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What We Mean By Open Source Meta-Spirituality and Meta-Religion

The concept of open-source, when applied to a new trans-denominational meta-spirituality that is found on this website and with our new form of Evolution Spirituality, can be understood as running parallel to the concept of open-source software functioning: it is a mega-tool and super process for sharing vital information from humanity's life-affirming spiritual heritage and sciences for social and life betterment.

For its primary kernel and source code, open-source spirituality uses all the available sources from humanity’s great life-affirming heritage of spiritual wisdom. This also includes current science-related information as well as humanity's knowledge base of what can be or become destructive in personal or organized spirituality or religion. (If you do not know what a "kernel" is in software programming, click this kernel link and read more about what it is and how it holds the core principles of the new open-source religion found on this website.)

Because of its evolutionary “including and transcending” qualities, open-source religion and spirituality appear to be evolving the next natural step of Religion 2.0 well beyond what is found in today's denominational sectarianism or even the progressive interfaith movement. It brings into being a new spiritual era for new forms of open-source, evolutionary, trans-denominational, and omni-denominational meta-spirituality and meta-religion. 

Like the programmers who collect any code or formulas that they might need to perform open-source software code processes, open-source religion and spirituality collaborators and co-creators collect and organize the essential information, principles, and processes from humanity’s vast spiritual and scientific-related wisdom with the intention of sharing these things as effectively as possible within a new form of an open-source, global spiritual commons. This open-source global spiritual commons created by using the peer-to-peer open source spirituality principles becomes an empowering meta-resource for individuals seeking to create their own personalized spiritual paths, new spiritual groups, religions, or personal life paths. 

This is partially because, in this new open-source spiritual commons, a great cross-pollination of spiritual and scientific ideas and processes can take place, and completely new wisdom, principles, and processes can emerge from the ongoing dialectical synthesis process derived from the cycle of including and transcending. The accumulating new knowledge and perspectives expanding within the global commons can greatly aid any individual in their personal spiritual growth as well as expand their direct spiritual experience of the Ultimate Reality and improve their balanced practice of the virtues toward achieving spiritual completeness.

When individuals use the open-source global spiritual commons to modify, improve or create their own personal spiritual, religious or personal life path, they are now creating what we call secondary source code, which, if they also add it back into the open-source spiritual commons (as found on this website) also expands and enhances the existing primary kernel and source code (humanity's spiritual and science-related wisdom that our Evolution Spirituality forwards.)

Just as programmers need to know the minimum technical principles for creating effective software code to make effective software products, individuals in any co-creative open-source religion and spirituality peer-to-peer collaboration will need to know the minimum spiritual and administrative principles and processes to work effectively to help grow or co-create effective new spiritual knowledge processes, principles, visions, perspectives and contributions that can be used by anyone to forward their personal spirituality or to grow in their secular life as well.

This assembled open-source heritage of spiritual wisdom and related science knowledge is held open, easily accessible, transparent, and free in various online materials, courses, books, etc. for the spiritual and practical-wisdom cross-pollination benefits for all individuals and all organizations to use and further expand, edit and improve. All originators of this collection of humanity's spiritual and science wisdom (our current primary kernel and the source code materials,) can share (cross-pollinate) their spiritual wisdom application additions or improvements in this open-source collaboration and even be recognized for their contributions, thereby helping to expand this new global spiritual wisdom commons in this open-source spirituality peer-to-peer process.

Inside the open-source global spiritual and religious commons is a new global culture of support where individuals can, as they so decide, evolve or modify their current beliefs or practices to expand and improve their own life goals and personalize their spirituality. This is greatly facilitated because of wisdom cross-pollination and any graceful personal questioning interactions with humanity's vast spiritual and scientific heritage held in the global spiritual commons, which is emerging because of the open-source spirituality process.

Heard enough? 

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