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An Quick Overview of The Open Source Spirituality Manifesto of Evolution Spirituality (Religion 2.0)

Being open-source is an essential priority at the structural core of Evolution Spirituality. It is the fact that it is open-source that makes it a meta religion and meta personal spirituality.  The open-source religion and open-source spirituality principles build the essential co-creative, adaptive, and self-organizing space where people can collaborate and cooperate effectively in their search for truth while discovering, creating, and personalizing that truth. For this to happen it is necessary to have a safe environment with healthy yet flexible and discerning operational values and principled boundaries.

This safe and collaborative environment creates the basic social agreements, shared community values, and minimal procedural harmony essential to effective learning, and --- it also gracefully manages any naturally arising spiritual and other conflicts in most spiritual ideas and beliefs in an optimized way. To help us achieve that optimal safe and collaborative environment for learning, cooperation, and discovery within Religion 2.0 (and for the creation of a new trans-denominational meta-religion for all of humanity,) we have developed an indispensable set of the following spiritual collaboration, validity principles and structural boundary guidelines called the Open Source Religion and Open Source Spirituality Manifesto principles. 

Open-source religion also is a participatory process designed to also help us continually and optimally evolve the principles, policies, community, and organization's evolvability in a collaborative process. These open-source religion and open-source spirituality principles deal with many things such as how to answer the very difficult questions about what should or should not be treated as fact or useful wisdom from other religious heritages. It is through the use of the essential minimal filtering structural boundaries of the open-source religion principles that Evolution Spirituality can also filter out parts of Religion 1.0 and Religion that would be harmful to the Evolution Spirituality and its member's ability to coordinate.

To help us achieve that optimal safe and facilitating environment for learning, collaboration, and cooperation for individual and community development, we have developed the Open Source Religion and Open Source Spirituality Manifesto. In many ways, this manifesto also helps to deal with the objective "it," subjective "I" and intersubjective "we" naturally arising reality conflicts and misunderstandings found in postmodernism. After reading the manifesto overview below, we recommend coming back to explore more about the objective "it," subjective "I" and intersubjective "we" realities of postmodernism.)

Evolution Spirituality also being open-source allows us to work effectively in collaboration toward the goal of creating a trans-denominational meta-religion and Collaborative Commons for all of humanity

The Quick Overview and Definition of Open Source Religion and Open Source Spirituality of Evolution Spirituality:

Open Source Religion and Open Source Spirituality is an evolutionary new tool for empowering today's individuals and spiritual organizations—especially the Millennial generation. Open Source Religion and Spirituality are also critical and vitally enabling elements essential to the flourishing of the Personal Spirituality movement

Open Source Religion and Spirituality as a spiritual movement includes (yet transcends) the global interfaith movement as well as many other types of spiritual movements. It is essential in helping to collectively provide and, when necessary, co-evolve a core spiritual "kernel" (the core operational spiritual principles, processes, information, and safeguards), for an open-source, collaborative, and cooperative new planetary meta-religion and meta-spirituality. (A meta religion and meta-spirituality includes and transcends the best of humanity's vast spiritual wisdom heritage and religions without including their worst.)

In software computing terms, the kernel is the main component of most software computer operating systems--think Windows, Linux, Mac OS X; it is a management and communications bridge between various general software applications and the actual data processing done at the computer hardware level. (From the Wikipedia online encyclopedia.)

A few of the 22 principles of open-source religion and spirituality (which will be explained in more detail later on) are open access, open process and participation, transparency, non-exclusive ownership, shareability, and forkability (forkability is the ability to use the essential spiritual information and principles (the kernel of source code in software terms) to create any new "source code" application by having the ability to "fork" the original source code and create a new derivation or iteration of it).

Our organization, Universe Spirit, with its promotion of Evolution Spirituality follows the principles of the open-source movement as applied and appropriately adapted to a new science-grounded personal spirituality that can be practiced in groups. Open Source Religion and Spirituality is a significant part of and tool in our Evolution Spirituality/Religion 2.0 movement and is a major contributing factor to the new and integral global meta-spirituality that is evolving within the Universe Spirit organization.

A open source religion and spirituality is one in which:

1.) Humanity's most life-affirming and non-pathological or conflict-producing spiritual knowledge and current scientific knowledge is made freely available (on the Universe Spirit website, for example) for any individual or organization to openly access, share, use, and "fork" in order to enhance, modify or empower themselves or their organization on their spiritual path, by adapting the open-source structural and organizational spiritual kernel to their needs. (The core kernel as found on the Universe Spirit website is the result of decades of spiritual, theological, historical, and organizational research on what works for healthy personal and organizational spiritual development as well as what does not work in today's globalized world of competing organized religions and urgent global challenges to humanity's survival.) (Humanity's spiritual and scientific core "kernel" of source code #1, by the way, is the requisite minimal organization and essential necessary core structure needed to have an effective and safe process of creating your own spirituality or creating a new spiritual community. It contains, among other things, the open-source religion and spirituality operational principles, basic spiritual processes, ethical codes, and principles, and spiritual safeguards. For a full definition of the religion 2.0 Kernel, click here.)

 2.) Once a person or organization understands the core "kernel" of structural and organizational working principles of open-source religion and spirituality, through an open and participatory process they too can begin co-creating and contributing their spiritual and/or science-related knowledge to expanding and/or refining the existing global spiritual commons of Religion 2.0 knowledge and practices. Or, they can "fork" off the collective spiritual source code that they have accessed from the global spiritual commons such as is found within Religion 2.0 and exert additional, but not total control over their new variation of it because they have to make their new religious and spiritual "source code" open source as well. (Ultimate source code control is not possible because of the inherent shareability factor of the basic open-source principles.) 

If you think about the existing Religion 2.0 body of meta-religion and meta-spirituality materials like the core operating system "Kernel" in traditional open-source software, you would have a good image of what you are finding on this website. If you have not read the full definition of our open source spirituality kernel, click here to do so now.

 3.) At its most fundamental level, open-source religion and spirituality is trans-denominational. It is the new form of integral meta-religion and meta-spirituality that is naturally and inexorably emerging out of the process of evolution itself to expand the wealth of human knowledge and spiritual wisdom to an open and shared global spiritual commons to more effectively and quickly deal with all of the challenges that we collectively face in the 21st century.