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Integral Definition Used in the new Universe Worldview and in Universe Spirituality

The definition sections covered below include a basic definition of the term integral and why it is important to your daily life, the many pioneers and thinkers over time who have contributed to Integral Philosophy and the relationship of the Integral Movement and Worldview to the new Universe Worldview and Universe Spirituality.

Integral means:

1. Everything essential or necessary for completeness,

2. Possessing everything essential in its proper position, excluding nothing that is needed from science, philosophy, art, religion, etc.

3. The Integral movement and worldview has emerged in the global Internet age where the totality of every knowledge discipline and the wisdom of all existing and previous cultures is readily available. Because of this Integral solutions:

a.) provide a deeper and broader map of the evolution of known reality that embraces an inclusive, multiple perspective way of looking at and understanding personal, cultural and biologic evolutionary development. It excludes nothing needed for balanced understanding and/or growth in any area.

b.) anticipate what more appropriate solution comes next in the unfolding of the evolutionary process. These new solutions are shifted away from today’s polarizing and marginalizing, right or wrong, either/or, left or right partial choices toward more inclusive, comprehensive both/and solutions. That’s because its new solutions embrace the entire evolutionary developmental spectrum of life and humanity, allowing the lessons of previously exclusive and competitive worldviews and perspectives to be systematically meshed, layered and harmoniously integrated to serve the well-being of the whole spiral of life.

c.) are based upon the integral method of inclusion, transcendence and synthesis. It includes the most useful perspectives and values from all previous worldviews where contextually appropriate, while simultaneously pruning away contextually inappropriate perspectives and values.

d.) unite all things in a coherent and structured matrix of triune relationship. It combines inner (subjective), outer (objective,) and the inter-subjective (relational) perspectives on any phenomena, whether singular or collective.

e.) re-embrace forms of non-pathological, integral religion and integral, omni-denominational personal spirituality that is congenial to science, philosophy and art and, more universal in its perspectives.

f.) offers a new perspective of the holonic personal self that is paradoxically both a unique part interconnected with the whole and at the same time, the whole itself. This whole/part/ self perspective when realized and adopted, of itself, facilitates completely new possibilities for solutions not previously visible.

g.) re-frames and realigns all sub-systems (parts of the universe,) to the universe as the master evolutionary system as a whole. The integral Universe Worldview places all sub perspectives back into the master perspective of universe evolution so that they may be evaluated and seen from the largest of all possible perspectives and scales while they are being seen for smaller scale applications. This telescoping to the master evolutionary universe view and alignment with the master universe systems dramatically increases the probability that smaller scale applications will be successful.

4. Integral approaches to any field attempt to include as many perspectives, styles, and methodologies as possible within a coherent view of the topic.

Why is this new integral Universe Worldview important to your daily life?

1.) It can create more effective and life-affirming solutions for every challenge or dream you have, whether your interests are business, culture, politics, religion, science or the environment.

2.) It can heal and re-balance the subtle cynicism that results from the fragmentation and complexity of 21st century living by creating a new holism as well as a revitalized sense of achievable purpose.

3.) It can release vast untapped personal growth potentials by dramatically expanding who or what you conceive of self, nature and culture to be.

4.) It can help you to find the new healthy boundaries and practical clarity that are needed for our globalized postmodern world where today's cultural relativity and contextuality can debilitate decision and action.

The Relationship of the Emerging New Integral Worldview to Universe Spirit, The New Universe Worldview and Universe Spirituality

Universe Spirit has integrated some elements of the emerging new Integral worldview into its omni-denominational and open source spiritual principles found within Universe Spirituality and its organizational design. We feel that the new integral worldview appears to offer some advantages for the next evolutionary step beyond the limitations of the post modern worldview and consciousness and is an important aspect of the new Universe Worldview.

We also have integrated this worldview into Universe Spirituality because its omni-denominational, open source __'integral spirituality__' structures and principles help deepen and broaden both the personal direct spiritual experiences of the Divine and the social experiences of religion and spirituality. Its inherent processes that both include and transcend the best of all previous wisdom in all areas of life is like nothing that has been previously seen in the evolution of human consciousness and previous cultural worldviews (pre-modern, mythic, traditional, modern and postmodern.)

Not only does the Integral worldview provide a new deeper and broader platform to help resolve the unnecessary conflicts and problems caused by religions of the past, it also provides the deeper, broader more inclusive and transcending platform to help resolve other conflicts or problems that the world faces today.

Because of the preceding, at Universe Spirituality one of our goals is also to forward education on the innovative principles of the Integral worldview as an additional tool in creating a just, sustainable, equitable and better world and as part of the new Universe Worldview.

Universe Spirit's Relationship to the Integral Movement

Integral is a buzz word you will most likely hear more and more in the coming years. This growing global integral movement is creating something that someday may be called the integral age. While the new Universe Worldview and Universe Spirituality use some of the principles of integral movement (as it uses principles from many other philosophic and spiritual movements,) its use of any integral movement principles is not to be construed as an endorsement for any of the individuals or organizations currently promoting the integral movement or providing integral movement educational services. Universe Spirit is also not associated in any form of formal partnership with any other individual or organization currently promoting the integral movement or providing any integral movement educational services.

On one hand, while we see that many integral movement principles offer needed and valuable new insights and solutions, we are also becoming concerned about the growing patterns of orthodoxical ideology, marketing hype and potentially destructive cultish and elitist behavior found within a few factions and organizations within the integral movement and the global integral commons. While we still do consider ourselves independent members of the integral community and commons, because of the problems contained in the previous sentence, our organization always keeps an appropriate legal and organizational identity association distance from other individuals, organizations and factions within the current integral movement. We advise anyone considering taking services from or joining any integral or spiritual organization to always carefully examine any claims being made and to review the warning signs of a destructive cult to be sure that they are not being deceived or going to be harmed by problems that to some degree effect all new ideological movements.

Integral Philosophy Has Been Created by Many Contributing Thinkers

Today’s emerging integral Universe Worldview, integral philosophy and global integral movement is the result of the brilliant work and legacies of many individuals and different organizations. It clearly stands on the shoulders of the past seminal integral ideas of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Henri Louis Bergson, Alfred North Whitehead, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Jean Gebser, Sri, Aurobindo, James Mark Baldwin and Clare W Graves. Currently the integral perspectives of Jurgen Habermas, Ken Wilber, David Ray Griffin, Don Beck, Allan Combs, Lawrence Wollersheim, Frank Visser, Yasuhiko Kimura, Alan Kazlev, Fred Kofman, etc. are now actively co-evolving and co-refining the integral worldview and movement.

The integral movement and integral age has a self organizing life of its own with many individuals continually contributing to its growth. The naturally emerging ideas of the integral movement, which includes integral philosophy, integral spirituality and the other integral sciences and humanities is not the proprietary intellectual property, brand name or viral marketing plan of any person or organization. It comes from the common evolutionary ideas heritage of all humanity and belongs both to the future and all those who are capable of being its ongoing co-creators. While Integrative Spirituality uses some of the principles of integral philosophy (as it uses principles from many other philosophic and spiritual areas,) its use of any integral philosophy principles is not to be construed as an endorsement for any of the individuals or organizations currently promoting or providing integral philosophy educational services. Integrative Spirituality is also not associated with any of the individuals or organizations currently promoting or providing any integral philosophy educational services.

For more information on the postmodern, modern and pre-modern foundational thinkers and forerunning thinkers of the integral movement, see this page: Integral Philosophy Founders and Pioneers.

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