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What is Universe Day: Activities, Principles, History and Plan for Annual Universe Day Event

What is Universe Day?

Universe Day has been celebrated every year since 2009. Since 2020, it is celebrated on the second Saturday every April, once a year.

Although a portion of its focus changes somewhat from year to year Universe Day was originally created to promote the following general areas:

1.) An increase in universe consciousness, universe science awareness, and how the universe and its laws as stated in the newly stated Universe Principles of Sustainability directly affect everything in our lives.

2.) Awareness and alignment with the progressive evolution of the universe and how that will help us solve current planetary challenges.

3.) Awareness that we are all citizens of the universe (universe citizens,) as well as citizens of the planet and our native countries, and that this citizenship has rights and responsibilities. 

4.) The Universe Charter and the Universe Principles of Sustainability.

5.) A sustainable prosperity and meaningful quality of life for all, which is harmoniously aligned with the patterns of progressive universe evolution. 

6.) Awareness of the New Universe Worldview. And,

7.) Awareness of and alignment with Ultimate Reality.

8.) Awareness of the 12 major and worsening global crises we all now face.

The New Universe Worldview 

The New Universe Worldview is a multi-disciplinary and science-grounded approach focused upon building the best-unified understanding of the facts, directionality, and meanings of life from the largest possible time, space, and historical perspectives that exist --- the physical universe and its 13.7 billion years of evolution! Both cosmology and progressive evolutionary science play major roles in providing the powerful new perspectives emerging from a "big history" and whole systems understanding of physics, organic chemistry, biology, culture, society, economics, politics, spirituality, etc. 

Why New Worldviews are Important

A worldview is a meta-paradigm of reality, a unifying cultural consciousness that both underlies and conditions an individual’s way of knowing, seeing, and acting in the world. A new worldview emerges when the previous worldview no longer adequately solves new problems that are arising. Each new worldview provides more effective solutions that simply cannot be seen from within the constraints of the previous worldview. New worldviews have emerged just a handful of times in human history. In the order of their emergence, the previous worldviews were called: archaic, magic, mythic, modern, and postmodern. It is important to know about the dawning of any new worldview because it is the bellwether of the large-scale, powerful, cultural evolution to come. For example, it was the emergence of a new worldview in the eighteenth century called the Enlightenment, or what is also called rational modernism, that caused what many consider to be the greatest single surge in cultural and personal evolution in history.

Why the New Universe Worldview and Expanded Consciousness of the Nature of the Universe and its Evolution is Important

All political, economic, religious, social, legal, and philosophic systems are as only as good as the fundamental interpretations, processes, and facts about life in the real universe upon which they were initially based (and/or upon which they are currently updated and aligned.) Nowhere are the actual interpretations, processes, and facts about life expressed more accurately than at the cutting edge of today's cosmological and progressive evolutionary sciences.

As they exist today, all human cultural systems will continue to produce far less effective results in solving humanity's greatest common challenges until they are more accurately science-aligned first with the new empirical facts about our progressive evolutionary life and existence. Until then, all current cultural systems will continue to be a significant invisible causative or contributive component to the very challenges of humanity that they seek to resolve!

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview (through the great New Alignment that it is birthing,) is the single emerging new worldview that is big enough, inclusive enough, and capable enough to effectively solve every planetary challenge now facing humanity. This is uniquely true because of its global consensus-building ability to help rationally align or realign all existing human cultural systems (including even religion,) with the most accurate realities of the universe's evolutionary life systems. This is important because where there is alignment there is agreement and, where there is agreement efforts and resources can be coordinated and utilized to resolve all manner of current global challenges.

The naturally emerging Universe Evolutionary Worldview is being called the greatest single expansion of human knowledge and perspective scale that also unifies our understanding about the nature and meaning of life and spirit that has occurred in all of human history. 

How to Find out More About the New Universe Worldview 

1.) Click here for a introductory statement to the core attributes of progressive evolution and for some of the emerging values, perspectives, practices and principles of the New Universe Worldview.


 2.) read the following about the New Universe Worldview Thinkers and Authors:


The New Universe Worldview is being adopted by individuals, groups and organizations at an ever increasing pace. The reason is simple. The New Universe Worldview conveys a tremendous survial and sustainable success advantage on all who use it. The following lists will lay out a few of the authors and thinkers behind the expansion of the New Universe Worldview. 


The Leading Contemporary New Universe Worldview and/or Progressive Evolution Authors:


Here are the most current new books, materials and authors helping to define, expand and disseminate the New Universe Worldview and its progressive evolution perspectives:0


1.) The New Universe Principles, by Lawrence Wollersheim (See both Parts 1 and Part 2 of the New Universe Principles as well as the key links on those pages. The New Universe Principles are a statement of the values and ethical guidelines found within universe progressive evolution.)

2. ) View from the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams. (The books View from the Center of the Universe Along with The Universe Story by Brian Swimme (just below,) constitute one of the most accurate and complete statements of the common and shared cosmology and new genesis story currently held within the New Universe Worldview. These two books are essential initial must reads to grasp the scope of the new Universe Worldview.)  


2.) The Universe StoryFrom the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era--A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme. (It is the Genesis Story that we use in our organization.)


3.) Evolution's ArrowThe Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity, by John Stewart. (This also is an essential New Universe Worldview read summarizing the key elements of progressive evolution.) 


4.) Thank God for Evolution! How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow. (If you have a Judeo-Christian background this is easy fast read that will provide many of the New Universe Worldview perspectives.)




6.) The Evolutionary Epic, Science's Story and Humanity's Response, by Russell Genet, Brian Swimme, Linda Palmer and Linda Gibler. (A great series of essays exploring various aspects of progressive evolution and the perspectives held within the New Universe Worldview.)


7.) Maps of Time, An Introduction to Big History by David Christian (and his CD lecture series called Big History. This book and the CDs provide a multi-disciplinary look at all of the universe's evolution including all human history. This work is finally being taught in progressive universities around the world.)

8.) A Brief History of Everything, Ken Wilber. (The evolution of the Universe for individuals coming from or appreciating an integral perspective.)

9.) The Living Universe, Where Are We? Who Are We? Where Are We Going? by Duane Elgin. (An easy read with a strong sustainability message.)


The New Universe Worldview and Progressive Evolution Earlier Thinkers and Authors 

Here are the older books and authors that helped to define, expand and disseminate the original parts and perspectives of the New Universe Worldview and progressive evolution:


1.) The Self-Organizing Universe: Scientific and Human Implications of the Emerging Paradigm of Evolution, Erich Janstch. (Lots of deep advanced science on progressive evolution.)


2.) Design for Evolution: Self-Organization and Planning in the Life of Human Systems, Erich Janstch.


3.) The Future of Man, Teilhard de Chardin. (This was one of his many books on aspects of progressive evolution. He is considered one of the founding founders of the New Universe Worldview.)


4.) Process Theology, David Ray Griffin and John B. Cobb. (The Christian focused marriage of science and spirituality and progressive evolution.)


5.) The Great Work, Our Way into the Future by Thomas Berry. (Progressive evolution and the future sustainability of our planet. Thomas Berry was one of the earliest advocates of many of the perspectives of the New Universe Worldview.)


6.) The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo, (He was an Oxford Scholar who discusses the progressive evolution of life and spirit in the universe. He is also considered one of the founding sources of some of the perspectives of the New Universe Worldview in the areas of spirit and consciousness.) 


New Books Coming out Soon on the Perspectives of the New Universe Worldview and Progressive Evolution


(Please note: The list of New Universe Worldview authors and leaders above is not intended to be a complete list and if we have inadvertently missed anyone who also should be on this list please let us know.)


The First Universe Day in San Francisco California

The first Universe Day was conducted informally in San Francisco, California, and elsewhere around the world in private ceremonies by those individuals, groups, niche authors, and consciousness leaders aware of this future-critical emerging New Universe Worldview. In San Francisco late on December 31, 2009, a document called The New Universe Principles was rushed to Internet release to honor the first Universe Day.

At the first humble Universe Day event in San Francisco individuals immediately began adding new meanings to this first annual event. One person a director in our organization, called it NewUDay because it is about --- both you as a micro-universe unto yourself as well as the macro universe level of all things. Both the macro and micro universe perspectives are needed and inform, empower and balance each other.

Another individual spoke of the curious reactions they had when they called their friends and wished them Happy New Universe Day. Others spoke of plans for the next Universe Day, where the supporters of the first Universe Day will begin working with other mission-compatible non-profit groups around the world to co-sponsor and help promote new global U Day events and the critical perspectives of the New Universe Worldview. No doubt its meanings will expand and include much more than the meanings above and a new cycle of life as part of the universe in a new year... 

Who Initiated the Universe Day Idea and First Celebration of It

The co-creators of the Universe Day and New Universe idea are two authors. Lawrence Wollersheim called for the creation of a global Universe Day and global events on the second Saturday in April every year. This idea was first based upon promoting the future-critical key ideas and principles of the New Universe Worldview described above. New Universe Day was first mentioned by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams in their new book View from the Center of the Universe where they describe their private practice and celebration of New Universe Day synchronistically also on each January first.

The first informal Universe Day event in San Francisco was co-sponsored by the Universe Institute and Universe Spirit another non-profit organization.

Who is Universe Day Most Likely to Attract in its Initial Growth

The New Universe Worldview is ideal for anyone who considers themselves a big history student, evolutionary or conscious evolutionary, integral philosophy student, cosmology or progressive evolution student, cultural creative, LOHAS supporter, sustainability advocate, eco-spirituality practitioner, environmentalist, or a person whose personal spirituality or religion reverences the universe or, who knows that tomorrows effective planetary solutions must be based on and aligned to universe scale facts.

Learn More about What Universe Day Promotes by Reading the New Universe Charter

Click here to read the Universe Charter and how it provides new universal guidelines and plans for resolving critical planetary challenges

Universe Citizens Promote Universe Day

The new universe consciousness is naturally helping to emerge a growing consciousness and awareness and what it means to consider oneself a universe citizen. To learn more about universe citizenship click here.  

Universe Consciousness Promotes Universe Day Universe Day is similar in some ways to promoting a bigger sustainability perspective like Earth Day, but, the perspective of Universe Day is much larger and more foundational to creating global sustainability in many ways. Click here, for more information on Universe Day. 

It is people creating an evolutionary alignment of consciousness and action to birth a more enlightened, peaceful, and healthy society capable of sustainable prosperity for all! It is the movement of an expanded, universe-informed consciousness that is urgently needed to resolve the social and environmental problems created by our limited planetary consciousness. If you are a partner in this new and Great Universe Alignment, please join us!

Universe Day Promotes the Universe Principles of Sustainability

To find out more about the Universe Principles of Life increase and support universe consciousness, click here.

Universe Day Promotes a Universal Evolution Spirituality

To find out more about how Evolution Spirituality increases and supports universe consciousness, click here.

Universe Day Promotes The Universe Charter

The Universe Charter is a special document that helps forward elements of universe consciousness. To view that document, click here.

Universe Day Promotes The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universe Declaration of Human Rights is a special document that helps forward elements of universe consciousness. To view that document, click here. 

Universe Day Promotes The Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

The Universe Declaration of Human Responsibilities is a special document that helps forward elements of universe consciousness. To view that document, click here. 

Universe Day is Promoted by Those Who Hold The Universe Evolutionary Worldview Many non-profit organizations are becoming leading early adopters of universe consciousness and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Its perspectives, benefits, and its New Universe Principles of Life offer distinct advantages for mission execution, cooperation building, and educating the public about the many re-alignments necessary to create a sustainable prosperity for all. To read more about the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, click here.