly well is: View from the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams. To see some of the other cosmological "values" of the new Universe Worldview expressed in a quick overview of the nature of the master universe as a system, click here. To see some of the other cosmological "values" of the new Universe Worldview expressed as a creative interpretation of the vital success attitudes of life in what we call the new Universe Principles of Sustainability, click here.

  • Factor 8: A New Form of Universal Ethics and Individual and Group Identity and Purpose has Emerged. The perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview offers a science-grounded new Genesis Story or, as others call it, a new Great Story, Big History, Modern Creation Myth or Evolutionary Epic that discloses and holds a vital new common meanings, purposes and new common identities (evolutioneers, universe citizens, universe community members) for solving both personal planetary challenges that can be shared by all of humanity. The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview provides individuals with a vastly larger identity--that of evolutioneers and  universe citizens for solving our current planetary challenges. It also provides a new set of universal ethics based on the time-tested reoccurring patterns of sustainability for parts and wholes (individuals and groups,) found within universe evolution itself.

  • Factor 9: The Integration and Unification of all Human Knowledge: The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Age transcend, include and encompass all of the best of all of humanity's most monumental historic worldviews. For increasing numbers of individuals within humanity, the emerging Universe Age has now expanded human perspective far beyond the limitations of the previously dominant Newtonian planetary worldview and the misconceptions of "survival of the fittest" non-progressive-evolution model to the larger and more useful perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. In this new, larger and science-grounded Universe Age perspective is found a new more universal and unified way of seeing and understanding all life and things evolving in the universe.

  • Factor 10: The Access to all Human Knowledge: The new Universe Age (birthed by the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview) has emerged at a time when, for the first time in human history, a near totality of all science and wisdom from all existing and previous cultures is readily available and accessible on the Internet. This totality of information is now accessible by billions of people and that number is growing every year.

  • Factor 11: The Tremendous Improvement in the Speed of Distributing Knowledge: This is due to the advent of both the Internet and the Peer to Peer (P2P) networking movement as well as the vast improvement in the speed and efficiency of distributing and upgrading knowledge and knowledge management systems due to the advent of the Open Source movement in its many application flavors. (Open Source Spirituality is just one of the many new flavors of creatively applying the original open source software principles to other important areas of life.)

  • Factor 12: The Decline of the WestWestern society is in a period that has been called a Declinology where western culture is failing to provide an adequate sense of meaning, belonging and purpose and, a framework of values. While people are more happy with their personal lives they are concerned about society. They are  particularly concerned about greed and selfishness, consumerism, too much competition, loss of community, growing pressures on families, drugs crime and violence. There is the feeling that with individual freedom and material abundance people do not seem to know where to stop or when they have too much of a good thing. The high costs of increasing western materialism and individualism include a heightened sense of risk, uncertainty and insecurity, lack of clear frames of reference, a rise of personal expectations, coupled with the perception that the onus of success lies with the individual, despite the continuing importance of social position, an excess of freedom and choice, which is experienced as a threat or tyranny; the construct of the self as separate from others; and a shift from intrinsic to extrinsic values and goals. Western  society particularly needs revitalization and renewal. Only a new and bigger worldview based in universe science will do it.
  • Factor 13: Other Key Facilitating, Integral and Supporting Factors: There is an combination of additional facilitating, technical and philosophic sub-factors or operational values, which integrally contribute to this accelerating new realignment and restructuring of humanity’s perspective into alignment with the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is integral in that it:

  • provides a deeper and broader "big history" map of the progressive evolution of known universe reality that embraces an inclusive, multiple perspective and science multi-disciplinary way of seeing and understanding personal, cultural, biologic and organic evolutionary development.

  • is a worldview that seeks to include everything essential in its appropriate place. It excludes nothing needed for a balanced macro (big perspective) and micro (small perspective) understanding of the universe in any area.

  • anticipates what more appropriate solutions come next in the unfolding of the universe’s progressive evolutionary process. These new solutions are shifted away from much of today’s polarizing, marginalizing, right or wrong, either/or, left or right and partial or absolute truth-certainty-based choices and options. The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview solutions are more inclusive and encompassing (not overthrowing) and are “both/and” type solutions based on truth probabilities rather than illusionary truth certainties. That’s because the solutions of the new Universe Worldview embrace the entire big history--the entire span of universe time and space and the complete evolutionary developmental spectrum on all organic, biological and cultural levels while also allowing the most currently useful wisdom of previously exclusive and competitive worldviews to be systematically meshed, layered and harmoniously integrated to serve the sustainable well-being of the whole of life. The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview can do this because it is based upon transcendence, inclusion and synthesis. It includes the most useful science and wisdom perspectives from all previous worldviews and disciplines where contextually appropriate, while simultaneously pruning away all contextually inappropriate or no longer relevant perspectives and values.

  • re-frames and realigns all sub-systems (parts of the universe) to the universe as the master evolutionary system as a whole. The integral Universe Evolutionary Worldview places all sub-perspectives back into the master perspective of universe evolution so that they may be evaluated and seen from the largest of all possible perspectives and scales while they are being seen for smaller-scale applications. This telescoping to the master evolutionary universe view and alignment with the master universe systems dramatically increases the probability that smaller-scale applications will be successful.

  • unites and distinguishes all things within the universe in a coherent and structured matrix of triune relationship. It both combines and distinguishes outer (objective, “it” realities,) inner (subjective, “I” realities,) and the inter-subjective (relational, “we” realities) on any phenomena, whether singular or collective. Not only does it more clearly distinguish these three important perspectives of reality, it also orders them in a practical new way. The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview orders these three integral perspectives of reality by placing an initial learning and evaluation importance upon the outer objective, "it realities" of science. This is due to the capabilities of the outer objective, "it realities" of science to rationally ground and balance the other two subjective “I” and inter-subjective “we” perspectives of reality. The outer objective, "it realities" of science also create a vitally important common and shared reality that is testable and verifiable by any rational member of the group. Having such common and shared objective rational realities is critical to establishing the common rational agreements that allow for and expand the human cooperation at greater scales that is now essential to our planetary survival.Because the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview gives the outer objective, "it realities" of science a learning and evaluation initial priority does not mean that the other two subjective “I” and inter-subjective “we” perspectives of reality are ignored or devalued. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

  • The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview starts with and puts an unapologetic weighting toward grounding in the factual probabilities of the outer objective, "it realities" of science. After that has been achieved it then encourages the individual and groups in non-prejudicial ways to explore the subjective “I” and inter-subjective “we” perspectives. It does this to help find, interpret and expand the personal meanings and values of the fact probabilities discovered by science or to explore whole new possibilities. The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview reunites objective facts and subjective and inter-subjective personal meanings in a new order and weighting that will more effectively support the increasing cooperation at great scale of progressive evolution. This also forwards in a practical way the planetary goal of a sustainable prosperity for all.

    A key factor to keep in mind in this process is that while individuals and groups are encouraged in non-prejudicial ways to explore the subjective “I” and inter-subjective “we” perspectives for new personal meanings for the fact probabilities of science (or for whole new creative possibilities for the future) it does not mean that inner personal subjective or inter-subjective meanings should ever be treated as the common and shared fact probabilities of science without those meanings going through the vigorous testing and verification processes of science. When subjective personal meanings or opinions are treated as objective science probabilities within a society and then used to make common and shared decisions negating the actual objective science probabilities related to that situation eventual destruction or chaos is the near-certain outcome.

  • offers a new conflict-healing perspective about the optimal relationship and exchange balance between the needs of the whole and the needs of the part (group vs. individual, communion vs. agency,) essential to optimal sustainability for all things. (Some of these optimal part vs. whole and individual vs. group relationship-balancing factors can be found in the new Universe Principles of Sustainability. It also does the above whole-and-part rebalancing by recognizing that parts of the universe are always interconnected (and often interdependent) parts of some whole. And, paradoxically, at the same time they are also a unique whole within themselves. Each thing being both a whole and part simultaneously helps in part to create a new perspective and balance that of itself, when realized and adopted significantly facilitates a completely new set possibilities for new effective solutions not previously seen.

  • re-embraces (for those spiritually inclined,) new forms of non-pathological, progressive Religgion 2.0 and spiritual exploration that is congenial to science-grounding, the directionality of progressive evolution, open philosophic inquiry and is universal in its perspectives. (For those individuals who are not spiritual or religious in any way, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview also stands alone and fully upon only its science-grounding and this section need not be read.) In the scientific revolution of the last four hundred years there has been an evolution toward scientism and religious reductionism. These extreme directions within science have actively denied ANY role for the meanings and values of a new non-pathological kind of personal spirituality or of spirit. For those so spiritually inclined, the new Universe Worldview once again allows for reunification of science and spirituality, but this time in new and balanced ways appropriate to their unique individual capabilities and domains for informing life with useful factual knowledge as well as meaning. This new science-grounded and balanced (but not reductionist and science-strangled) reunification of life and spirit and of science and progressive Religion 2.0 is essential because neither the objective probability of the "truths" of science nor the subjective "certainty” of the beliefs of personal spirituality are true in any fixed, ultimate or absolute sense when we enter the realm of trying to understand the completeness of Ultimate Reality or what it means to our existence.

    Just as in physics light cannot be fully or accurately described as either a stream of particles or a wave but only as something with some of the characteristics of each and yet beyond either descriptive metaphor, so too the physical universe cannot be adequately described as either something scientifically observed or spiritually experienced.

    For those so inclined to holding spiritual perspectives, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview also holds a centering new science-grounded evolutionary cosmology and genesis story for a progressively evolving universe that can hold both the science and spiritual exploration levels at once. It can hold both the new cosmology and progressive evolutionary science with the most life-affirming non-pathological wisdom from our total human spiritual heritage. To those of a spiritual nature, the perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview also offers a new Genesis Story or, as others call it, a new Great Story, Big History, Modern Creation Myth or Evolutionary Epic that discloses and holds a new common meaning, purposes and common identity (evolutionary universe citizens) for solving planetary challenges that can be shared by all of humanity.

    For those so spiritually inclined, with science and personalized spirituality together once again in a more appropriate and balanced relationship, they can now be additionally understood as essential alternate metaphor systems in whose juxtaposition is revealed something much larger and better than either can express alone concerning Ultimate Reality.

    The newest, self-personalized and co-created forms of this new trans-denominational, meta-spirituality is called Religion 2.0. The preceding link will take you a 4 point overview if the most simple basics of Religion 2.0.)

    It addresses both creating a science and spirituality-integrated organization closely congruent with the universal values and the perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview while Religion 2.0 also squarely addresses the past pathologies, problems and power abuses of past religious and spiritual groups by offering innovative new solutions to these areas as well. (For all of the information about this new, individually personalized and co-created form of universe-framed spirituality called Religion 2.0, click here.)

  • is self-organizing its own dissemination through multiple channels of evolutioneers and individuals who see themselves as planetary and universe citizens. Click here for more on the principles of evolutionary self-organization.

  • is the Integration and Power Rebalancing of Male and Female Gender Issues: The rise of the power and wisdom of women has meant the reintegration and rebalancing of the currently dominant patriarchal and male-power-biased social, economic and spiritual practices, customs and institutions with the matriarchal, communion, nurturing and other qualities of the social and spiritual feminine. This rebalancing is an essential element to a successful and sustainable future for humanity. (See the Century of Women for more on this.)

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Technical Information and Footnotes to Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview