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Evolutioneers: The New Universe Citizens and Planetary Citizens

"Our loyalties are to the species and the planet. We speak for Earth. Our obligation to survive is owed not just to ourselves but also to that Cosmos, ancient and vast, from which we spring." Carl Sagan


Being or becoming a Universe citizen and Evolutioneer is important. It requires the diligent and persistent practice of the Universe's progressive evolutionary principles and working on humanity's greatest challenges. 

Evolutioneers Are Universe Citizens

Evolutioneers are individuals who are awakening to the fact that they are and have always been, first and foremost, citizens of the evolutionary universe, a citizenship that both includes and transcends all other forms of local, national, or planetary citizenship already recognized by themselves or others. They recognize that along with Universe Citizenship rights come Universe Citizenship responsibilities, and they are willing to commit to taking an active and responsible role in helping to consciously co-evolve and "partner" in the progressive evolution of the universe.

A significant means through which Evolutioneers as Universe Citizens fulfill such responsibilities is through understanding and living the Universe Evolutionary Worldview's perspective, which contains the vital success ingredients for our planet's progressive evolution. For it is as Einstein once said: “You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

The new universe evolutionary consciousness created within true Universe citizens and Evolutioneers allows these individuals to see the world anew so that they may better partner with the evolutionary flow of the universe in creating the new ways of acting necessary to facilitate the progressive evolution of all life on the planet and in the universe.

"We do not belong to ourselves, even mostly. We belong to the universe." Buckminster Fuller

Individuals and groups that understand and use the unifying, realigning, and restructuring power of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview are true Planetary Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens and they are also some of the brightest stars working to make a better world. They work in every important area of the global culture such as economics, politics, science the environment, and even religion and personal spirituality.

Evolutioneers as Universe citizens can better play their important world-making roles by also understanding and practicing the Universe Principles and, committing to realizing the Universe Charter linked below.

Currently, with the escalating threat to the existence of humanity and future generations now caused by increasing global warming, (which could soon lead to irreversible climate destabilization and extinction), one of the most practical and important first life practices for all Evolutioneers and Universe citizens is to creatively use the best of science to help us build sustainable lifestyles, livelihoods, communities and nations in order to rapidly eliminate the looming ecological threat to our shared climate and future. 

If we can re-stabilize the planet's climate, we will preserve our planet so that all of the other dreams that we have can be achieved and all of the other challenges that we face both individually and collectively can be resolved. If we fail to create sustainable lifestyles, livelihoods, communities, and nations on a "first things first" priority basis as the key life practice of Evolutioneers and Universe citizens, the planet will continue descending into deeper ecological catastrophe to a level that will become irreversible and then evolve into an extinction or near extinction-level event for humanity as well as most of the other species living on the Earth.

It is an undeniable fact that all other life dreams and practices do depend for their very future existence upon us re-stabilizing the planetary climate as our first practice. 

Our Universe citizen movement does have a specific social activism program to help Evolutioneers resolve humanity's number one threat --- extinction caused by global warming. It is called the Job One for Humanity Plan. (Click the following link to review this life-critical program Job One for Humanity.)

What You Can do to Learn More About Planetary Citizens, Universe Citizens and being an Evolutioneer: (Intermediate Level 2 )

"Planetary and Universe Citizens the new Evolutioneers know that to be truly effective planetary and national citizens they must understand the laws and principles of the progressive evolution of the whole universe viewed as a complex adaptive system. This is simply because our planet's evolution at every level is part of that larger universe system of evolution and subject to its larger laws. If you really want to be an effective planetary citizen, you will also need to become an Evolutioneer, a Universe Citizen, and understand the Universe Principles." Lawrence Wollersheim

The terms Universe Citizen and Evolutioneers are often interchangeable. You can get started on your own personal journey as an Evolutioneers and Universe Citizen by exploring the links below. These intermediate level links will show you more about what an Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen thinks and does:

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview

To see the Big Picture perspectives of a Planetary Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen, click here.

To see the Big Picture attitudes of a Planetary Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen, click here.

To see the Big Picture action principles of a Planetary Evolutioneers and Universe Citizen, click here.

Click the following link to review more core life practices for all Universe Citizens and Planetary Evolutioneers found within the principles of sustainable prosperity and sustainable consumerism.

Click here for the recommended member, and staff codes of ethics and conduct for Universe Community members, Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Citizens.

And, if you are spiritually inclined as well:

Some Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers also live and integrate the most life-affirming wisdom of humanity's vast spiritual heritage in a new individual and community science-grounded form known as Evolution Spirituality. Click here for the four basic essentials of Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Citizens who are also spiritual in nature.

You also might want to read this article for how religion, spirituality, and Planetary Citizenship, and Universe Citizenship are evolving.

Universe Citizens, Planetary Evolutioneers, and Planetary Government 

(These are the Level 3 intermediate to advanced materials for new Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers.)

It is inevitable that some form of planetary government will eventually evolve on our planet. The catastrophic effects of global warming, as well as our other 11 major ecological, resource, economic and political issues, may do much to bring the needed universal planetary law and planetary enforcement systems into being.

"There is no solution for civilization or even the human race, other than the creation of world government." Albert Einstein

Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers do want to see this new planetary government happen and they work intelligently and actively to see that it does, but --- only in such a way that it aligns with and embraces the principles of progressive evolution, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles, as well as other documents of Universe Citizenship, found on this page.

"Planetary Evolutioneers who also are Universe Citizens are magnificently skillful at holding the big-picture, long-term perspective --- our 13.7 billion years of successful universe evolution --- while they solve the smaller scale and smaller time frame challenges. In fact, in order to be the most effective Planetary Evolutioneer that you can be, one also really needs to be a Universe Citizen. With the universe-scaled evolutionary perspective and universe-scaled wisdom of a Universe Citizen problems that seem unsolvable to an individual holding just the perspective and wisdom of Planetary Evolutioneer get solved." Lawrence Wollersheim

Universe citizens and Evolutioneers hold that the wellbeing of the whole of humanity and the planet is senior to the wellbeing of any particular nation or group of nations. This does not mean that we as citizens of any particular nation do not ignore the legitimate legal obligations of that nation.

The constitution of the new planetary government has yet to be written by some self-organizing Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens. It would of course first be creatively written and based upon the following principles and facts integrated into one new constitutional document that would embrace and sustain the goals of evolutionary life in the universe:

a.) the principles of progressive evolution because if it was not, it would be out of sustainable alignment with the progressive evolution of life in the universe itself,

b.) the Universe Principles(This contains a summary and explanation of the principles of universe evolution that can be used in daily life.)

c.) The Universe Charter

d.) Universe Declaration of Rights for Planetary Citizens, Planetary Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens

e.) Universe Declaration of Responsibilities for Planetary Citizens, Planetary Evolutioneers, and Universe Citizens

f.) Click Here for the universe-scale meta perspectives of Planetary Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Citizens. 

g.) Click the following link to review a life-critical program for all Universe citizens and Planetary Evolutioneers the Job One for Humanity Plan.

The Universe Community of Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens:

Click here to learn more about the Universe Community that supports the activities of Evolutioneers and Universe Citizenship. There is much more detail about the qualities and ideas and what Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens do in this document --- including how to join.

The Essential Reading of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview of Informed Planetary Evolutioneers,  Planetary Citizens, and Universe Citizens (This is the Level 4 intermediate to advanced material for Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers.)

1. EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris. This book is great for a basic scientific understanding of the "big picture" basics of how the whole universe has evolved over the last 13.7 billion years. It is an interesting and amazing read of how evolution shows us over and over again that it is not "survival of the fittest," but the survival of the most wisely cooperative. This book also contains the core of the new Genesis story used within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and movement to help us inform (or realign,) our sense of individual and collective origin, identity, and purpose as Evolutionaries.

2. The Evolutionary Manifesto by John Stewart. The follow-up concise "what must be done" plan based on his previous Evolution's Arrow. It is an essential document on progressive evolution and what an informed commitment to progressive evolution means to the lives, goals, behaviors, and attitudes of Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens. Click here to read the Evolutionary Manifesto, Our Role in the Future Evolution of Life.

3. View from the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams. (The books View from the Center of the Universe and "The Universe Story" by Brian Swimme constitute one of the most accurate and complete statements of the common and shared cosmology and new genesis story currently held within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

4. Evolution's ArrowThe Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity, by John Stewart. (This also is an essential new Universe Evolutionary Worldview read summarizing the key elements of progressive evolution.)

5. Maps of Time An Introduction to Big History by David Christian (and his CD lecture series called "Big History." This book and these CDs provide a multi-disciplinary look at all of the universe's evolution including all of human history. This progressive evolution work is finally being taught in universities around the world.)

6. A Brief History of Everything, Ken Wilber. (The evolution of the universe for individuals coming from or appreciating an integral evolutionary perspective.)

7.) The following is a course, not a book. How to Become a Universe Evolutionary (If you would like to know more about what it takes as a universe citizen to also be a partner with progressive evolution in the universe, click this link to go to the How To Be A Universe Evolutionary course in the Life Sciences and the New Universe Worldview section.)

8.) Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic View for our Future Evolution by Ted Chu, Ph.D. (Available early 2014.) We see this book as the most motivating and inspirational overview of what it means to be a universe citizen and evolutionary. Ted presents the "next generation" specifics on what inspired conscious evolution in alignment with evolutionary science looks like. His vision of the future of evolution and humanity's role in it is well-grounded in history and science and it will stretch the vision of the biggest evolutionary thinkers and universe citizens. At Universe Spirit, we now recommend that every member reads this book as part of their intermediate level education on what it takes to be an authentic evolutionary and universe citizen forwarding evolution on Earth and then out into the universe.

9.) Evolutionaries by Carter Philips. A well-written overview of the universe's evolutionary lifestyle and history of many diverse parts of the movement.

10.) Life Rules by Ellen Laconte. A "best of class" book about bottom-up organic self-organizing democracy that harmonizes with the natural laws of closed system planetary evolution. This new model discussed in her book is much different than the top-down, power-influenced democratic governments driven on "growth economics" theories of infinite growth and infinite substitutability that we have today. (While this organization agrees with most of the ideas in this book, we do differ with the author on several issues and recommendations such as the importance of what we believe is the vital local community/global governance balancing in the critical and simultaneous role of international law and international governance to limit individual, local and regional excess and expansion while simultaneity educating about, aligning and enforcing essential minimal policies for the planetary common good and defense.)

Other Important Links for For Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens: 

What is an Evolutioneer (This section contains a quick summary of what Universe Citizens and Evolutioneer do.)

Click here to learn more about the Universe Community that supports the activities of Evolutioneers and Universe Citizenship. There is much more detail about the qualities and ideas and what Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens do in this document --- including how to join.

The Universe starburst logo used on our website mastheads also contains many of the perspectives and ideas of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview that is held by  Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens to see those perspectives and ideas, click here.

Universe Day

The Universe Institute

Evolution Spirituality (If you are an Evolutioneer or Universe Citizen with a spiritual nature.)

(Note 1: The terms Universe Citizen or Universe Citizenship includes the most life-affirming and progressive evolution aligned principles of other movements such as; Cosmopolitanism, Global citizenship, Postnationalism, Planetary Citizenship, Transnationalism, World Federalists, World  government, World citizenship, and Earth citizenship while still transcending them with a far larger universe-based scale as well as many other new ideas and principles.)

(Note 2; In order to be the most effective Evolutioneer that you can be, one also really needs to be a Universe Citizen. With the universe-scaled evolutionary perspective and universe-scaled wisdom of a Universe Citizen problems that seem unsolvable to an individual holding just the perspective and wisdom of planetary citizens get solved.)

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