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A Quick Summary of Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview

"Humanity has entered into a new Universe Evolutionary Worldview of Evolution 2.0. It is the first post-planetary worldview. Its new facts, tools, thinking, perspectives and identity convey an 'unfair' success and quality-of-life advantage for all who use it. It far transcends the current post-postmodern worldview, it includes the Information Age as well as the emerging ages of nano-technology and biotechnology wherever its relation to the future sustainability of humanity as a species is concerned!"---Lawrence Wollersheim

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview (UEW,) is a vastly larger and more accurate knowledge base, perspective, and evolutionary science-grounded reality map of life. Its new evolutionary tools and meta-principles for sustaining individuals, life, and groups have been proven over 13.7 billion years of universe evolutionary testing. 

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview shows how universe evolution has reached the amazing point where the universe's most successful life-sustaining evolutionary meta-patterns are now known to science to such a degree that for the first time in human history both individuals and organizations using these time-proven patterns can effectively partner with the universe to consciously co-evolve evolution itself! These new acts of conscious co-evolution using this new evolutionary knowledge causes the needed restructuring and realignment resulting in a dramatic improvement in individual lives, communities, and the environment to create the perfect evolutionary win/win/win--just when it is needed most!

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview also is effective because it provides individuals with a new science-grounded larger identity--that of Evolutioneer and universe citizen. To solve planetary challenges it provides a new set of universal evolutionary ethics as well as new dialectical meta-systemic thinking tools. Just as the first Enlightenment of the 1600s had its new thinking tools and processes breakthrough in the forms of the new rational analytical thinking and scientific methodology, the Second Enlightenment of humanity contained within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview also has its own transcending-and-including new meta-systemic, dialectical-thinking processes.

These new thinking tools and processes are whole-system and dialectical in nature and coupled with the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability are more than capable of solving the personal and planetary challenges of today's complex living and non-living systems continually interacting with each other. With this new universe-scale worldview and its tools, everything is re-framed and can be seen in truly new challenge-resolving, life-thriving, and sustaining ways!

Individuals who understand and practice the emerging Universe Evolutionary Worldview are most commonly known as Universe Citizens or Evolutioneers. To learn more about them click here.

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